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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  December 20, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. south bay police on a man hunt for the man behind two violent carjackings this month. who they are trying to find and how close they came today. >> it went to a vote and your paycheck is still not in the clear. with politicians on vacation, what else is on the table for americans to lose? >> the state awarded them a million dollars. why water customers gouged by their provider say that amounts to nothing. >> and there's more at stake than freedom of speech. why city leaders want to protect the port of o.k. land from occupy did he demonstrators. good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm elizabeth. dana cook is off tonight. the center of a police chase and a man hunt. kit shows us part of the police chase. >> suspect was hiding in the backyard of this house when the
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s.w.a.t. team was closing in. he decided to make that bold escape. we spoke with the homeowner who came face to face with a violent, dangerous man. >> the owner of the toyota camry is an elderly man. around 10:00 this morning, brown broke into leous house. the 80-year-old handed them over and grabbed a golf club for protection and ran outside screaming for help. >> are you okay? are you hurt? >> i'm okay. >> police say brown jumped into the camry and peeled out. our cameras were there when brown came skidding around the corner and blew through the red light barely missing traffic on capital expressway. by the time police got in their cars, they were 30 seconds behind. at least ten officers and motorcycles joined in the chase, but brown got away.
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>> it was something nobody could have predicted. we did have the street blocked off. it was blocked off with a police motorcycle. >> which he knocked to the ground. it all began at 8:40 this morning when police say the 31- year-old crashed this bmw during a chase for a different carjacking. he fled on foot before stealing the camry. neighbors said it felt like a hollywood set. >> i can't believe it, you know. it's like a movie to me. >> amazingly, not a single person was hurt in this incident. the suspect lives in san jose. san jose police and a special violent crimes phac k crimes task force are looking for him. >> thank you. house republicans voted to reject a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut.
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instead, they are demanding the senate, which left washington return and negotiate a deal that would lost the lair year. the democrats say house republicans are ensuring the payroll tax cut will expire cam pleatly in 12 days. causing the rate to return to 6.2% from 4.2%. >> what is happening here today is safer. it is unreal. it is unbelievable. >> come back to washington. do your work. give the american people a year. not two months. >> also threatened if congress doesn't act. an extension of benefits to doctors. >> bob sheave says congress is so distongsal that they can't agree on how to do something everybody wants. >> if this gridlock continues, it will be a fitting end to a
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year in which congress accomplished absolutely nothing. nothing unless you want to give them credit for not allowing the government to shut down. that's the least we should expect. that is what they spent most of their time arguing about. what left this latest episode, by sending the legislation to a committee, kill the legislation, but didn't have to go on record. but make no mistake, this is exactly what they have done if this stands. today's antics prove why congress has a 9% approval rating. >> antics or not, today marked the first day on wall street this month. the dow rocketed up 337%. 3% on word that construction of new hopes jumped last nonet and
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positive economic news out of europe. a lawsuit against mor began giants fanny may and freddie mac. attorney general wants to find out what role the agencies played in selling or mortgaged. fanny and freddie own nearly 60% of the state's mortgages and foreclosed on thousands of properties. >> thousands of bay area water caws meres are getting money back. that's because the state says their utility has been over charging them for years. even though they have been paying way too much, don knapp says the company still wants to raise their rates. >> they call this liquid gold and only half joking. >> i pay $180 a month compared to people across the street. >> the cost and quality has reached the boiling point. last month before the california public utility's
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commission, community members vented. >> my water bill is higher than my rent. i understand rate hikes, but i don't understand highway robbery. >> they complained of water quality and pressure problems. >> what i don't understand why my pressure drops when one of my neighbors flushes the toilet. >> now, considers a rate increase. golden state has been over charging water customers. golden state agreed to pay a $1 fine and give back $9.5 noel customers staid wide. it works out to about $9 a month on his $1886 a month bill. >> it's basically nothing. they picked up 20% on a rate increase, and they are seeing for another 15%. >> two goaden state executives
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violated internal bidding procedures, for work dealing with a contractor. it is bluff in place safe gourds. as for a rate increase, the company is required to go before the commission every three years to explain its cost and have the puc set rates. that explanation dent cut well who says the water and golden state's water comes from the same source. >> there's one pipe that comes from okayly, runs right up here to bay point and when it makes a right hand tun, the rate has doubled. >> the residents feel like they very many to go at it alone. they aren't getting much help from political leadership. ken. >> don knapp, thank you, don. a one sign are the occupiers with their effort to protest. on the other, millions of dollars at the port of oakland. oakland city council took up a
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resolution that will allow police to stop protesters have shutting down the port. robert lyles was at that meeting where things got pretty heated. >> heated is right. the debate over this issue still continues inside city hall. it's all over city councilmensman's res resolution. the resolution says use any tool necessary to stop future shutdowns. shutting down the port twice, victory. the mayor calls a two-time blocked you violence. >> you have a right to express our views, but also a right to earn the living and support our family. i support the resolution. do you really want to precipitate another confrontation and the occupy movement? >> we feel that what it does
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do is that it's hard, the rights of freedom of speech and the first amendment rights. >> councilman is hearing none of that. >> i believe the police have a job to do. >> port is selling him major retailers are threatening to take his business elsewhere. angry with occupy shutdowns and what he called mayor quan's book door deal. gives the council not the mayor the green light to call in police, to shop poor shutdowns. >> this resolution adds the voice of the council. a public position of the city council. to the mayor and the administrators. >> public bought back. asimilar. >> excuse me.
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excuse me. allow him to speak. >> and got a heavy blow from the council president. >> i'm going to ask you to respect him. no not, i have have v these accomplishes come out here. i'm asking you to be wantful. >> quan who flipped on occupy talking tough lately isn't talking at all tonight. >> let me just say this. i wasn't going to support this resolution, but you guys have just given me -- you guys told me where i need to be at. >> he has not taken that vote. the reis lotion item to be voted on tonight. about 40 people have signed up. their perspective before the council takes that vote. >> >> virgin america is creating massive problems for the company and its passengers.
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virgin lounge sped the new reservation system in october and it prompted some errors in online booking, driving up customer service call volume. there are dozens of complaints from everybody who spent as lunge as long 15 hours. >> for seven good days, i would put on hold for 18 minutes to an hour and 22 minutes. >> virgin manner is trying to fix the problems. it has been solving customer service issues through twitter. they also waived cancellation and change fees and offered some customers upgrades and in some cases, free trips. signs of life after death. john bo n jovi's message from
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beyond. >> it's embarrassing for this to happen. >> it's an entire mystery. >> and the country's midsection frozen in place by a deadly blizzard. >> we have light in the form of a rainy night ahead. eyewitness news continues.
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49-ers game. the second well, we now know what caused the first blackout. the second outage still a
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nighsly. linda yee shows us a chain reaction of events that led to a san francisco's mayor called a national embarrassment. >> it was a fireworks show no one wanted. one of two main circuit lines into the stadium failed. plunging candle stick park minutes before kickoff. >> obviously we all experienced a national embarrassment for this to happen. >> this afternoon, investigators with pg and e and the california public utility's commission examined the power line that has been repaired. they know what happened. >> it was unfortunately one of the power lines separated from itself. what happened is, there's something called a slice. it essentially is like a chinese finger cuff. it gets tighter and tighter over time. it binds those two ends together. >> they still don't know what
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caused the second blackout during the game about an hour later. inside the stadium, the city manages the backup switches that failed, too. >> is it possible the city switcher could have been the issue? >> it's a possibility of almost anything. but surely something that is happening inside. make sure what we did on our part was the best possible. >> this happened at the worst possible time. hitting the 49ers against the pittsburgh steelers. >> obviously the city was embarrassed. we obviously apologized to the 49ers and miss new york was understanding. >> mayor, i can't help your taste to keep the 49ers in town. is this the nail in the coffin? >> again, this was electrical service to the stadium that
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fapped. so so, our offer is come meetly different. police say the fans behaved. >> we did not have any crime associated with that. we had the normal number and other minor violations. >> mayor said in the nicest possible way -- >> as linda reporting, if an equipment failure causes a power outage at the niners scad yum, it won't be pg and e's fault. santa clara has its own power. it was the one of the first countries to inand op rate an o event of its kind. >> a snowstorm is being blamed for seven deaths. as cynthia shows us, it turned highways into parking lots and rerouted severals of travelers. the family from florida was supposed to be in denver today. instead, three generations were
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standed in the kansas. >> we were only able to drive 25 miles west of here and we saw ten cars in the ditches. >> 200 miles to the west near the colorado bortder, a foot of snow and 40-mile per hour winds created whiteouts. abandoned cars and tricks littered roads against the great plans. >> i split up in the media. i was waiting for help and took me three hours to get there. >> santa fey north o into colorado. they bries cued at least 100 stranded motorists. >> and so storm pushed its way to the east. the roads were cleared and snow turned to rain. the only good news about the system is that it brought much needed moisture to drought dramaticken parts of oklahoma and texas. cbs news, kansas.
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that's our snow. they ripped it off. >> you have been complaining about the lack of snow. >> i need to see some snow, and soon. >> february is generally the wettest month in the bay area as far as rain is concerned. which translates into snow in the high sierra. our weather camera looking towards san francisco. if you want to compile all the driest december's on record. it was 1986 and 989. we had no monthly rain fall in san francisco. this month, only .6, which places us in third place. that's third driest december on record. san francisco 49% of where we should be. in comparison to last year when we were at 111% of normal. currently with the drey air mass in place, numbers are plummeting.
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38 trivalley. widespread frost over night. so ively tomorrow morning a very frosty start. winter arrives tomorrow evening. blame it on this guy right here. huge dome of high pressure can i be thing to the stagnant air. tomorrow is a spare the air day. tonight with the frost developing, 29 in santa roe have. 37 degrees around the peninsula. tomorrow's daytime highs against the 60s. pretty seasonal. no rain, but watch this. bam. right there, tuesday looks like we have a chance of rain looking into have the forecast. >> all right, thanks roberta. tonight marks the first night of hanukkah. so this evening, the 37th annual bill graham hanukkah
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this may have you thinking twice about sending fragile christmas gifts through fedex. a security camera shows one fedex worker tossing a box over the fence. didn't even press the intercom. in the box, a computer monitor. the recipient posted the video on you tube unanimously saying the worst part was, he was home
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the whole tame with the front door wide open. the customer says the monitor was broken and has to be returned. >> for the first time, you won't need a super bowl to watch the super bowl. it will include additional camera angles, in game highlights and live stat and yes, replays of all that superball commercials. >> robert john bon jovi is not dead. he posted this video on his facebook page in response to interpret reports that he has not died. heaven looks a lot like new jersey. he joked about it at a concert last night in his home state, yes, new jersey. >> bad night for the warriors. one of their stars is being
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sued while offer suffers a injury. the minute is next.
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united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secret? ♪ [ male announcer ] the new united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in. harrassment.. wayne start warriors guard is being sued by a former team employee for sexual harassment. wayne, start the clock. attorney bird and his clients say they will file the suit against ellis tomorrow morning. ellis is being accused of texting text messages to the accuser starting in december of 2010. ellis sent a graphic photo to cell phone that will be presented tomorrow. the toe would not comment
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because they -- that's the same ankle that was surgically repaired last may. currie was taken for x-rays. the warriors lost their game exhibition game to the kings. 95-91 is the final. >> pats summit at a sold out maples. had a crier high 42 points. 27 rebounds. the cardinals patted their school record 18 straight wins straight home. >> tell me that you were making that up. >> i was not. and it is concerning that the initial results have not been released. it's okay. >> it's not -- >> you can still wear it. >> he thought was was a john
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bon jovi gifts. >> see you mother.
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