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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  December 23, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PST

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area now. we're tracking all the rain and wind today. . it is a dark stormy mess in the bay area this morning. we are tracking all the rain and wind today and the winter weather advisory for drivers in the sierra. >> and we have rain falling all across the bay and flooding reports now coming in. a wind advisory until early this afternoon. we are tracking it all with our high def doppler, coming up. >> waiting on the deal on capitol hill to beat the d.c. fiscal cliff. how much of this is show and how much of it is real deal cutting? >> it is 8:30, sunday, december 23rd. thank you for joining us. i am anne makovec. >> and i am phil matier. we have a lot to cover, from television sets, and gun buybacks in the area and what they are saying on the streets. >> but first, a lot of people are shopping and traveling
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today so our eyes are on the storms coming down right now. >> that is right. we have seen heavy wind and rain in the last 24 hours. >> yes. it will look like this for the coming hour, bringing more of the potential damage to homes and downed fire lines, etc. look at. this a tree that toppled over on to that overhang, causing the collapse. nobody was hurt, luckily. let's check with elizabeth wenger with the first look at the weather forecast. >> the worst of it is happening right now, continuing through the morning. we are getting word of flooding reports in the great highway. portions of san francisco shut down. delays at sfo about an hour-and- a-half right now. the high def doppler has been active overnight and continues with the yellow and green. the green is the lighter rain, the yellow is the heavier cell.
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you can see the yellow around san francisco lighting things up. it is now move into the south bay, as well. light rain over san jose and a heavier rain in saratoga. this is what it looks like outside. this is the weather forecast. you can barely see the bay bridge. temperatures in the 50s. we will warm up a bit in the afternoon. when will it end i will let you know coming up in just a little bit. >> people watching streams and creeks for potential flooding. merchants have put in place sandbag, many of which are still out from the storm system last month. crews have cleared out debris from creeks and drains. at bubba's diner, they are as ready as they can be. >> you hope mother nature is on your side. >> you can't stop mother nature. if she rains and floods, she will do it. we do as much as we can to
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prepare. >> back in 2005 the flooding happened downtown, causing hundreds of thousands in damage. if you are planning on spending christmas in the mountains, be warned, it is a dangerous trek up there. i-80 is completely clogged from gold run to lake tahoe. many drivers were caught off guard by the weather conditions. i-# 0 near colfax had to be shut down because of accidents and truck spinouts. >> there is supposed to be snow and slowdowns, but i wasn't expecting closure. i have in whole family in the car so i don't want to take too many chances. >> bumper-to-bumper traffic was a good thing for businesses. gas lines were jam packed and lines for the bathrooms stretched out into the parking lot. caltrans crews warned dryers heading up to tahoe to have
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area chains ready -- drivers heading up to tahoe to have your chains ready, and be prepared to drive slowly and carefully. four wheel cars are exempt on highway 80 and # 50. and the biggest power outage is in the east bay, affecting about 87 # households and businesses. pg&e is trying to determine the cause of the outage. in the north bay there are about 200 homes and businesses in the dark because two outages in san rafael, one caused by tree branches falling on to power lines. and more weather headaches at sfo. arriving flights are delayed an hour-and-a-half, better than yesterday where a handful of flights were canceled and delayed even longer. good news at oakland and san jose international. where it is raining right now?
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you may want to check online at cbssf/weather. funerals for three first . >> the last of the victims of the newtown shooting were laid to rest yesterday. funerals for three first graders were held in connecticut and utah. overwhelming support keeps pouring in. tens of thousands of toys are coming in from around the world. people in the town are asking people to donate to their local communities rather than sending toy there is. the ones that did arrive, children were invited to the town hall to choose a toy. money is pouring in, with the official fund at $2.8 million. and former governor mark sanford is considering a run for congress. >> he was an up and coming figure in the republican party before evanished from south carolina for five days in 2009. supposely he was walking the appalachian trail, but later he admitted that he was
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actually visiting his mistress in argentina. yesterday sanford said he may run for a house seat that will open in january. accidentally accidentally -- incident ally, he previously head the seat in the late 1990s. and senator inouye was at his funeral and his body is now laying in state as the washington capitol. you can add cia chief mike more release to the list of critiques angry@zero dark 30, the movie. it is about the capture of osama bin laden, but he says the movie creates the false impression that harsh interrogations were key to finding osama bin laden.
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>> a big game day for the 49ers. >> plus, breaking down the fiscal cliff talk with our political insiders. how much of it is real and huge of it is for show and how much of it is really deal cut something. >> for the children of sandy hook elementary school, demand a plan. >> a group in oakland working on getting guns off the streets. >> if you haven't noticed yet, it is wet outside and a little chilly. temperatures in the 50s. we have a wind advisory in affect and a chance of thunderstorms later on this afternoon. when will the storm end and what will conditions be like for christmas? we will let you know, coming up. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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is in effect for the bay ar until 1 p-m today. we may see some isolated thunderst to . a live look at if golden gate bridge. a lot of people traveling this weekend for the holiday. a wind advisory in affect for the bay area. more detail in a few minutes. this morning d.c. makers
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are home for the holidays without striking a deal on the fiscal cliff. a lot of criticism for that. the deal mean there is will be massive spending cuts and massive tax hikes after january 1st. >> what is the reality? we checked in with current san francisco mayor ed lee and former mayor womeny brown. our question on the fiscal cliff, how much of this is the politics and how much of it is show for the public and real deal cutting? >> first of all, none of it is show. it is really politicians trying their best to prevail of what they promised their voters they would do. that is what it is. they are not postponing on purpose. they are going as long as they can. willy brown said, and i agreed, my voters would have to say i didn't make the fight, what i promised to do. >> reporter: what you promised
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do isn't after you it is down and see the facts isn't exactly the right way to go. what do you do politically then? >> for me i naturally try to get that information out there and let the public and certainly everybody looking at the budget process understand what changed circumstances we face. for me budget has been a process where you don't really hide things. you really have to tell everybody what is going on. >> the question is the republicans say okay, we can't give on taxes until you reduce spending. the democrats are saying we can't give reduced spending until we go on taxes, but both sides are looking at each other saying if i agree to raise taxes, i don't believe you will cut spending and the democrats are going if we don't raise the taxes, you are going to get your way and not deliver. >> and i think mayor brown is absolutely right, though. those are positions that they take relative to the constituents. it is all about getting in a room and compromising, what it is that we can feel good and
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still be able to walk out and say i got something for you. >> you can solve the problem that they are facing by what we talk the trigger, and that is that if in the 1st quarter x number of dollars don't come in, cuts go quickly. however, if x number of dollars do come in, taxes go differently. >> clearly with triggering devices -- . >> reporter: so, why -- . >> they will get around to it. there is still a few hours. >> that is the point. even the term the fiscal cliff may be an overstatement. it makes it sound like we are going to go into a depression. taxes will go up, cuts and spending will happen, but politicians need to have high drama to get anything done. >> they certainly created it, as has the media. the bottom line is something will happen after the first of the year if no action is taken,
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meaning more taxes for people and more cut, so, there is something to be said for that. >> that and the mayan calendar. that said, let's take a look at something that is real, and that is the storm with elizabeth! the storm moving over the bay area should be tapering off by later on this afternoon and evening. right now we have pockets of light, moderate and heavier cells moving in. you can track it all with our exclusive high def doppler. we have a portion of flooding over the great highway in san francisco. you can see why. the heavier bands moving over the bay area is heavier this morning than yesterday. by this afternoon and into this evening everything will dry out. it looks like it will be a dry christmas eve. for thousand if you have shopping or traveling to do, rain is the big issue. will it be chilly, as well.
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temperatures in the low 50s and only climbing to the upper 50s this afternoon. we also have a wind advisory in affect. the rain and windy conditions, wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour tapering off after 1:00. the wind advisory in affect for the north and east bay. thunderstorms possible this afternoon. a high of 56 along the coast. 58 in inland spots, but no 60- degree readings for us today. we will time it out with futurecast. by the evening we are clear. monday, christmas eve, pretty good forecast for santa and his reindeer. by christmas afternoon is when things start to get more unsettled. it looks like it will stay that way at least throughout the morning on wednesday. people will dry out through the end of the workweek. here is a live look at temperatures later on today. 59 in oakland, 56 in concord. mid 60s in santa rosa and napa.
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if you are doing traveling today, call your carriers ahead. there will definitely be delays. around the country, though, we are drying out. cold in denver. 50 degrees there. 39 in new york city. our forecast here for the next several days across the bay area, wet today, drying out for christmas eve. tuesday afternoon, christmas day looks wet. sticking around through wednesday before we dry out thursday to the weekend. that is a check of the weather forecast. back to you. some of hollywood's biggest celebrity recognition making public service announcements against gun violence. >> more than 50 actors are taking part, a little more than a week after the mass shooting at the sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. >> as a human being -- . >> for the children of sandy hook -- . >> demand a plan -- . >> no more list of names -- .
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>> it is not too soon -- . >> it is not too late. >> everyone loves someone likes those on the list -- . >> in newtown, the site of the massacre shooting there is a proposal to put an armed officer on the site of every school, as well. >> why are we allowing the sale of weapons in this country. >> i told her when she is a police officer on january 2nd, she said that makes me feel safe. >> meanwhile the debate is continuing in the bay area on how much gun control is necessary and what kind of measures actually look. >> this morning we talked to alyssa of youth up rising. >> her group sponsored one of the gun buy-backs and netted more than 300 guns by the time it was said and done. a similar event in fran brought in hundreds, as well. we talked to her about what has become the culture of gun possession. >> i mean, we have a culture
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of, if i can buy it, it is mine, i have a right to have it, without really a consideration for the larger public good. so, it was really stunning the number of guns that came in. rifles, shotgun, fully automatic weapons, pistols -- it is stunning. >> the people bringing in these gun, not necessarily the gangbangers that may be shooting people up. will that really affect violence in the streets? >> it is a combination of people. we certainly have young people who have guns because they don't feel safe that brought their guns in. we have three people come in with the one gun they owned collectively to collect $200 to split it. there was an economic incentive. and it was mixed. a lot of senior citizens brought their guns in, as well. >> burglary rates are high and people are grabbing these things. you have been working with youth in oakland for a number of years. this isn't the first time we have had this kind of discussion. i am interested, when did the
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change happen? when did it become standard for kids and young adult to start grabbing guns? it used to be fists. now it is knives. now guns are the first reach. what happened? >> the crack epidemic still reverberates through our community. we went and the war on drugs really was about moving away whole organized crime structures. it was successful. it sort of is destroying organized crime, but what it left is whoever can control. so, young people began being recruited to actually be watch people and then when the people who employed them went away they became the drug dealers. now that drugs are a primary source of an underground economy, young people literally feel afraid for their lives. >> there were a new different things about this gun buyback a few weeks ago. i was there.
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there was cash given instead of gift cards and b, the gun given had to be a working gun. bottom line the turnout was unprecedented. to what do you attribute that? >> a third thing. you had to be a resident of the city. there is a combination of things. three things. people do really need the money and cash counts. people really were devastated about sandy hook elementary school and to phil's point, understood this gun in my house isn't safe. and the third thing is i think people really are sick of the homicide rate. i think people are sick of the fact that people are being shot and killed. >> i want to go back to what you said a little while ago. the kids are afraid that they will be a target. >> absolutely. >> so, they are buying the guns and taking out the person they fu is a threat before they get to them. >> or they are actually buying the gun to keep themselves safe. when you really talk to young people that live in high impact neighbors, i think there is an
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elution in our country that if i am safe, it doesn't matter what happens in other areas of the country. these people don't feel safe walking back and forth to school. they are buying gun to get themselves back and forth to school. it doesn't mean they are perpetrators. sometimes people are attacking them and they feel obligated to protect themselves. >> all right. meanwhile back in san francisco we will talk again about the buyback here, also phenominal what the turnout is. at the oakland coliseum a- game for the ages. the warriors take on coal by and the lakers. next in shorts, overtime needed to decide the winner! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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more bay area headlines... tomorrow lefty o'doul s restaurant in san franciscol hold its annual toy drive. people can drop off toys for needy kids any time from 6 to midnight.... at 333 geary street. this is the 12th consecutive year for the toy drive. and this year... mayor ed lee will help with collection. he'll be on site starting at 8 a.m. hundreds of happy kids in t south bay... thanks to a mae toy giveaway this weekend. the 26-th annual holiday pay in san jose attracted 17-
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hundred families to the san airgrounds. . welcome back. hundreds of happy kids were at the 26th annual holiday part in san jose, attracting 2600 families at the fair grounds. parents in need were able to pickup gifts and food for the holidays. and sanford takes care of tennessee. more in sports. good morning, everyone. time for sports. the lakers came to town. this time l.a. was fully loaded. steve nash is in the line up and this one goes into overtime. kobe bryant has a chance to win the game in overtime. corner in the -- kobe in the corner with a rare miss. wound one 34 points and the lakers win a wild one as they break warriors hearts, the final 118-115. a monster game here against
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tennessee. number one stamford took care of tennessee, moves on to a perfect 11-010 nra this season. usc trails by half. 6 3-pointer, now 5-5 on the year. when the ers take on seattle, they will be -- 9ers take on seattle, they will be with the can havive end justin schmit. he is out. and the man they call mega beltron had 200-yards. that is it for sports. >> not quite. don't forget to check out the raiders this morning. you can see all the action starting at cbs5 at 10:00 a.m. it is followed by the 5th quarter. >> good day to it is inside and watch a game if you don't have more shopping to do.
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coming up next, a winter storm packing a punch with heavy rain and winds. >> and the north bay community keeping an eye on the rising water levels. >> i do think people waited a little bit. now they are just ready to buy, buy, buy. >> bay area stores banking on last minute holiday shoppers and weekend sale that is may top black friday. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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see heavy rains. plus - sierra drivers pulling overo
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install those snow chains. weather ad libs 07:07:43;12 suhr: anything gets..guns shouldn't be lyi around. and san francisco top's . a big storm is pushing its way into the bay area. >> and a cold snow storm. which areas are hit the hardest and will it clear in time for christmas? we will let you know, coming up. >> if nothing else, guns should not be lying around. >> our number one cop sounds off with police chief greg sherwood and what he says need to be done about gun violence. welcome. it is december 23rd. i am phil matier. >> and i am anne makovec. we have a warning to tell you about. this just came into affect. a flash flood warning in affect for sonoma county, including the city of petaluma, the western area of the county. there are several creeks and streams there, including the
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petaluma river. looks like there will be localized flooding. >> our particular concern is the point is willowbrook and pin grove park at the old redwood highway bridge, and willowbrook and stoney brook road. watch out. the warning is in affect until almost 1:00 this afternoon. if you are going out this morning and you are in that neighborhood, be careful. >> we will keep you posted. sonoma county near petaluma. and meanwhile, we have another big storm move into the entire bay area. >> yes. let's go over to elizabeth wenger looking at the weather throughout the bay area. >> yes. you can really see it. we have had flash flood flood warnings and wind advise i since overnight, pretty much in the entire bay area, set to expire at 1:00 this afternoon in the north and east bay. this is what is going on. heavy to moderate light systems
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flew the bay area. this is what it looks like from the view of the roof camera. a lot of readings in the 50s as far as the temperatures go. the flooding is really a concern right now because the ground is saturated from other rainstorms. the great highway suggest down for a stretch and delays at sfo. official there is are saying to expect delays throughout the day. by this afternoon the rain will let up a bit. temperatures readings in the upper 50s. by this evening the rain will be out of here and we are drying out by christmas eve. the next storm comes in on christmas day by the afternoon tuesday to wednesday before we really dry out. then we will have a good sized dry weather pattern thursday through next weekend.
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much more on this rainy, wet, windy weather forecast throughout the morning. in the meantime, back to you. >> and damage from the last storm yesterday. yesterday a san francisco gas station shut down after a roof collapsed on top of a car yesterday. this is the 76 station at 17th and petrero, the tree toppling over the overhang. luckily nobody was hurt. people in the north bay keeping an eye on streets and streams for potential floodings. a flash-flood warning in affect in petaluma. sandbags and other barriers are being applied by merchants. >> and meanwhile, more than 600 customers are wrought power in the bay area. the north bay has about 340 in the dark, because of two outages in san rafael and tree
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branches falling on to power lines. there is power outages in the east bay affecting 240 homes and businesses. 40 without electricity in the south bay. the weather is also causing headaches at sfo. arriving flights delayed an average of hour-and-a-half. still better than yesterday when a handful of flights were actually canceled and delays were even longer. no problems at oakland and san jose international. that is good news. if you are heading to tahoe for christmas, be adviced getting up to the mountains won't be an easy as thing. >> i-80 is covered in snow and ice. yesterday stop and go traffic covered the highway from gold run to lake tahoe. many drivers were caught off guard. i-80 at colfax had to be shut down because of accidents and truck spinouts. chains are required on i-80 from east of gold run and plasser county to the nevada state line. on 50 chains are required on all vehicles west of cry bert
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to meyers. four wheel vehicle with snow tires are empty on 80 and 50. you can check the storm forecast any time on m/weather. mother nature no match though for holiday shoppers. they are at the malls, and all over the san francisco union square shopping this weekend. this weekend is expected to be one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year. visa said 3/4 of consumers still had holiday shopping left to do. >> i do think people waited a little bit. now they are ready to buy, buy, buy. >> we watched the weather forecast last night. we saw that little gap coming, so, we thought will the's take a chance and get out in the morning. >> i am staking to the budget with a game plan. you -- i am sticking to the budget with a game plan. you can't come out not knowing what you are doing. you have to strategize.
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>> good plan for that man. be careful if you are out and about today. and coming up, a tv that answers you. privacy questions when it comes to high-tech gadgets. we will be talking to an expert from uc hasting, coming up. >> we need to make sure we don't leave tools inside of patients. >> surgical instruments left inside of peoples' bodies and how technology now is being used to stop the trend. >> a flash-flood warning issued for sonoma county in the last few minutes. wind advisories and heavy rainfalls across the bay area and lighting up the screen in high def doppler. we will have a exclusive doppler report after the break. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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the national weather servics issued a flash flood warninr sonoma county. this includes a look right nowality our live high-def doppler 12. we have a flash-flood warning for sonoma, including the city
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of petaluma. the waters are at or above flood stage right now officials are reporting. we are taking a look at our health watch right now. we are talking about one of the last complication that is we would fear from surgery, but it happens too often. the problem of surgical objects left in patients is so bad, three hospitals sited for leaving tools behind locally. we have more on the effort to change that. >> reporter: soon after marta gold be a hysterectomy, she knew something was wrong. she had pain and a fever. two surgical sponges left inside her body. >> it was a mistake, material a mistake. >> reporter: each year there are hundreds of cases are surgical items are left inside patients, most of them gauze sponges. >> i think it happens everyday somewhere in the world, probably every other day somewhere in the united states. i know we can do better. >> reporter: general surgeon
9:11 am
gibbs run as national public safety project called no patient left behind. >> the goal is zero. not just 50% reduction, do a little ber, but 0 retained surgical sponges for at least a year. >> reporter: some hospitals have gone high-tech to keep track. this system shows sponges installed with radio frequency chips. this tool with pickup a signal from it. it is helpful, but not a substitute for counting every sponge used during surgery. >> one sponge in one holder means everyone can keep count. >> reporter: diligence is essential in the o.r. >> it is human that needs to work technology or each other to make sure we don't leave our tools inside of patients. >> reporter: gold needed a second surgery to remove the sponges.
9:12 am
>> i was lucky that i did everything promptly. >> reporter: quick action was key. waiting longer could have caused serious complications. dr. king, cbs 5 eyewitness news. >> there are hospital that is have not yet had a retained sponge and others happen every quarter. dr. gibbs says it has to do with communication and culture in the o.r. and that has to change to make things safer. around here a lot of people planning on shopping and traveling today and it is very wet. we have been talking about a flash flood warning, elizabeth. >> i know. we have had wind advisories overnight. not the best day to do shopping or traveling. also have delays at sfo. we will get to all this in a minute. let's focus. temperatures let's
9:13 am
focus on hi-def doppler right now. low 50s across the bay area. the temperatures will not bump up much by the time the afternoon hits. only upper 50s. we have this wind advisory in affect until 1:00 this afternoon. that is to the north and east bay. we could see gusts up to 50 miles per hour with the rain and the winds. conditions can be pretty treacherous. we are also anticipating a possible isolated thunderstorm as well, especially along the coast. the temperature readings will only be in the upper 50s by this time this afternoon hits. here is what it looks like with futurecast. you can see it timed out. by this amp and evening, pretty much the rain showers and wind advisories should
9:14 am
clear. a pretty good monday drying out for us. santa claus and his reindeer. tuesday afternoon for christmas, christmas afternoon we see things get a little unsettled and then the wet weather sticks around, at least in the manager hours on wednesday before we really finally dry out across the bay area for a few day, it looks like. afternoon highs in the 50s. 59 in oakland. 56 in san rafael. in livermore and doing traveling at sfo, 50s. hour-and-a-half delays. high of 57. rains, thunderstorms and heavy winds are likely. but we are drying out in many areas of the country. denver, chicago and new york looking like partly cloudy skies. here is the forecast for the next few days. wet today, dry christmas eve. christmas day looks rainy the last half of the day. sticking around wednesday before drying out once again thursday to next weekend. that is a check of the weather forecast. a busy day. back to you. the next big deal for tv sets may have a big brother-
9:15 am
like accessory. verizon is introducing what it calls verizon select. it allows the congressmen to share information with advertises. it has filed for a dvr that has a camera enmicrophone, recording how many people are watching what and deliver targeted ads, but a product like that has not yet been invented. do these patents cross your right for privacy. >> that is right. we have uc director robin feldman here to talk about that. how much privacy do you give up when you click i am september on those apps? >> there is always app long line at your front door, your kastle.
9:16 am
imagine in everyone offering this type 06 service, your television, x-box, anything connected to the internet, if this was the way they all did business, would you say gosh, i am not going to have any tv or play any internet game, i will be by myself in my little cocoon? >> i find it fascinating. we have utilities and phone lines before. i don't recall the phone company selling information of who you called to advertisers or somebody else or the content of your call. now people are signing away basically their privacy rights in return for a little gimmick. >> well, part of the problem is that we have a patchwork of privacy laws. we have very strong laws related to telephone, what you can do and can't. we don't have strong laws related to consumers, to the internet, to these types of devices. yes, you are right. people are signing away a lot of privacy, including their image, who they are, what
9:17 am
they are doing in their home. it is a different type of invasion than we have seen before. >> these are the kind of waivers you sign in a click to do things like instagram. we were just talking about that. >> i had says do you agree? nobody reads it or you rarely read it, right? then you have the instagram situation where instagram was trying to say they may sell your photographs to an advertiser? >> i think that when people think about their image, they have a very different type of reaction. think about those new airport systems in which you get an image going through the safety and all of the uproar that happens for that. that was for national security. there is no national security issue about who is playing xbox or watching tv in my living room. >> but if you are agreeing to these things, then you are signing away your privacy, right? >> absolutely. >> once you have done that, is there a way to get it back, or is it just done?
9:18 am
>> i suppose you could take the thing out of your house, right? >> the company could say you can turn it off. you don't have to use our service if you don't want to, but do you ever read those? >> no, i don't. >> i don't read them at all, either. i know i should no better but i don't have time for that. >> do you think there will be a move to address privacy concerns on the new technology or is the route so strong and the programs so popular? >> the thing is they are moving so quickly, it seems. >> it is hard for things to move quickly. from a legal perspective, some courts have said when you plug into the interpret, you give up your privacy. it is like walking outdoors into a street. i hope these kinds of devices will make them think again. when i walk out into the street, i don't walk out in my birthday suit. does that mean i can't do that at home because they may be taking a picture me? i think it is a very different viewpoint. >> well, we know how congress moves slowly, and in the meantime it is every man for
9:19 am
himself. >> that a right and you have to be careful of what you let come into your living room. >> when you are online, shopping or looking around, you have the feeling you are by yourself, when in fact all these companies are watching you. >> but watch sag relative term. it is not like we have executives it ising there and wondering, clicking -- yes, it all does end up in the system somehow. i log on to gmail and see these pictures i viewed when i was online shopping, enticing you, are you sure you don't want this? [ laughing ] >> not only is big brother watching, he is tapping you on the shoulder and saying maybe you out to buy this one or that one, too. well, when we come back, the san francisco top cop weighs in on the gun control debate and what he saw in the big gunback buy recently. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have seen big responses
9:22 am
gun buy back events in the y area. that's after the school shootings in newtown. that has fired up the debate over gun control measures. in san francisco-- mayor ed is . we have seen big responses in the gun buyback measures. >> yes. mayor lee is proposing new law, one banning the use of hollow point bullets and another having law enforcement be notified when somebody buys 500 rounds or more of ammunition. but what affects are these having. our first question is on gun control. we turned to our police chief. is it substantive when we are going al awlaki assault weapons
9:23 am
or are politicians picking the easiest target knowing the public is ready for a change in that direction. >> this is a no-brainer thing, to reinstitute an assault ban, to ban the weapon that just killed 20 children on the list of the 100 that would be banned in high capacity magazine, but it is a start and the discussion need to be the. >> what do you think the next step should be. >> the major mayors and chiefs in this country would like to see the banning of internet sales. we would like to see face-to- face, in-person sales only. a national registry of who is buying guns, a profile on folks that are buying gun, maybe a waiting period. >> as tragic as it was, the connecticut shooting is the exception. the real sadness to a lot of people is the daily shooting that is go on on the streets in the bay area. the daily ones. this gun legislation would not touch most of the guns involved
9:24 am
in that, correct? >> guns should not be lying around. a lot of guns are in home, not used, in basements or closets and people can turn those in any time. >> where would you like to see the discussion go. >> >> well, i mean, i think this is a -- there are two piece to this, right? there is the gun side, too. 300million guntons street. then there is the other -- guns on the street. then there is the other side, people mentally ill that absolutely should not have a chance to have a firearm in their possession. that has bo be part of the conversation,well. >> finally, what was the most unusual find when you did the gun buyback? >> i think the gaunt of guns was more than we have taken by two or three times at any other gun buyback. the other thing is when you are paying $200 a gun, that the more money that prior buybacks. people left the money on the
9:25 am
table. it was a matter of conscience for them, the horrific unimaginable tragedy in newtown, they want the gun gone. i don't want the money. six people left $1,200 at christmas time. it was pretty touching. >> that is amazing. coming up next, one more look at this morning's top stories. >> plus, we have a live look at the bay bridge right now, that is if you can see it through the latest in the storms. we will come back, as well, and talk about flash-flood warnings happening right now in sonoma county when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:26 am
9:27 am
there's a flash flood warni for the western part of sona county. the entire . welcome back. >> right now rain is coming down. a flash-flood warning in affect for the western part of the sonoma counties. the flash-flood warning includes the entire city of petaluma within the last half
9:28 am
hour. local stream gages showed levels at or above flood stage. this comes at the first winter storm of the season is bringing high winds and widespread rain around the area. there is a wind advisory until 1:00 this afternoon. you can see the roads here to lake tahoe, covered in ice and snow. chains are required on highway 50, and crews are warning drivers headed up to the mountains to be prepared, have your chains handy and drive slowly and cautiously. elizabeth has more details on what to expect the rest of the day. yes. flooding reports coming in. parts of the great highway shut down. no surprises at sfo with delays up to two hour, especially on arrivals. this is the reason why. hi-def doppler has been lighting up since overnight. this is the worst of it this morning. slowly tapering off into the afternoon and evening. we should be dry by christmas eve. the heaviest cells right now are moving over the north bay.
9:29 am
the flash-flood warning is issued for parts of sonoma county, including petaluma, issued in the last half hour, right before 9:00. fast rising waters, wind alerts and wind advisorys in the entire bay area could see gusts town 50 miles per hour, set to expire around 1:00 this afternoon. all right. after it pours there is always a rainbow with any luck that shines. >> yes. check this out. this is a silver lining in the clouds. all of the colors in the rainbow shining yesterday afternoon. captured from the cbs 5 rooftop camera. rainbow over the bay, as brief as it was. hopefully we will have a chance to see one today, too. thank you for joining us this morning and a very happy holiday season to you! ,,


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