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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  January 29, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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what the mayor says about te protesters. (eng_occupy oakd jail_raw 14:20:14) "hit in e face with billy clubs, slamd to the ground" plus: how demonstrators say they are e victims. (from anne makovec) "...unfortunately oakland hs been picked as the center oe mvoement and i think its pay been our fault" but who else is responsible? tonigh: we ask: why is occupy so violent in oakland? (eng_oakland city hall damae 11:15:14) "it's getting prey tiring" good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. if you are the objectives of this crowd was to be as visible. >> rather, billy tabak. at tour of the damage left by occupiers and the mayor says about the occupiers. >> oakland has been picked as the center of the movement, and i think that maybe partly has been our fault. >> but who is as to ask tax wise occupy so violent in oakland? >> it's getting pretty crazy. >> oakland police and mayor jean quan showed reporters the damage caused by occupied demonstrators. the city says it has respected the demonstrators greet speech rights, but it has apparently
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had enough. doing this occupy has been frustrating. >> what we are hearing from top city officials, we have reached the turning point is not the breaking point. they may have planned that if they do they are not telling us what it is. >> mayor jean quan wanted news crews to the city hall in the aftermath of the occupy oakland blitz. >> this most recent thing as an new low income program and we will have experts in here monday and checking to make sure that our firearm system so work because they cut the wires of the electrical box. >> they ransacked what occurred at quick hit and run. >> this is probably the most damage regarding museum. this is over 100 years old and
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it's pretty badly damaged. >> about damages to the city hall. they now total $200. it puts the figure at 5 million. >> yesterday was clearly our constant problem. that is not acceptable. >> they were invited in, the police blocked their way. they broke in. >> the peace officers got into their defense mode. >> the demonstrator andy wilkins had into it and it left no chance but to go into the end to the ymca. >> we go back the way we came and they wouldn't let us
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leave. they arrested everybody. >> earlier police rounded up protesters out of condo development. as police closed in, demonstrators pushed over the fence and made their way to the street. >> it became clear that the objections of this crowd was not to peacefully assemble at march but to seek an opportunity to further criminal acts, confront police and repeatedly attempted to illegally occupy buildings. >> apparently occupy oakland is also given some financial pinch. they've been asking online for help and raising bail for those who were jailed. >> we just cruised by the plaza down there by city hall and they are continuing the practice of democracy. they have decided against moving tonight and they are concerned about people as they await orders and they have problems they want to deal with but they are pretty quiet tonight.
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>> also on display, i shield the police and was used by demonstrators to protect themselves from officers. >> this was the frontline of the protest coming towards police. this particular shield was used against the officers to move or to shield themselves from any type of reaction that we would have when officers were assaulted. the green areas might here are markings from our bean bag deployment. >> the back of the shield is designed so several people can maneuver it and move asset group towards officers. preoccupy movement has quieted down everywhere else except oakland. so why did the protest continued there and why are they so violent and disruptive? >> that chaotic and dramatic scenes from downtown oakland are in stark contrast to occupy
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protest in other cities across the us. some groups are thrown in the towel and others hold daytime events at financial institutions like we saw in san francisco this month. there was an occupy protest in washington dc and their weapon of choice with wood or thrown politicians. compare that with this. >> just don't quite understand why the peaceful demonstration becomes the wild, it's ridiculous. >> i asked an occupy oakland sports person today. there are thousands of empty buildings in the city and thousands of sleeping in the ring. >> there is another reason they are upset. >> oakland is one of the places that's been at the artist. they live with the daily fun, not just those who murder people on the record basis, but
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also of systematic disenfranchisement of many people here. >> i spoke with the sociality professor and he says occupy oakland has the numbers and political capitol to pull off big events. >> they have are well appointed website with online donation pools and calendar of events. they have the significance presence on twitter and it dedicated lifestream camera operator who post videos live online. paper at this enchantment for weeks which was raided by police in late october and in the occupied. the city that hands off approach until mid-november until police began to thin out. >> unfortunately oakland has been picked as the center of the movement and i think that maybe it's partly our fault. it has been partly that we have
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been too tolerant of the people coming to destroy our city. >> the city of almost 400,000 people. >> we have an exit so many different people, so many different backgrounds and disagreements. >> including how to stop this now the pattern has been said. >> and while oakland devoted resources to the occupy protest this weekend, five people were murdered. various locations from friday night through early this morning, and another shooting victim is in critical condition and several others are injured. meanwhile the 15 -year-old is accused of strangling the people who adopted him. the parents reportedly fought with their son over how much time he spent at the occupy oakland and
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tampa, contentment. >> i'm very very concerned about how we are impacted. i'm very concerned. >> the mayor blames protesters were drawn police away from neighborhoods known for violence. meanwhile, the body found hanging at the port of oakland yesterday afternoon is identified as the teenager suspected of killing of 15 -year-old girl. police believe 19 -year-old henry lyons said the mother of their nine -month-old daughter yesterday. they are investigating the death of the suicide. other bay area headlines, gunfire outside of party and concorde. at least one person was injured. two people fired shots late last night at an elks lodge. the man is recovering after being hit in the lake. more than 100 people were in the areas making it difficult to find suspects.
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traffic troublemakers beware. south san francisco police plan to beef up patrols. the department just got out $120,000 grant and it plans to use the money for extra patrols and officer overtime in the next nine months. specifically they will look for speeders, red light runners and drunk drivers. but romney is widening his lead over new gingrich. the latest polls have long at 42% while gingrich has dropped to 27%. >> mitt romney played up to florida's latino voters well in hialeah. he called on israel, his son craig to rally the crowd in spanish. romney is targeting the spanish community to try to extend his double-digit lead in the polls. as romney surges, newt gingrich is upping its attack.
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he dropped the massachusetts moderate label and is now calling on the eighth overall. >> this party will not nominate someone who is pro- abortion, pro- gun-control and pro- liberal. >> he stood up and supported freddie mac announce one of the reasons the housing market is in such trouble here in florida. >> homeowners here in florida have not recovered from the housing collapse. >> 62 -year-old carmen has owned her when i go home for 14 years and can't keep up with the payments. >> are you scared you lose your house? >> yes. >> she says her market has skyrocketed to $993. the economy is her concern. >> if i'm going to have enough money to pay my mortgage next month or my lights on my water.
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>> gop hopefuls have two more days to convince voters they have the solution to turn the economy around. >> driver said they were practically blind. the two factors are combined with the series of deadly crashes. government websites taken off- line public authorities to shut down official city website. at some kids find it hard to swallow. why they are so grossed out. >> clearly cloudy tonight and now we have the day that will top off the 70s. i will highlight that with our pinpoint forecasts as eyewitness news continues here on the cw.
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authorities say a s-u-v drir ignored flashing lights and tonight investigators are reviewing evidence from the deadly train collision in south sacramento. authorities say an suv driver ignored flashing lights and drove around the crossing arm. three people inside the suv died at the fourth person remains hospitalized. the train was traveling at about 55 miles per hour when it struck the vehicle. six of the transit passengers also went to the hospitals. and this is the aftermath of the series of deadly crashes. it happened early this morning off the florida highway and at least 10 people were killed. who investigators believe is responsible. >> parts of interstate 75 were littered with the remains of dozens of cars and trucks
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sundays sunday. what was left of this big greek was smoke billowing into the sky. the car and truck that was much like an accordion. more than 70 vehicles ran into each other other in the series of multi- car crashes. dense fog combined with heavy smoke but drivers virtually pointed and defenseless. one woman told the local newspaper that all of a sudden she couldn't see anything and struck the guardrail. the car ended up sideways. she said that she was calling 911 she heard other crashes all around her. >> we had crashes occurring on both the north and southbound sides of the interstate. in that area the road dips down. >> police say visibility was so bad that when rescuers first arrived they found victims by listening for screams and moans. they are trying to determine if the arsonist is to blame for
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the wildfires. smoke from the fire along with fog forced police to close the highway opened tarmac but opened it later and then crashes began. >> in sacramento, concerned to make identity websites may have been hacked. officials took down the city's main website and a few other municipal sites as very, eight percussion. no one's personal information was compromised. powerful dry santa ana winds had died down across southern california and winds moving in from over the ocean could bring relief from the bone dry conditions plaguing the area. the national weather service is red flag high wind warnings for los los angeles county is expired today.
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did i here you say 70s? >> yes, definitely 70s. and i will point the warmest day coming up. we have just bypassed winter here entirely. today we have highs of 60 degrees to 71 degrees and it was 69 degrees in santa cruz and now with the blanket of clouds overhead, temperature wise in the 40s and 50's, honestly as it has been in recent nights due to the cloud cover that continues to drape across the bay area. 39 tonight in santa rosa, low 40s in the santa clara valley. for your morning commute, the official sign-up is at 7:16, and temperatures into the 40s as you head out the door. we have an impressive area of low pressure with moderate rain, but watch as the system sags to the south.
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we could see a few raindrops work its way into the far reaches but i'm holding out a lot of hope here. but noticed the copious amounts of precipitation breaking into british columbia? detail into that, snowflakes in the high sierra, just undercutting that ridge of high pressure within us what they veil of clouds towards this evening sunset. the bottom line is, we need to make some rain and at least right now the computer models are suggesting towards february tenth. 71% is normal for this time of year and last year we were at sub 1% across the southern portion of our district. statewide, enter weather headlines, possible sprinkle or two in the north bay.
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otherwise exciting morning on monday and sunday afternoon with the warm-up at the end of the week. first things first, cooler conditions, and 63 in cupertino, east of the day, west winds at 15, and 63 degrees. the extended outlook looks for another system to rush by the states, and wednesday will be in transition day with partial clearing. high-pressure producing on the offshore flow all the way through sunday. the warmest day of the workweek will be friday, but springlike conditions with unseasonably mild temperatures from the seashore all the way to our inland areas. the next nature of precipitation computer models are hinting towards february tenth, which i think will happen because that's the pebble beach golf open and it
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happens every year just about. >> thank you very much. some school kids are not happy at all. they have been left with the bad taste in their mouth. >> it is called up barbecue sandwich but it looks like an imitation sloppy joe. >> why some kids say they are sick to their stomachs. ,,,,,,
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screen actors award tonight. based on a popular novel abt black maids in the south dug the civil- right the women of the house took top honors at the screen actors awards tonight. based on the popular novel about black mates in the south during the civil rights era, the film won three of five awards. octavius zinsser won best supporting actress. the french actor was chosen for his role as screen star in the artist. christopher plummer won best supporting actor played over the word. one thing that isn't bending towards the school cafeteria food. school administrators updated menus there to make much more niche vicious, but by
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that change has been hard to swallow. >> it doesn't look like it's real food. >> do students have anything to say about the healthier lunch menus. >> the healthier it gets, the more disgusting it is. >> some can barely describe what it is. >> is called up barbecue sandwich but it looks like an imitation sloppy joe. >> it wasn't supposed to be this way. for the past 10 years the los los angeles school district has been looking to overhaul the menu. the first thing to do with canned sodas and then can push for fresh fruits and vegetables which accounts for 19% of total spending, up from just 2% in 2005. of standardized like corn dogs are out, turkey burgers are in, was hailed by ucla but nutritionist wendy slusher.
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>> the question is, why we are doing this. >> taking the time change is not something the lake on the board. school officials say one in three students as overweight or obese. so part of healthy meals are of dust. >> usually we go to the student store and buy our bag of cheetos for keeps. >> the district has launched another mini makeover, the tastier minuets has now been tested on elementary school kids and their parents. >> any food that she says it's good for me, i think i'm not going to like it. >> is the reaction that these parents did not expect. >> seriously, he's shoveling it in and i've never seen him eat salad. >> schools nationwide this week are looking at new federal
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standards. >> anyone who works with kids knows that they need something other than chips and soda in that they are going to focus on math and science. >> tiger woods gets rocked in abu dhabi. i'm dennis o'donnel. and, it would take 353 sports minister cho this entire match. we have the finish coming up next. [ male announcer ] for andy, tracking his spending with citibank
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name. taiwan outscored stanford in the second act and gutierrez finishes at the second end and the bears went to 6959. and the pga event when went down the drain on eight. grant that occurred took advantage of the meltdown and he went the playoff at torrey pines. the final round in abu dhabi, tiger began the day in time for the leave of her contract. he shot an even par 72 and tied for third. robert krock held on for second career win. if the boss, david akers, one of the 40 niners played in the pro bowl. he doesn't have to worry about losing his job. david 59-41. an estonian open last night lasted five hours and 53 minutes, the record. novak djokovic beads or should i say outlasts rafael nadal and
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