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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  August 2, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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police with guns drawn some commuters stuck in the city lettuce from a wild standoff near the golden gate bridge the type of mentality that officers deal with everyday what police found when they searched the father's home why this steal it is sitting on a nonstop flight back to oakland traffic is moving again on the golden gate bridge after police tell us a man climbed one of the towers juliette goodrich with more. an unsettling evening, caught in the middle of this traffic jam during heavy fog heavy police activity on the golden gate
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bridge at 8:00 p.m. this evening first reports came in, a man climbing the south tower he climbed down and left a bag on the sidewalk and went back up this all happened during the thick of traffic that the fog made it difficult to spot anything or anyone on the cables. police shut down the sidewalks. nothing just that someone ran up their and will be comes down. did they tell you now walk along the span you cannot walk there is blocked off both east and west bound pedestrian ways are and shut down. i'm cold and stranded and hungry net digits it police activity i did not think there was
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anything at of the ordinary, back out here live along the golden gate bridge traffic now moving in both directions san francisco police spokesperson said the fog prevented them from spotting a man the don't know how ip how high he climbed as for the bicyclist we interviewed he was able to take a shuttle golden gate service provided a shuttle so he could get a ride back. any idea what was in the bad that the person left? how long the tape for him to come down? that was the concern here's a man climbing up the cables and comes back down with the back window know the contents but that let traffic back-and-forth that must not been a security risk, we just don't know the
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work his whereabouts. pg & e's as crews for not using saved dig in practices when a ruptured a san bruno gas lines near the site of the 2010 disaster. this happened at ten 45 the contractor and struck a gas line installed last year firefighters evacuated 14 homes and tell some people to shelter in place. the thing is, at first i could smell the gas a sensitive area everyone's heart stopped dropped when we heard there was a pipeline near ground zero in the gas line was shut off there's not much danger and city leaders say the contractor apologized for the mishap. they also said he agreed to additional safety measures and to personally join his group
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prior to the start of work until the project is complete. that same pipeline cause a major had a little farther south people on san lucas 7 up and down ville are told they have to strip the backyards clan so pg&e can dig them out. get don't explants what is going to happen. pg begins a campaign to 15 families telling them everything in their backyard has to be ripped out one neighbor says not so fast, a spinal cord injury makes him hard to get out and enjoy the outdoors is backyard japanese garden is the closest thing he has. pg&e says all the backyard said on an easement of a gas pipeline the same one that exploded in san bring san bruno to years ago. the company says it needs easy
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access. and to do aerial inspections. all new porches sheds pons and what was half to go. the trees will not make anyone feel any safer it will not solve the problem that they think that half if we were to move and a pipeline we have to think about where it is going to go, if you move a pipeline yet to put some morales, when you do that your impacting people, we have to look at an from a broad perspective than just small sections. pg & e's says moving a pipeline is expensive and this one is working fine and passed all safety tests it is expensive either way and if that the tear out everything in the backyards the neighbors expect a payday.
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one of those things that as you shrug your shoulders of photo of a small child pointing our real gun elizabeth cook shows us it is disturbing were the fault was found. this picture of a 6 year-old boy holding a gun was found on a cellphone of the boy's father. after police searched his out straight avenue home. it's crazy cops say the picture was the suspects screen saver. that is the kind of mentality that officers deal with every day in police say they're dealing with a well-developed operation this is a picture of the weapons and drugs found inside the home where guns allison and another suspect arrested the sam home or the 6 year-old boy lead with his
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father. she is not surprised by the blast she says she called police about the home after suspecting drugs were sold their not the first time they got busted last year it happened and now that the debt and now the sun neighbors there the sun 6 erode child may be headed down the same path a family business. very sad. firefighters but for the cause of a brush fire that spread to several structures and cars and happened near highway 17 and 85 at 6:00 p.m. flames burned three cars and three outbuildings and half acre. no one was hurt. in san leandro an elderly driver lost control of his car and at a pedestrian and another vehicle it happened @ 6:30 p.m. at the san leandro bart station witnesses say he was driving
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erratically. one driver said he looked over and suddenly the car was coming towards him. were you make money is is the more important the wrong tape. the story continues the elderly driver had a pedestrian both the driver and pedestrian hospitalized the other driver under his car suffered extensive damage. obama administration ignored red flags about some lenders' health and rushed into giving the company a government loan that is the charge in the gop investigations final report. lawmakers criticize the president for leaving taxpayers on the other for more than half billion dollars. the white house says the report is partisan and one-sided
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solyndra filed for bankruptcy last year months after getting the stimulus package alone. supposed to be a gold mine for the bay area and california but facebook continues to slide the stock hit a new low today falling below $20. it opened at $38 a share not just bad news for investors according to the california legislative office of falling stock price match the state will lose out on hundreds of millions of dollars in expected tax as once face but employees sold their stock. the impact was expected to be so great it would generate more than one percent of california's general fund revenues. those projections were made in may. where you make the money questions for investors and advisers are you going to make the money is more important than how many users you have.
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gov. brown cents government projections before facebook ipo the budget assumes it would be $35 and grow to $45 a share by the time employees could sell. and mr. resolve dozens of news racks disappear off the streets of san jose, where did they go? cbs 5 reporter mark sayre shows us where. these pictures taken from the san jose mercury news building shows a belongs to various news companies it shows to visible racks from metromedia weekly publication, metro's racks are the red ones. no publishers want to get permission to their competitors to pick up their news racks and this man is a publisher of metro and 7 at his news racks are missing from the streets of
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san jose along with overacts. he had no idea about the ended up on the property of the mercury news. i've been in publishing 30 years the worst example of anti- competitive behavior, it is around as they would steal news racks. it is not normal protocol 2 steal it news racks when jim savage found out some of his news racks or at the merc he went down to investigate, security at the news got involved were closed by a guard he told us to leave the property or would be arrested and leave the news rack it is our news rack. both publisher said in no way and to the authorized the mercury news to collect move for touch their news racks. and a statement the bay area
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news group says " we have a long standing practice of working with city governments to keep news racks presentable and in compliance with the ordinance says any attempt by the publisher is to betray our involvement as unlawful is a gross misrepresentation of the substance of the issue " the statement says the mercury news did fail to notify the other publishers which is against normal practice. mark sayre cbs 5. she is under way to oakland, were talking about this girl she's getting a direct flight from hawaii to the bay area. tomorrow bicycle riders have been begging for what are the ground rules now that bicycles can go on bart during the commute. low clouds and patchy fog invading san francisco, this
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are a buck 88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. and a few hours a lost for sale that run up in hawaii expected to arrive in the bay area. christin ayers is that oakland airport with the unusual journey. you can call at an unusual journey the female seal on a last leg of a long journey she arrives at oakland airport in 2 and a half hours coming from hawaii. it is in route to sausalito to
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the marine mammal center fur seals are native to northern california waters but somehow the silt run up in hawaii she washed up on shore tuesday malnourished and injured and thousands of miles from home specialists say there's no telling how she got so far away but there are theories. we want to say it was on a vessel may be a store away and she got off in hawaii or a map of debris and floated down she may also have been carried by a strong current specialist will watch the sealed 24/7 failed to get back to her weight of 50 lbs. and help to send her back in the wild, they do actually have a name for this for seal the call her " golden missing " after the
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gold medal winner missy franklin. a pilot program to allow bicycles on bar during commute hours begins tomorrow riders can bring their bicycles during august to see how it impacts other commuters there are limits, no blacks on crowded trains most hope it becomes permanent. to be early or late to accommodate schedules during this period bart will solicit feedback from both bicycle riders and other commuters about how it impacts the commute. a great idea. today greatened bicycle riding weather especially inland. 90 degrees and livermore. 57 degrees at half moon bay.
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the weather camera looks at cloyed tower. we call this the a marine layer, air temperatures dropped off since evidently let's take a look at the future cast you can see the models and the clouds inundates the golden gate bridge. and back by the bay in the morning commute. will have nice clear skies all day and inland areas, it will pan out to be a colder day friday. more seasonal like. that we have a big change on saturday, we have tropical moisture there, it is coming in a northerly direction we at partly to mostly cloudy skies saturday and an one more day of seasonal temperatures, tonight overnight in the '50s, about 50-
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58 degrees. tomorrow 10-20 mi. per hour at the beaches. '60s and '70s around the potential appear in 89 in brentwood. that is closed average. 87 degrees at union city, 70 at berkeley. mid '80s and sonoma. extended forecast partly to mostly cloudy skies we could see rain. there's less than the 15 percent chance of rain. will have a seasonal weather patterns through thursday appeared festival of arts and fremont. 74 degrees and all we ca.
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last night we told you about a statute stolen from the campbell church, tonight at the statue has reappeared. the statue of st. bernadette taken a week ago from st. mary's catholic chaldean church across from the police station tonight police got a tip and found the statute in the parking lot a few blocks away, the pastor credits you know who. and the media. god works in very mysterious ways he can change people's heart and mind and what the help of the community and police department and media this is altogether help change this guy's mind. the chair says if it the thieves caught they will not press charges that will install
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surveillance cameras to keep the statue safe. it is world breast feeding week reporter christin ayers says advocates are hoping to get more parents to switch from formula. the newest then at the farmers' market not just food for adults. this is the breast feeding tan. staffed by contra costa health services funded by kaiser or new members can get advice on breast pumps and with the benefits of bottled milk versus breast milk. she brought her newborn son. she is going back to work monday and as questions about how best to keep her baby in breast milk. she's thinking of switching to formula workers told her about the differences. breast is better much better
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than formulized part of a nationwide push oakland's hospital is baby friendly and urges new moms to breast feed. i don't think a hospital should have a say in how workers feed their children workers at the celebration are not making judgment. and it is up to the mom if they do want to breast feed within given all the support they need to be successful. nice they advocate this in the open for these mothers a nudge in the right direction. christin ayers cbs 5 what do the giants have to do to right the ship
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the giants' new offense looks like the old offense they'd combined with two runs in two games. the mets did not waste time against barry zito scored four runs in the first and wins it 9-1. they finished the homestand 3-7. with an awful here this past week you get in these slums they're not fun you go through them and we press on it will determine our season.
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and a's and jays just represent and to his slump. this two run homer in the third purine 23rd home run of the season during debartolo: tosses 8 shutout innings the a's beat the blue jays' four-one. at the bridgestone invitational tiger had three bogeys on back nine finished seven shots behind the leader. the final major on cbs 5 next week. has he won any? tiger has won three tournaments this year he have to consider him the favorite will have the 49ers friday night pga and then the raiders. is the san francisco dam at home? yes it is.
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