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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  July 15, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. drivers know how to do it and so do pedestrians. our cameras show cyclists follow different rules on the road or none at all. why it seems they get away with it. signed into law by the governor about possibly heading back down to voters. why a law recognizing the achievements of gays and lesbians may not be a done deal. i have a card, it's not like i enjoy killing the gofers, but i don't like them in the lawn. >> a tough job, but someone has to do it and no one does it better than she does. one city's secret weapon against gophers. good everyoning, dana has the night off. i'm ken. nearly two dozen san jose firefighters are back on the job tonight. the fire chief presented badges
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to 22 firefighters who were layed off last year. they say it's a relief to be back at work after a year off the job. >> i feel this is the greatest job in the world. now that i have it back, everything is good again. >> yeah, budget cuts forced san jose to lay off 49 firefighters last year. a $15 million fema grant helped the department pay for those rehires. the woman whose burning body was found in oakland was a 21-year-old mother from union city. the body of monica was discovered in the rock ridge neighborhood early thursday morning. police say that she appeared to have suffered trauma before her body was burned. the homes empowerment program is holding a car wash this sunday at oakland's east lake y to raise money for the lady's
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funeral. and they want to set up a trust fund for her one-year-old son. contributions of the gay community are hoping voters will overturn that legislation. conservative organization based in sacramento called the capital resource institute filed documents today to start a voter referendum against that law. the group will have to collect nearly a half a million signatures to get it on the ballot. governor brown signed the bill into law yesterday. it is set to take effect on january 1. venal for the first time in six days, there was no meeting at the white house today among lawmakers trying to find a way to head off a u.s. government default. that didn't stop president obama from trying to get republicans to agree on tax raises. chip reid reports, the president made one more plea for a grand bargain. >> we have a unique opportunity to do something big. we have a chance to stabilize
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america's finances for a decade. >> if the republicans continue to refuse to compromise on taxes, the president said voters will remember in next year's elections. >> who seems to be trying to get something done? and who seems to be just posturing and trying to score political points? >> president said he is willing to put everything on the table, including democratic sacred things like social security and medicare. raising the premiums. in return, he called on republicans to agree to tax hikes on wealthy americans as part of a deal to cut deficits by $4 trillion over the next decade. republican speaker john boehner says there is no chance of that. >> there are going to be no tax hikes because tax hikes destroy jobs. >> boehner blames the president for the impasse. >> we ask the president to lead. we asked him to put forward a plan. not a speech, a real plan.
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>> with economic catastrophe looming, the president does open to the possibility of what some in congress call plan b. a deal to raise the debt limit first and work on a debt deal later. >> if washington operates as usual and can't get anything done, let's at least avert armageddon. >> it's not clear that will pass the house. west of florida said it's dead on arrival because it doesn't slash spending. despite obstacles, the president says he is still hopeful the log jam will break over the weekend. >> i always have hope. don't you remember my campaign? >> the president said he still has hope because of the common sense of the american people. but with the two sides so deeply divided, it's going to take a lot more than hope and common sense to get a deal. chip reid, cbs news, the white house. >> also tonight, a woman is in the hospital with critical injuries after getting hit by a
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bicyclist. police believe that he failed to follow the rules of the road. robert lyles shows us hours after the crash, several bicycles whizzed through the red light at the very same intersection where this happened. robert. >> i'm standing at that intersection and to understand what happened here, i show you, this is the embarcadaro. the victim made it across all six lanes which she didn't make it across was one lane and that is the bike lane. as you are about to see, crossing std lane could prove to be fatal. you're taught to look both ways. stay in the crosswalk. and never cross on a red. but on the embarcadaro. bicycle after bicyclist abandoning the rules of the road by regularly running the red light. >> i do see these guys moving
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pretty quick. >> combine speed with running the red and they intersect in one place. disaster. >> she is currently being treated with life threatening injuries. >> san francisco police are referring to this 77-year-old woman believed to be a tourist run down as she crossed the street. >> it appears at this point that the bicyclist ran through the red light. >> police are investigating how much speed this man generated before plowing into the woman. witnesses say they heard her scream, and watts horrified as she fell on to the asphalt. >> do you see bicyclists running the light? > sometimes. >> cyclists run the red, but this cab nearly picked off our camera man. his camera in plain sight. >> but people also cross the street on foot when there's a ready light.
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>> others admit to running the red, but claim it's only when -- >> i'm flout going to go. >> but there was a toddler in danger. walking near the fer rebuilding. we recorded in and out. even though it's illegal to ride on san francisco sidewalk. we asked police what gives? >> bicyclists have to follow the same rules of the road any other motorists do. >> according to police, if the elderly woman comes, meaning possible charges of involunteer manslaughter or gross negligent manslaughter. despite the flurry of police activity, they were nowhere to find out. police go an to tell us they don't track the locations of accidents, so as of tonight, it's unknown if this is a dangerous crossing or how many
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accidents have actually happened here. as for the 67-year-old victim. her anymore is not from san francisco. she underwent surgery if r what we're told are life threatening injuries this afternoon at spharn stan general. ken. >> you are out there with your camera. you find half a dozen people in an hour's tame, go through red lights while people are crossing and sort of the formal bike groups in the city really want respect from drivers and it's time to start policing the people going through these red lights. the the same time, you and i both know people walk against red lights all the time. not that this was the case in this particular case, but it happens. people have to obey the law, right? >> it is a compelling issue and you are absolutely right. there's a considerable amount of traffic. people do cross at the light and at the same time in less
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than an hour, i would venture to say in 15 minutes we easily cap six bicyclists rising against the red light. >> bottom line, you have to obey them or people are going to get hurt. >> robert lyles in san francisco. >> hooka lounges have been ordered to shut down or become smoke free. they have also been told to get rid of all tobacco products. the city says the lounges violate city and state bands on indoor smoking. >> three people are going to get laid off and we're going to lose another business. it's going to be a lot of tough times beginning on. >> the oner of the dream heeka lounge has to be smote by the end of business tonight. they decided to shut down. other owners will fight the
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city or convert to others. people complained about the smoke and the noise. safeway just lost a fight to sell cigarettes in san francisco. a federal judge dismissed the law which argued the constitution stores have a institutional right to sell smokes. the city's ban usually -- that law has been expanded because another court stated the exception vie lats equal protection guarantees. >> trying to get areas in an area known for speed to hit the brakes. in this day and age, there's one thing to get attention. that's fine. what it could cost you going barreling down? >> and forget about earthquakes, la is in the mist of a nightmare. not even hollywood has
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tackenned. carmegeddon, we'll explain. and are you 3u9ing out the vibes? why they prefer some of us more than others. since monday, cool weather has embedded the thunderstorm weather. in and out effect this air mass will have on our weekend as eyewitness news continues on the cw.
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calls it's a stretch of bay area roads so dangerous a highway patrol dubbed it blood alley. we're talking about vasco road in contra costa county.
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mark sayer explains the harsh penalties drivers could soon face to make that road safer. >> chp refers to it as blood alley. >> stretches for 17 miles between liver more and brentwood and over the years it had more than its share of serious fatal accidents. the stretch of road has a traffic collision rate which is 1.5-pounds higher than the state road average. drivers say they are not at all surprised. >> i had a friend that got killed on a motorcycle. >> you just don't want to be going fast. when everyone is going fast, it makes me nervous. i'm not a 19-year-old driver. >> now a bill is moving through to double the fines along the road from highway 580 all the way to walnut bull similarity in. assemblywoman
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joan buchanan cleared the full assembly. >> we believe that along with education efforts and the samety improvements will be a reminder to drive the speed limit and take it easy so we have fewer accidents. >> but whether increasing fines will cause people to slow down is a matter of some debate. according to legislative documents, caltrans conducted a study in 2000 which found there was no salted links between increasing speeding signs. >> you think that's a good idea? >> it will keep people from speeding as often, maybe slow down a bit. >> how much will a spading cast you? and you are caught going up to 15 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. that will set you back $26 f
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68. cbs 5. >> yeah, on any given day, los angeles clogged with traffic as you all know, but this weekend it could be the worst we have ever seen. a massive construction project will shut down ten miles of interstate 405. a major outerly carrying a quarter million drivers every day. we have a life picture. because of the threat of gridlock. traffic is expected to be backed up on all alternate routes. that's an exaggeration. crews began closing ramps leading to and from the freeway to get ready for the full closure. the entire stretch will be completelylessed until monday morning's commute? this is a pl dollar project to widen the freeway and bring back of a bridge. >> they may be the most pop
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you loor insec on the lob et. dr. kim explains what is behind their thirst for blood. >> summertime and the mosquitoes are biting. how much do you know about the pes ky pets? first off, only the fas bite. >> they do require a blood male to yen rate eggs. >> some prefer birds. they can suck blood and quickly. >> they can suck up blood and fly off. >> whether you're the meal has a lot to do with chemistry veekd. >> other hormones that emerged. >> there are others, only people are more prone. >> easily mosquitoes are easy distracted. > confuse the mosquito.
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other animals are overwelming and their sings preprecaution and talk a look. they take off very quickly. >> how you reaked can be how often you have bitten. > they might be more prone to dramatically reacting each time they are exposed. >> the worst creation is to get threatened with a life fighting disease. the best way to keep them away is to get rid of any standing water. >> if you are getting bitten, there's a breeding source close to you. all it takes is an inch of water. cbs 5, health watch. >> we got skeeters, we got tieups on 104. we have gophers in the newscast. awe about a little weather? >> my husband called and said it's not rain. it's not. it's heavy drizzle.
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there's a difference. look at the people bundled up tonight. the city of san francisco because yes, we have been experiencing this whole five- day week. today's numbers from the 50s. 73 degrees outside number in our inland areas. we will have a little bit of a warmup. sunday being the warmest of the two. marine layer retrieves back to the bay. more ample sunshine and next week we will have those temperatures closer to that sub scent sweep. it extends l central valley and it is so deep it is causing condensation in the form of drizzle. we have foggy conditions in uereeka. 67 degrees on the south and north shore. meanwhile, north bay numbers
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going up gradually. 71 degrees in mill valley. in the mid 50s. the sunday in the north pain. it is a fun race. usually it's so blistering hot, so it should be nice. f 0s and 79. tomorrow in pleas sentton, the peninsula numbers into the 70s with the coastal area into the 70s walk in san francisco on sunday. there's extended forecast. we see temperatures near 80 degrees. by wednesday, thursday, and friday. make it a great weekend. we'll be right back after this. gophers? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sports, getting the kids more green space than any other municipality in the country, but whether you're playing sports, getting the kids outside or walking the dog, you have an enemy out there digging, tunneling, being a bad neighbor. destroying the great ground beneath your feet.
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san francisco is fighting back. elizabeth cook introduces us to the city's secret weapon. >> i want to get him and if i can't get him, i'll think about it. sometimes they will pop their head out so you feel like they are teasing you. come and get me. i'm sheila, i'm a gardener at the golf course. for the past 2 1/2 years, i've been catching a lot of gophers. >> from golden gate to crocker amazon park, she logged more than five years mowing lawns and pulling weeds for san francisco recreation and parks. then, she found her calling. >> i have a card, it's not like i enjoy killing the gophers, but i don't like them in the lawns since they do so much damage. having the mounds and so many tripping hazards. >> bradford was working here and her turf was over run.
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a mine field of gopher holes. kids struggled to run across the grass. at least one dog broke its leg. so she developed a strategy and went to war. >> this is the gopher trap. i just ordered them on ebay and started catching more. >> a lot more. enough to reclaim alta plaza and launch a gopher count for the record book. >> when i started my tally sheet, the total is 1290. my little going to battle mascot. >> now the war rages on at harding park. >> god forbid the green. >> a little shovel. >> with simple tools -- >> my trusty gopher probe. >> a little strategy. >> right there. gives easy. >> some cutting -- >> i put it down there. sot gopher doesn't spring it
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into a tunnel with him. >> years of experience. >> i cover that so the dirt doesn't fall on the trap and set it off. >> and plain old hard work. >> it's good to see you everything. even though it's not the best thing in the world to be good at. but it's nice when people acknowledge it. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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the giants play pat burrell on the disabled list and called up 21-year-old catcher hector sanchez. start the clock. tim lincecum gave up runs, but for the second straight night,
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the offense explodes for six runs. cody ross hits his seventh homer of the season. the giants beat the padres 6-1. there was bad news for the giants. pablo's hitting streak ended at 22 games. he grounded out and finished 0 for 2. a's and angels. josh willingham with one of the farther homers you will ever seen into the second deck in left. a's hang on to beat the angels. tom watson seems to do something memorable at the british open. the five-time champ hits a home run. he needs a cut and is behind clark, lucas, and glover. thinks the par 57th hits his second straight 68, but any one players are within four shots of the lead. seven shots to separate it.
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>> what i love ant that, tom watson says it was a lucky shot. >> we'll see you. ,,,,,,,,
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