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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  November 30, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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. >> you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. >> from the russian river to the santa cruz mountains and just about everywhere in between a mass and this storm is not over. >> one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the bay area now the scene of a murder history. how the weather could complicate the investigation. and 1,491 days after you voted for prop eight. will the supreme court finally step in and resolve the issue
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of same sex marriage. >> swollen rivers. flooded streets. fallen trees and people in the dark. this a little november storm just gave the bay area a nasty beating and the second round in the fight is not over yet. paul deanno, it's not over yet. cbs 5 high definition doppler is still showing some rainfall. we had widespread rainfall rates about a half inch of rain per hour. tonight scattered showers out there with very small pocket of moderate rainfall. one of those pockets is right over the top of heelsburg. some scattered showers around paulo alto. and walnut creeks. the break between these soakers round two and round three that continues tonight. there will be scattered showers over night and through the day on saturday but not the widespread heavy rainfall. that said, there's more heavy
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rain before we're done. that's why the flood watch haves gone nowhere. for the north bay and the coast. a flood watch for the russian river. the problem is the ground is saturated from the rainfall we got today. from morgan hill and paulo alto. three and a half inches for black hawk. san francisco at the airport. two inches of rain downtown. and 5.71-inch of rain in saint helena. a loft rainfall fell and there's a lot more to come. the flood watch expiration has change and the rain will get out of here earlier than first thought. details on both of those in a few minutes. >> well more than a half foot of rain fell in one of the hardest hit areas the santa cruz mountains. the river in the south bay that many are watching closely. >> reporter: the san lorenzo river is rushing fast. in fact, carroll hendrix says
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it appears to be rising more dramatically than she's seen in years. only a day and a half ago it was so dry here you could walk across the bottom at this spot near downtown boulder creek. >> if it keeps raining it's probably going to go over the dam. the rain keeps falling in the mountains so do trees and electrical wires. highway nine was blocked in several places. including this tangled mess for much of the morning. we found folks who decided the take matters in their own hands. >> i don't know a tree fell down. >> what did you do. >> we chain sawed it up. the rest of us picked up and through to the side. >> three different men got out of their cars with their own chain saws and got to work sawing away the fallen tree. another guy used wire cutters to clear the roadways. >> it was a guide wire. no electricity. it was safe. >> we're happy to report no one was hurt in that incident.
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the folks up here very self sufficient. several had the chain saws in the car and took care of business. he said that's very dangerous. he wanted to pass along the viewers if you see a wire, assume it's a live wire and get back. like at least 30 feet back. call 911 don't try that yourself. in the santa cruz mountains. joe cbs 5. >> another big storm could bring the river to flood stage by monday morning the river has a long history of flooding during heavy storm. there is a flood watch for streams in the area all weekend long. >> watch out for whatever you park under. >> a lesson learned too late for someone in san francisco's pacific heights neighborhood. the over saturated ground gave way causing a tree to crash on to that mercedes-benz there.
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crews trimmed the trees and then removed it. >> the storm knocked out power on both decks. the lights came back on before 7:00. tonight across the bay area. 3200 customers are still without power. including 2,000 in the north bay. so how is all this rain cutting into holiday shopping and affecting the economy? cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook has that part of the story. >> reporter: just some on and off drizzle here on walnut creek. earlier today the east bank was pummeled with two and a half inches of rain. it's still bustling with business. some small businesses are worried that could all change by this weekend. >> big storm even bigger headache. as commuters try to navigate their way through the rain maintenance crews just try to keep up. >> we've been pretty busy. a lot of flooding. >> a clogged storm drain at
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this shopping center left shoppers no choice but to wade through knee deep water to get to their cars. visibility was so bad in oakland a man almost fell off his bike when he couldn't see the sidewalk. chp crews had their hands full including a spin out on highway 24 and an uprooted tree on saint stevens drive. a heavy tree limb landed on a van while it was going down wildcat road bending the roof and blowing out the windows. the two people inside were shaken but not hurt. in walnut creek instead of watching the flood line small business owners are worried about their bottom line. >> everyone's doing their christmas shopping the storm is going to keep people away from an outside store like this. >> he works at atlas men's clothing he's tried to make sure the impended storm doesn't wash away potential customers. >> we're trying to call clients and make sure they can come in. you know like whatever it takes to get them out and shop.
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>> well you can track the storm any time with our live high definition doppler radar on our website >> investigators race against the weather to try and solve a murder mystery in one of the bay areas exclue neighborhoods. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers on how it turned deadly. >> a soggy search for clues in the hills. this sprawling mansion the scene of a homicide early friday morning. >> to have this happen this close to home in this type of community i'm taken back by this. >> police have not identified the victim but say he lived here with his wife. the man who owns the home a prominent south bay millionaire who once owned mountain winery. he had ties at one point to a
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spiritual group. around 1:30 this morning the woman that lived here called police saying the place was being ransacked by intruders. she was injured but not seriously. her husband was dead. >> certainly we're wondering about what would cause the suspect or suspects to pick this particular address. this particular residence and commit this crime. >> authorities combed the property for clues to day in a rainstorm. fearing wet weather could hamper their investigation washing away signs of a possible home invasion. >> there's concern that the weather is going to change evidence. you know. so we're working hard to collect any evidence that's there if there is evidence outside the home. >> the police have made no arrest. in fact, they're still investigating whether this was a targeted crime or just a random act of violence. live in monte soreno christin ayers cbs 5. >> gunfire erupted on a california freeway injuring a
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woman that was celebrating her birthday. more than a half dozen bullets were fired in north hollywood. the woman was driving with her father, sister, and baby. a white impala pulled alongside them and someone opened fire for no apparent translator: 20- year-old was taken to a hospital with a gunshot wound to the neck. no one else including the child was hurt. the shooter is on the run. >> couples all over america are waiting for six men and three women to tell them if they have a institutional right to mary. cbs news report chip reed on the next big chapter in the battle over same sex marriage. >> reporter: they've been together 10 years and would like to make their relationship official. >> it's always been our dream to mary the person that we love. and to commit our lives to each other. >> but as residents of california they can't because four years ago california voters passed proposition eight
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banning same sex marriage. but it's the u.s. supreme court that will have the final say. today the justices met behind closed doors to decide whether to hear arguments in the california case. if they do not a lower court decision striking down proposition eight will stand. and same sex marriage will again be legal in california. >> if the court does not take the appeal i will feel an amazing amount of joy. >> the court today also considered jumping into the debate over the defense of marriage act. known as doma the 1996 federal law defines marriage as between a man and a woman and allows the government to deny federal assistance such at social security survivor benefits to same sex couples even if they're legally married. several lower courts have struck down the law as a violation of the constitution's equal protection clause but thomas peters of the national organization for marriage says there's no right to same sex marriage in the institution. >> the federal government and our elected officials through
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congress have a responsibility and right to protect marriage as a union of one man and one woman. we hope the supreme court will follow the precedent and respect the wishes of the representatives of the officials in congress. >> they did not say which of the ten same sex marriage cases on its docket it plans to take up. that news could come as early osmond. but whichever cases it chooses legal experts say this supreme court term is likely to have a profound influence on the future of same sex marriage. chip reed, cbs news the supreme court. >> a federal judge is considering whether to block california law banning conversion therapy aimed a making a guy minor become straight. she spends to issue a written ruling next week. the law takes affect january first. opponents who filed the lawsuit say the been a infringes on parents rights to provide psychological care for their
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children. no sign of a breakthrough in efforts to avert the so called fiscal cliff. president obama took his case on the road today. he told people at a toy factory in pennsylvania he will insist on keeping tax rates where they are for middle income families and raising them for the wealthy. >> in washington nothing's easy. so yeah there's going to be so prolonged negotiations. and all of us are going to have to get out of our comfort zones to make that happen. >> increasing tax rates draws money away from our economy that needs to be invested in our economy to put the american people back to work. it's the wrong approach. >> john baner says negotiations are going as he put it almost nowhere. without an agreement. hundreds of billions of dollars in tax increases take effect in january. >> if the fiscal cliff wasn't enough there's another problem that threatens to suck billions
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of dollars out of the economy. the california labor dispute that may need a nudge from the president. >> great news for anybody with about 26.2 miles of outdoor activity planned for the weekend. the weather may get worse. >> we have a lot more rainfall heading toward the bay area but the timing of things has changed a bit. details on that coming up in about six minutes. stick around.
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but a strike has effectively shut down the port of entryr many of those prod . >> we depend on goods shipped from over seas but a strike shut down the port of entry for
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many products the part of las angeles and long beach california. it came to about $200 billion worth this year. so what's the problem? here's cbs news reporter john black stone. >> reporter: it began with 70 workers now all 800 members of the union are on strike. but 10,000 other workers are refusing to cross the picket line. that's brought the normally busy port to a near stand still. >> there's probably about a billion dollars worth of goods that come through this port everyday. and we probably got a -- about 900,000 or so people in the south land who's jobs are tied to the activity going to this port. >> six ships are anchored off the coast. >> if the ships are not working. the truckers are not working. the warehouse people are not working. it will ripple through the supply chain.
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>> it doesn't take much of a delay to cause problems for people. >> no. a very short delay will -- can mean that you know stores may not get a shipment the day that they expect it for their sales. >> the striking workers handle all the paper work that gets cargo from the port to the rest of the country. they earn an average of $85,000 a year. but say their jobs, most of which are done on a computer are being sent to other countries. thompson is on the negotiating team for the unions. >> we've lost 51 jobs in the last five years. during negotiations they would like to lose another 71. that's a large impact on us. >> shipping companies deny outsourcing. they want to drop contract positions which require hiring temporary workers even when there's no work for them. steven berry represents employers. >> these employees have a guaranteed job for life. we have a no lay off clause. there's probably 25 million
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americans that are looking for work right now that wish they had a no lay offs clause. >> the largest retailers organization asked president obama to help end the strike. a 2002 labor dispute ended when president bush ordered the docks reopened. it cost the economy $17 billion. cbs news las angeles. >> a lot of people about to spend several hours in nasty weather this weekend. the 30th california international marathon which runs from folsom to sacramento will start as scheduled 7:00 sunday morning. that means about 15,000 people will run 26 point -- well i don't know if they'll run it. some will walk. 26.2-miles in whatever the conditions bring. paul deanno here to tell us when we might see the absolute worst the storm system has to offer. i'm not sure if you can pick a worst time to start a
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marathon. sunday. 7:00. yeah you know. some would argue there's no good time to start marathon but our producer will run it and he's going to be very soggy. we have scattered showers and the roads are wet. heading towards san francisco. it's 59 degrees. hello. high definition doppler radar. strongest radar in town. active this morning. less this evening. we're in break between weather systems a few light showers south to walnut creek. pleasant hill. the rain will pick up in intensity. and here's a change. a few things changed in the forecast. the russian river is now expected to go over flood stage by nearly one foot. and that will occur early on monday. there's a lag time when all the water finally makes it into our bigger stem rivers the russian river is now forecast to flood on monday morning. just after sunrise. here's the deal on the atmosphere. we have a tremendous amount of
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moisture out there. it's aimed squarely at the bay area and northern california. the only reason why it's not pouring outside right now is we're in between wave of low pressure moving through. right now we're getting scattered showers. look at the rain up and down the western sea board here. seattle, portland getting heavy rainfall. our round of rain is several miles offshore. it's only a matter of time before it gets here. the timing has changed. it likely will be after midnight tomorrow night before the rain picks up in and around san francisco, oakland and san jose. we're pushing things back after midnight tomorrow. rainfall totals have not changed. everywhere you see purple another two inches of rainfall. north day, three to five inches of additional rainfall. a lot of rain coming through from midnight tomorrow night through the day on sunday. it looks like it will come in a consolidated amount of time.
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it looks like the rain will be out of here sunday afternoon. dryer by sunday evening. the average high is right around 60 degrees. napa 64. san jose, 65 degrees. the rain picks up tomorrow night. raining most of the day on sunday. after they we get a break. monday looks dry. a couple scattered showers on tuesday and wednesday and then mainly dry and sunny next thursday and friday. we have one more round to go before we say good boy to the tropical moisture. we'll be right back.
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winning tickets was . >> it certainly was a power jackpot. one of the winning tickets was sold in arizona. the other sold to a husband and wife from missouri. and today they joked that their family is going to have a pretty good christmas. >> the hill family. come on up. >> cindy and mark hill of dearborn missouri bought one of the two winning tickets for the 588 million-dollar power ball. >> and i was thinking is that the right numbers ? is that the
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right numbers ? and i was shaking and i called my husband and i said i think i'm having a heart attack. >> it is a giant reversal of fortune nor the hills who were high school sweethearts. cindy's been out of work for two years. mark is a mechanic. he says the reality hasn't quite sunk in. >> we had to get tooth paste and stuff like that. so i found myself in the store still looking at the prices of stuff. >> their lump sum payment comes to $192 million. they're planning to set up college funds for relatives and give to charity. they want to keep their four children grounded. >> jaden what did you want for christmas? >> pony. >> the hills adopted jade reason if china five years ago. they say with their new fortune they're considering a second adoption. >> and the hills say they're looking forward to not working. get that. and traveling. they want to take their daughter to the beach because she's never been to the beach.
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>> good for them. that's great. >> all right. we are at the stadium. the sight of the cardinals headed to the rose bowl and i have the rose to prove it. highlights coming. don't move.
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. >> people who wanted a good game for the rose bowl they got it. vern glen is down in stanford. what a game. >> in the finish it was the cardinal red moving on. it was a red shirt freshman that certainly did what andrew luck couldn't. take the cardinal to the rose
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bowl. in the way was ucla. six days after the two closed the regular season, 31,622 smallest crowd in a couple years. early second quarter here comes stephen taylor up the gut for a one yard toss. tie the game at 14. early fourth quarter stanford on third and 15. kevin hogan finds drew torrell on a game tieing strike. to tie the game. jordan williamson from 36-yards out the kick is good. the cardinals take a three point lead. 52-yard kick. no, no, no. and it's roses for the stanford cardinal. winners 27 to 24.
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. >> they're grate smart kids. they played well. and we plan on being this position hopefully more than once. >> so it will be nebraska or wisconsin those two will battle out for the big 10 championship tomorrow. >> how exciting. love it. >> road trip. >> let's go. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00 on cbs 5. ,,
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