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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  August 26, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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hurricane irene's path to the you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. hours from land fall and a little weaker. hurricane irene's path to the east coast. >> charged with dozens of crimes and convicted of all of them. today they were sentenced. why one victim's family says three life terms is still not enough. it is another week, but another gain. it won't be a repeat of last week, though. new rules for every football fan heading to candlestick tomorrow. good evening, i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken. north carolina has ordered more body bags and new york is about to shut down its mass transit system.
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homes are boarded up all over the place. store shelves are empty and hundreds of thousands of people are heading out of harm's way. as a hurricane irene zeros in on the u.s. coast, people are on the highways are trying to get out. karen brown is live in kill devils hills, north carolina, with more on the potential for catastrophe. >> it is really starting to pick up. the rain coming in behind me here at the ocean is so strong, it stings when it hits the back of me. we are also having problems inland and they are under a tornado watch here in north carolina and at least one town believed a tornado has already touched down. a roof of a car dealership ripped off. this is going to be a very long night. irene's outer bands are already whipping up the sea off north carolina. the storm may linger over the state for 12 to 14 hours. but governor perdue says irene
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is expected to weaken around sunrise. >> this could still be a large and powerful storm. winds approaching 100 miles per hour. >> 180,000 people have fled their county alone and with good reason. some sections of the outer banks are only as wide as a couple of football fields. irene could force a wall of water across low lying areas and split the outer banks in half. >> 82-year-old carol dillon's motel guests have fled. she decided to stick it out. >> if it happens, it happens. >> dillon is the kind of holdout authorities are worried about. >> at a certain wind speed, we're not going to be able to get you. >> irene is moving slower than normal, which means there's more time for the wind and rain to reek havoc, even on businesses like this one. and increases the chances of severe flooding. fema teams are in position in a number of states. a group of red cross volunteers
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from south carolina were dispatched to north carolina friday. they have medical backgrounds and will be deployed to the areas with the greatest need. >> we hope should we ever need services related to a disaster, that somebody will be there for us. >> now it's a matter of watching and waiting. karen brown, cbs news, north carolina. we have lightning. we have thunder and again, there's tornado watching just a few miles inland. now authorities are so concerned about the people that have stayed here, they have black hawk helicopters at the ready and search and rescue teams ready to move in when this storm moves out. in the next couple of hours, we will see things kind of down to the wire here and the thickest part of this storm will start moving in. reporting live, i'm karen brown, back to you. >> yeah, karen, back here in san francisco, just curious. the people that you had -- who
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you talked to who have ignored the evacuation orders, we saw what happened in katrina when people didn't leave. did they give you any reason why they didn't want to go? >> you know what? there's a couple of reasons. there were younger kids here that decided to stay because they thought they could handle it. people have done this many, many times and business owners tell me they wanted to stay open so they could be here to take care of the emergency crews and the fema folks and the insurance adjustors that will be coming in after this storm. they want this area to get up and going as quickly as possible and that's why many of them have -- authority very concerned about them. one of the life guards happens to tell me that in fact, 80% of the population did evacuate. it's a big deal here, because most of the time they think they can handle it. >> we are seeing the lightning
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strikes behind you there. karen brown, get out of that rain. thanks. the hurricane is not due in new york until sunday, but the evacuation there is already underway. how the big apple is preparing for the big storm. >> some of the first new yorkers to be evacuated for elderly patients at this coney island nursing home. >> you don't want to get flooded out of here. nobody hurt, of course we have to evacuate. >> i pray to god that everything works out. >> long time administrator, howard small, says he hasn't seen a day like in this 39 years. >> this has never been enacted. this has never been used in practice. >> five major hospitals were evacuated. many patients headed to one of the 91 emergency facilities. evacuation centers and shelters open this afternoon. >> if you want to be safe, now is the time to start moving. gh mayor michael bloomberg ordered a first ever mandatory
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evacuation of low lying areas in all five burros. an estimated 250,000 people about to be displaced in places like coney island, brooklyn, and rockaway, queens. >> nobody is going to get fined, nobody is going to go to jail, but if you don't follow this, people might die. >> new yorkers seem shaken by irene's potential. >> very nervous. going to be a lot of work after this. trying to get back. >> mayor bloomberg joked this might be a good time to visit that long lost cousin overnight. but the fact is, this city is not fooling around in any way, shape, or form when it comes to this storm. cbs news, new york. well as you might imagine, irene is causing travel headaches around the country. dozens of flights leaving sfo for the east coast today and tomorrow have already been
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canceled and that has created long lines at the airport today. passengers who managed to get on flights say that they are glad that they can get to their destinations early enough to prepare for the storm. >> pretty scary. i have gone through katrina and new york has the -- that was scary. >> planning on staying inside and hoping to stay safe and warm. >> all five main new york area airports will be closed to arriving flights at noon east coast time tomorrow. airlines have been allowing passengers affected by the storm to change their tickets for free. >> a major blow to a notorious south bay gang. how long these guys are going to be locked up. >> some members of the gang will be going to prison for the rest of their lives. this crime spree was so extending that to read the list of charges alone took an hour
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and a half. the longest and most extensive gang trial san jose has seen in years has finally come to an end. it has been four years since his son, hernan copa was gunned down in cold blood. there has always been pain, but now anger. >> you apt life sentence? >> yes. because they kill my son. >> back in 2007, coba was working on this street in san jose. gang members demanded his phone. when he refused they shot him 12 times. seriously injuring eight people and left four dead. san jose police cracked down hard and arrested more than a dozen gang members. after an exhaustive trial that started at the beginning of the year, four men got life behind
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bars, the rest made plea deals and got several decades in prison. the da hopes this clears the way for gang prevention programs. >> in order for there to be space in communities for counselors to come in and for social workers to come in and try to keep kids from getting involved in gangs, you sometimes need to remove from those communities, hard core gang members. >> hare nanhernan says he left behind -- >> it doesn't matter. my son is not coming back. >> do you forgive him? >> no. no. >> and oftentimes it's little details that make you shake your head. when those robbers took his wallet, all they got was $1. kevin. >> thank you kit. sot two men behind the murder of an oakland journalist will be spending the rest of
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their lives in prison. today a judge sentenced bay to three consecutive life terms. he was the leader of your black muslim bakery. antwan mackey sentenced two life terms. in court today, bay insisted that he did not order bailey's murder and promised to find the real killer. the 49ers are going into game time this week with tough new rules. revised security procedures will be in effect for tomorrow night's game against the texasans. linda yee talked to fans who are a little less than thrilled with what's being done for their own safety. >> by the second half of the 49ers, raiders game, all the action shifted to the fans. this fight, drunken brawls, dozens of them in and outside the stadium. so starting with this weekend's game, security will be tight and they are laying down the law, including no more tailgate
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par ties during and after the game. >> what they where doing is taking am biance away from the game. >> oh, that's the best part of the whole thing. i mean, sitting out there watching people come and leaving after a good game, instead of going up the stairs and falling down if you are half hammers and stuff. >> about 70 people were ejected compared to the average of 20 in other games. two people were shot and a third fan critically beaten. so new restrictions besides the ban on tailgating, during, and post game will include no loitering in the parking lot when the game starts. tickets will be revoked for unruly behavior. no alcohol sales after the third quarter. alcohol management teams will roll through the stadium and dui check points after the game. some fans want the rules. >> i think it's about time they have to incorporate something due to fan safety. >> every time i have been to
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one of those games, there have been four or five fights breaking out in the stands. so i think the rules will help a lot. >> not for hank farley. >> i paid $585. i'm paying $300 for parking. come on. >> well, unhappy 49ers season ticketholders say new rules are overkill because what happened last weekend never happens in games with other teams. the 49ers aren't considering whether to back off from policies in the future. >> got to keep everybody safe. >> keep an eye on the game and have a good time. thanks linda. the rebels have won, but they are still under fire. and the dictator in question is nowhere to be found. why the libyan takeover is not quite sorted out. >> it is the same for departments across the bay area. fewer resources and higher crime. how one bay area city is hitting the ground with a
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triple threat. and it's a car part like any other, except it's become a target for thieves. the vehicles most at risk and the free repair being offered for a limited time. hi, i'm the meteorologist in the cbs 5 weather center. we have some fog, looking outside right now and drizzle. plus, we'll take a closer look at that hurricane hitting the eastern sea board. the forecast is coming up.
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the rebels have tang the compound, people are celebrating in the streets. but out of the new images of libya comes this question. where is moammar gadhafi?
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barry peterson reports from libya. >> reporter: in tripoli, under pressure from the rebels, gadhafi forces are retreating and scattered and while the rebels now control most of the country, gadhafi still has the loyalty of triable areas where he can hide, including where he was born. rebels are reenforcing -- now there is growing alarm about gadhafi's arsenal. up to 30,000 shoulder launched missiles. intelligence sources detected a fall in the price of the missiles in middle east arm's market. there is a lot of these out there, probably flowing out of libya and perhaps flowing into the hands of terrorists like al- qaeda. and according to an outsider website, some 600 hard core -- are among those set free after rebels storm the main tripoli
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prison. one thing still working for gadhafi is this propaganda machine. today, it aired what it claimed was a live report of adoring masses in tripoli's main square celebrating gadhafi's greatness. in truth, rebels took the square their first night in the city and people come here to celebrate, all right. celebrate the end of gadhafi. the end seems near, if not for gadhafi himself, for his forces who are on the run everywhere. barry pertson, tripoli, libya. >> city, state, and federal efforts to reduce crime in oakland. the police chief there today said the u.s. attorney general is sending special attorneys to the city. those attorneys will file heavier charges for gun offenses in oakland. that help will be in addition to more officers coming from the state. chief bat says the next step, decreasing crime, has to be
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from the community. >> the biggest part is we have to get this community involved. here in oakland, we have a will the of sophisticated programs. what we have to do as a city, not just as a police department, but as a city. we're going to have to retool what we do and look at what works and what isn't working and make some changes. >> the chief says crime is up all across the bay area. he says that he intends to stay with the department for at least the duration of his three- year contract because his work there is just not done. >> two men fishing had to be rescued this afternoon after their boat ran into propeller problems. the men set sail from beckly and then got stuck. the net they used got tangled in the boat's propeller. one man was able to jump on to the rocks. the second man had to be air lifted off the boat. he was taken to the hospital and treated for hypothermia.
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>> it is foggy outside in san francisco tonight. lawrence pea soup out there. >> very thick in the bay area. i'm sure the east coasters would love to have that same problem. unfortunately, they have this guy. this is irene and boy is it whipping up trouble. not the strongest hurricane we have ever seen. still a category two. expected to weaken it a category 1, but this is just an enormous storm. we are talking about hurricane forced winds, extending some 90 miles outward from the eye and out another 300 miles. this is going to be a buzz saw going up along the eastern sea board. causing all kinds of damage. that's not to mening the storm surge in the carolinas and the rain fall 8 to 10 inches. there's going to be widespread flooding as well. all right, let's take it back to the west coast where we are looking at patchy fog. some drizzle continuing around the bay area this evening, but
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i think a brighter weekend on the way. tomorrow should become mostly sunny outside and temperatures in the 80s and some 90s as we head in toward the interior valley. 60s into san francisco. numbers right now, 50áz out toward the coastline. still some 70s in the valley. lots of sunshine coming our way as high pressure building over ahead. it is bringing in some tropical moi's char. we could see a couple clouds, but otherwise we are looking good. here we go cialghts talking about great weather for tomorrow. lots of sunshine. you'll see 70s and 80s inside the bay and 60s toward the coast. i think nicer come sunday with a weak offshore wind. temperatures will reach toward the high end and after that, here comes that fog racing in along the coastline. we start to cool things down, heading below normal as we head to the middle of next week. >> a nice weekend indeed. >> thank you so much,
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lawrence. >> it wasn't exactly a flying leap, but bay area politicians stepped off a building today. >> one by one, they made their way down. their reasons for skipping the elevator. [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney as big as it gets sale,
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well, it turns some of your cars pollutants into harmless exhaust and it's apparently a hot item among east bay thieves these days. there have been several thefts of catalytic converters in concord. toyota four runners and trucks have been hit the hardest. those vehicles are higher off the ground, giving thieves easier access. today a car dealership offered some help. concord, toyota, will install free hardware on those vehicles. >> they will have to cut them off, be there longer, make more noise, hopefully deter them and another thing we want to do is mark them in some way, it would
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be unique to that vehicle. >> why are they valuable, you ask? they contain platinum. you know what gold is going for these days. it's being offered to concord residents who have older fourrunners or trucks and the offer will end september 20. a few south bay politicians took an extreme leap of faith today. today members of the san jose and santa clara city council as well as the county board of supervisors repelled down the rei general regency. an organization that tries to improve air quality. many of the participants were glad to survive the stunt. >> i was on the top of the building until they brought out the sedatives and after that, it was a great trip all the way down. >> i thought it was crazy, but as they say, it's an extreme challenge and the idea is to
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bring attention to great work. >> today's event celebrated breathe california's 100th year of working to improve lung health in the south bay. sharky. tonight the woman credited with starting the slow food movement in the bay area was honored with a very special portrait. this painting of alice water was unveiled tonight at the art museum. waters introduced it at the restaurant 40 years ago. tonight's celebration featured some very young lambs and an appearance by governor brown. the artwork unveiled tonight will now appear in the smithsonian's national portrait gallery in january. [ agent ] so your policy looks good, is there anything else?
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the giants will call up eric from aa to start tomorrow's game. surcamp was 10-4 and has the lowest era in the eastern league. pablo sanduval out of the lineup with a score quad. last night it was henry sosa beating his former team. two-run double in the 5th. the giants hang on to beat the astros 2-1. there will be no waiver deal for the giants. heath bell is staying put in san diego. the diamondbacks scored four runs. they win 5-0 and remain 3 games up on the giants. a's and red sox, josh willing ham hit his 23rd homer of the season and drove in four runs as the a's continue to light up the score board. they beat boston 15-5 and have now scored 36 runs in their
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last four games. and the raiders have agreed to a deal with 30-year-old quarterback, shepherd. he was a first-round pick by the eagles in 2002. he spent the last season with the vikings and had one interception. and i had the pleasure of covering him in high school. a very good player. >> we're coming back at 11:00.
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