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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  August 2, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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. >> you didn't show me your split, did you? let me see it now. acting on behalf of her perverted husband. how nancy garrido fed her husband's fetish. a report how phillip garrido was able to rape unchecked for so long. other than avoiding default there is nothing to celebrate. what still needs to be done in washington. it is the one night that is supposed to unite neighborhoods across the country but there is a riff for one bay city to another. a tale of two national nights out. in a battle between two cities the people won. the community that is redrawing the lines in the south bay. good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm allen martin in for ken bastida tonight. she lured little girls into her
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van and told them to do gymnastics to satisfy her husband. how nancy garrido tried to exploit kids to coach them into revealing poses. >> you didn't show me your split, did you? let me see it now. >> do you want me to show you? >> mm-hmm. >> see. >> that's it. can you go all the way down? >> yes. >> let me see. i bet you can go down really easy, huh? >> yes. that was easy. >> let me see you do it. >> nancy garrido confessed she taped young girls as many as 20 times. here is her jailhouse interrogation. >> what were you supposed to get of these girls? as much leg shots as you could? get them to do gymnastics? >> stuff like that. >> so you were supposed to sit down next to them, play nice,
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sound interested, and somehow coax them into moving around so they could be videotaped? >> right. >> the d.a.'s office released these videos a little more than a year after the two were arrested. this comes on the heels of a 160-page report that details how phillip garrido outsmarted a broken system. >> reporter: the man responsible for phillip garrido's 431-year prison sentence didn't mince words. >> we should all be angry about it. >> reporter: the district attorney says the failure of the parole system was so bad in handling phillip garrido. >> we need to release enough information so that the public is able to grasp and understand the magnitude of it. >> reporter: pearson released 162 pages of blistering documents, many of them once confidential that paint both the state and federal parole
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and criminal justice system as such a failure hollywood couldn't script words like this. the 1998 psychiatrist that described phillip garrido like a pot boiling with no outlet valve. still he was released from lifetime parole and almost immediately went on a mass bender say the reports. not only testing positive twice but submitted two diluted specimens in august 2009. a nervous staffer even commented she believed the parolee is close to going off but reports show no probation officers took steps to reoffend phillip garrido not even after he admitted to using marijuana to flush out his system. phillip garrido was even aloud to accept a job at a nursing home. his supervisor reported to state probation offices the parolee had been contacting nursing home employees looking for drugs. still the report finds no action was taken by his
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probation officer. yet the most outrageous finding is that phillip garrido filled a fake penis with warm mountain dew soda to fool one mandatory drug test. so an agent was sent to his walnut avenue home near antioch where his backyard encampment was in full view but the agent found nothing out of the ordinary. state senator ted gaines is now backing legislation that will -- >> look at that authority that the parole board has. >> reporter: what authority? right now inmates are not released on the crimes that sent them to prison but how successful they are completing therapy behind bars. >> now, those documents go on to show that when phillip garrido was released to california in 1999 the state failed even the minimum level of probation supervision. in fact, in the first year of
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probation no agent visited his antioch home for a full year. six agents were assigned but none performed the visits. >> the d.a. has to be making a point that phillip garrido is not the only one. >> absolutely not the only one. and i think that's why it was so imperative to release these documents to show what gaping inaccuracies exist in the current system. >> yes. all right, robert, thank you. >> absolutely. the debt deal is a done deal just a day before the deadline but despite the agreement stocks plummeted again. the dow had its worst day in two months tumbling 266 points. closing below 12,000 as investors reacted to more weaknesses in the economy. still, president obama calls the debt deal an important first step in the debate of
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washington's wallet. more now on the road ahead. >> reporter: he put the ink on the paper but president obama didn't thank or congratulate congress as he typically does after major bills are passed. >> it was long and contentious debate. >> reporter: instead he looked forward. >> we have got to do everything in our power to grow this economy and put america back to work. >> the yays 74 and nays 46. >> reporter: the emergency bill increases the government's borrowing limit and makes 1 trillion-dollars$1 trillion in cuts. the battle lines for the task are already being drawn. at issue whether tax revenue is in the mix. >> well, there won't be tax increases. that's one thing this committee won't even consider and i don't think they should. >> we have had too much talk the last few days of republicans as early as this
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morning, republican leaders in the senate saying there will be no revenue. that's not going to happen. >> reporter: the president didn't let the points slide either. >> everyone will have to chip in. that's only fair. >> reporter: there's also some question whether the committee could be effective at all. >> i wouldn't focus on what would happen if they didn't function because i think they are. >> reporter: if the committee fails massive across the board cuts would be imposed automatically. but for now after a long bitter fight congress is on recess until next month. cbs news, washington. >> the debt deal may be sealed but there is another senate stale mate. the partial f.a.a. shutdown. the new state-of-the-art air traffic control room at oak land international airport is on hold because of the impasse and 60 workers have been laid off. the mayor wants funding restored to construction can resume. >> it hurts immediate jobs, it
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hurts long-term jobs and it is not necessary. there is no reason why congress can't move this forward. >> congress also paused funding on 100 other airport projects nationwide, leaving thousands of employees out of work. the government is likely to lose more than $1 billion in revenue since lawmakers left town for a month without resolving the standoff much the f.a. a. insists safety is not affected. firefighters say a home in santa clara is a hotel loss following a two-alarm fire earlier tonight. the fire broke out shortly after 6:00 p.m. firefighters say the house was fully engulfed when they got there. this video shot by a neighbor shows the fire coming through the roof of the home. now the family of that living there wasn't home but that car was destroyed. >> the fire did go to a second alarm and we were fortunate that the house appears to be a
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total loss. >> neighbors say the family had only been in that home for about a month. the cause of the fire hasn't been determined yet. police have canceled an amber alert for a 16-year-old boy in antioch but there are still plenty of questions about what happened. hasan ford turned up safe about midnight last night nearly eight hours after it appeared that he was kidnapped during an armed robbery of the barber shop where he works. but a neighbor says she saw him shortly after he was allegedly abducted. ford has still not talked to police. the robbery suspect is still missing. the man who started a fire last october in a sacramento mall will spend 15 years in federal prison. a judge sentenced alexander pijay today. in court the judge said the fire may have been a cry for help but it was a wrong cry for help. caused more than $55 million in damage. the woman suspected of
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burglarizing jeopardy, host alex trebeck could face 25 years to life in prison. she has two burglary convictions on her record. if convicted she faces a harsher sentence under the three strikes law. she says she is innocent of sneaking in and burglarizing his week. a knight in shining yellow armor. a san francisco cab driver springs into action after a woman gets mugged. mark sayre with the heroic deed from a crime caught on camera. >> reporter: the cab security video captures the woman. he walks up behind her an grabs her cell phone and quickly walks away. what happens next is why they are calling the cab driver a very good citizen. >> he saw this happen, pulls forward, offers his assistance to the victim, having her get into the cab and he handed her
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his cell phone so she can call police and he began to follow the suspect. >> made us very proud. made us very proud of our driver. he went above and bond. >> reporter: president of luxor cab where the driver works. he says the new cameras in the cab are the latest technology taking streaming images not only inside the cab but also a 180-degree view out the front window. but they were not expected to help nab street robbers. >> it is for accident liability. if an accident takes place we can review the accident to see who is really at fault. >> reporter: they arrested an 18-year-old and charged him with second-degree robbery. we showed the video to someone that walks here every day. >> right here. it is horrible. you don't think that this is a high crime area. but it is great that he was a good samaritan and rescued her.
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>> reporter: as for the cabby he will be honored for his actions tomorrow by the san francisco police commission. in san francisco, i'm mark sayre, cbs5. and catching a cab in san francisco is about to get a lot easier. muni approved an additional 90 cabs but they will come at a price. starting in 30 days tax meter rates will increase by 50 cents a mile and then 10 cents for every minute stuck in traffic. the starting cost will also go up to 3.50. live here long enough and you know no two parts of the bay area are alike but on this national night out we wanted to paint a picture. how two communities view their safety. >> in the end the people won. where an entire community is going in exchange for $1 million they will never see. and a test of white house security. what happened when this man with a backpack simply jumped the fence? i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs5 weather
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center. it has been nice but cooler weather is on the way. i will tell you all about it coming up next.
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on a chase this afternoon from oakland to san leandro. it happened just after 5 o'clock. police say the sus a wrong way driver led police on a chase from oakland to san leandro. the suspect drove for several minutes before exiting at grand avenue. and that's when the c.h.p. lost him. the driver apparently dumped the car near durant avenue. police called off the search for that suspect just before 7 p.m. tonight is a national day for a
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night out. heightening crime prevention efforts. as elizabeth cook shows us that can mean drastically different things in different communities. >> reporter: 35.1 miles away from each other but in many ways worlds apart. in dublin neighbors are worried about break ins. >> there have been some that are local here that we never used to have. >> reporter: in east palo alto a city that used to be known as the murder capitol of the united states their worries are more are serious. >> uneasy about the shootings. if you're going to drive by a street are you going to be in the midst of a shooting. >> reporter: tonight they celebrate ad common goal. keeping their neighborhoods safe. >> there is nothing, a better safeguard in the whole world than having good neighbors. makes you feel really safe. >> especially now with the violence that's been going on. it is nice to know that everyone still cares about one another and this is a time for us to come out and say it is
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okay. >> reporter: her ex was murdered in palo alto seven years ago. she believes her city is getting safer more that now people come forward if they witness violent crime shoo we try to get it before it happens. if your street gets too busy and you see more than one activity you come out and say hey, i'm here and i see you. you've got to leave. >> reporter: this home used to be used for drug dealing and prosecution but last year during national night out neighbors boarded up the windows and closed up the property in an effort to make their neighborhood safer. >> things like this make me feel like, okay, there's hope of a safer community. >> reporter: a shared vision celebrated by two different neighborhoods. >> kind of like what you do with your family. you watch each other's backs. >> reporter: in east palo alto, elizabeth cook, cbs5. after years of dualing claims between san jose and campbell, the area known of
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cambrian 36 was what two cities wanted. a win/win for both cities and people that live in the neighborhood is about to be decided tonight. >> i conclude that item. that's approved. good luck. >> reporter: and with that san jose city council vote. a long border battle with campbell is nearly over. >> you fought city hall and you won. >> in a nutshell, yes. >> it has been a long journey but we are there. >> reporter: back in may 2010 hundreds protested san jose trying to annex their 103-acre neighborhood. they kept up the pressure saying they would rather go to campbell and get better service, representation and taxes. san jose could annex the law in white known but after months of negotiations campbell in pink will pay san jose $1 million for it to make up for any lost taxes. leaders for both cities say it is the right thing to do. >> should the people always get
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what they want? >> the people should always be heard. i think in this case the people were heard. >> this is the end. i hope we never have another one. >> was it worth it to get another 1000 angry residents? >> good question. >> i would say the best outcome is to have happy residents whether in campbell or san jose. >> reporter: as part of a deal homeowners on central park drive will lose their san jose address and then go to campbell. this man says that means no more easy curbside pick up of yard waste for one. >> not everything is roesy in campbell. >> i guess you could say that. but whatever happens, we will make it work. >> reporter: and so the two cities have until november 30th to hash out the details. and one neighbor we spoke with said he's going home to pop open the champagne because they took onmy's 10th largest city and won. >> hope it is not too
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tumultuous from here on in. kiet do in san jose. thank you. we will check with lawrence now on our weekly weather. >> it has been some great weather but things beginning to change. tomorrow looking pretty good hoe though. plenty of sunshine in many of the valleys. 80s, 90s. hot in spots there. 60s, 70s inside the bay. 50s, 60s out toward the coastline with a couple of patches of fog. still high pressure beginning to show signs of breaking down. as this ridge begins to move eastward that will allow for cooler air to move into the area. low cloud an fog early on. beautiful afternoon again. lots of sunshine going to bring those temperatures up well into the 70s. 76 degrees in santa clara. 77 san jose. 87 degrees in morgan hill. out toward the coast line. 50s and a few 60s. couple patches of fog out there. east bay expecting those temperatures as high as 90 degrees into brentwood.
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70 degrees in oakland. 69 in berkeley. north bay, sunshine, low cloud and fogs in the morning. temperatures in the 60s for the most part. 70s in the valleys although we could see 81 in santa rosa. tomorrow we sneak in a pretty nice one but heading into thursday and friday more low cloud and fog on the way. probably drizzle too. heading into next saturday and sunday high pressure builds back in and temperatures warm back up. that's a look at weather, guys. back to you. >> thank you lawrence. grownups have to belong to a special club to buy things in bulk. >> might seem fitting for kids to join a club to get new toys. maybe. why a bay area toy store has become members only. the big, bold taste
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of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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white house fence. ce agents who guar . a homeless man's in custody tonight after climbing over the fence at the white house. now, secret service agents who are guarding that around the clock quickly captured him. a c.n.n. news crew captured the incident showing the agents leading 41-
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year-old james crudop away. he faces charges of unlawful entry and contempt of court for violating an order to stay away from the white house. the president was believed to be in the white house at the time. a north bay hobby shop is making major changes to combat shoplifting. doll houses, trains and more is going to become a member's only store. members will be asked to show a photo i.d. before they can shop. so far shoppers are not complaining. >> won't bother us at all. more than willing to do that. >> it is the costco of toy stores which fine. >> the owner sas -- says she has never tallied her losses but she says theft happens every day. gold went up in value today. just ask the diamondbacks'
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young slugger. next.
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had a chance to take it back... tim >> giants have had sole position of second place in the national league west since june. tonight the diamondbacks had a chance to share them. tim lincecum 7-2 against them. pablo sandoval doubled. off daniel hudson. only damage against the young right hander. move it to the 5th inning. tim lincecum leads one over the plate. the heart of the plate. and paul goldsmith hits it to oakland. his first big league home run. look at that thing. they win. they pull into a first place against the giants. mariners have a 2-0 lead
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against the as. reigning cy young winner pitching into. 7th striking out 9. zach miller signing with the seahawks for a reported five years with $34 million. maybe the two best players on the raiders are gone. 49er pro bowler nose tackle signing a one-year deal with the saints. he will replace franklin in the middle with justin smith and ray mcdonald playing the ends in the 49ers 3/4 defense. niners and raiders have both lost big impact players and i don't want to say that the 49ers should use the rebuilding word right now. but they are getting close to it. >> we need to pick up some players. how about that? >> well exactly. >> and they have let the free agency period go. and they haven't addressed a lot of needs so that leads me to believe that maybe andrew luck is -- >> i'm not going to go there.
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>> we are coming back at 11 p.m. we will see you then. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: freshly seasoned and slow grilled by real cooks. just wait until you try this kentucky grilled chicken. it's that good. today tastes so good.
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