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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  July 4, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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happy birthday usa. tonight viruses play is both legal and illegal. welcome closer been naturalized in the fourth of july and efforts to becoming a americans. this time it is suing school. the aclu is making a case the fight brewing in richmond. its optional networking airline seating by your preferences. how meat and seem to really work. did waves it is that some of the air. the night sky filled with bryce dazzling displays tonight is the bay area celebrates independence day. from this judge their francisco's waterfront dropping out this was the scene had acquired part of. 39. this one is put on by the city. buds everyone in the bay area at the is celebrating vaguely.
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dissuades topper 5 shot this video an east oakland to this is the area of illegal fireworks was gunfire. new technology. those with good shows us the tool that pinpoints the trouble areas from police elizabeth. deadweight is live show behind me has been going strong for the past hour or so when clearly this is a spot to see from that is 500 cars so. fireworks are 100% illegal in oakland. so they're all illegal. police say they're stepping up patrols this year and the show isn't slowing down. dissuades the vaughn walker doesn't have to go far.
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is very beautiful especially if you live in oakland hills. live in a certain point. he could get a good look over the city is just beautiful. once the sun sets this city eliminated. it is expensive to was a different color the fireworks. but there's a catch like most cities across the bay area fireworks are illegal in oakland. into this year law enforcement is stepping up their patrols. by using something normally used to pinpoint gunfire. this has the ability to determine whether the shots fired are from a gun or from fireworks. they're being used in richmond east paul also an oakland last night the system had 140 activation of fireworks and salvatore gunshots in the fourth half-hour period. obviously we respond to the gunshots more quickly than a response with fireworks call but in forgetting a lot of fireworks: a certain area and we obviously know that there's
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somebody there was illegal fireworks when the mass crowd is always some as you can do. but overall it's still going to happen is for the july. it is only so much that you can control. oakland fire department also very busy tonight their biggest concerns of course injuries and fires. fireworks and drybrush illegal fireworks can be a very deadly combination and this year oakland is going to have to do with to less fire departments they had to do a brownout on to of their biggest fire stations due to budget cats. until a combined. as a cut in the hills above oakland think elizabeth. alameda hawes the longest for the july parade route in the nation. it is 3 mi. long. firetrucks floats and flags all part of this morning's parade 20,000 people which is about a third of the city's population showed up to watch a salute to the military.
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as well as dance troupes and take cars and marching bands. an aide danville's small-town values big cars. that is that theme of this city's parade but this year told they were of 40,000 spectators. some tried to arrive early for the best spots by the ever be denounced by people who stayed there claimed last night. as the fireworks are wrapping up and revelers are about to hit the road a reminder to be safe. the waves for drunk driving offenders. three arrests at the bright checkpoints for last year's independence day weekend there were 27 dui arrests this past memorial day. the waves they wanted to remember there's always an option. 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. this caller to tell operator was in a
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tough trek out to tell you and your car back to your home the personals are free. dissuades it can reach that tito operator at 1022242357. i also welcome 25 new citizens to america during a naturalization ceremony. our journey to success would not be possible without the generations of immigrants to come to our shores from every corner of the globe. all these citizens have the in the country legally they benefited from a legal fast- track program that shortens the naturalization process for service members in wartime to it just a few weeks. duckweeds we spoke with to become american citizens. now they're just days away csi reporter sharon gen on
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a strong jaw. these people to america of today area. and became a tunes to american ways. and love with this region of the country to my job is to clean these. he will become an american citizen 12 years out here arrived to work for oracle as a software engineer. every immigrant knows the come from another country and they leave their family and their old country it and what they do behind. the airwaves he stunned his new country seen in the audience. . draws the best of the people on the world's to come to the states. degrees people want a better life. for a worker exchange and ski ski resorts a
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decade ago. i do feel like, just graduate of an apology grey from cal. the american means the sky's the limit. and because of the university that i went to a feel really lucky and i feel was a huge opportunity to become american for years that this left the philippines to come to the bay area and there has been to give way to vote in the president's election. and ashley excited as american she can pave the way for others to live out their own american dream. i can give opportunity to my family is to come here and they will become american citizens next tuesday and all 1200 people from about a hundred countries will take the oath of allegiance at oakland's
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paramount theater. it's a great story. have ever been to one of the semis. they're very most of people come for different reasons an american means many different things to many different people. and congratulations to them. in a body found floating in the base today has been identified as the dodgers then was been missing since last week a jogger spotted the body of victor this morning of the power street and embarcadero. just a few blocks from the pier where morale apparently fell into the water. after a giants dodgers' bob came nine nights ago he worked as a prison guard in vacaville and lived in that county you move your from seven california. prees children reported missing from oakland a safe and accounted for the worst thing with a relative in san is fun county but tonight police are still looking for a 16 year- old girl off for children are somehow connected to a couple in the baby sitter police arrested
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the three of them at a after they found the woman's three year-old son abused and critically injured. coming up this day has been years of this. * where we have to clean up brad feces from certain areas. we differ is in the morning. unsafe conditions at a local school and now there is legal action. they say this the missing link is the so-called the god particle. its place in the universe. compatibility stranger that may become a friend to the airline making it happen. good evening we had absolutely pristine condition on the fourth of july now the big change for thursday as i when this news continues on the c. w.. hope
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hop the end of faugh unlike
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them and palance, said is this and i said and the set as a giants on this independence day is blamed the virus shows started 930. but there are animal feces and mushrooms growing out of the floor. teachers have been complaining about it for years. and now written based community day school is facing a lawsuit. cbs five reporter kristin harris on how the superintendent is responding. he didn't know it to my never guess that these portable trailers behind a chain-link fence and richmond i try and will make up a public high school. high milk it for a
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basketball hoop would expel the district sells it is featured jerry ball and i was taught in prisons that were more sanitary. the waves we've had times where we have had to cannot read feces from certain areas you the first thing in the morning. the school he says is not just run down. it's downright decrepit far beyond hygiene. we've had the floor running out. when it rained would be a small river running to the classroom which eventually led to molding the kind of building that could conceivably be condemned to his income into this church for two years. to force the district of the committee did school in circumstances like this in the message we sent these children as a doughnut adelson lorelei, as the superintendent how he allowed this happened. unless your voicemail saying years
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ended july 4th function and did not return a follow-up call he claims changes have already been made at the school. degrees he says there wasn't things to one roof at the event was added in iran prepared as the student body dwindled from 30 to five. it's the superintendent now says the committee days coulee these trailers and moved to nearby continuation school buddy knows for some students it simply too late. they deserve the effort to make it. and our kids did not get its. cbs five. did waves everything and universities may adams but for decades scientists have theorized about a missing puzzle piece. it makes all the parts of that item six together and there are sizes and shapes
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but as cbs reporter mark phillips shows us researchers say that this not a year '80. your eyes that our goal must exist in order for the universe and everything in its to hold together to have with the is this calls a mouse without it there would be no stars no planets no less. so the large collider on the french swiss border the been blessed in measuring the even tinier bits the collision is produced. as a layman i would say a thing we haven't. the project's director announced the results to an appreciative audience of scientists. though they couldn't say they positively found the higgs boson particle itself they
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could say they found one that walks and talks like one and maybe it's. peter higgs themselves look satisfied that his theory was vindicated. for me it's really incredible thing that happened in my lifetime. the challenge now is to explain what it means. professor heine's wolf has been trying to explain science for decades. if your ability in the supermarkets not want to make any difference seo is going to be a big cultural changed at the venice supermarkets would be with a supermarket. the supermarket exists in the universe they found a tiny particle that provides because it includes the told altogether. mark phillips cbs news london. right here in san francisco had across the bay area was 65 degrees in half moon bay to 90 degrees in livermore and outside
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people are still out and about on this for the july 9th its oil again to the golden gate bridge to the cars are just lining of heading back into the city of san francisco where currently is the cool nights 57 degrees the wins have been blowing out of the west to 20 other wise 50¢ in santa rosa still in the mid-70s when dad your is right there. it did not interfere with the viewing of the fireworks display tonight but nevertheless will be marching in lynn's that deck of stratus, and referred to as the marine layer to mornings commutes will see those countries and we will be the recipients of cooler temperatures in tonight's '40's and '50's the cooler the mawson's under a full moon you what i have learned to dispatch the clouds and fog government and hinted grey small morning and then sunny and a cooler day in the east coast others will affect us right here by the tail end of sunday because temperatures are going to retrograde. so when it begins to cool down is this and unless we
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will see some more conditions. '70s and peninsulas seventy in 80s across the santa clara valley talking all the way off at right around 85 to the outside #in brentwood otherwise ladies and san ramon and concord. 81 degrees in napa and glen allen in sonoma and stinson beaches peace pretty locks than they've had this whole strain kickstart in this against one of its they're certain 14 pass. it has happens to every airline passenger elin and sitting next to somebody you'd rather not chairman but and selling it for the next three for 10 hours. but now some customers at the fine as ever discuss can decide who they do or do not want to sit next to enter the shewbread shows us how works. there are plenty of things to worry about new ways to catch
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a flight. in one of them you can do nothing about. kids are crying or somebody's really begging going to take more space even the age of online seat selection your future neighbor has been an anonymous see the icon. until now. royal dutch airlines is getting personal. simply connect with your face book accounts to view other passengers profiles. you and your fellow passengers can choose to reveal your cells ends look for cabin compatibility. cumin. dibble is very simple process we talked to with yon van held in a strategist. did ways not to some of it ourselves it came from customers. customers rather rather not sit with certain other customers. obviously would be nicer to be sad extra pretty girl rather than some guy. me out klm is pitching it as a business tool.
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net interesting new people. what they have a stopper that says that is where she is today right. did waves and it is likely to be tells you want to share see can really share as much or as little as like the program is being pulled out of slice flies in kigali and leaning bingham and permit the it is really quite a diverse use and its diverse as the people on the plane themselves. after all it is 10 hours to amsterdam. is a long flight and you want to feel as comfortable as possible. cbs five. upon almost this morning's chili cookoff.
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this again -- this is how this cell protect the planet in the face and when ramirez on the fight to keep plastic out of landfills that my fault of their
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was plenty of chile. yet we haven't tasted since. but this year is for the delights like that often fall also was all green. cornstarch spoon not can including utensils. did we ever did we give us to the public is complot composed of all. on the plan sandlot version the got draws several thousand the ball from the mid peninsula her hair fall and there's surprisingly little garbage. recycling and major events and festivals is really nothing new but this year paul also is trying something different and that is to declare war on the single use plastic water bottle. then there's ross to not sell bottled water and people were encouraged to bring their own reusable containers and many say. we're committed to not adding things such as water bottles to the landfill or to the recycling when paul also has a great water for people to use. on one day for high demand cool
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drinks the city when is the people's personal fashion drinking fountains and place water stations around the park grounds for people to fill up couples will cups or reusable bottles. degrees i know it comes in the water to cities certifies it is drinkable. when i drink it? it is estimated that 80 percent deposit and then there's the other costs. water here is free. so it's actually easier we've done is to carry bring it here and begin to three felony to once some places are starting to ban single use water bottle sales altogether let's not happening here in maybe an idea worth hat tapping into a hall of sell cbs five. the nba wheeling and dealing has begun. and for the july had ups and downs of about bay area major league teams including green gold. hot red room that
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you'll still owe on amaziah all attain that of all to of it like it all in an environment lyon of whom once grew by scalare she line or a mile inland from but we're leveling day in and letterman tried was that our kids like me once that this might this with the of their life into in hammond and when
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your note. it did before the allies. tied at 2 in the seventh okra's led off the dribble to always knocks a man with a single to left and the a's win 32 to sweep the red sox. giants before the nation's capital and his breath at madison bomb murder possess a for a season- high seven runs. giants play half-game behind the dodgers in the west. this is a giants aubrey half rehab been some
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delay. he is a walk and run scored. in the nba steve nash heading to the lakers two-time mvp goes to vote a passport and a tray that the suns will receive a three-year deal to play for the late show. then there were four. roger farah judge bench in the murray and to show wilfred will all advanced to the finals at wimbledon. and for the royalty at center court to in london. did we all this crying about the giants and hot weather there's guys out there pouring concrete stuff and laying pipes. this is baseball get over it. it has been adapted is. but it's still hot. 90 degrees. the nationals play the same stadium at the same time. they'd been problem. did we had the plane at all the time. happy fourth. this one zero run will,
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