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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  January 18, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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of the bay area. now - just 38 hours before the n-f-c championsh that michael c a critical piece of the team carrying the super bowl hopes for the bay area, just 38 hours before the game, michael krab tree is the subject of -- crabtree is the subject of a sexual assault investigation. [ crowd noise ] >> families come to blows outside the courtroom as a crime-fighting handyman is charged with murder. >> and what comes next for lance armstrong? >> cameras were there this afternoon when 49ers wide
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receiver michael crabtree almost missed the team bus heading for the airport. tonight we know there is far more serious drama surrounding him: an accusation of sexual assault. julia is at the hall of justice in the city tonight. >> reporter: tonight, san francisco police are investigating the sexual assault allegation involving 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree. as of tonight, cbs 5 has learned he is in atlanta right now with his team. >> reporter: san franciscos me say the alleged -- san francisco police say the alleged assault involving michael crabtree occurred in a san francisco hotel room last sunday morning after the 49ers' playoff victory over the packers. today, he was practicing with the team in santa clara. our cameras caught him literally running late to board the bus as it was on route to the airport and then onto
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atlanta. the police department said "michael crabtree has been interviewed with his lawyer present and has cooperated in this investigation. michael crabtree has not been detained or arrested and has agreed to make himself available." the 49ers are aware of the allegations and say they take such matters very seriously. the team has they have nothing further comment as the legal ares is ongoing -- process is ongoing. fans say no one should rush to judgment until the investigation is complete. >> i think she's lying. why would he do that? he comes to san francisco and he can get whatever he wants of the he's a hero here. >> reporter: the sexual assault allegation is being investigated by the special victims' unit and will be presented to the district attorney's office. but as of tonight, the wide receiver is in atlanta and is expected to
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play in sunday's nfc championship game. >> it's really interesting, he's having such a great year. and 48 hours ago, the 49ers confirmed that crabtree will play in sunday's nfc championship game. the investigation comes on the heels of one of the best games of his career. he caught 9 passes for 119 yards and 2 touchdowns in saturday's win over the packers. but the former 1st-round pick has always been a mystery. he wears his sunglasses during postgame press conferences and rarely speaks with the media during the week. he came into the league with the reputation as a bit of a diva. he missed five games in his rookie season thanks to a holdout that required mc hammer's help to broker a deal. he's very
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passionate about designing his shoes, and also would like to design clothes one day. but don't expect the nfl to pass judgment on him anytime soon until the investigation is complete. >> a whole process that's protected by the players' association. right. just 81 collin colin kaepernick indicated he is focused and ready for sunday's game. mark sayer is at the training facility. >> reporter: all eyes on colin kaepernick. here is the site of the new stadium. he answered questions about his love of football and fast food. >> reporter: he may be the hottest player in the nfl right now, but he certainly doesn't talk that way. >> this is 100% a business trip. i mean , this is what we work for all season, all
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offseason. >> reporter: how about reaching his childhood dream of playing for the 49ers and going to the conference championship game after just two months as a starting quarterback? >> i don't have time to stop and think right now. too much work to be done. >> reporter: if the stress and the stakes of sunday's game are weighing on kaepernick, he doesn't show it. he appeared in a postpractice news conference in an under shirt, shorts and socks and talked about his admitted love of fast food. >> nef been a big nutrition guy. if i work out enough, i feel like i'm going to be all right. >> reporter: he used to really like big macs. >> mot so much mcdonald's anymore. >> reporter: the new favorite? >> i eat a lot of five guys right now. >> reporter: he was previously a baseball player drafted by the cubs in 2009. he passed on that offer to continue his football career at nevada. >> there's a passion about football that no other sport can
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give you. in football, if one player messes up on offense, the whole play is done. >> reporter: will the coach be facing his older brother coaching the ravens in the super bowl? coach jim harbaugh was asked about that and he was told they haven't spoken in the past week. so there's been no discussion among the harbaugh brothers about meeting up in the super bowl. >> they're kin but they could be potential enemies pretty quick. >> all business. a coffee shop in colin kaepernick's hometown named a drink after him. the problem is they misspelled his name! colin has one l, not two! the drink is red velvet powder mixed with black tiger espresso. lance armstrong has been spilling the dirty truth.
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the disgraced cyclist was more emotional in tonight's portion of his 2-part confession to oprah. he apologized to his fans and all those who believed in him. in part 2 of his interview, the disgraced cyclist spoke directly to those who wore his live-strong bracelets and stood by him during his decade of lying about doping. >> i understand your anger, your sense of betrayal. you supported me forever. through all of this, and you believed. and i lied to you. and i'm sorry. >> reporter: armstrong said his first wife knew about the use of performance enhancing drugs. he also said his lowest moment wasn't his being stripped of his cycling titles. it was when his own live-strong foundation asked him to step away. >> it was the best thing for
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the organization. but it hurt like hell. >> reporter: he got emotional when talking about how one of his children had been defending him to kids in school. >> i told luke -- i said -- >> i said don't defend me anymore. >> reporter: armstrong's confession may eventually help him to lift a lifetime ban in competitive sports. before then, he will likely face several lawsuits that could wipe out his estimated net worth of $100 million. >> he concedes he has an uphill battle to get back into sports. the antidoping agency says to even consider it, he needs to confess under oath. was he simply protecting property or did he cross the line?
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an apartment complex handyman who killed a suspected car burglar appeared in court charged with murder. outside the courtroom, the case boiled over. and as joe vasquez shows us, deputies had to jump in to separate two feuding families. [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: outside the santa clara courthouse, emotions boil over as a confrontation between two families breaks out into a fight. [ screaming ] >> reporter: cops surround the back in the black t-shirt and slap cuffs on her. she is the 18-year-old daughter of chris soriano, the san jose man shot to death on new year's eve. >> reporter: the folks in white t-shirts are family and friends of luiz ricardo hernandez, a handy man who is behind bars for killing soriano he want is charged with murder. his family believes he was simply trying to
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make a citizen's arrest of a man he believed was burglarizing a car. >> the request is to let him go and to set a bail that this family can put forward! >> the man had an illegal gun. he had no right to kill my son! >> reporter: the people in black t-shirts disagree. they are family and supporters of sorian owner the man who was killed. >> how can you say somebody's a hero when they take the law into their own hands? he had an illegal gun and he killed a man, a father of five children. took my son away from me! [ crying ] >> reporter: hernandez's hearing today was brief, less than five minutes. as it ended, the two families left the courthouse together. and that's when the war of words led to the fight outside. [ screaming ] >> reporter: no charges were filed in the fight, but the da released a statement this afternoon about mr. hernandez.
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"mr. hernandez had no legal excuse or justification for using deadly force on an unarmed man." the district attorney went on to say this will play out inside the courtroom. the woman whose cellphone video sparked a domestic violence investigation against a san francisco sheriff is filing a lawsuit. i've beenry madison who shot -- ivory madison is suing mirkarimi for defamation. she lives next door to him. as a bloody standoff continues in the sahara, america has a new terrorist enemy. what we know about the man known as 1-eye. >> and it's not just the 49ers on tap this weekend. what's new for this year's mavericks competition? >> and say goodbye to 2-buck
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chuck! ,,,,,,,,
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algeria. other a at least one american, a man from texas, has been killed from the hostage crisis in algeria. other mens are still being held by islamic militants of the these were some of the lucky ones who escaped when the algerian army attacked the gas plant where they were being held. some say the captors booby trapped them with explosives. others say they hid under beds and prayed. the news service says a dozen host
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annuals were killed -- hostages were killed. the standoff his given terrorism a new face. the jihad prince. >> reporter: aka, 1-eye, aka the malbrowman because he made a living selling cigarettes. >> y would work in the kitchen, but there was no doubt who was the boss. >> he wasn't a flashy guy in any way. but he was rather soft-spoken. but as soon as he began speaking, everybody would listen. >> reporter: though he has been known to intelligence agencies as a leader of the north african
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affiliate of al-qaeda -- >> they would tell me repeatedly, we fight to die while you fight too go home to your wife and kid, how can we lose? they believed their fight was god's fight, and because it was god's fight, it would be won. >> reporter: they began in a different name, and in 1984 hijacked an airliner planning blow it up over the aisle tower. they later took the name al-qaeda. >> he is tough, seems physically demanding, demands a lot of his people. and therefores, yes, i'd say -- therefore, yes, i'd say he's a tough enemy. >> reporter: whatever name, he has suddenly emerged from the north african desert as america's newest enemy. california is joining 47 other states where the flu is
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now widespread. the health department says it's seeing increases in every region of the state. five people under the age of 65 have died, bringing the national total to 29 so far this season. this flu strain is really having an impact on kids. >> for children, when they get influenza really bad, the young can be severe respiratory complications. maybe pneumonia, need to be on a ventilator. >> the department of health has tracked a steep increase of flu cases in a couple weeks. doctors say the vaccine is still available, and it's not too late to get the shots. you've known it as 2-buck chuck, but you can't call it that anymore! the price is going up $0.50. all stores in california, $2.5-buck chuck? i
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don't know. but the wine has sold for $1.99 for years. but the cost of doing business has forced them to raise the price. in other parts of the country, they have been selling from two there's 49 to two there's -- $2.49. dry right now, the timetable to the return to rain has moved up. ,, jwwñ
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throw you hands up throw yo throw your the 49ers have an original victory song making the rounds on facebook. ♪ throw ya hands up, throw ya hands up! ♪ ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> he and his son came up with the song, "throw yer hands up." >> i've been a san francisco 49 upper since i was born -- 49er since i was born. growing up on the streets of the mission
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district, the 49ers represented the mission, as far as i'm concerned. and some of the greatest fans come oust the mission district. ♪ 49ers! we all warriors! play for victory! win the battle! ♪ >> who's got -- the song is becoming so popular, it's even getting air time on the radio. [ laughter ] spectators trying to catch the best views for the mavericks sufsh competition this sunday have to to -- surf competition this sunday have to follow the rules. the beach and the cliffs will be off limits. the same goes for all roads. the best way to view the competition is at the mavericks festival at the oceano hotel and spa at princeton harbor. >> it's tough to see anyway. you'll be better off viewing it from the jumbotron.
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>> or you can watch highlights here at kpix. this will be cameras on surfers, their boards, the seagulls. that's right. [ laughter ] >> beautiful weather, and the largest crowds ever. and it has been pretty nice today! >> it has been. people are throwing their hands up, just happy with the sunshine. hey, nice day today! repeat coming up for the weekend. changes next week, so let's enjoy this holiday weekend while we have it. temperatures outside, it's another chilly night! already in the upper 30s. santa rose alivermore, con -- rosa, livermore. san francisco, 53. oakland, 52 degrees. a high surf advisory up and down the coast in the bay area. seas are going to build 8-10 feet. some spots could get to 20 feet.
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watch out for the sneaker waves! every sixth or seventh can be a strong one with a pull out to sea. please, swim with caution, or stay out of the water! concord, december, ton of rainfall. january, 1 quarter of 1 inch of rain. and we're not going to see any until wednesday. high pressure still protect the bay area. but things are getting more active 100 miles off to the west. and all of this meswill eventually move in -- of this mess will eventually move in. that's the entire holiday weekend still under the influence of this big bubble of high pressure. sunny, dry, mild in the 60s. before high pressure moves out middle of next week, a week cold front moves through, a couple showers on wednesday, not friday. and then an onshore flow will make us cooler for several days thereafter. a great, beautiful
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weekend to get outside! watch out for the rough surf at the beach, and the pattern change is coming but not until next week. not bad for highs tomorrow. san jose 60 average. san francisco also 5 degrees above average. mountain view 66, morgan hill, 66. great day in san ramon. chilly start in pleasant hill. great weekend all the way through martin luther king junior day. highs in the low 60s. a few showers on wednesday. that's a change. and then partly sunny thursday and friday. gorgeous holiday weekend to throw your hands up and enjoy! >> very good. >> you do that well. >> i like it! [ laughter ] >> if they win, there'll be a lot of hands up in the air. we've been talking about
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football, but there's actually other sports! >> without steph curry, could the warriors defy the odds? you can't move the tv there.
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haven't won in san antonio e the odds for themo do it tonight with steph cuy out for the second straighte were ...christian start t the warriors haven't won in san antonio since 1997. the odds for them to do it tonight without steph curry were not high! they got off to a good start. jack with 2 of his 20. the warriors led by 1 at the half. but something changed. danny green wide open for the 3. san antonio wins 95 -88.
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the warriors have lost three straight. tiger woods had never missed a cut on the european tour until today. tee shot lands in the bushes, and tiger thought his ball was embedded. but it was a bad shot because there was sand around the ball. terms on a 1-year deal with brandon moss. he will be back in oakland for 2013. on the giants side, hunter pence signed a 1-year deal. buster posey gets the same. he made $615,000 last season. and that's a good thing he want has twins. >> pence is making more money than buster? >> he's a motivational speaker. >> i know . what's that worth? >> 13 boy
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$13.8 million. he's going to have a better year, i think. >> pence i believe will. remember- the news is alway c-b-s s-f dot com. ,,,,


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