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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  July 13, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. washed out to sea, rescued and now recovering. how a group was accidentally separated from land. breaking a law to show she didn't do anything wrong. why they say the tenants are to blame. america is two and a half weeks from a tab we can't pay. a day at the beach lands some teenagers in the hospital. tonight one girl is in critical condition. they ended up stranded by the tide with waves pounding up against them. elizabeth cook has video of the rescue operation as it
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unfolded. >> reporter: coast guard and lifeguards joseed a teenage girl, a rescuer gave the sign to go up. they flew her to the hospital in walnut creek. emergency crews found three other victims on the sand. they treatment -- treated them there before taking them to safety. >> i haven't seen anything like that. >> reporter: lewis saw the whole thing happen. he said the group had been hanging out on the beach. they didn't realize the tide was coming in. >> when they tried to walk back, the wave came in and just swept them out. >> reporter: now, two of the victims were taken to marin general. they are reportedly in stable condition. the third victim, a teenage
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girl was taken to another hospital. she is in critical condition. they wouldn't elaborate on her injuries thus far, only that she was found unconscious before she was air lifted to the hospital. >> thank you, elizabeth. some backlash in san jose tonight about two federal agents from immigrations and customs enforcement who are now working side by side with the police. more than 100 people gathered at the community service center to ask the police chief to get rid of these two agents. neighbors stopped reported crimes because they feared deportation. >> i have to do something. i am very sad at this point, but we are energized and it brings us together even more to
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fight against this and be able to look for real solutions. >> a chief says these agents will be closely supervised and will only be looking for gang members from now on. he is staking his reputation on that decision. it was one of three shootings on the delta trail in the past three months. today, police canvassed the trail looking for clues. a 20-year-old, marcus jackson was found shot in the head in the area of harbor and atlantic. >> while we have a number of very strong leads that we're following, we're out here looking for some help from the community also to see if they have any information that would be helpful to us. >> he and a group of teens were horsing around with a gun when it went off. in may, another man was shot in the shoulder on that
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same trail. the head of the federal reserve today said there will be cuts to military, medicaid and social security if congress does not allow the u.s. to barrow more money. -- borrow more money. the country has $306 billion in bills to pay. without a deal, we are about $130 billion short. but at least three congressional people say the president is over stating the risk. >> quit believing the president when he uses these scare tactics. >> have there been any discussions about which bills shouldn't get paid. >> i have a more optimistic view. i believe the united states will pay its bills and we will honor the credit of our country. >> it does not seem like others on the hill share the speaker's
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optimism. republicans said today the meeting ended on a tense note when the president pushed back his chair and left. >> reporter: if you judge by the photos, today's negotiating session on a debt deal was all smiles. even the president and speaker john boehner seemed to be enjoying themselves. but bay more told a group of reporters that -- boehner told a group of reporters that dealing with the white house is like dealing with gel low. sometimes it's like they left it out overnight. the gel low was near liquid. the only thing the white house has been firm on is these tax increases. that is why he called the president saturday and ended their talks on the so-called big deal to cut the debt by $4 trillion over a decade which he said the two men had been discussing since january. a republican source close to
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the negotiations says despite the smiles, the meetings are producing little progress at this point. >> that was chip reid reporting. the white house said he did not leave that meeting abruptly. it's not clear what exactly will happen in the event the debt debate is not resolved but we may be getting a taste from the state of mine minute right now. that -- state of mine minute right now. -- minnesota. the state parks are closed, the lottery is idle, the highway rest stops are off limits and 22,000 workers have been laid off without pay. but the effects of mine ---- minnesota's government shutdown
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have been more profound on this street. >> i'm mad. >> reporter: sharon runs a daycare center here and worries if she will have her monthly state subsidy to keep it running. >> we don't turn our backs on our kids. i'm scared to death of what is happening. >> reporter: so is angela noble. she sends her two sons to sharon every day and is worried what she will do without the help. she's in training for a promising job, without daycare, her career path could run off the road. >> this is my chance here that i finally got. it's in jeopardy right now if i don't have somewhere to take my boys. >> because daycare had been ruled a nonessential service, it was up in the air. >> it's all part of the chaotic mess minnesota's shutdown has created all due to the stalemate. >> the extreme right ring is
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very unnegotiable. it's just out the window. >> reporter: to close the the state's $5 billion deficit, the governor has agreed to big spending cuts. his plan to raise taxes on the rich has met stiff opposition. >> once they get done taxing the rich people, where are they going to come? middle class america because there is more of us in that group. >> reporter: late wednesday, a judge ruled that daycare is an essential service after all and that funding should go ahead, a sign that in this environment, minnesota is sort of making it up as it goes along. well, he doesn't have any proof but he is still making a bold accusation. why the law enforcement agent connected to the garrido case is linking the suspect to
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another unsolved case. why some bay area leaders want to label ex-cons a protected minority. and found caked in his own filth. he couldn't even walk. how van wink he will the dog is doing today. the temps were a good 16 degrees below average and today wasn't even the coolest of the workweek. we will pinpoint that day as eyewitness continues on the cw.
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ever seen. inhumane living conditions at four apartment apartment buildings at the hands
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of two landlords with multiple properties. tonight -- an unprecedented reality check for those landlords. robert lyles shows us the neglect - the gavel . inhumane living conditions from two landlords with two properties. robert lyles show us the neglect. >> rats and romps. >> reporter: he says it's one of the worst cases oakland has faced. >> locks on the doors. there will be chains shut with a padlock so if there was a fire you would be stuck inside. >> reporter: there was a fire and he says it wasn't smoke detectors that saved the tenants. >> they only woke up from the smell of the smoke. the reason that was is because none of the smoke detectors in the building was working. >> reporter: so the city sued
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this couple. we took the photos straight to miss gardner. >> illusion. >> reporter: you're saying this is an illusion. >> my manager says illusion. >> this is not a bedbug bite? what is it. >> drinking and drugs. >> reporter: she said they trumped up the charges. >> but city code enforcement found a decade of violations. >> everything i done, the judge never go there. i want to invite them to go see the apartment. >> some apartments are very beautiful. >> reporter: she didn't want us to go directly next door perhaps because that apartment's kitchen is filled
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with roaches. >> we come right next door and there are roaches. >> yes, we have roaches. >> reporter: downstairs. i can easily move that. that's dangerous. >> if i can move it than anybody can come here and move it. >> so this one, need to take it out, that's it. >> but you're the landlord. >> no i'm not landlord no more. i'm sick of it already. >> reporter: it seems the judge is sick of their failure to take action. she stripped them of all four apartment buildings. >> they can no longer ever again own parents in oakland. a man who help put the garridos behind bars things there is more victims out there. 9-year-old michaela garrett was snatched in 1988. el dorado da thinks he targeted
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other young girls including her. >> it is inseamable that there are numerous victims of phil and nancy. >> reporter: he says him as a master manipulator. he thinks he is at least as intelligent as the psychologists who have assessed him. he says he was probably just as knowledgeable as the procedures they used to test him. the center supervisor has proposed making it illegal for landlords -- it would be illegal to ask anyone about their criminal history on an initial job or housing application. that would not cover sex offenders and some violent criminals. today the only confirmed casualty was laid to rest.
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loved ones paid their final respects to leslie in san francisco. he grew up in the city. he was 63 years old. a college football player thrown off a flight in a dispute over sagging pants will not be facing criminal charges. the da dropped that case against him. he was yanked from a u.s. airways flight last month and arrested over a confrontation with the flight crew over his pants. the da believes the case was not worth prosecuting even though he thinks responding officers acted appropriately. check your weather right now, roberta is standing by with you're very latest. we have clear skies tonight so you can pick up actually the nearly full moon. it looks full, doesn't it? tomorrow it will be 100% -- moon and we can pick it up there well inland.
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that marine layer kept our temperatures down considerably today. san francisco, of ---- 68. san jose checked in at 74. livermore 16 degrees off its mark. we will wake up tomorrow morning with the fog and clouds all the way inland by at least a good 45 miles. computer models have been spot on, but you got to believe it shows by 2:00, 3:00 we are seeing the clearing around the bay, just spotty hints of clearing around the beaches. your weekend, below normal temps and we will gradually start to see temperatures summer like by next week. combine the months, it's like
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-- overnight tonight 44. 53 in san jose. tomorrow's daytime temperatures coming down in comparison to today. we're talking 50s at the beaches. only 54 in pacifica, 74 degrees will be our outside number inland with that 20 miles per hour, it's a stiff, brisk wind. there is an extended forecast, gradual warming each and every day. it looks like about by tuesday and wednesday of next week, that's when we will see our inland highs, back into the low 90s , which is quite seasonal for this time of year. i don't know if you remember last year at this time. >> i can't remember that far back. >> we had one of the coolest summers in 30 years. >> what did you call it? >> julyuary. >> right.
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a dog that care tearing care takers say was practically -- someone turned this dog, van wing he will into the -- van wing he will ---- this is the dog today you can see he's walking around, running. he's been playing with other dogs. looks much better and his ears though, were so infected that he had to have suchry and he's totally did he have. >> it was incredible to see the amount of pain he was in and attach the surgeries and -- after the surgeries and treatment, he's a very happy guy. >> donations help pay for his medical care. now he's ready to be adopted and you can make an appointment to check him out this weekend. od question. well, it's creepy but it happens. rules about death and the new
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homeowner coming up. that's tonight's good question. stanford sci s m future of and tomorrow on the cbs early show, stanford scientists look at the long-term future of the napa valley and why that might not be around for our grandkids to drink. ,, [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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beginning this fall, the high profile lawy h of her new telev gloria alred is heading back to court. beginning this fall, she will sit at the bench of her own new television court show. it will be called "we, the people with gloria alred." she gained celebrity status by representing a number of high profile cases over the years, several of tiger woods' mistresses. we will be right back.
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verge of winning it's first world cup since 1999. start the clock! all righty. you know, that whole thing went off before i had a chance to watch it. it was earlier in the day. i don't move around much. >> i was headed to the lodge and when i did a u-turn to watch the women's world cup. they played it on a big screen and the community came together. it's amazing what happens when the world cup is played out and there's a u.s. team involved. it happened today. it was a fun place to be. united states women's soccer team is on the verge of win its first world cup since 1999. only france stood in their way.
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5th 5th minute, 30 yards past the u.s. goalie -- game tied at 1, 79th minute, u.s. on top for 12th goal in world cup play. they went 3-1. so they have japan on sunday at 11:30. it will be on the big screen. you remember this roof collapsing during a storm last winter. 20 fans actually blew it back up. spandex -- >> i have one question for you: what have you done with batman? you look like the villan from a movie. it looks like your beard is wearing a fake beard. [ laughter ]
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myers was all over wilson tonight. wilson was in prime time exposure area right now. he loves the attention and he got a lot of it tonight. >> brian wilson loves attention? >> not that you don't like attention, brian "so it was great stuff. >> kuddos to alex morgan, number 13 on the women's team. everybody in the gym, everybody just cheered and united when she scored that amazing goal. >> sweden beat japan. >> what do we know about japan? >> they beat the swedes and -- so this sunday you have a world cup final. then the british open starts tomorrow. who are you taking. >> i took mickelson. >> i always go -- she went out on a limb. i went with rory. >> who do you like --
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