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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  February 17, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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morning. how it could you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. the upper deck of the bay bridge closed until early tuesday morning. how it could reopen early. >> desperate search for a baby taken from a bay area hospital ends less than two hours ago. how the newborn got back to its mother. a terror plot targeting the u.s. capital stopped in its tracks. the tricky way the fbi caught the suspect red handed. >> and a convicted serial killer says he has more secrets to tell from death row. the letter explaning what he wants in exchange for telling authorities where more bodies are buried. good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm dana king. the surviving speed-free killer wants to get something off his chest. he says there are more bodies out there. robert lyles on the letter he wrote that included a special
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p.s. for the bay area. >> wesley may have problems with grammar and proper tense, but no problem making this demand. if you want to tell the truth, you have to offer me something. i've learned nothing is free anymore in capitalism america, make your offer. that is just a portion of the letter the man now known as the speed free killer sent to our sister station. he didn't ask for money in this letter. but concedes he directed sacramento bounty hunter to hunt for buried victims in lyndon in exchange for $33,000. now that investors have unearthed more than 1,000 bone fragments, shermantine wants to set the record straight, writing, i see leanard padilla claiming he paid me $33,000, as of today, leanard padilla has not paid me a dime. that's why i held off on herzog's other two sites. i'm the only one with that
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knowledge since herzog killed himself. >> i don't blame him. he did his part. now it's time to pay. >> but cindy and chevy wheeler were his victims and found near san andreas. he claims lyndon is all herzog's party area, not mine. i've never been to any of his road parties. >> here's the thing. i can't just say, here's the money and what do i do with it? i can't send it to him on death row. i know that. >> padilla is willing to pay up once appropriate arrangements are made. now that investigators have dug 50 feet deep -- >> they completed the original well. we're done with that. they are going to start filling that well and there's been searching the area looking for the second well. >> but won't say if the more than 1,000 bone fragments are human bones or animals. leaving open the question
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whether the surviving speed free killer is correctly leading investigators or writing for another thrill. >> truth or thrill, consider this. shermantine writes that the speed free killer had no role in the disappearance of heyward, but then goes on to say that herzog hunted for victims in modesto, but won't say where those alleged other two burial sites are located. nonetheless, padilla says he is expecting a call asking for more money and tonight, he is willing to pay. live, i'm robert lyles, cbs 5. >> right now, the bay bridge is only a one-way span. just over two hours ago, caltrans shut down the westbound lanes from oakland to treasure island. the fourth time the bridge has been closed for retrofit work. despite the closure, kit doe has some good news on all of this. kit. >> ken, this is the fourth and last time that they plan on closing this bridge before it
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opens up again in two years. and really, practice makes perfect. it used to take them an hour. today it took just 12 minutes. and it was a well start. they will work until tuesday morning. >> like clockwork, i-80 westbound shut down at 8:00 tonight. chp put up roadblocks at all the ramps and entrances and escorted the last of the cars over the bridge to san francisco. time is now of the essence. >> always feel the pressure about now. the construction team is now on board. the bay bridge is back in caltrans hands and the clock is ticking. >> caltrans has a long to do list this weekend. >> we're going to be taking traffic, heading westbound going up on to the bridge. used to run in this area, now it's going to run in this orange area. that's the detour we're going to be putting in place. so that we can put a construction team in this area. inbetween the new bridge and
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existing bridge, demolish a portion of the system and build out the rest of the bridge so we can open the entire thing in late 2013. >> spotty showers are in the forecast and if there is sustained rain when crews begin painting the lane stripes around lunchtime sunday, it could delay the reopening. making for a commuting nightmare come tuesday. >> all right, so all these crews are out here grinding away at the asphalt. they added extra toll booth operators. there are extra ferries running throughout the bay area and bart is running 24 hours as well. all this to ease the pain of trying to get around if you have to this weekend. they will open this bridge early if they can. >> all right, if they are done, thanks for that update. taking a quick look at the alternative routes. we have cameras set up. here's the golden gate bridge. really not being impacted by the closure on the bay bridge at this hour. and here's a welcome at the san mateo bridge. we'll switch over there.
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a little heavier. you can see heading into the east bay. traffic in both directions are a little heavier than what we saw in the golden gate. and local transit agencies are offering additional service during the closure. bart will operate 24 hours, but trains will be running only hourly and stopping at only select stations, so check ahead. there will be extra ferry service between oakland, vallejo through monday and muni will continue regular service to treasure island all weekend long. and of course, we invite you to stay with cbs 5, and kcbs radio for all the information you'll need to get around during the bridge closure this weekend. >> and new tonight, a newborn baby girl only two days old has already had quite a dramatic life. her teenage father took her from the hospital while her mom was in the bathroom. juliette with the baby's story. >> dana, the good news
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tonight, the baby is back in her mother's arms. the two day old baby taken by her father. that's okay. he's the father, but the big question is, how did he slip through security? the hospital first reporting with a kidnapping. the baby is now safe. >> this is two day old miller. the baby authorities have been looking for. while no crime had occurred when the baby's 18-year-old father slipped a security bracelets off of her wrist and left the hospital with her, the maternity ward and hospital went into code pink. >> sets off an alarm on the maternity floor on every single exit on the floor. this was a baby that was a little over 6-pounds and as we understand it, the father slipped the security band off of the baby before leaving the hospital with the child. >> both the baby and 21-year- old mother were supposed to be released today. the baby had been medically cleared by a pediatrician. it wasn't until tonight that
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the father's mother returned the baby back to the hospital. the pastor is the father's uncle. >> went looking for the baby. she found the baby, brought him back safely and returned the baby back to the hospital. >> do we know why the father left with the baby? >> i guess it was a fight between the grandmother and the mother or something like that. wouldn't let him see the baby. >> main question tonight, how is the baby? >> great. baby in perfect condition. should be home with the mother right now. >> are they leaving the hospital now? >> about to leave. >> and that's exactly the case. the baby and mother have left the hospital and they are now safe and sound at home. the couple is not married and dana, no crime has been committed, but tonight this hospital is questioning their security and trying to figure out exactly how this happened, whether it was a parent or not. how did this baby leave the hospital without the appropriate clearance? >> that was kind of scary.
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but everything worked out, so that's good. juliette, thank you. well today, federal agents arrested a man that they say wanted to become the first suicide bomber on u.s. soil. danielle nottingham reports, agents say his intended target, the u.s. capital building. >> amine khalifl was arrested in a washington, d.c. garage friday morning. about a block from the capital building. it was the result of a sting operation that had been in the works for months. according to court documents, the 29-year-old was wearing a vest containing what el khalifl thought was a bomb. both had been rendered harmless by authorities. the fbi says el khalifl's initial plan was to attack a restaurant and military outlet, but last month, he decided to conduct a suicide attack on the
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u.s. capital. he allegedly cased the capital for weeks to find a location for the attack. planned to bring guns to fend off any police. el khalifl planned to detonate the bomb inside the building at a time when the capital was full of people. cbs this morning, john miller, is a former assistant director of the fbi. he says to expect el khalifl's trial to include a lot of video evidence. >> you'll see video of people inside apartments, voice recordings and video recordings of people in cars. you'll see him trying on the suicide vest. >> el khalifl is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction against u.s. property. a bail hearing is set for wednesday. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. high school drug use so bad that a bay area school resorts to drastic measures. >> the latest camp to employ man's best friend to keep illegal drugs off school
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grounds. >> a private viewing and wake tonight for whitney houston. family and friends only. how fans celebrated houston's life outside that church. >> and forget expensive whitening kits. how a trip to the grocery store could give you a naturally brighter smile. good evening to all of you. we're taking a look at our live weather camera. we have the invasion of clouds, the effects those clouds on your holiday weekend as eyewitness news continues on the cw.
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ral tonight, family and friends and fans of whitney houston are gathering in new jersey ahead
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of her funeral tomorrow. the singer's family held a private wake for her a few hours ago. manuel is outside houston's childhood church in newark, new jersey tonight. manuel. >> reporter: ken, even at this early morning hour, we have fans of whitney houston who are gathered in front of the church. we are being kept back now. they don't want the media too close. as you mentioned earlier this evening, we watched whitney houston's family gather for a private wake. tomorrow, of course a very larger ceremony here on the internet, streams live for the world to see. >> fans cheered when limousines carrying whitney houston's family left the funeral home after a small private wake. newark native knew houston's mother and still can't believe her hometown superstar is gone. >> she's an angel sent from god. >> earlier houston's
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heartbroken mother and daughter bobbi christina arrived at the funeral home. a long white curtain was outside. fans lined up to sign condolence books and pray. the evening service was a private viewing for the family before saturday's invitation only funeral at newark's new hope baptist church. the feeling was upbeat outside the church friday night with fans celebrating houston's life and music. >> music stands for love, happiness, and everything that we are. >> as fans gathered outside, flowers were brought into the church. aretha franklin, will perform at the service. and kevin is expected to speak. a star studded musical ceremony for one of the most famous women in the world. >> you can see off in the
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distance there in front of the church that says we will always love you on the sign and also flashes whitney houston. there are balloons and some people out here, we have seen a lot of people bringing their kids out here. even at this early hour. tomorrow it's going to be a musical affair. i guess later today, stevie wonder, we could hear the choir rehearsing from the walls. they sounded pretty good. >> we can see the barricades behind you. crowd control could be an issue outside the church tomorrow. there will be a will the of people there. what kind of security precautions are they taking tonight? >> well, they are letting people near the church now, but that's not going to be the case tomorrow. tomorrow it's a six block radius around the church. the media is being kept at bay a couple blocks away. the public will be kept further away than we are. and only the family and friends will be allowed to go on the side street, which is on the side of the church. it's a private entrance.
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you can't see much of anything. people can pull a car right up and go right in without having their privacy disturbed. the family really doesn't want a lot of public attention. they say, but they did give in and allow a live camera that will be set up in the back to stream on the internet and some television entities and radio as well. >> it will be hard to keep it private with such a well known person. manuel in newark, new jersey. he wasn't here long, but president obama's bay area visit was long enough for him to rake in millions of dollars for his campaign war chest. the trio of san francisco fundraisers yesterday netted him well over $3 million. he left this morning for washington state. the last leg of a three-day west coast campaign swing. one of the republicans vying to unseat the president is on a tear. rick santorum is campaigning hard in mitt romney's home state of michigan. he is surging ahead in the polls, ahead of that state's
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february 28 primary. santorum picked up an endorsement from ohio's attorney general, a former romney backer. taxpayers will have to shell out $65,000 this holiday weekend to pay state lawmakers because they change their schedules. both houses met today for less than an hour, but that allowed them to work a $142 per diem payment each. this is a standard practice that has drawn a lot of criticism from watchdog groups. >> yup, didn't stop the dow on the verge of hitting a prerecession milestone. finish the week teasing that 13,000 mark. closed today at its highest level since 2008. >> all right, we are finishing the workweek, most of us, and expecting a great weekend. >> and turned out to not be a bad day. we had the return that we haven't seen in quite some time
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and that was in the form of low clouds and patchy fog. good evening, everyone. with the span of 57 degrees today at the airport in oakland to 68 in livermore. you see that there? that's where the clouds have now began to invade the city of san francisco. let's take another view. this is our live weather camera looking out towards the transamerica building where we have numbers dipping into the mid 40s in santa rosa. otherwise it is 53 degrees in san mateo. our future cast clearly paints the clouds moving on shore and then overnight, we begin to see the clearing and this is 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. that's when we will have some abundance of sunshine. so your saturday afternoon will have some clearing from the clouds and then here's sunday, we start off with the clouds and then in the afternoon, very similar to saturday, we see the clearance. how does your monday shape up? it looks very cloudy with that rain beginning to move in from the north. any kind of rain we see will be very light. we'll measure it less than a
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tenth of an inch. this is a perfect area of low pressure. it's beautiful. the only problem, all the precipitation, leaving us with mostly cloudy skies, a few sprinkles possible. partly to mostly cloudy with that chance of rain by president's day and 70s by midweek. wait until you see that seven- day forecast. first off, lows in the 40s. tomorrow's highs will pan out to be cooler than today. 50 to about 60 degrees. 56 san francisco. average high 59 degrees. the extended forecast does call for, there you have it, sprinkles possible all the way through the holiday. and then partly cloudy on tuesday and wednesday. look at those 70s bay side and into our inland areas. just to recap, a chance of showers on president's day and that is your pinpoint forecast. >> all right, roberta, thank you. from bay area high schools are going to the extreme to sniff out drugs on campus. newark memorial high is the latest to allow police canines
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specially trained drug dog will come on to the campus at random to search for drugs in backpacks and lockers. some students say it would be a distraction and an invasion of privacy. >> they don't trust us. they don't trust anybody who goes here to the point that they have to bring dogs. >> there's a drug problem in all of our high schools in the bay area and the state of california and in the nation. and anyone who would believe that there isn't would be diluting themselves. >> students caught with drugs could be prosecuted or sent to counseling. afraid to smile because you're embarrassed by yellow teeth? >> forget about expensive whitening kits from the dentist. the food that you can eat that will help make your teeth sparkle. shelves.
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tylenol, pulled from store shelves. parents complained the dosing more than a half million bottles of infant tylenol pulled from store shelves. the dosing was difficult to
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use. johnson and johnson recalled the product. it applies to one ounce bottles of grape flavored infant tylenol for children younger than two years old. the company says there have been no illnesses or injuries from the problem and the medication itself is okay. all right, you can forget those expensive teeth whitening treatments. you can eat your way to a brighter smile. doctors say certain foods can naturally whiten your teeth. fruits and veggies include strawberries, oranges, pineapple, and cauliflower. but there are certain drinks that you may want to avoid. >> tea is the worst thing people can drink. it soaks up into the enamel and stains really bad. >> all right, also on the list of things to avoid, anything red, like red wine, cranberries or even marinara and hot
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as t the bangles hired hugh jackson as an assistant coach. he was fired as the raiders head coach. mark, start the clock. >> monte and the warriors got blown out in oklahoma city. russell with the steal and huge one hand jam. 18 points. 23 for durant and the thunder win 110-87.
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the seven-game streak is over for new york. jeremy lynn had 26 points. the hoer nets beat the knicks 89-86. the sharks scored twice. but puts carolina back on top. the hurricanes win 3-2. round two, phil mickelson hit a perfect approach. it rolls in for an eagle, six under and has a one shot lead. >> and the open in san jose lost its biggest draw. andy was knocked off in straight sets by denny in the quarter finals. 19-year-old american, ryan harrison, also advanced to the semifinals. >> so mr. lynn, what goes up must come down, what do you think? >> i think he's going to be just fine. they are going crazy. those tickets at the garden were $8,000 a piece online when they returned. so, it's all good.
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>> and he was supposed to be wearing lin's high school jersey. >> was he? >> i didn't see him. we'll check on that. >> we'll talk it on cbs 5 at 11:00. sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud.
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