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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  July 12, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. see the zoom in. >> a husband and wife team recording girls on a playground. phillip and nancy garrido's disturbing home videos have been released. fines and possible jail time for skipping school. another bay area approved that plan tonight. it's a little more than a sketched out dream at this point, but the new 49ers stadium in santa clara county got a new neighbor tonight. what joe montana is bringing to the table. >> and before you fill out your prescription, you may want to drive to a different neighborhood. why the same amount of the same drugs can cost a whole lot more depending on where you live. good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken. a wife helping her husband record young girls at a
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playground. prosecutors say the couple, phillip and nancy garrido did their scouting before and after they kidnapped jaycee dugard. today those home movies were released, starting with phillip garrido showing his wife how to use the video camera. >> this is how you start it and stop it. start it and stop it right here. so you push that button. okay. it focuses it quick, doesn't it? >> uh-huh. >> what you need to do, you need to make it look like you are pointing at me. you need to move over more in front of me. it looks like it's pointing at me. it's going just by me. you tell me where i need to position myself. the further you are away from me, they can't tell exactly where it's pointing. >> well the rest of the video is shot over phillip garrido's shoulder while he strums a guitar, chose little girls playing in that playground.
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other videos show closeup shots of children's body parts. nancy garrido also shot video of a patrol agent touring her house, oblivious that dugard was being held captive in the backyard and tonight elizabeth cook went back to that neighborhood near antioch. >> that's as far as it will go. >> it's a look into the twisted mind of phillip garrido. >> automatically focused. >> his perverted fantasies captured on a shaky camcorder. >> here he is at a park directing his wife to point the camera so it looked like she's filming him playing the guitar. listen as nancy tells her husband she's getting the shot he can wants. >> you got me real good? >> yes. i can see you really good.
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>> patrol agents continue to make multiple visits to the garrido home, which is now completely boarded up. nancy even filmed one of their visits. in this clip, phillip guides the officer through each room. >> want to turn the light on? >> sure. >> you can hear nancy nervously breathing. the officer leaves through front door while jaycee dugard is being held captive in their backyard. >> it was like oh wow, you know, how could everyone miss this? how could this go on for so long? >> tony powell is the mother of six children. she was there when news broke of the woman held captive for 18 years in their backyard shed. she doesn't know if she ever wants to read jaycee dugard's memior, but she doesn't let her kids out of her sight. >> it makes you leery of
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people around at parks. if i don't see them with any kids, my eyes are always on them. why are they here? what are their intentions? >> in antioch, elizabeth cook, cbs 5. playing hooky could be costly. another bay area city wants to fine kids who are caught cutting class, but this law would take it a step further. robert lyles explained. >> countless cities have nighttime curfews, but less than a dozen bay area cities have a daytime curfew and that score card just changed when the city of concord voted to legalize a daytime curfew and this particular legalization hits both kids and their parents in the pocketbook. >> there was another series of residential burglaries in january of 2011. >> concord's cops say with a spike in break ins, particularly downtown, this city needs to extend its
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nighttime curfew into the daylight. they want to sight any kid walking the streets between 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. when they should be in school. >> with this curfew, i need papers to walk my dog after school. >> 79 out of every 100 olympic high school students were true want. truant. we asked the teens. >> the conditions were bad. kids would leave whenever they wanted to. >> they put up fences around the school. >> daytime curfew would function like a traffic ticket. $100 for the first offense, $200 for the second. by the third, the ticket soars to $500 and failure to appear could lead to bench warrant. almost all say concord cops, sites the students and generate a court appearance. but concord's law takes it a step beyond. parents could be sited as well.
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>> i think it's more about the city wanting money. >> in fact, every response was a flat out rejection of the city's plan. opens the door for racial profiling. >> it's hard to imagine that undocumented immigrants don't have to show any id. my children in the city of concord will be forced to carry id. >> concord's current attack isn't working, so their vote was unanimous. >> all those in favor say aye. motion carries unanimously. >> city leaders go on to say that this new law is both constitutional and legally defensible. they will make one change. they will allow an exception for kids being home schooled and dana, this goes into effect just in time for the new school year. it's expected to take effect august 25. >> we'll have to watch it and see if it's effective.
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robert lyles, thank you. on the very same day that cal state students will have to pay higher tuition, one of its school president's got a $100,000 raise. approved a tuition hike. it takes effect this semester. the board voted to make incoming san diego state president the highest paid president in the 23 school system. >> two years ago the fees were half as much as they are now. >> it's horrible because we are trying to get an education and they are trying to make us pay more money. >> governor brown criticized the plan to give him the raise while asking students to pay more. csu defends the raise saying the university needs to offer competitive salaries. less than a month until the bills are due and both parties are digging in their heels. the president wants congress to raise the country's credit limit. republicans reject any deal
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that includes higher taxes. democrats are rejecting anything that includes budget cuts. today, speaker of the house blamed the standstill on the president. >> this debt limit increase is his problem and i think it's time for him to leave by putting his plan on the table. something the congress can pass. >> after years of discussions and months of negotiations, i have little question that as long as this president is in the oval office, a real solution is probable unattainable. >> and time is running out, democrats and republicans have 21 days now to reach a deal. the united states has payments due august 2 and checks to send out on august 3. >> can you tell the folks at home that no matter what happens, the social security checks are going to go out an august 3. >> i cannot guarantee those checks go out on august 3 if we haven't resolved this issue. there may not be the money to
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do it. >> the president also said that he will not approve any short-term solution. legendary san francisco 49er, joe montana is still scoring years after his retirement. montana appeared before the santa clara city council to pitch his plan to develop a luxury hotel site across from the new 49ers stadium. shows us what happened. >> in front of a friendly hometown crowd, golden joe proved he is just as good at the podium as he was at the pocket. >> we appreciate you listening and taking our offer to heart and giving us a true answer on how you feel. >> joe montana, the businessman, pitched his plan to the santa clara city council for a new hotel, restaurant, and entertainment venue to be built across the street from the stadium. this 7-acre plot off the market and negotiate with him for the next year and a half. >> in hopes we could sit down
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and i'll be beating ourselves up against people who don't have the same wherewithal and desire to do something there. >> jennifer, the city's top appointed official said at least two other hotel chains are interested and recommended the city council open up the project to the highest bidder. the city council went against her recommendation and approved the negotiating agreement 5-1. >> how much are you wanting to move forward with this hotel has to do with him being joe montana? >> absolutely. between the 49ers stadium, across the street from joe montana sports bar, that can't be beat. >> i don't think anybody is going to be awe struck by joe montana or anybody. it's about doing what is best for santa clara. >> he is the only one that stepped forward. >> after the vote, the former 49er made a quick exit, but said it was just the beginning. >> it's always good to win. it was a long way from the process. >> would you call this a
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touchdown? >> never know. hopefully. >> and it will now be up to eddie and joe montana to use their own money to develop this site and it will be up to the city to get fair market value for the land. the vice mayor said to joe montana that the city has great negotiators that it faces a tough defense. dana. >> all right, in santa clara, thank you. tonight the search for seven northern california men missing off of baja is over. the coast guard said it finished its air search of more than 7300 square miles in the sea of cortez. the men disappeared after their fishing vessel capsized a week ago sunday. family members are not surprised the search is called off, but told us today they are angry with the u.s. department of defense for refusing to help the mexican navy in the dive search. >> we're not going away and we're not giving up and we will
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continue to press this request until we actually receive satisfaction. >> a memorial service will be held in san francisco tomorrow for leslie yee. the only confirmed death in this accident. the same rule applies, you've heard it before. it's all about location, location, location. only we're not talking about real estate here, we're talking about medication. how you could save money by leaving your neighborhood. and we guess the idea is to get women to drink more milk, but the approach is questionable. the bold campaign launched with women in mind. by the time the sunset tonight, we had highs from 60 in san francisco to 78 degrees in gilroy and morgan hill and the coolest day of this workweek is still to come, the pinpoint outlook is up next.
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sing information a those of you who take it know prescription medicine can be expensive. we uncovered surprising information about the price of prescriptions. it has nothing to do with the store, but with the neighborhood. julie watts is here with results of a consumer watch investigation. location, location, location. >> we price checked for months to put all this together and you could be over paying for prescriptions by hundreds of dollars, not because of the pharmacy chain you use, but because of the store location you choose. >> i have been layed off from the job i had and my health insurance went away. >> that meant art had to start paying cash for his prescription, but after filling the same prescription a couple
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times at different walgreen's pharmacies, he noticed he was charged different prices. >> the pharmacist didn't give me any explanation. >> we price checked prescriptions throughout the bay area at 85 different stores from six pharmacy chains. in some cases within a few blocks. for instance, the cash price for viagra without insurance that most bay area walgreen's is $695. we found the same 30 count 50- milligram bottle is $75 cheaper at these six stores. why the discrepancy? walgreen's says their prices are based on drug manufactures price, other operational factors and local competition. >> i think the cost of doing business doesn't account for that big of difference in price. >> a nonprofit consumer magazine. it published an in depth study
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comparing prescription prices between different chains. when it comes to price variation in the same chain, it is likely the key to finding the best prices. >> even within a big chain, the particular stores that are near low price competitors may bring their prices down. >> and that's exactly what we found. take these two safeway pharmacies in san francisco. just a little more than a mile apart. the upper market store had consistently cheaper drugs than the one in the generally lower income mission district. we found the blood pressure medicine is it $25 more in the mission. and the cholesterol medication cost an extra $18. the biggest price different is for viagra, a whopping $58 more. why is this take a look at our competition. the cheaper upper market safeway is surrounded by five pharmacies. the closest just feet away. the more expensive store has
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only two competitors within a half mile. >> sometimes stores in low income neighborhoods have a monopoly and people don't have much choice and their prices will be higher than stores where the consumer can go five dissent places. >> in response to our findings, safeway tells consumer watch, quote, if another pharmacy be it a exeat tar or safeway has a lower price on an identical competition, we will match that price. unlike safeway and walgreen's, they have consistent prices throughout the state, but prices may vary between cities due to tax. just one more reason art will be checking his prescription. >> the prices are somehow controlled. this opened my eyes to something different. >> to avoid harmful drug interactions, you shouldpoint purchase all of your medications at one pharmacy.
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choose one with a will the of local competition. >> these are really widely spaced out differences. it's not a mile apart? >> yeah, 1.3 miles apart and as much as $50 different with one prescription. there's a lot of different factors and the primary one was competition. >> wow, amazing. julie, thank you for that. you know the old slogan, milk does a body good. now the dairy industry says it does bms as well. the board launched a campaign based on studies that show calcium in dairy milk helps reduce pms symptoms. everything i do is wrong, base on the idea that men don't know how to handle women. pms is nothing to joke about. >> women can experience headaches, migraines, and cramps. some experts point out that pms
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is a hormonal imbalance. milk cannot help with that. >> milk can help your weather though. the more milk you drink, the better your weather is going to be. >> you'll be juicing up on that. you can tell it's fuzzy out there. that is the marine layer that pushed into our inland areas. as you are heading out the door tomorrow, we have over cast skies from the coast all the way into our inland areas and that marine layer is so deep. we will have localized drizzle. it's obvious the marine layer stretches inland at least a good 70 miles. going to take a while for the clouds to retreat during the early afternoon hours and i wouldn't bank on any clearing. very little temperature change or span tomorrow. in fact, going with 51 degrees to a high of 54, that's it. by the weekend, the below
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normal temperatures will continue. we'll continue to more summer- like temperatures next week. not going anywhere just spinning it wheels off the coast, allowing cooler air mass to truck in along the trough. 70 tomorrow, santa hossa. 86 degrees. upper 50s is as good as it gets a. stiff west wind at 20 and the eastern portion is 56 degrees to 75 degrees in brentwood. that's an outside number. coast, no clearing, lots of soupy conditions. 50s, low 60s. 69 in san jose where today's high was 70. cooler day tomorrow. the coolest will be thursday and friday. warming trend kick starts by sunday. that's a pig point forecast. beale rig back after this. ,,,,,,,,,,
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because just a little piece... can do a tremendous amount of damage. two weeks ago, the astronauts had to take shelter because a little piece can do a tremendous amount of damage. greg in san francisco wants to know, how much space junk is floating around and how does the international space station avoid it? it's tonight's good question. >> two, one, zero, and lift off. >> we have been sending stuff into space for more than 50 years. guess what? a lot of it never comes back. >> spent booster rockets, satellites, debris from collisions that have already
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happened. >> man has polluted outer space with millions of pieces of space junk and every now and then one of them bites us back. >> something moving at 10 miles per second when it hit a paint flake, has knocked a hole in a windshield on the shuttle. >> the problem is that much of this debris is moving thousands of miles an hour. even the tiniest of specks can reek havoc, like the international space station where crews have actually had to take cover in the past. >> there was a piece of junk, you know, maybe a few pounds, the size of your fist that was projected to pass very close to the space station and the idea was they got into the capsule in case they had to make a quick escape. >> special material to protect spacecraft and lasers that can move the bigger chunks into graveyard orbits. >> if it's going fast, which it is, and it hit you, it could
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cause a lot of damage. >> go to and click on connect to send me your good question. >> the american league has plenty of junk in their trunk. why tonight's all-star game could help the giants win another world series.
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winning the all- star game would be a nice start, since the victor gets home field if the giants are to defend their title, the all star game would be a start. matt cain, ryan, and tim lincecum did not play in tonight's game, 4th inning, wow, that's actually a beautiful double into the corner. i believe that was pablo making his first all-star appearance, probably ortiz video, but i'll give it to you anyway. the all stars go on to win this
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baseball game 5-1 and it's a big deal because the giants now get a home field advantage for the world series. it's a controversial thing, i know. brian wilson got the favorite for tonight's game, but i like it because the national league, it gives a meaning to the all- star game as opposed to being an exhibition game. it means something. >> it meant a lot to the giants last year. a tremendous advantage. >> the giants are .500 at home. i'm sorry, on the road. and much better at home. so they need to win an all-star game and it's a big deal. >> here's the deal. the first game. >> thank you for the timer. i'm out of time. >> and gonzalez, hats off to him. >> represented themselves very well. >> represent. >> all right. and you'll have more on your blog, i presume. >> i hope i have the right tapes at 11:00. >> we are coming back at
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11:00. >> pablo looked good. >> and the news is always on at [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything.
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