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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  October 26, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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oakland's mayor before. tonight the growing more murders, fewer officers, no clees chief. the 99s were bad for oakland's mayor before. tonight, an exclusive look at the growing disapproval for jean quan. it's a question a lot of us were asking: what do you do with a stolen 2-ton church bell? how theevs plan to move that mefrp -- thieves plan to move that merchandise. efforts to save jack the cat. and the scandal was almost too much to bear. now berny maddof's wife tried to kill herself, and her reaction to surviving. there is action right now on the streets of san francisco of police getting ready for what looks like a raid on the occupy san francisco camp in justin her man plaza.
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linda? >> reporter: well , ken, hundreds of protestors are knaerthing right now. they are preparing -- gathering right now. they are preparing for what they believe will be as me raid some time tonight to clear out this encampment. they will remain nonviolent. [ indiscernible ] >> obviously we're having trouble with the audio. we're going to try to restab and get back to her at justin -- reestablish and get back to her. in the meantime, the city of oakland has kaved upon police tore up the -- caved. in a stunning reversal, the mayor says that the protestors can go ahead and set up their tents again in the plaza next to city hall. tonight, we have a new poll that finds the people of
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oakland are not happy with how their leaders are dealing with all of this. our eyewitness news poll found 72% of oakland voters do not approve of the way mayor quan has handled the occupy protests. only 20% approve. 56% said police officers were too harsh with protestors. 11% said that the police response was not harsh enough. 30% said it was just about right. and one other note on mayor quan. our poll found her job approval has plummeted once again. 64% of oakland's voters disapprove of the way the mayor is doing her job. her approval rating is now just 20%. that is down eight points in less than two weeks. we took the poll tonight before the mayor announced that protestors could return to the plaza if they're peaceful. in other news this evening, the family of a bipolar man who has been wandering alone in san francisco for weeks says he is
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off his meds and could be in a dangerously psychotic state. 29-year-old cameron remmer of san diego county was here on business when he left his hotel october 6th. the hotel says he was babbling and incoherent when he came by a few days later to collect his things. remmer told friends that he may join the occupy sf group, but so far he has not turned up there. his family is organizing a search party for him on saturday. if you see him before then, please call the police. six men accused of gang raping a 16-year-old girl outside a high school pleaded not guilty today. police say it happened after the school's homecoming dance two years ago. the judge set a preliminary trial date for september of next year. she may decide to move the case to another county because of all the publicity. dozens of parents, their children, and teachers marched in oakland tonight but they were not part of the occupy movement.
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they marched to save five schools in the district that the district is considering shutting down. the schools proposed for closure are lakeview, laveer, marshall, maxwell, park and santa fe. >> reporter: less than two miles from the occupy oakland movement, another march. only this time, the protestors were parent, teachers, and students with one united purpose. >> we're here to save our schools >> reporter: they marched from mosswood park to oakland technical high in a final push to convince the oakland unified board not to close five elementary schools >> we've seen through the occupy movement that if people put their minds to it, things can change. >> reporter: superintendent tony smith recommended closing the schools and merging a handful of others to save the
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district around $2.2 million. >> the school board is taking a mighty big blow tonight. and you need to stand with us. they're not going to care about us. and you look at the violence on the streets, you look at the unemployment, you look at the racism that exists. we have an opportunity. >> reporter: gallo has sat on the district board for 18 years. he says he is one of the only board members who thinks the closures are a mistake >> i'm tired of oakland being the city of hope and dope. that's the way we all seem to lose our kid. . we lose too many kids to apathy, modification, and due to our performance at the school district. and that has to end. >> reporter: and the oakland school board is still hearing from parent, students and teachers before they make their final vote tonight. many of the statements made here are very,
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very emotional. they're going to make their vote at oakland tech. if they vote yes to close the school, they will go dark in june of 2012. speaking of oakland, the city is getting a lot of attention all across the country. basically because of what happened last night. tonight, protestors in new york marched in solidarity. >> reporter: 24 hours ago, i stood in this very spot with teargas canisters flying over-head. fired by a platoon of police officers keeping protestors out of city hall property. behind me, the occupy oakland protestors are back. and as you're about to see, they may be back with consent from the mayor. last night, teargas, tonight, a tug of war. >> we're trying to hold them back from being pushed any
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farther >> reporter: fences inside, and a tug of war between occupy oakland protestors. some honor the city's ristrikzs to stay off the law, claiming -- restrictions to stay off the lawn, claiming it's a biohazard. others want to reclaim the entire plaza. >> there's no value there. >> but there definitely is no value in people acting like -- >> reporter: as the fences came crashing down outside city hall, inside police were explaining last night's use of force. >> our officers were assaulted with bottles, rocks, and hazardous materials. >> reporter: protestors claim they were shot with rubber bullets and not so says howard jordan. >> none of the police officers used rubber bullets. we don't have that in our inventory. >> that's a lie. and the police need to be investigated, indicted, and the police that did this need to go to jail. >> reporter: he's referring to
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the shootings, 24-year-old scott olson, an iraqi war veteran. protestors claim he was shot at close range by police. no one knows what type of mun igz was used. 17 bay area police agencies were brought in to hold back protestors. and get this: no one knows tonight what weapons or munitions they brought with them. >> the mutual aid agreement, they're supposed to -- everyone is supposed to abide by oakland rules. so that is an issue that we're looking into. >> we don't know if that happened. >> no, we don't. >> reporter: the mayor says an investigation is under way, but would not accept responsibility. >> i don't do the tactical planning. >> reporter: for giving the go-ahead to use force, then traveling to washington dc for a meeting at the white house. >> i didn't know what day. i was actually hope think that it wouldn't be until i got back >> reporter: now the protestors are ripping down fences. it appears mayor quan may be back-peddling on the reoccupation of frank ogawa
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plaza. >> if it's peaceful demonstrations in the plas plaz awe will main -- plaza, we will maintain a minimal police presence >> reporter: mayor quan made those statements in a press conference just about 45 minutes ago. she went on to say that protestors have been asking for a meeting with her. and after two weeks, ken, tonight she says she is ready to meet with the protestors. if anyone -- it's anyone's goes what's going to happen from this point forward. >> i want to clarify the mayor's comments about peaceful protesting. does that mean she is going to allow them to sleep over night again, to camp at frank ogashgs waagain? >> reporter: i can tell you in -- carroll ogawa again? >> reporter: she was quite cagey about what she want. we do know there is a police presence here. they are monitoring the situation, but no police are moving into frank ogawa plaza. it's a good question as to what the mayor may or may not permit. >> thank you, robber.
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would you antii up fair smooth ride? one tough city you hopes you do. why it says it's the only way to keep rough roads from getting worse. now found, we don't know if he'll ever make it home to his family. how a cat managed to get left behind m one of the country's busiest airports and the thieve it is did have a plan, how we're hold that you were going to hide an enormous piece of metal while still selling it off.
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you'll probably feel them. streets are covered in potholes.
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and the city has a take a ride in san jose, and you will notice it right off the bat. streets are covered in pot holes. and the city has a plan to fix that problem. but glen ramirez reports voters will have to give them the green light. >> reporter: if you don't know the way to san jose, you can feel it when you get here. >> it's not that well taken care of. it's bumpy, it's choppy, are the house shakes >> reporter: san jose now has the worst streets of any big city in the bay area. and matt deshgin lives on bird avenue, one of the worst >> if you were in a lower car, i wouldn't drive too quick >> reporter: another neighbor says it's been like that for years >> it's a mess, but it doesn't slow anybody down >> reporter: it's one small portion of the estimated 500 miles of san jose streets going from bad to worse. >> currently we have about 20% of our streets rated in poor movement condition. in ten years over half of san jose's
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streets will be in poor kn. >> reporter: hanz larson says the main source of funding, gas taxes, aren't adding up. >> we're facing the dynamic of people moving to more fuel efficient vehicle, and that results in a decline of gas tax revenue >> reporter: the city is mulling over a new property tax to pay for road repairs, adding about $200 to $400. even the people who live on bumpy birdef don't think it will fly. >> reporter: what would you think about paying extra for better roads? >> no. i don't think so. i pay as much as it is now. and it makes my living salary less. and gee whiz , i like to eat too, like everybody else. >> reporter: if there are two things just about everyone doesn't like, it's bad roads and higher taxes.
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unfortunately, folks here may be forced to choose between the two. in san jose, len ramirez, cbs5. >> a cat who got lost on the move from the east coast to california has been found. jack the cat is battered, hungry, and scared. he's in pretty good hands now after being lost in an airport for months. they hope for him to have about eight more lives. >> reporter: the latest image of jack the cat is heart breaking. he's in new york now, dirty, with matted hair and a green feeding tube down his nodes. after little to no food and water for two months, he's in critical condition. vets say his chances of recovery are 5050. >> you don't like those odds? >> i don't like those odds at all >> reporter: he jack's kennel fell from up high, broke open, and he escaped. karen didn't get the word that jack was
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missing until three days later. american says they were busy prepping for hurricane irene. but karen says the storm didn't hit for two days. >> they had two fill days to do more active search and recovery, and certainly do the most important thing, which is get the main traps down to actually get the animal where he was lost close to when he was lost. >> reporter: and then yesterday, an airport employee found jack after he fell through some ceiling tiles, in the very building he was last seen. american took a beating on facebook and twitter so much so that they posted on their facebook page "we repeat our apologies for the upset caused by this situation". >> reporter: an apology on facebook, is that enough? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: do you forgive them? >> not at that place. >> reporter: jack the cat's facebook page has nearly 19,000 likes. karen credits social media for keeping the pressure on american air lines. jack could face a lifetime of health complications. >> reporter: had american found
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him sooner? >> there would be no issue >> reporter: in san jose, keyboards5. >> promising news tonight for the hawk found with a nail through its head. the wird -- the bird is doing well, and will be moved to an outdoor enclosure on friday. the move will help her exercise muscles and build strength. has beening has been at the -- hawk has been at the wildlife center since saturday. there's a 10,000-dollar reward for information on this case. it survived the 1906 earthquake and a fire five decades later. tonight, the church bell that was stolen from st. mary's cathedral in san francisco has been recovered. here's linda yi with how police found it. >> reporter: a delicate operation for an historic artifact. all 5,000 pounds of it hoisted by a crane to get it
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back home. the copper bell was ripped off its pedestal from the gardens of st. mary's cathedral in san francisco last weekend. a tip led cops to a field in oakland. curiously, right across the street from a scrap yard. >> i've heard already that they planned to bury it, and bait till things got cooled off, then go back at it again with blow torches >> reporter: the bell is worth $175,000. they could get about half that melted down. no one has been arrested but investigators believe it's the same gang who pilfered copper from other san francisco churches. police say this time they caught a lucky break. for now, the bell has been taken to a secret evidence warehouse. police strongly advising the #k4u6r7 not to return it to this -- church not to return it to the location where it was stolen. but to find it a new permanent place. cat 's on his way home, the
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bell's back in place. >> the bird's going to be fine. >> now we got to find out about the weather. it was amazing, across the bay area today, temperatures were uniform in the 70s, every single reporting station except for one, sfo checking in at 69 degrees. and tonight, we still have that red flag warning in effect for the red highlighted areas, which happens to be the north and east bay hillsful winds above 1,000 feet, beginning to bow back now. but we could see guffs of up to 40 miles per hour -- gusts of up to 40 miles per hour. the other half of the story, 34 degrees over night tonight in napa. 37 in santa rosa. temperatures in the 40s across the board. tonight, 47, 48-degree, a chill in the air, tomorrow sunny and seasonal. 68 to 75 degrees. high pressure definitely the key component. it will stay put in place with the passing area of low pressure to the north of us.
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temperatures for the most part across the bay area warmer then today, 76 degrees in morgan hill. these temperatures are spot on for this time of the year. 77 degrees away from the bay. 60s, bodega bay, to 65 simpson beach. the extended forecast calls for each and every day, the off-shore flow to continue. although that red flag warning will aexpire tomorrow morning at 6:00 am. and notice, no visible changes including, boo! did that scare you there? >> oh, yeah. >> nothing scary about the forecast for halloween. >> for the trick or treaters as they head out to the evening hours, a few high clouds in the 50s and 60s. >> just want you to know i washed my car. >> the second time this year! all right! i'm proud of you. >> because it's not going to rain! thanks. when
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the country looked at him as enemy no. one, he and his wife looked at each other. what bernie maddof and his wife used to try -- madoff and his wife used to try to commit suicide. m
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light nearly three years ago. but now, she is ready to talk. she sat down with cbs's morley safer and tells of a shocking suicide pact m madoff has kept silence since her husband's crimes came to light three years ago. now she's ready to talk. she sat down and tells of a shocking suicide pact made with her husband. >> i don't know who -- whose idea it was. but we decided to kill ourselves because it was -- it was so horrendous, what was happening. we had terrible phone calls, hate mail. just beyond anything. and i said i can't -- i just can't go on anymore. that's when i packed up some things to send to my sons and my grand children. i had some lovely antique things, and things that i thought they
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might want. i mailed them, it was christmas even , that added to the whole depression. we took pills and woke up the next day. [ laughter ] >> what did you take? >> i think ambien. >> how many ? >> i don't even remember. i had -- i took what we had. >> did you leave notes? >> no . it was very impulsive, and i'm glad we woke up. >> the entire ruth madoff interview airs this sunday on 60 minutes on our sister station, cbs5. do we have a new world series champion? what new raider quarterback, carson palmer is doing during his bye week.
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baseball to postpone tonight's game 6 of the world series well, the assistant threat of rain at st. louis caused major league baseball to postpone tonight's game six of the world series. rangers will try to clinch their first champion tomorrow night. despite getting a mandatory four days off, carson palmer is planning to work out with hissed with receivers >> i feel like i'm back in high school, and studying and cramming for the sats or something like that. but it's a lot more fun. football is a lot more fun than that. women's college volleyball fans, nothing like st. mary's, pushing no. 17, san diego, to the limit. lauren korp with the
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kill: the nfl finds brian robson and the vikings 20 grand for this kick to the groin of the packers' cj lang. robson apologized to lang on twitter yes is everything on twitter these days? and a day after 0 nfl teams showed up for his workout, carol owens refused a contract offer from chicago. not the bear, the arena football league. and the salary terms -- you have just learned that their $400 per week for to for the chicago rush. >> take it. take it. >> he could be a popcorn attendant at a movie theatre. he would get fired for dropping too many bags. [ laughter ] >> you know what? i've never seen in the world series before them call a game so early because of the weather conditions. they called it at 230 in the -- 2:30 pm in the afternoon. >> it wasn't in st. louis, though. in texas that's another story. >> okay, in st. louis. >> it
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never rains past 7:00. >> we'll talk more about this at 11:00 on cbs5.
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