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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  July 4, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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tonight: the survivors tell a fisherman missing at sea in mexico after their boat capsizes. tonight the survivors tell their stories. what one man clung to for hours before he was rescued. fourth of july means fireworks both legal and illegal. why after the sunsets the laws go right out the window. >> and a new how to manual for would be terrorists. what they're supposed to do if a woman comes up to them in a hotel. >> ken has the night off tonight. a boat full of men from the bay area are out on a deep sea fishing expedition, but the mexican navy is looking for several men missing after that boat capsized and sank. 43 people were on board that 115-foot charter. 27 passengers and 16 crew members. most of the passengers are from northern california. one of them is confirmed dead
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tonight. seven others still missing. the boat sank in the sea of cortez south of the town of san felipe. sharon chin talked to a number of men on board and will tell you about four bay area brothers who go on this trip every year. helping the mexican navy tonight. joe. >> most of these guys are from the bay area. they drove down to mexico, got on a boat for what was supposed to be their annual fourth of july fun and adventure, but instead it turned into an international rescue effort as well as a harrowing story of survival. >> their skin is scorched. their body is exhausted. these photos from mexican tv showed the survivors. they just spent more than 15 hours on the water, clinging to life vests and even coolers. most, but not all, made it back to land. the mexican navy requested help from u.s. coast guard helicopters based in san diego to search for the missing.
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>> by sending our helicopter down there, we have four celts of eyes in the sky to hopefully locate some of these missing people. >> it was clear weather when they left the port, but a surprise electrical storm crashed while most were asleep. the 115-footer called. many of the guys were wearing their life vests and swam many miles away. boats in the area rescued otherrings. they are now meeting with american state department officials making arrangements to get home to the bay area. some have vowed to stay while the search continues. the water is warm. the seas have calmed, so there is some hope, at least some of the seven missing, all americans, may still be hanging on. >> and the american government also been asked for help with divers. have to go some 200 feet deep and recover what they can from the sunk l vessel.
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we expect that effort to begin tomorrow as well. as for the men, they are in a row tell tonight, we're told by u.s. state department officials they will work on getting some back tomorrow. they will get back in their vehicles and drive across the border and waiting for them right now are family members. sharon, it has been an emotional toll for those family members. >> absolutely, thanks. three brothers aren't leaving until they find the fat. the wife of 55-year-old brian wonk of berkeley confirm he is missing. he and his brothers, gary, glenn, and craig took an annual fishing trip for the last three and four years and they are experienced in fishing and survival. they are a very tight knit family. the four brothers do a little fishing together. they always care for each other. gary called his wife to wire him money since everyone's wallets are lost in the ocean. the brothers traveled with don
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lee of san ramon. his wife, lee, says he is missing. we also know of bay area survivors. >> michael says he clung to an ice chest and floated around until his rescue hours later. jen got the call from her husband, saying he was safe. >> he was okay, but that his boat sunk. >> he joins dozens of local fishermen as a last minute edition and got more than he ever expected. >> he mentioned, i awakened at 2:30 and they all had to jump off the boat and take life jackets and indicated they been in the water for 15 hours. >> murphy got word from her husband last night, she shared his story, though she did not want to appear on camera. >> the ship capsized, they
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would side l. he and some others that were close to him came up right by a raft. whatever the boat is. >> now charles gibson, the police chief of the community college district says he was sleeping like a baby until the alarm sanded. he spent 16 hours in the water until his rescue. he's okay tonight. >> such an incredible story. we hope to hear some. >> all right, thank you. the mexican navy says two big waves hit that boat and the second capsized. roberta with a storm that seisms to come out of nowhere. >> satellite photos did not exist. but we had tropical moisture over the sea of cortez, lifting out of the southwest. that caused a thunderstorm to develop with hundreds and hundreds of lightning strikes per hour, gusty winds up to 60
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miles per hour. more than likely caused the two waves that ended up being deadly waves. allen, dana. >> roberta, thank you. and the bay area is celebrating the fourth of july with fireworks both legal and illegal. this is the illegal kind in east oakland where people are shooting off powerful stuff. we're not talking sparklers here. it is quite the light show and on the ground, it very loud. elizabeth cook is in oakland now. elizabeth. >> day nay,fire works are illegal in oakland, but you would know it if you were standing where i am right now. it's because of areas like this one that is dry, grassy, brush air next to homes, combined with fireworks that can make for a very degeneration combination. >> lieutenant jerome and the oakland fire department are in for a long time.
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>> i can see. there they are patrolling the neighborhood looking for illegal fireworks and there are a lot of them. >> although they rleal, the displays are nice. >> they don't make arrests if they spot someone with fireworks, but oftentimes when they arrive on scene, the damage has already been done. >> most of the events we go to are from a related wear, children may have some type of injury through their face or eyes. the number two would probably be fires. >> the fire department does their best to stop the light shows before the first fuse is lit. that doesn't always work. >> i respect us quite a bit. you may hear a couple pops, but eastern that, you're looking at live pictures of full force. a little after 10:00 tonight, they show no signs of dying down. firefighters have the weather on their side, however there
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has been a lot of rain this year. it is humid and not a lot of wind right right now. hoping to add that to their advantage. fireworks shouldn't be done by anybody who is not a pro and should be done in a leal area. > watching the fireworks behind you, they are fantastic. they look commercial. i kent imagine lighting them off myself. the one that popped behind you was ha. >> it looks like, the fireman said it best. he could charge for this type of show. it's incrudable. but a lot not being operated by profession that wills and a lot of times in badge yards. >> hopefully there won't be many reports of injuries. elizabeth cook in oakland, thank you. >> there were spectacular legal fireworks shows. the biggest one in san
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francisco where tens of thousands people showed up. unlike many years past, we have a clear night going. no fog to obscure the show. thousands leaving one celebration that dates back 115 years. >> good evening, we're seeing some of the last stragglers of 20,000 people that showed ouch. morgan hill from morgan hill freedom fest. we have some video. that lasted 16 minutes long. 750 shells, making it one of the largest in the bay area. [ fireworks ]
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somewhere out there among all the barbecue and the fun in the sun is the meaning of july 4. >> i don't think we want to forget where we came from and how fortunate we are to be here. >> michael feldman says it's possible to celebrate the fourth without fireworks, but why would you want to? >> i'm sure you could have a barbecue and other ways to celebrate, friends, fame, music, but not the same without fireworks. >> morgan hill knows something about independence day. they have been holding this free celebration since 1896. if you couldn't celebrate with your friends and family, what would that be like? >> maybe the food. >> fire works or the family.
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that's all of the above. >> and at a time when a lot of other cities are cutting back, they said no way. they pounded the pavement. they got a lot of corporate donations to kipe this thing growing. most importantly it's free and helps to bring out the community. >> pretty spectacular. >> thanks. bart police officers say that their officers had no choice but to use deadly force inside a station last night. a man allegedly armed with a knife was shot and killed on a platform at san diego civic station after a confrontation. one of the officers did have a taser but chose his firearm instead. investigators did not say what head up to the shooting, but the suspect is --
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>> one of our officers st injured. our officer did what they felt was necessary. >> one of the officers involved in the shooting is asian, the other is white. the suspect also white. in the aftermath of the oscar grant shooting, bart officers go through extra training, including how to handle crisis situations. other bay area headlines, a particularly violent holiday weekend in richmond. four separate shootings left three men dead and three others injured. they all happened last night. police say it's too early to tell whether any of the shoots are related to another. no suspecteds are under arrest yet. >> and questions about this house fire. investigators believe it started in a shed and spread 20 two neighboring homes. she believes the fire was the result of a domestic dispute. fire investigators have not
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determined the cause. terrorist leaders often advise their operatives to keep a low profile. tonight new marching orders. what terrorists are supposed to do if a woman comes up to them. >> environmental or genetic. what may really trigger autism. >> new concerns over a popular antismoking drug. ,,,,,,,,,,
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a british newspaper uncovered what it says is a terrorist training manual. it ll any militants are being told, pretend your gay. a british newspaper unveils a
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terrorist manual. any women who approach them in a western hotel that they are gay. it's because the women might be security agents. the taliban con filed a manual written in english hoping to stop law enforcement to stop plotting attacks in britain. environment may be a factor in autism. in the past, experts have blamed most of the risk on inherited genes, but the study found a higher than expected rate of autism in fraternal twins and that suggests that environment could contribute to autism. they say phak torse could include stress, diet, infections, and the mother's age and health when she was pregnant. a troubling report tonight about the country's best selling drug to stop smoking. the fda warned chantix can cause serious psychiatric side effects. now a new study finds it may cause heart problems, too. the doctor explains.
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>> today's study is worry? news for the more than 7 million americans who have taken chantix. a new analysis links the pill to a 72% increase in the risk of heart problems. john's hopkins led the research. >> it is causing the same problem we are trying to prevent. we need to prevent cardiac disease among smokers, not increase it. >> more than 8,000 patients, while a 72% increased risk sounds alarming, a tom panon notes that cardiovascular problems are still rare. occurring in only 1% of patients taking chantix. dr. gayle. >> we will continue to do a more in depth look, but today we have not seen evidence of important risks to the heart
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health of patients. >> 62 degrees today at the coast. it was 98 degrees in our inland areas and clear skies for the fireworks. your pinpoint book work forecast as eyewitness news continues.
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northern california mountains. they hit the slopes to take advant some people spent this fourth of july holiday chilling in the northern california mountains. because they hit the slopes to take advantage of snow in summer. thanks to record snowfall this year, several lake tahoe resorts were open today. al pine meadows and kirkwood welcomed all skiers and boarders. this is only the second time in history that al pine was opened on the fourth. the last time, 1995. >> is that the last time fireworks didn't obscure the fireworks? >> great night out there. >> that was a good call because that is true, right? and you know, i was thinking of somebody that went swimming in the lake at lake tahoe today and with that same bikini was skiing on the slopes. all i have to say is i hope she had some sunscreen on. after highs of 65 degrees, to
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95 degrees tomorrow. we will have temperatures, pretty much in the 50s and 60s. we will have areas along the coast, trying to move into the bay, but backing off very, very rapidly. let's pinpoint your headlines for your back to work tuesday. patchy morning coastal and bay fog, otherwise a warmer day everywhere. from the coast to our inland areas, even though we are starting off in the gray skies. that deck will push back into the coast and bay side. that marine layer -- this is your morning commute where the clouds inundated the bay and northern reaches of our bay area leaving the east bay and southern portion, especially of the santa clara valley on the clear side. it's going top be a warmer day tomorrow, but that's also not the whole story. we could have muggy conditions beginning as early as tomorrow afternoon. it is also associated with
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this. this is the remnants of what was once arlene. and is throwing in some thunderstorm activity throughout the southern california mountains, trying to reach our way into the bay area. until then, overnight with a blanket of clouds overnight alogging the bay to get into the bay. winds have been blowing out of the west, dialing back to 10 miles per hour. 62, very mild overnight in san jose. tomorrow's daytime highs, low 60s. otherwise 90, a warmer day in santa rosa. 100 degrees at the delta. mid 80s in san rafael. the closer you get to the bay of water, the closer you have to jump. once you climb over the bridge, you reach the triple digits. otherwise number will be
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antioch, tracy at 101. 60s 1k3-7 0s for the relief along the coast side. low 90s in san jose when the average high is 86 degrees. winds will be flux waiting. moderate air quality. you have the extended forecast. a cooldown does occur on wednesday. still into 90s, and we have temperatures falling into the mid 80s inland. with the coast only in the upper 80s. so all of you writing and saying hey, we want you to turn off the ac, it won't happen until this weekend. >> it's april mid chap l. they had this, but it's a clear sky and temperatures into the triple bouget just want to remind you, thank you. maybe we'll have a whole week of fireworks pictures. >> i cannot remember the last
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time we had fireworks. i saw the fog,. >> yeah, it did stay. >> very obedient. > thanks. i'm still frill dinner. >> you didn't get enough hot dogs. >> winning streak on the like. it's the annual hot dog eating contest. which giant hit one into mccoofy cove. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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any offensive you better enjoy the fireworks tonight because on the field, there won't be any
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offensive explosions any time soon. the four lowest scoring teams in baseball are in the bay area for the next three days. wayne, start the clock. tim lincecum only lasted five innings against the national leagues worst offense. pablo got the giants on the board with the two-run homer and first blast to the season and you can tell the spokes and the cove arety. the swimmer gets run over by the kayak, but for the giants, that will give them another save near. burns the team he grew up terminal. a's and mariners back on the mound after missing six weeks with a shoulder injury. he pitched into the second to knock in the go ahead run. and finally, guys have been waiting for it. it's competitive eating. the annual fourth of july hot
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dog eating con teeter wins for the fifth straight year. he downed 62 dogs in ten minutes and of course, kobiashi did his own hot dog eating contest at the same time and he says he ate 69 hot dogs, which would have been a new record. >> do we really need two contests? >> i don't think so. >> how do you see them at all. >> we're going to leave you with fabulous fireworks from the bay area. ♪ [ music ] [ fireworks ]
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