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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CW  January 15, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PST

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a huge fire rips through the san francisco housing complex leaving a number of people homeless. the investigation continues this morning. a cruise ship disadd tore off the italian -- disaster off the italian coast. 49er fans go wild. saints marching home. now all eyes on the giants and the packers for the next pig contest -- big contest. that was amazing. >> all right, it is 8:30 a.m. on this january 15.
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good morning, i'm phil matier. >> we have a lot to talk about. some of the hot new gadgets that were unveiled this week as the consumer electron -- at the consumers electronic call. >> plus, wide juvenile justice system, why they are turning it back to the county. but first. >> fire crews are investigating a huge house fire. in san francisco tribute that happened overnight. one person injured. it started just before 4:00 this morning at 48 second avenue in balboa street. as you can see from the video, large flames were shooting out of the second story window and then flames on both sides of the building, which took them about two fires to contain the fire. firefighters say one person was taken to the hospital with some injuries. we understand everyone was able to evacuate. no word yet on the cause. more than 100 people took part in a march against police downtown oakland overnight. they moved through the city streets as officers stood by and watched. looking at some video that
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protesters posted online and also a posting on facebook, talking about targeting police and property and some of the goals of this. but those attacks did not materialize. two people were arrested. one for allegedly moving in dumpsters into the streets as a barricade. the other for interfering to the arrest. protesters, they slashed with officers. six arrested on a variety of charges. this time police issued warnings around the area that they might try to damage properties. now, they will plan to hold the weekly demonstrations, every saturday in oakland. and after the recent shooting deaths of three children, parents in oakland say that the violence has got to stop. families, they got together at the block party, which they called save our babies. the goal is to mobilize the community in honor of the three children killed in just the past few months. the community leaders say the only way to prevent more
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violence is to hold more events like this. >> i don't want to wait until the next tragedy to get together. let's get together before that. that's what we plan to do. >> and they have been made in two of the children's deaths. well it in national news. the race for the republican nomination will be moving south in a new poll for you. the presidential hopeful, mitt romney, with a wide lead. a survey of nearly 1,000 voters find 37% support romney. that's more than twice the support of your area for being the closest rival congressman, ron paul and the former senator rick santorum. that will be 16% each. well, he's in 4th place with just 12%. south carolina voters, they hit the polls next saturday. in the meantime, rick
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santorum's request to surge as the primaries will go on received a boost this weekend, which comes in the form of a group of people backing up their candidacy. how it could shake up the tight race. >> reporter: the news from texas couldn't have come in a better time for rick santorum. winning the lessings could be just the past for the former pennsylvania senator and what he needs. >> yes, during the primary season so far, we'll take a look at the track record for a strong consistent voice and all the conservative issues. >> reporter: santorum who almost toppled mitt romney with the born again christian voters fell to fifth. now, since then, he's been struggling to remain a serious contender, even a year for south carolina, where more than half of the gop voters called
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themselves evangelists. >> now, between santorum, gingrich and perry, that would put the candidate at the top. >> reporter: the good news for santorum is bad for newt gingrich. now, it could be even more damaging to front runner, mitt romney. 60% of the republican voters tell cbs news that it is important they share their religious views. mitt romney's mormon faith is problematic for some undecided south carolina christian voters. >> i'm not voting for someone there. >> reporter: brad atkins is president of the southern baptist convention with 600,000 at hearings. that is the state's largest christian denomination. now, he says that he could
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embrace romney as the moral man, but he cannot embrace mormons as fellow christians. >> to me, it's a different group of people, different group of faith and different group of faiths. >> reporter: romney has been asked to explain his fate. >> i happened to believe that jesus christ is the son of god and my savior. >> reporter: now, still for many, south carolina voters, the issues of romney's religion, it's a non-issue. >> it's what the person does on sunday, they really don't have an affect as to what they do. the other five to six days of the week where they still need to lead the country. >> reporter: the leaders who met in texas, they say it is not romney's religion that concerns them, but the commitment to the conservative values. that he is not conservative enough and it is rick santorum who screw up holds their core beliefs. charleston, south carolina. now, 8:37 as the search continues for the survivors after the cruise ship tipped over off the coast of italy. this is new video for them this
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morning of another survivor being air lifted from them. also this morning, the coast guard found two more bodies on the ship. now, that will bring the death count to 5. 17 passengers are still missing this morning. the passengers say that it was sheer panic as they scrambled to get on board the lifeboats. >> yes, more yelling, pushing. they wanted to be the first on the lifeboats. now, we were upclose. we wanted to get on the first lifeboat for them and then they were gone. and there we stood. >> and the captain, they abandoned ship while the passengers were still on board. and he is now detained and under investigation for the manslaughter charges. on wednesday, they will deliver the annual state of the state address in the assembly chambers. >> that's one of the proposed changes that will be the budget and one of the big changes there is a budget cut of $1 billion for the state prisons. something we have not heard of before. brown says that on friday, that the state has built too many prisons for them in the past 20
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years and they just can't afford to keep it going. all right, here locally, statewide, worldwide, universe wide. the 49ers got a dramatic win for them at the nfc playoffs. am i overstating that? san francisco is leading with 5, less than 2 minutes left in the game. when drew brees of the saints, now, the new orleans saints, they connected with jimmy graham to put his team out in front. look at that run. but then, alex smith, they got the niners right back into the game and down the field. now, with only nine seconds left, he hit vernon davis for the game-winning touchdown. and the final score, 36-32. the 49ers, they will advance to the nfc championship where they need to play the winner for today's game between the giants and the packers. my money is on the packers. so that would mean the 49ers, they must be doing to the field? >> yes. that would be the game to watch because that would be a real fight. >> i don't know if they could play in that kind of weather. >> you tell that to the 49ers
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team. they are still coming off the high from the nail-biting victory last night. the crowd went wild and the niners fans cheered on the team until the last-minute win. fans have been waiting nine years for the 49ers to make it to the playoffs. now they are headed to the championship. some fans are still confident. they think that the super bowl wins might be in the future. >> i was so nervous, but i believed in them. that alex will have his time and he'll win the game for us. and now i'll tell you this, we're going to win the super bowl. >> the 49ers have won five super bowls. i don't even like football, but i got all jazzed up. >> you should. the whole town gets going. smaller, thinner, so easy to use. the new gadgets changing life as we know it at home and the office. take a look at the hot tech trends from the consumer electronics show. we'll hear from someone from live next.
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and a vicious pit bull attack in sacramento. hear from the neighbor who saved a little boy's life. every time when we go in to any of these situations, i will tell them exactly that. everybody has a camera, everybody is watching. it's on television. >> and more advice from the san francisco top cop. the officers when they are dealing with protesters. still to come, the biggest surprise that he had to deal with last year. now, in the balmy weather pattern up late, giving way to increasing clouds, cooler temperatures, a chance of rain back in the picture by the end of the week. i'll have the details coming up next. orities yesterday morning after it viciously attacked a ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death.
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speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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well, they had to shoot and kill a pit bull yesterday morning after a vicious attack on a young sacramento boy and his grandmother. the-year-old sustained an injure -- the 9-year-old sustained an injury to his head and his arm. his grandmother in stable condition. they are both alive though thanks to the help of a
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neighbor who stepped in to stop the dog from attacking. >> actually, i truck it a few times -- i struck it a few times and ended up sticking the broom handle in his mouth and he let go and then he came back at grandma's foot. >> reporter: now, the family doesn't own the dog, but was caring for it for one of their friends. now, it is 8:43 and the variety for the weather department. >> yes, well, let's not push that, okay? it has been good so far. what does she mean by a variety? >> i think she is bored with the balmy weather here, no rain, kind of like southern california. out today, we're looking at more clouds and a better chance for moisture moving into our area. the variety indeed as we see the cloud cover moving throughout the bay area today. cooler temperatures are expected about 10 degrees cooler yesterday and by the end of the week. now, it looks like some rain will be likely for the entire area here as we finally see a
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change for them in this weather pattern. very cool temperatures. again this morning in the north and east bay valleys. mid to low 30s out there. warming back up at the water as you would expected into the mid to lower 40s. the weather changes as i mentioned is headed our way by the end of the week. and we have a slight on shore breeze, increasing the low cloud cover across the bay to continue with the cool down here today. about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. and dry for you through sunday, even with the clouds. that rain is becoming likely by midweek. and at this point, it looks like it could be measurable rain for a change. not just the light showers that los angeles is looking at today. now, we'll see a mix of clouds moving into the bay today. still underneath the high pressure system. but it is weakening up and moving off to the north here for them and that slight on shore breeze, replacing it, increasing the low cloud cover at the beach, and bringing with it, well, the very cold air mass moving across the area. late tonight, into tomorrow, and then continue the cooling trend for you into the middle of the week. now as the rain approaches,
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we'll see a bit of the warm up. moving in and out of the bay area for you today and tomorrow and by wednesday, the moisture will start to approach the north bay and it will move southward into the greater bay area then through the end of the week. and for today, a look at the temperatures down into the mid to upper 50s for the warmer locations, back at the beach here as we cool down through midweek and as the rain approaches, we'll warm up again and that will be subtropical so the rain will push the snow level up as well. so we could expect the warmer rain for the most part, but it looks like it could be measurable with one to three inches of rainfall across the greater bay area here by this time next week. and so there is the variety for you and they are looking for it. right now, we'll see the best of the liking here. >> it sounds good, thank you, tim. well, the tech stands back from sin city, after checking out the new gadgets from the electronics consumers show. the associate editor for
8:46 am joining us live this morning. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> so a big week in vegas. what were some of the hottest gadgets you saw? >> well, we saw a lot of hot gadgets, tvs, they were a big hit. but now, i had a couple favorites. and one of them, it was the samsung robot vacuum. >> okay. >> i hate vacuuming. that sounds awesome though. >> yes, perfect. this one, they will do it all for you. it's kind of like the room, but they will pick it up a notch. so they have a camera on top. so instead of, you know, cleaning your room randomly, they will actually scan the ceiling here, figure out what the best route is and then go about the business. and now with that camera, you could actually access it from your smart phone, say if you're in the office. so the camera is at the angle. and you know, your dogs are not home and you want to see what they are up to, you just open up the app and access the camera to see what they are doing. >> so that is more than just the vacuum? >> yes. >> kind of like a little robot? >> exactly. >> you can also send them audio
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messages. so if the dog is on top of the couch where he shouldn't be, then yeah, you could get off the couch. and hopefully he will get right off. and that will be very cool for them. now, what else do you have? >> that will be one of the other favorites. the blue places, the blu-ray players i saw. and they got a new technology called disc to digital. basically what that will let you do is take your dvd collection and upload them to samsung cloud. what that will let you do is get a digital backup of your entire dvd collection and get rid of the digital copies. plus, if you pay, you know, the small fee, you'll upgrade the qualities to high definition. >> very cool. >> yes. >> now, tell me when you see these things, usually it takes a little while for them to get to the market. >> right. >> what kind of a time frame are we looking at? >> for that vacuum, they are already in korea and they will
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try to get it out here. but you know, there is not a definite time frame on that one for it. the blu-ray player, which is also 3d by the way, that one we should see in the springtime. >> and what was the most popular item there? there is always something. >> yes. there is. >> there is always something that is the buzz. everyone is talking about it. and that is probably the lg55 inch tv. cnet named it the best of show. everyone was buzzing about it, have you seen this tv, have you seen this tv because it's just beautiful. it's four millimeters thin. and so all the connections, they are actually in the bottom. and it's got l.e.d. lights across the entire screen. so when the lights turn off, you get the most beautiful black. we should actually see this tv in stores around springtime too. now, how affordable it will be is another question. >> that is a very good question. that's always what i wonder when you see the hot new gadgets, should you invest now or wait for the next big thing
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to come out? >> that is always the question that i'm struggling with too. >> okay. >> even in your expert opinion. >> yes. >> the video we just saw is of a tv where you had people wearing weird glasses to look at it. >> that seems like it's not going to work. what do you make of that the whole 3d tv and things you need, to even watch it? >> exactly. so last year, 3d tvs were a big deal. and this year they kind of toned down that feature. now, we're seeing them figure out okay, should we do theater glasses, the ones with the red and green lens, or should we do active 3d which means they have mechanics in them. hopefully we'll move towards passage that they will be cheap. they will be easy to buy replacements or for the whole family. but for the future, hopefully we'll see the glassless 3d, meaning it will pop out of the tv and you don't need to wear
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glasses. >> yeah, i don't want to wear glasses in the living room. thank you for that. >> yes. and with all right, tim tebow and his world famous move on the field could not even stop the new england patriots from the touchdown that made one 49 player tear up. we have the highlights coming up next in sports.
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seven minutes before 9:00. you had the chance to sit down with the san francisco police last week. >> yes, and we are down at cafe roma and we were talking to him about what was the biggest surprise so far as being police chief. we also talked to him about the first amendment and what were the rules when he gives the officers -- what were the rules when dealing with officers. >> we always celebrate the first amendment rights pain stakingly. we always will be. that's just who we are. but that does not condone criminal activity. so if the police officers have demonstrated in the public location, they will take action. but we will not try to arrest two to three people that might actually create a larger event. >> but you know, he saved me. >> how did he save you?
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>> as mayor and the people in wheelchairs. they blocked the streets in front of city hall. and he was in charge and he came up there. >> i don't think you want to do that. that would be a great photo. >> no. that would not have been good. >> being a great mayor, he deferred. [ laughter ] >> that's right. when you go into demonstrations, the whole world really is watching. what goes through a cops mind, your mind? >> you just gave my pep talk. so every time when we go in, you know, to any situations, i tell them exactly that. everybody has a camera, everybody is watching, it's on television, just know that whatever you do, just be able to say why you did it because they will show it to you on tv. >> hey, he's a smart guy. >> and they do. 49ers, can we just talk about that?
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pretty much fun. i'm still celebrating the victory. >> yes, they won in a dramatic fashion with just a few seconds to spare. dennis o'donnell has it all. dennis, give it to us straight up. >> reporter: good morning everybody. the 49ers are one game away from the super bowl. they were down 24-23, 3rd down and 7. alex smith on the sweep to the outside. 28 yards for the touchdown. and the only problem was the saints, they would get the ball back with more than enough time for that man. drew brees throwing it up for jimmy graham, the 49ers couldn't get him down. suddenly san francisco, they are down by three with about 1:30 to go, but alex smith throws it down the field with 14 seconds, he hits vernon davis for the touchdown and they win 36-32. they are going to the nfc championship game. and the afc, tom brady with the nfl post-season record with six touchdown passes in a single game. no tebow time last night.
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45-10, new england advance. the warriors are beginning a road trip. they will be capping off a bob cat victory. they lose 112-100. in columbus, they tied it at 1 later on in the game to give the sharks a 2-1 victory. but now all the talk, of course, the 49ers, they will know who they are going to play. if the giants lose, then the 49ers are going to green bay next weekend. if the giants win the nfc championship game. we'll have a complete wrap up here tonight on game day at 11:30. have a great day everybody. exciting stuff. >> four minutes before 9:00. the investigation is going on right now to find out what caused a fire in the richmond district. remembering dr. martin luther king jr. the weekend march honoring the civil rights leader. latest numbers giving presidential hopeful, mitt romney a big lead. that as another candidate will
8:57 am
get an influential endorsement. we'll be right back.
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officers in riot gear face off against oakland protesters. their plans for future rallies like this one. overnight, officers in riot gear faced off against oakland protesters. their plans for the future rallies like this one. >> a huge fire rips through a san francisco housing complex. the investigation continues this morning. plus, the search for
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survivors continues off the coast of italy after a cruise ship disaster. welcome back to weekend early edition. the time is 8:59. it's january 15. the sun is shining, good morning, i'm phil matier. >> we will be sitting down talking about the governor's plan to basically do away with the state of california and the youth authority, what it means for the juvenile defenders. first the top story, one person injured following a huge house fire in san francisco's outer richmond district. >> the fire started just before 4:00 a.m. at 42nd avenue on balboa street. the large flames were leaping out of the second-story windows on both sides of the building. it took firefighters about two hours to contain the blaze. and firefighters told us one person was transported to the hospital with injuries. we understand that everybody in the house and adjacent
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buildings were able to evacuate safely. no word yet on the cause. more than 100 people took part in the march against police in downtown oakland last night. they moved through the city streets as the officers, they stood by and watched. posting on facebook, they have warned that they talked about, well, possibly targeting police and media trucks for vandalism, but nothing like that materialized. now, two people, however, they r with -- they were arrested. they tried to use it as a barricade, possibly. and another for interfering with that arrest. and now last night's demonstration, it was still a sharp contrast to the march last weekend. that's when the protesters, they actually clashed with police, with the results on six arrests for a variety of charges including the vandalism and assaulting police officers. this time, police, they issued warnings that marchers might try to damage private property, but it just didn't happen. they plan to hold the weekly demonstrations like this every saturday night in oakland from now on. well, on the national front
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as the presidential primary will be moving south. a new poll shows that the hopeful, mitt romney, he has made a wide lead for you in south carolina's upcoming primary. a survey of nearly 1,000 voters. on the gop side, they will support romney. the congressman ron paul and the former senator rick santorum are tied for second place. but they are way back. in the meantime, the former house speaker is in 4th with 12%. south carolina voters, they had go to the polls next saturday. and now, as that race heats up, well, rick santorum is getting a boost in his efforts to merge as the alternative to romney. a group of leaders meeting in texas, well, they decided to back santorum's candidacy. >> they looked at not just what we have been able to accomplish so far during the primary season, but they looked at the track record of someone that
9:03 am
has been a strong consistent voice across the board on all the conservative issues. >> now, so far, romney is benefiting from the fact that they are divided amongst several candidates. divers, they are still searching for survives of the italian cruise ship that flipped over on its side on friday, killing about five people. the ship's officer was found alive this morning. and that will lead to hopes that other people that are missing, they will still be phoned. we've got the latest. a south carolina key couple is back on shore after being -- a south korean couple is back on shore after being trapped. they rushed hem to the hospital for an evaluation. crews heard their screams for help as they searched for missing passengers on saturday. more than 4,200 passengers and crew members rushed to evacuate the ship on friday night. they started to tip over after
9:04 am
they hit a rock in shallow water near the tuscan island. and the impact ripped a 160- foot gash. >> everything fell off our table at dinner. they said everything was fine. obviously, it's not fine. >> reporter: passengers say moments after the crash, everything was disorganized. >> we had a blackout. everybody was just screaming. all the passengers were running up and down. >> reporter: some of the survivors jumped overboard to get to safety. >> the ship started moving very fast. we knew we would be under quick. we started jumping. there were 200 people that jumped and swam 100 meters to the rock. then we got up on shore. >> reporter: they brought the survivors here. now, the investigators are trying to figure out why the ship ran a ground. the italian police brought the ship's captain in for questioning on saturday. and the company that runs the cruise liner says that he took immediate action when he realized how severe the damage was.
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the rescue crews say there are still people missing and their search will not end until everyone is accounted for. cbs news. back in the bay area, a march this weekend in honor of civil rights leader martin luther king jr. >> it kicked off at the debut house and ended with the martin luther king swimming pool on third street in san francisco. and everybody got to swim there for three areas for the golden gate and the orchestra. and that pool will be open and free to everybody on martin luther king jr. day tomorrow. once again the association of santa clara valley will charter them as the freedom train is starting tomorrow morning. the freedom train commemorates the historic look for civil rights participants that will be making a 54-mile road from san jose to san francisco. the same distance that the marchers have walked. well, it's january, and it's that time of the year for the government to deliver his annual state of the state
9:06 am
address. and it is coming up on wednesday. >> and among the proposals for the state budget, eliminating the juvenile justice department altogether. california would be the first state ever to try to do that. they would be responsible for rehabilitating the juvenile defenders. counties would no longer have to pay the $125,000 per young prisoners to the state. >> the teenagers do not turn out to be lifelong criminals. most of them go through a rough patch, but come out better on the other side. we need to do things that will not make them worse. >> it's not clear as to how the counties will be able to afford this or how to keep the juveniles separate from the adult offenders. the e debate continues on the -- the e debate continues on the juvenile justice system. owen lee that works with families in children affected by the system. they are joining us live in the studio next. and yeah, also still to
9:07 am
come, a 60% drop in san francisco. what is working for police here and what they are worried about in the coming year. we'll check in with police chief. but first, she fooled everyone, even her husband. why a woman would fake having breast cancer. well, it's mid-winter and time to deliver on the rainfall and finally it looks like there will be some on the horizon. we'll take a look so you can see the wet weather headed for our way coming up next. woman: i remember the moment. -i'll never forget that moment.
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woman: that changed my life. man: at that moment, it hit me -- this is why i joined the guard. we're soldiers, always ready to protect our country, but we've also got communities -- family, friends, neighbors -- who count on us. i couldn't believe it.
9:10 am
i just saved a life. somebody from my hometown. announcer: see what it means to be a citizen-soldier, at donations because they thought welcome back. a sacramento woman fooled hundreds into giving her donations because they thought that she was sick with breast cancer. now, what is this story about? >> it turns out she did not have cancer afterall. now, we hear about these stories sometimes. and the woman was from sacramento. she said that she is a mother of three, so convincing that even her husband thought she was sick and the trip to the e.r. revealed she didn't have cancer, but something called a syndrome at the mental illness, it causes a person to act as if they were sick, typically to get attention. >> they learn about the signs
9:11 am
and symptoms and how to behave. >> they will make every effort to return the donations. that's a heartbreaker for the family. well, 9:10. >> yes. and the weather forecast today, finally some changes in stored. definitely cooler outside today. >> yes, a big drop after yesterday's near perfect weather for the near perfect football game. we're looking at temperatures that are dropping out of the 60s into the mid-50s around the bay area today. the cool down will continue for you into the beginning of the week with a mix of clouds around the area today. and now, looking for the rain here with the cloud cover. then we'll see the breeze shift more to an on shore pattern. still very cold for the north and east bays with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s at this time. the mid to upper 40s back at the water. we'll look for these overnight lows to really chill out. and come tomorrow night as the skies clear, you could see the upper 20s to the lower 30s for the north and east bay valleys. so the hard freeze is possibly for them at that time. and definitely, there will be patchy frost around by tuesday morning.
9:12 am
now, the slight on shore breeze today across the bay, cool and dry and through the day. rain becoming likely by midweek as we will see them finally a change in our weather pattern with the light showers in the southland, overrunning clouds, moving northward. the main influence for them is that weak front dropping out of the gulf of alaska. bringing in the on shore breeze for you. a few clouds to the area as well. not much in the way of moisture for the system, but a lot of colder air back here that will keep the temperatures in the mid to low 50s here into the beginning of the week. now, we'll see that cooling trend continue for you until midweek when the rain clouds move away from hawaii where the subtropical in origin, the highs will shift to the north and the rain will undercut that high for them, bringing a chance for moisture to the north baby wednesday afternoon and the evening into the greater bay area by thursday morning. now, we'll see a mix of low clouds for you through the beginning of the week and then by wednesday, the moisture will start to pull up in the north bay. they will spread southward through the end of the week. the temperatures will be
9:13 am
warming up just a bit. but first of all, a cool down to contend with in the mid to upper 50s, low 50s back at the beach. a good 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. that cool down will continue until the clouds move in on wednesday, with the rain becoming likely on late wednesday and thursday. they will be continuing into, if not through the weekend. now, it could be up to one to three inches of rain from the systems to the bay area. so finally, it looks like we will be playing a little catch up here by the end of the week. right now, we'll check back in with phil. >> did i hear you right, three inches of rain? >> yes, that's possible. more than that. >> all right, thank you. well, on the state level and on the local level, there will be some changes. one of the ones that they have in mind is to shut down the state's juvenile justice system. now, to understand how it may affect the young offenders as well, the families and the rest of us, we have owen lei from the baker center joining us now. good morning. okay, what we're talking about is california and the youth
9:14 am
authority, correct? >> yes. >> so why is the governor wanting to shut down the state juvenile, basically the state juvenile prison system. >> well, the bottom line is this. you know, the state prison system is a failure and no matter how many billions of dollars e dollars we have spent, they still have remote abusive warehouses that do nothing, but add damage to damage. we have already seen a better way. states like missouri, they were in the exact same position as we were in now. they have closed their state prison system and they've gotten amazing results. right now, eight out of ten youths will be reaarrested for crimes within three years. in missouri that rate has been as low as 7% and a fraction of the cost. >> but in california, we have counties still handling juvenile defenders. for example in alameda county, where you are. this is basically a prison, but these are some of the most
9:15 am
violent offenders because counties are usually reluctant to send anybody to the institution like this. are they going to be mixed in with the runaways and lesseroffenders? >> right. and that is a great question. but you know, the way, well, we know what works. what works is local rehabilitation centers to emphasize counseling and education in the home-like facilities that are close to the communities where the families will come from. and through that type of program, we can improve public safety, save money, and help youth. it's something we have seen work in other states and something that could work. >> but the potential risk here in california? e we are a much more popular state. and you are going to have these programs and what you're basically saying, you want to put them in halfway houses and things like that, right?
9:16 am
if something happens, they go back into the community and reoffend, then essentially people will be screaming. >> you know, that's the reason that we have gotten to the point that we are in now because we have been told for decades that youth are the problems and that investing in state prisons are the solutions. but the reality is that incarcerating the youth will make it less safe. and that youth are are the solutions. instead of showing you the violence, we need to create the cycles of opportunity. e we need to do that through the local alternatives that have been proven to work. they have counties that have started to create them and they have started, they have already stopped sending youth to the state system. and that the counties that have not done that yet, they need to be a part of the solution. >> okay. now, if we did a similar big shift, oh, back when he was
9:17 am
governor, we closed down mental institutions in the state saying they were inhumane and ineffective and we were transporting it back to the local communities. >> yes. >> we didn't send the money. as a result, well, they were sent back to basically nothing. and i have been around these county facilities. i'm not sure if they are ready to handle this kind of person. there's a reason why you send them there. is the money going to fall off? >> i mean look. you know, people in sacramento, they will change their positions all the time. that's the nature of politics. but what we have seen is that the counties that have the will. santa clara county is a great example. they have been able to create the local programs that work. we're not naive enough to believe that reforming the state's prison system, everything. we need green jobs, we need, well, you know, youth programs. and for the opportunities for them to come and for families and communities, and to become stronger. for the last 15 years, that is
9:18 am
what we have been fighting for. at the baker center for the human rights. >> well, keep up the work, okay? because i think it will be a lot heavier. thank you for joining us. all right, as we said, the governor brown's proposal for the realignment is the major concern for the law enforcement agencies all across the state. next, we're going to check in with the san francisco police chief on that issue. plus, what happened when tweets started flying from his officers during the occupy protest. did they tip them off? ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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9:20 am
francisco saw crime drop last year by six percent. well, get them now. because next sunday, the stamp prices are going up one cent so you have one week to get those forever stamps where they will last. >> but something else is going down. >> yes. crime in san francisco dropped about 6% last year. and that is why we have sat
9:21 am
down with the police chief and down at cafe roma, along with the former mayor to ask them, okay, a lot of people say you cannot arrest your way out of the problem. is it true? here is what they had to say. >> yes, i absolutely agree. but i think it's the engagement and obviously there are some non-profits that are unbelievably helpful as there are others that are not so much. >> why can't you rush your way out of the crime? >> well, because you know, you have to. we cannot tell them about that program. we're not in it all the time. so if we don't have the buy in from the community to tell you what's going on. we e are about 2,000 odd cops in the city of 800,000. now, we need all the other eyes helping us out. do you think that the budget and stuff like that, are you going to see more money coming in for police over the next couple of years? >> straight in terms of the law enforcement because they just took off from there.
9:22 am
now, he was every week talking about putting the additional numbers of the officers on the streets. you're not hearing anybody talk about the republicans, the democrats. that's clearly representing your dollars. jerry brown in his realignment. they are not talking about ensuring that the police department, they are fully staffed. >> what are you going to do with the realignment to have them being moved to the county in local levels? >> we are fortunate that our numbers, they will be sent back to san francisco and that it is small, relative to some of the other counties. well, that is what we're nervous about it. they will come to san francisco to do whatever they are going to do. and to that end, you were talking about rushing your way out of crime. now, if we have folks that are helping us out with the ultimate bad actors, we will target them. eothen it is more of a strike. >> facebook, yes. and occupy portlanders, i mean, some of your gals and guys were
9:23 am
tweeting on facebook saying hey, i'm working late. looks like we're going in. what are you doing about that? >> you know, god bless them. they were just trying to be conscientious. that's a phone call home, right? and i don't know how it works. >> right, i guess they were members of the media hearing that the officers were thinking based on getting their hours moved around that we were going to do something. and you know, it was not necessarily the case. >> what have you told everyone since then? >> to make the phone call. >> and that is what they had. you know, every time they were thinking about going in and like busting up the occupy camp, they would put the shifts on hold. so they ended up having these cops all over the city, basically staying there for the next four hours. they will put that on the social network and the other, the media got tips.
9:24 am
even the demonstrators got tips. >> yes, that's a crime fighter for twitter and facebook. just another thing for them. >> they could go worldwide. >> yes. coming up, one more look at today's top story. that includes the search for survivors after this italian cruise ship disaster. [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece.
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all right, well, welcome back in here. and that is this morning's top story. >> one person was injured this morning in the house fire in san francisco and the outer richmond district. the firefighters are about two hours to contain that fire and about half a dozen people are homeless. >> we have new video of the cruise ship rescue going on in italy. this morning, they were air lifted off that ship as you can see it flipped over on friday. five people, they have been reported dead so far and the captain, they are being investigated for manslaughter. mitt romney is opening up the sizable elide in south carolina. a new poll showing them with 37%.
9:27 am
he is tied for second place with 16% each. and speaking of numbers, we have the new numbers in the temperature front, don't we? >> yes, a big cool down about 10 degrees into the mid to lower 50s throughout the day. that will continue into the midweek and then some rain arrives for a change. it looks like it could be significant and we might be catching up on some rainfall numbers here. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s as they will continue to drive until the midweek. a lot of people have the three-day weekend. and that will be good for them. >> all right, san francisco 49ers are one step closer to the super bowl championship win. >> yes, they have not made a super bowl appearance since what, 1954. they couldn't be more thrilled at a chance of winning. >> and i was so nervous. but i believed in them. saying that alex will have his time and he was going to win the game for us.
9:28 am
the niners will be facing the days between the packers and the giants. now, i'm from wisconsin, so you know, i would say it would be nice for the packers to win, but boy, that would be really rough for the 49ers to try to play there. the packers are used to the cold weather. they just aren't. >> and the flip side, if the giants win, i understand the game would be played here? >> yes. >> all right. and so we would have another news on the story, a lot of tourists. and a great story next sunday morning or that sunday morning to come back and give you the report on what happens. >> we'll be here regardless. thank you for joining us today for weekend early edition. enjoy the rest of your lovely sunday here in the bay area. our next newscast coming up at 5:34030 on cbs5. is my passion.
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