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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  January 10, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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who took her to her first player movie when she was just seven. there you go. what a terrific evening. that sit for this year. congratulations to all of our winners and all of our nominees. so glad you were with us. have a good night! [ applause ]
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which parts of the bay area heading towards freezing, a below. "i wasn't a very good person when i got temperatures plunging again. which parts of the bay area are heading towards freezing. and below. i wasn't, i wasn't a very good person when i got arrested for this case, and you know, that's all been washed out of me. >> he was out on his third strike. now, he is out of prison altogether. thoughts from a man who was spared a life sentence thanks to cal voters. and it's the art project a lot of people are looking forward to. tonight, a very small sneak preview. tonight we start with what you're talking about. how cold it is outside right
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now. roberta gonzalez is here to tell us about it. let's get to t we have a bit of a wind. that's adding a windchill factor in tonight's forecast, 43 in livermore. san fransisco at 46. factor in the wind it feels like it's the 30s outside. tonight most of the bay area dipping down to near freezing or even below. coldest location will be livermore at 27 degrees. got to go back to january 3rd to find that kind of temperature. otherwise just about freezing around the peninsula. you see these red highlighted areas, that's where there is a freeze warning that goes into effect in a matter of hours from now, 2 a.m. tomorrow morning to 8 a.m. when many of you are heading out the door for your morning rush. the blue area is the frost advisory which encompasses most of the bay area. we'll talk about the cold snap and the number of days it should linger. >> we'll see new a minute. southern california also getting a blast of the cold this
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evening. that's interstate 5 over the grapevine chosed tonight because of snow and ice, traffic backed up for miles. people stuck in it. and we're hearing they're getting lightning down there as well. the grapevine expected to be closed all night long. wine country is also experiencing the cold. weather anything but typical for our area. how are people coping. >> reporter: a lot of people told me they had no desire to come out here. it is going to be colder than usual. we're talking high 20s and enough to keep people completely off the streets. it is freezing out here. in livermore the gloves are on. >> i am all bundled up. i have my alpaca mittens, the scarf and the ugs. >> making sure to have a jacket
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and t-shirt and shirt. >> reporter: people are feeling the freeze. this woman told us it was too chilly to brave one block on foot. >> i went one block so i could go to a restaurant and i'm freezing. >> it is colder this year than hast year. >> i think there's not a lot of precipitation so it makes it colder. >> reporter: they're right about one thing. this is unseasonable cold for the bay area. temperatures are expected to plunge to 27 in livermore overnight. not so cold that it kept people from dining el fresco tonight. >> we're dining under a heat lamp. >> reporter: the cold is all relative. >> this is northern california. it really doesn't get cold here. >> reporter: and again these temperatures expected to stick around tonight and other spots that will be cold, pleasanton
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and danville, freezing tonight. bundle up. it was so cold in the bay area this morning, how cold was it? yes, that's right. a little snow fell in the santa cruz mountains. a light dusting on highways 35 and highway 9. the boy who fired on classmates at a central valley high school planned the attack for more than a year. that's according to the county sheriff. the shooting happened at taft union high school southwest of bakersfield. the 16-year-old entered his classroom and fired a shotgun. one boy was hit and critically injured. the gunman tried to fire on a second classmate but missed. a teacher was grazed in the head but not seriously hurt. the sheriff says the boy targeted students he felt were bullying him. >> the guy that got shot, i was holding him and i have blood on my sweatshirt from it. >> the student in critical
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condition was an intended target of the suspect. >> it was the teacher and another staff member who convinced the suspect to surrender peacefully. an alligator type represent tile found guarding a stash of marijuana has died. it's a kayman named mr. t who was discovered in a home this week. his substandard living conditions may have led to his death. >> mr. t, a five foot long dwarf kayman a day after deputies found him living in this home. >> fish and game is going to pursue animal cruelty charges. >> reporter: the reptile's owner was arrested on suspicion of marijuana. that's when deputies found the 16-year-old reptile in a 2 foot by 8 foot plexiglass tank, similar to this size, and right
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next to 34 pounds of marijuana at the residence. >> first thing this is not a legal animal to owner. >> reporter: the kayman was likely just surviving but not thriving. >> their metabolism is slow enough in that they are durable enough that you can keep an animal in substandard conditions for many, many years, and it will survive. it won't thrive. >> reporter: now this is a monitor lizard whose name is elmo, much different than a dwarf kayman, however it's the same size and that's why i'm showing you. the body length is exactly the same size. the only difference is that a dwarf kayman's head is twice the size of this one, but both are tameable. but this size tank means mr. t couldn't turn around or move around. and plexiglass means it wasn't heated properly. >> they're largely aquatic so you do need a big aquatic tank. but it needs to also have a land
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area where it can get out and bask. >> reporter: the reptile's owner remains behind bars in santa rita jail. . other bay area headlines tonight, san fransisco man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire made his first court appearance today. 22-year-old dexter oliver faces 11 felony charges, including attempted murder, torchure, mayhem. according to prosecutors, oliver got in a fight with his girlfriend over which laundromat to use. and in san jose school officials are trying to figure out how and why three suspected gang members walked on campus and started beating up one of the students. it happened yesterday at pioneer high school. a staff member broke up the fight and had to use pepper spray to do it. the student was not badly hurt. a san jose man who was supposed to spend life in prison is a free man tonight. it's all thanks to the voters of
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california for lozenge the grip on the three strikes law. how the man prepared himself for a return to society. >> he said pick hick up at six i was there at 2:30 waiting for him in the morning. >> reporter: mark was sentenced under the three strikes law. now he's one of the first ones out. >> it's real, you know, i can actually feel him, you know, and it's real. you know? i'm loving it, every moment of it. >> reporter: martin and his son matthew talked to us. he didn't cry but everyone else did. it had been a hong 15 years. >> i wasn't a good person when i got arrested for this case. and you know, that's all been washed out of me. >> reporter: back in 1977 he pleaded guilty for using and selling meth and marijuana. because he had a prior assault conviction he was sentenced to
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26 years. >> what was it like when the judge's gavel hit? >> oh, man, i was numb. you just have to do t you have to suffer it out or you know what the consequences are already, and you just have to deal with it. >> reporter: in prison he stayed out of trouble by exercising, studying the bible and working as a clerk for 32 cents an hour, seven days a week. his behavior was so good one of the guards wrote him a letter of recommendation. >> there are people worthy to come out. they have to be given the chance. >> reporter: at 52 years old he has 10 grand kids he has just met and has never used the internet. he's paid his debt to society, he says, and he's never going back. >> do you think you could have learned these lessons outside of prison. >> i think about this a lot and the answer i come up with it no. a lot of people like to bad
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mouth our state, but don't look now, california is steaming toward a budget surplus and may be for the foreseeable future governor brown released his budget complete with an $851 million surplus. the last time we heard that ... schools are the big winner, they'll get an extra $3 billion. medical gets 300 million and a billion goes into the rainy day fund. brown says the key now is to hold the line on spending. >> what is compassionate, what is good for the state of california, and what we can maintain over time instead of just enjoying the momentary high and then having to hang over it many years later. there is a little bit of low. california has a mountain of debt to pay back after borrowing during those down years. meanwhile, someone didn't do
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a very good job estimating the cost of security cameras for the new bay bridge. the chp says it will cost $32 million. that's a little bit more than the original estimate of $8 million. the bridge is a potential terrorist target so it needs a state of the art security system. >> before we agree to spend that much money which is so far above the original budget that was brought to us, we just really want to make sure the is are dotted and the ts are crossed. >> the good news is they do have the money for it and toll payers would not have to pay more. couple more notes on the bay bridge. the bar pilot in charge of that oil tanker that clipped one of the towers this week was sober. an attorney for captain guy clees says all drug and alcohol
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tests have come back negative. cause of monday's bump is still under investigation. and above water, take a look at this. a very early sneak peak at the bay lights arts installation on the bay bridge. they're not moving dancing or shimmering just yet. workers are still hanging them up during the overnight hours. but this was the first night that any of the lights were turned on for testing, so you see the beginnings of the effect this. should be nice when they finish it. the unveiling is in march. a long career but a short life. now the results of a brain study confirm what many already suspected. what the death of junior seau means for anyone playing football. a nasty flu season roars toward the west coast, a question for you, do you know the difference between flu symptoms and the common cold? and big changes coming for some of the most popular
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sleeping aid on the market. ,,,,,,,,,,
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with nearly two-thousand tackles, 12 pro bowls and a super bowl: junior seau was one of the nfl's fiercest . seau with the interception. >> with 12 pro balls and super bowl he was one of the nfl's fiercest linebackers but retirement was more punishing. he committed suicide at age of 43 two years after he left the game. tonight we have a better idea of why that might have happened, the findings are a frightening
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hit for anyone who plays football. >> reporter: junior seau was a tar linebacker for years. he shot himself last year. this was his mother louisa. >> i pray to god, please, take me, take me. leave my son. but it's too late. it's too late. >> reporter: seau's family donated his brawn for analysis because they say his suicide was linked to head injuries suffered on the field. the report identifies brain abnormalities. >> in some cases they have exhibited behaviors such as impulsivity, irritability, aggression, memory loss and
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suicidal thoughts. >> reporter: seau is the fifth player to commit suicide who was later found to have cte. 4,000 players have filed suit against the nfl for brain related injuries. the nfl has changed the rules to discourage blows to the head and has given a grant to the national institute of health to study injuries in athletes. >> we need to better understand it, better diagnostic capabilities, ways to assess this before somebody passes away or diagnose it. >> reporter: seau's family issued a statement saying they were saddened that he suffered from that such a deliberating condition. . changes are coming for some of america's most popular sleeping pills. turns out they work a little too well. the fda is requiring makers of
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ambien and similar sleeping pills to lower the dosages. the problem, increased risk of injury due to morning drowsiness, specifically car accidents. regulators wants the dosage cut in half for women. so many people have the flu right now that the makers of flu vaccines and tamiflu spray for kids are running short for both. the flu is widespread in 45 states. so far california not one of them. we're lucky here. a lot of people think they have the flu but they really have a bad cold. how we can tell the difference. >> i say the best way to tell the two apart is with the flu symptoms hit you like an mack truck, had you hadly out of the blue, you have a high fever, overwhelming fatigue, you feel lousy. >> some doctors say this season looks bad because last year was
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unusually mild and the main strain of influenza this year makes people sicker. a california mega quake could be around the corner. new research suggests the san andreas fault has stored up enough pressure to shake up the whole state. this is a seismic shift in what we thought we knew about earthquakes. >> we have always thought this little section in here was sort of insulating the two from each other, you know, that a rupture that happened on this end couldn't go through there and come out on this end and vice versa. >> reporter: scientists were baffled by japan's 9.30 magnitude earthquake in 2011 and the earthquake in taiwan. in both cases the creeping parts
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of the fault ruptured. results from studies in japan and taiwan led scientists to believe a great earthquake could happen on the san andreas fault. >> it could bring this up there and vice versa but if they both have damage at the same time, that's not going to work out very well. >> reporter: if emergency services are strained hutton believes everyone needs to be more prepared. >> most people say, okay, i have three days of food and water. i don't think even for earthquake in the creep zone that that's probably enough. . >> the san andreas fault is long overdue for a major quake. the southern section has been quiet for 300 years. good evening, everybody. so far we have some of the coldest air of the season
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working its way right there into san jose. we'll pinpoint the coldest locations as eyewitness news continues on the cw ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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thanks, paul. . everyone is gearing up for the cold temperatures. we've been experiencing it now but it's going to be the next few days, right? >> i'm supposed to ride my bike at 8:00 tomorrow morning i don't think i'll be shifting gears. you're talking about a windchill at that time. beautiful view of the port of san fransisco, look at the clear skies there. how about another view of the sarah building and you can see the flag is on the fly. we have a northwest wind at 12 miles an hour. couple that up with an air temperature in the 40s makes it like it's a balmy 35 degrees out this. santa rosa already in the upper 30s. tonight overnight. we haven't seen these temperatures since january 3rd. 27 degrees in livermore, san ramon could drop to 26 degrees. same story in blackhawk. low 30s in is he noma.
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freezing around the peninsula, red highlighted area that means freeze warning in effect. the blue area means most of the bay area into the 30s overnight. this is our weather camera hooking at san jose. we will have the coldest spots inland. a frosty morning commute. cool and breezy throughout the day and a dry weather pattern albeit cool, this is the latest area of low pressure that shut down i-5 at grapevine again tonight due to snow and icy conditions. that cold air mass system encompassing the entire state of california and many of our locations subfreezing temperatures. 10 degrees in truckee right now. 40s and 50s with the clear conditions in throughout the central valley tomorrow. your highs tomorrow, may out like this. 40s in throughout the trivalley. 47 in hayward. notice each and every day, temperatures well below average for this time of the year.
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we're not even talking about hitting 60 degrees from the coast through the bay to the inhand areas, all -- inland areas until next week. it will feel like football weather on saturday night for the 49ers. 40s. >> tim ryan was here. [ laughter ]. >> we were half an hour late to tape the show because she was busy talking about tim ryan. >> what a distraction. >> he was in the studio. jim harbaugh has chosen the kicker for saturday, the minute is next. you can't move the tv there.
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david akers gets the nod des . jim harbaugh has chosen his sicker for saturday against green bay. david akers gets the nod despite
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a career low 69% completion percentage. cundiff was signed last week but the coach decided akers is the man. the jaguars fired mike malarkey after a 2-14 campaign. why is it interesting? because the new jacksonville general manger is a guy named david caldwell. he could be the next head coach and the jags need that quarterback. st. marys up north against gonzaga and trailing by 18 at the half. st. marys down by four now. too little too late, gonzaga wins 83-78. oregon doing it to harwood. they upset number four arizona. first lost of the season for them. daly, and the pants say it all. daly eight strokes back you know those pants are made here in the
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bay area. >> really? >> the name of the company that makes the pants. >> it slips me names right now. >> who makes those? >> loud mouth pants, john daly. >> i think you should wear them. >> look good on you, though. ,,,,,,


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