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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  July 1, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. news few would be surprised to hear, maria shriver files for divorce. her not so secret weapon in that divorce. the patron saint of immigrants, why unofficially he has become spiritual support. the rock is real and it got really famous. why the man behind it is now being called a liar. and who does that? no really? who? what the feds are learning about the man who boarded the plane illegal lee. >> maria shriver is divorcing arnold schwarzenegger. don knapp on what she is asking for and also on who she hired to make sure that she gets it. >> after 25 years of manche
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and a decade long secret, it is final. maria is filing for divorce. she asked for spousal support and joint custody of their four children. they have two older daughters, christina 19 and katherine 21. the glamorous couple image was shattered in may. the former governor apologized and publicly hoped for a reconciliation with his wife. >> we both love each other very much. we are very fortunate to have four extraordinary children and we are taking one day at a time. >> he took full responsibility for the hurt he caused, saying he was truly sorry. apparently that was not enough for shriver who hinted in may that the marriage was over and appealed for advice on youtube. >> how did you find your
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transition? personal? professional? emotional? spiritual? how did you get through it? >> viver moved out earlier this year and hired divorce attorney, laura wasser before schwarzenegger's affair went public. her role in the dissolution of celebrity marriages, including those of britney spears, angelina jolie and keither sutherland. >> since april, schwarzenegger has been talking about renewing his entertainment career with his animated television show and three upcoming big budget films. the breakup put all that on hold. it's not a surprise that we are hearing this, but it's always sad. they were married 25 years. they have a beautiful family. >> and fell from so high to so low. >> yeah, it hurts. don, thanks. the forme head of the international monetary fund celebrated his freedom tonight by going out to dinner. he ate with friends at a
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restaurant in manhattan's east side. prosecutors revealed the hotel maid that said he raped her told inconsistent stories after the alleged attack. the woman apparently lied on her application for asylum in the u.s. saying she was gang raped in africa when she wasn't. >> the victim hear made some mistakes, but that doesn't mean she's not a rape victim. it's so important in this country that people, especially the media reserve their judgment on the facts of a case until they are all in. >> there is evidence of sexual encounter in the hotel room, but defense lawyers say the sex was consensual. he faces assault charges, so he cannot leave the u.s. we have already covered drug dealing and prostitution and now there is another way
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narcotics officers are accused of abusing their power. as joe vazquez shows us, they are accused of stealing during raids. >> how much cash, at least $50,000 in cash. >> police officers accused of stealing from people they were busting. it's all part of a federal civil lawsuit that names norman welsh, the disgraced commander as well as other officers of the antioch police department. in surveillance video, an officer is seen climbing a ladder and turning a surveillance camera away from the police activity. because of another bust, attorney tim has added another name to the lawsuit. another member of c-net. officer lewis lombardi. >> she went down to the police department and in fact positively identified the watch. she is jennifer lynn curtis who was forced face down at gunpoint during a raid on her
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brentwood home about 2 1/2 years ago. she claims a swiss ice watch worth $22,500 was stolen from her during the raid. a watch she shared with her boyfriend. a man at the house was later convicted for dealing drugs. since the bust, curtis called repeatedly toe get her watch back, but police didn't know what she was talking about. and a few weeks after lombardi was talk about, the police department called jennifer curtis in. >> they said is this the watch that you bought? she said yes. this is a very unique and expensive wristwatch. >> why was the watch in -- my suspicions is lombardi took it. >> he can't comment because it's part of a federal
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investigation. the antioch police department is fighting it, saying it did not work with cnet in any of these occasions. as for the surveillance video being turned away, that was done as a safety issue to protect the identities of the undercover officers. the federal judge ordered both sides back in court next month. joe vasquez, cbs 5. golden gate ferry service operated as usual today. the transit agency announced that ticket takers would show up for work today. this after the union that represents them said yesterday they plan to strike. but the union said today that the tactic was meant to put pressure on the transportation district. >> i think we chose to say there would be so everyone would understand that we are serious and if needs to happen, we were prepared to do that. >> ticket takers are angry about the agency's plan to replace a dozen agents.
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san francisco police say alcohol definitely played a role in a misadventure on the bay. after jumping off pier 7. one of the men tells the chronicle he went in after someone threw his coat containing his id and social security card in the water. his friend followed to try to save him. police say that both of these men were drunk. getting them out involved a diver from the police department and a ladder. one guy came up without his pants. >> he's been a saint for just over a decade, but he's well known among mexicans. a statue of the patron saint of immigrants. he's on display in concord tonight. a priest who died in the 1920s, robert lyles reports accounts that spread decades later fuel his popularity. >> he weighs 88-pounds, but
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glides above the fateful group of mexicans. some legal, some undocumented, but all have waited. >> how long have you carried this? >> fen years. >> others a lifetime to touch or gaze upon romo, patron saint of immigrants. >> they are going to make it in mexico. >> this story starts in mexico where father was murdered by the government in 1928. outside a local folklore went unnoticed until the 1980s. >> three young guys were trying to come to the united states and they were left in the desert by a smuggler. >> the father says that is when a blue-eyed man appeared in the desert. >> they thought it was a person. they never thought it was a ghost or anything and they brought them to los angeles and
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found them a place to stay. >> by 2000, father romo became the patron saint of those who cross the u.s., mexico board illegally. >> they help us go through the border and be safe in the united states. >> with the help of father gutierez, he is on a whirlwind tour of northern california. >> but is a multichurch tour of the patron saint of immigration actually in the nose of the growing controversy? >> no, because i'm doing this as a catholic and priest. nothing about issues or anything. it's about nourishing the faith of our people. >> immigration and cues toms enforcement tells cbs 5 neither the statue or church tour is on their radar, welcoming news to those welcoming their patron
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saint. in conquer, robert lyles, cbs 5. weighs as much as a healthy newborn baby. his first tv interview was with cbs 5. well now some are accusing him of lying. grace lee on how one prospector says he knows that the story is a fake. >> the story of the 8-pound washington gold nugget nestles high up in the mother load certainly painted a pretty picture, but its tail as the largest chunk of gold found in modern california history may be its undoing since it sold at auction for $460,000 in march, it got international news coverage after seeing it, some have come forward to say it is all a scam. >> it was the last nugget from
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california, he is wrong. >> australian gold prospector says the washington nugget is not from california at all. he and his partner found it in australia in 1987. >> and we can see it sticking out of the gravel. >> they called it the orange ruffy because of its fish-like shape and sold it for $50,000. when you compare the images with the washington nugget, the physical similarities are striking and they are exactly the same weight. 98 troy ounces. >> with all the little characteristic markings in it, it was just impossible that it could have been anything but the same nugget. >> fred helped auction off the gold this spring. he now believes he was duped with the rest of the world and said there is tho doubt in this mind that it was all a hoax.
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he blames james grill. we kept his faith hidden to protect his identity and safety. he told cbs 5 then that he found the gold on his property ten feet down with a metal detector. >> it takes a little luck. >> absolutely. a little luck. >> but has his luck run out? if he lied about finding it on his property, why? some have theory. >> i think it's a property scam, just to sell his property. >> he was trying to sell the land for $1.5 million. if the land wasn't worth $1.5 million, that could possibly been reason. >> so until testing is done, we may never know the truth about the washington nugget. in the meantime, it's mistake continues to grow beyond it very hefty weight. grace lee, cbs 5. >> grace called james grill
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and spoke to a man who answered to a name of jim. when she identified herself and began asking questions, the man said she had the wrong number and hung up. >> get a ticket, go to traffic school, get another ticket. go back to traffic school. that was the way it went yesterday. why from now on it will be much more difficult to cheer your record. >> police think he knows how he did it, the man accused of stowing away on multiple flights. okay, i'm sure you have heard the news already that we are entering a heat way. do you know which day will pan out to be the holtest? the pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues right hey here on the cw.
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submerged in richardson bay. around 7-15 tonight, the two- a plane's failed takeoff ends with the aircraft
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submerged in richardson bay. he gained speed on the water before gaining a little altitude, then hit a wake from another vessel and ended up back on the water. two men were quickly rescued by boaters. they are safe tonight. it is now a lot harder to get a speeding ticket erased from your driving record. new law went into effect today to close a loophole. it prevents repeat offend res from attending traffic school more than once in 18 months. the dmv got frustrated by people attending two or three times a year. that's because the courts weren't communicating with each other. the dmv will now create a centralized system to track drivers participation in any traffic school. he exposed major holes in airport security and now investigators think a nigerian man who boarded a cross country flight with a phoney boarding
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pass has done it before. wyatt andrews on what they have uncovered on the suspect's past. >> he beat the airport screening system at two major airports and took at least one flight without a valid boarding pass, but in court today, prosecutors appointed him as a skilled identity thief, not a terrorist. he was held without bond when a u.s. magistrate called him literally a flight risk and a danger to the community. tom rosac is the spokesman for the united states attorney in los angeles. >> he poses a danger to the community because he had the ability to get on an airplane under the name of somebody else. this of course raises concerns at something we don't want to see. >> last friday, he boarded a flight new york to los angeles using a boarding pass issued to someone else for a flight on a different day. he was holding more than 12 boarding passes when he was arrested. none of them hiss. and cbs news has been told
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investigators are focusing on whether he had stowed away before. he was arrested three years ago in chicago on charges he road a commuter train without pain. on youtube and on the web, he claims to own a chicago based ad agency. on this facebook page, he seems to brag about just setting. on another page, he calls himself a story teller and strategist. the story the fbi wants to hear is how he got past airport screeners. the tsa agents who are supposed to match the name on your government id to the name on your current pass. noibi had neither. >> this was not a major brief in security because naibi was screened for weapons. however the agents who missed his fake boarding passes will be deed and they will be questioned. wyatt andrewsens cbs news,
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washington. >> we are flying high because it's a holiday weekend. >> we are flying high because we had the warmth of that. it's quiet and breezy. we have an offshore wind tonight. we have gusts up to 25. our lows drop to the mid 50s. today we had temperatures up to 88 degrees. tomorrow morning waking up to a hint of clouds. otherwise summertime sunshine with temperatures hot in our inland region. this is an area of low pressure that is panging to right. it is stay here. this is encam passing all of the werch states producing well above temperatures not only this weekend, but prolonged. it's a get away friday for many folks and you can plan on 97
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degrees at the state capital. 71 degrees in monterey and 81 in lake tahoe where they have skiing at four resorts for fourth of july. 90 in santa rosa. 86 in mill valley. we will have winds offshore up to 0bg 15 during the afternoon hours east of the bay. numbers from 70 in berkeley to 96 degrees in antioch. 97 degrees outside number toward brentwood, also at alameda county fair. make sure you have the hat, hydrate, and grab the sun block. 90 in san jose. your fourth of july will be summery. hottest day on sunday. the potential for a heat advisory and warm weather will continue through this time next week. that's the pinpoint holiday forecast. we'll be right back. [ kate ] if this icelandic mud could work wonders on my skin,
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that was not following a trend. i wanted to stay original and this is something i am not reinventing. >> it was delicious. i felt like i was in cancun. >> it's a kitchen on three wheels and the first of it kind in the bay area. >> it has all the things a regular kitchen would have. >> i don't have to find parking or use gas. >> you can find them on the streets of oakland four nights a week outside popular cubs and art salaries. tonight wore going to an opening. >> there's a lot of gourmet food trucks, which is great. i can do that as well, but it's nice to stick with original. >> the menu changes every night. the taco desure. >> i am serving a slow cooked pork for four hours and really
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simple. the meat, the tortilla, cilantro, lime, you can't go wrong. >> cbs 5. rich was back on the mound for the first time since 2008 and why is brian wilson auditioning to be the next pitcher? [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. last year's theme... bill, start the giants have won 47 games this season, 23 of them have been by one run. so much for torture being last year's theme. bill start the clock. brian wilson blew his seat for the second straight day and i would hate to react in he blows
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another one tomorrow. bases dloaded when blain don lines into the game ending double play. the giants beat the tigers and wilson gets the win. >> back in the green and gold for the first time since 2008 and he looked good. allowed two runs in six innings. a's up 3-1 in the fifth. a two-run double and they need the insurance. the a's hang on to the diamondbacks 3-5. >> he hit a homer. they beat the royals 9-0. men at womenable don, in four sets to advance to the championship where he'll take on nadal. he moves ahead of nadal for the number run lanking. >> it's nice and loud. >> can brian wilson man scape that thing? >> we should buy him some
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