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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  January 12, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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colin kaepernick broke on h way to the n-f-c championsh game. packed-in like a loaded barl -- the 9ers run while and the nfl record all in capperknack's favor. >> packed in like a loaded barrel. performance doubled. items flying off of the shelves because of mass shootings in recent months. >> i spent 23 years incarcerated because i took a person's life. >> now doing what he can to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> the powerful message from
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those honoring victims in san francisco. the 49ers are one win away from going to the superbowl. it was a dominant performance for the team in red and gold as they dismantle the the packers. vernon has more. >> and i tell you i am dizzy over what happened. what was the license number that have scarlet and gold car that hit 70,000 inside of the ballpark. what a performance. the last time san francisco beat green bay at home in a playoffs situation like this, it was with steve young's arm. 14 years later, it was with coldlin cappermake's leg. here is cap there in on a record night and after throwing an interception on his first try, look at this man go to work. nobody opened, i will run it anyway. how about a 20-yard touchdown
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to tie the game up at seven. tied at 24 midway through the third. this one as ahmadinejad design play -- design play. giving san francisco a lead, they would not give up, won and capperknack rushed for is 84 yards. we just saw him in the post- game comments and unflippable for a man this young to have had so much at this stage of his young career. we will recap as the 49ers headed back to back nfc championship games. back to you. vern, thank so much, 49ers fans and their fevers running ramid as the packers took and early league and they made a
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come back. don has more. >> here is the difference about watching at a bar. candle stick is dark and cold but at the bar it is celebratory dancing and here is what it looks like when the 9ers were playing. >> groaning and not cheering as green bay scores first. >> it was incredible. just being here in the middle has been exhilarating. >> got off to a bad start. >> yes, but it is early. a lot of time left. >> we came up from socal to watch. >> it no, we have to be in san francisco. >> even if it is on tv. >> yes, in the crowd. >> how does it feel?
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>> awesome, this is perfect. couldn't be better. >> first play of the 4th quarter, the frank gore, two yard run, another 49er touchdown and left no doubt about where the game was headed. >> defense. >> the right side and right moment and right play. the best defense in the lead and on top of their game. so pumped up and going to the superbowl. the 49ers made believers of their faithful fans. >> and no doubt next week at this time we will be doing something similar in a place like this because as these fans say the 9ers will win. ann. >> like new year's eve. thanks so much don. if you were at the game you know how cold it was. we show you we are in for another night of freezing temperatures, roberta. the 49ers enjoyed playing
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in weather in the 40s. get use to it because we are stuck in this cold snap. let's go outside. honoring our 49ers and all of the air quality 35 in livermore, 33 in santa rosa and colder tonight than last night, pinpoint forecast, 26 overnight in livermore and 28 santa rosa and in free month, freezing in mountain view and subfreezing in robert city and 33 by the bay and that is an area we have another for the third consecutive night a freeze warning. most of the bay area under a froze advisory with temperatures in the 30s. wait, this will not be the coldest night. tomorrow night overnight, we will talk about that and when this is all going to taper off. ann, that is straight ahead. roberto, thank you. just not northern california
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feeling the effects of the chilly weather. the grapevine was shut down, ice and snow in southern california forced them to close it around 3 this morning and reopened four hours later. big crowds and long lines as the nation's largest producer of gun shows brings a big event to the bay area. that's just weeks after the elementary school shooting in connecticut. ann shows us why gun shows are more popular now. >> i am not in to gangster style. >> hunting that interests barbara thompson that came to the cal show at the palace for ammunition. >> i live on a ranch and i have critters that i have to protect and a family. >> and ammo is hard to come by. several types sold out on day one of the show. >> all the way down here and stood in line for an hour. that's how bad it is. >> the demand for all thing gup
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related has hit unpress dented levels since lawmakers talked about harbor gun laws since sandy hook last month. >> i want to get whatever i can before anything changes. >> we were expecting a large crowd. we had no anticipation that we would have a crowd like this. >> they wouldn't let the media inside the building but with a crowd of 18,000, it was packed inside. >> and pretty much knew we weren't going to get ammo. the lines are like incredibly long. >> and some lawmakers want to make it harder to get ammo with stricter rules. >> right now it is so easy for anyone to bullets. >> gun enthusiastics tightening the law where people are stocking up. >> i have three or four guns but i can't get ammo. what good is that.
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>> sunday is the final day of the crossroads of the west gup show and runs at the cal palace from nine to four p.m. in daily city, cbs5. four people dead are in oakland, three men and a teenage boy was gunned down over 6 hours last night, an oakland spoke person says it is linked to specific groups. while police are investigating no arrests made. oakland had 131 homicides last year and so far six this year. >> three more people were hit by gunfire. it happened on harmon avenue near seminary before 1:00 this afternoon. all three people are expected to survive, no word if they are connected to last night's violence. 68 people were victims of homicide in san francisco last year and today they were remembered in a memorial walk.
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the walk began at saint anthony's church and continued through the mission district. participants carried crosses. one man that walked had a personal reason for taking part. i spent 23-and-a-half years incarcerated because i took a person's life. to hold this cross in honor of somebody, life was taken. for me it is very powerful. i am trying to give back as much as i can. i can't reverse the pain that i have caused. but i can try and do what i can in community to help. >> the walk was organized by the catholic archdioceses ministry for victims of violent crimes, bishop justice led the walk. authorities in petaluma have identified the body of a
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man found in a recycling tv the body of 31-year-old luiz gomez diaz was found friday afternoon. investigators say there is no obvious signs of trauma to his body but they are calling the death suspicious. they say it looks like his body was in a dumpster that was emptied by a recycling truck. gomez diaz was last seen in santa rosa on thursday. a neurovirus outbreak is expecting to sicken kids at a bay area school, they are looking at how 90 students at burton elementary got sick with symptoms similar to norra virus. the campus is being disinfected this weekend and classes will be held on monday. new york is the latest state to declare a public health emergency because of the flu. people are rushing out to get vaccinated but some are finding it is not available.
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erica has more. >> people waited on a long line outside of boston health children to get their flu shot. >> it is free. why not? >> health officials say the flu is widespread in 47 states making it one of the worse seasons in years. doctor gary mazer is on the front line and treats patients at an urgent healthcare city. >> in a typical year you would see two or three cases but today we are seeing over 20 to 30 cases a day. new york state reports 20,000 cases, the flu is spreading fast in the city. >> coughing, sneezing and being in close proximity to someone with those symptoms you can contract the flu. >> the outbreak in new york state officials have declared a public health emergency. new york's governor has suspended a law that limited where children could get vaccinated. now kids between the ages of 6 months and 18 years of age can come to pharmacies like this
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and get the flu shot. it may not be easy to find. >> i had to get prescriptions filled and i was counting on getting my flu shot and they are out of flu shots. although there are reports of shortages, the stores and clinics are restocking. this year manufacturers shipped 130,000 doses. the flu season can last through march so doctors say it is not too late to protect yourself. erica ferrari for cbs news new york. rain is making an impact, the bayer building forced to vacate because of a slipping hillside. families arriving to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the tragic crew ship on sunday. we will have that story coming
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up. sunny skies may have chased away real storms but the danger is hidden in bay area hillsides. one of those saturated slopes is turning into a landslide and threatening the lawrence berkeley land. why lab employees are in a race. >> this land slide has evacuated building 46 closing mcmillen road and displacing 160 exployees. >> late november or early december where we had a storm coming into the bay area where it dumped a lot of rain in a very short period of time. >> the type of bedrock that we
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have in the bay area is generally relatively weak compared to other parts of the state. ron reuben of the geological survey explain why it is not safe. >> the longer you goin the season the greater the risk because the ground has absorbed more water. >> a massive landslide in california happened in 2005, this building is in the way of this land coming down and relocating their employees, tools and instruments and records that scientists use will not be easy. >> you can't do it like in four hours, you can't do it in one day. >> upper inof outside specialists including the u.s. gs are involved to stabilize the area. until they are sure that building 46 is safe from danger. >> it is good to go outside. >> reporting from berkeley, patrick sadea cb s five.
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we are talking about rain for days and days. now we are talking about the cold weather. it has been chilly. >> it has been near record cold in the bay area, these records go way back to the 1900s. in fact tonight it will be colder than what it was last night but certainly not as cold as it will be tomorrow night. and this is about two and three degrees off of the record. it is live as the cb s5 weather center looking here. thank you for honoring the 49ers with the red lights. almost freezing in santa rosa. colder than last night, 26 in livermore and record for san jose is 28 but forecasting 30. free month and union city 20s and in red wood 20 and napa and sonoma. 3rd consecutive night freeze warnings for the inland bay
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area and most of the area near freezing, one temperature in the 40 degrees and that was near san francisco. we have the coal air mass firmly in place and just settling in over the bay area. we need good wind to blow it out, won't happen soon. the cold snap will continue. we are talking about stagnant area. i would not be surprised if we see a spare the air day on monday or tuesday. meanwhile for the ladder portion of your weekend. 51degrees at the state capital. currently one below zero on the south shore going to a high of 27 degrees. forecast low tonight overnight about 9 below zero and the forecast does improve by tuesday with warmer temperatures in the 40s. no snow in the forecast for the next 7 days. our temperatures in the 50s
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tomorrow and also the 40s. it will be about 47 to 50s. that will be unseasonably cool day. take a look at the forecast, what do you notice? finally, by thursday, 61 degrees which is seasonal for this time of the year. we'll have another day on friday as far as seasonal highs and most notably the lack of rainfall and the stagnant cold air and the air quality will take a hit. so far this winter season we have seen three days of winter spread the air dates and i would not surprised to see monday and tuesday and wednesday and thursday spare the air date. thank you. another aviation mishap at san carlos airport. the second in less than a week. another pilot walks away unhurt. authorities say the 5 6-year- old pilot was flying in from business and had no idea the landing gear was still up until he hit the runway. the man was the only person on
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board and did need medical attention. the accident closed the airport until the plane could be moved from the runway. that incident comes after a week after this one at the san carlos airport, the small plane overshot the runway and it ended up nose down. the pilot and passenger walked away unhurt and the sheriff's deputy say the pilot may have been going too fast when he tried to land. the biggest salvage operation in history. one year after the cost ta concordia cruise ship disaster, how the ship is being moved out and what family members are doing to are doing to are doing
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to remember those that died.
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three years ago today a deadly quake struck the caribbean island of haiti killing more than a quarter of a million people. michelle moretali was joined by the u.s. special envoy for haiti. former president bill clinton. rebuilding has been painfully slow and barely half of the five billion dollars pledged by donors. another grim anniversary, ceremonies inill will mark one
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year since costa concordia accident. the families of the victims are watching the biggest salvage operation. kevin is on the island to mark the one year anniversary of his brother's death. >> it has been a difficult time. >> 33-year-old russell, a waiter on the costaconcordia is one of two victims hose bodies have not been found. >> going back to the island and has given me a little bit of relief because i find myself near to him. >> one year ago sunday, the luxury cruise liner slammed into a reef after its captain took the ship off course. the impact ripped a huge garb in the hull causing the costaconcordia to capsize. more than 400 people are working around the clock to remove the ship that is twice the size of the titanic. the operation to get the cost
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ta concordia out of the water is expensive, costing $400 million to roll the ship upright and then tow it away. the plan is to move the ship onto an under water platform almost as big of a football field. crews will attach steel floats about ten stories high to keep the ship from sinking again. the salvage companies hopes to do this by september and says based on mathematical calculations it should work. >> we cannot be promised proven before and never been attempted before to handle a vessel in this position. salvage crews will stop what they are doing for one minutes on sunday to observe a moment of silence. cbs news. at candle stick park, the 49ers making noise tonight at the expense of the factors, highlights and comments and the
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minute is next.
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back here at candle stick park, it is collin caberknack's world and we are living in it, he shattered the mark held by michael vick. let's look at young collin caberknack in action and jim har bow let him go and what a start for him. a pick six to sam shields. green bay is on top. 7-0 and it was shocking. all throughout the stadium. mccaver knack made up and nobody open and do it with my legs, how about a 20-yard touchdown, rushed for 181 yards and threw for 262 and two
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touchdowns to michael crabtree as the 9ers win 45-31, caberknack makes history tonight. i mean it is a great accolade. our team did a great job, runningbacks doing amazing jobs. in your wildest dreams did you think you would have a rushing effort like you did as a team? >> the lines did a great job. >> had a great week of preparation. they played very poised. i thought they competed like maniacs and we get another week of work. all right. so as we go back to you, ann, here is the situation. seattle is playing atlanta tomorrow, if seattle wins, the nfc championship game will be right here in this stadium, if atlanta wins, the 49ers will have to get it done on the
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road. that will unfold coming up tomorrow. back to you. and who do we want to win, play home field or play atlanta? >> hey, chef's choice, i don't think the 49ers care. we'll see you at 11 on cbs5, goodnight. ,,,,,,


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