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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  January 28, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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have a nice day. what the hell's wrong with you? captioning sponsored by cbs brought to you by ford. go further. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. bay area bartenders fight back. why they think the mayor's super bowl plans would be a buzz kill. doing donuts on a busy bay area freeway. the side show stunts that shut down 880. plus, how a woman tricked a total stranger into driving the get away car when she robbed a bank. good evening, i'm elizabeth
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cook in the bay area. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell in new orleans where the ravens have touched down and the 49ers came in yesterday and we are ready to play some football. a heavy mist has taken over jackson square and the rest of new orleans as the weather has taken a turn for the worst. no problem, the game is going to be played indoors. 159million viewers will be watching this football game and the media is a big reason why. at first glance, you think you'd walked into the superdome or one of those wild super bowl parties. but this is the media center. the hub of the nfl network featuring mile broadcast partner, davis. >> it's not like i'm working in the coal mine. it's not like i'm having to work for a living. this is tons of fun and i get to do more of it and who can complain about being here this week? >> record breaking. >> they live and have lived for the past two years to make
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your experience incredible. so have an incredible experience. >> it is also headquarters for 5,000 credential media, broadcasting, and riding nationally around the world. >> everything they can, i think we are seeing more and more of that. >> everything is here to make the job easier. just ask. >> my news director is going to love this, because i don't have to expense it. >> the nfl feeds the hand that feeds them. >> you already had brunch. it was in the hotel room. >> this is my second brunch. >> they didn't become a $9.5 billion company in 2012 on their own. you want proof? only 12 tv shows have reached 40 million average viewers. 11 of those 12 have been nfl post season games. >> i have a belief if you feed the media well, they will say good things to you. we endeavor to do that.
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>> the media center is the super bowl con due it for the rest of the world and we are all working very hard for you. >> it's not a bad place to get free stuff. you know what these sell for on ebay? >> all right. you need a pen, liz? >> i do. i need a little jambalaya. you are pretty well taken care of there, dennis. >> we're doing the best we can. tomorrow is media day, by the way, and everybody is going to take care of business. the horns of media will descend upon both football teams tomorrow. so we'll have that for you tomorrow at 6:00. >> sounds like fun. all right, dennis, don't work too hard now. well last week, we told you about the san francisco's mayor's call to bar owners to watch it on super bowl sunday. he doesn't want them over serving people. well, the city's bartenders have a message for the mayor
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and sharon chin is at clooney's in the mission. sharon. >> reporter: liz, bars like this expect to be packed on super bowl sunday and on that day, bartenders, many of them say that they are going to make the choice on what to serve. owns the saloon says he follows the alternatives, it would sideline his mission district business. >> by not allowing us to do our job, you know, it goes back to prohibition. >> he is an ambassador. he represents one of the trade groups that is taking a stand against lee's suggestion. the american beverage institute calls it a ridiculous idea and urges the city to avoid demonizing a legal product. he understands the mayor wants to prevent the riots that erupted after the world series, but restricting hard alcohol sales isn't the solution. >> responsible beverage
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service and responsible beverage consumption go hand in hand. that's, as we free americans have the right to do. whether we are conducting our business or enjoying ourselves. >> about a block away, adam, co-owner of the sandwich and sports bar, says he'll add extra security and be extra alert how much bartenders serve. >> as long as we're not feeding people shots of booze and sending them out on the streets, they'll be fine. >> many people say even if restaurants and bars limit hard liquor sales, it wouldn't do much good. >> it's not going to keep people from drinking. if they want to do it, they're going to do it. >> a spokesperson said he wants to make sure football fans party responsibly and with moderation. in the next few days, he's going to be visiting a mission district business, especially those hard hit from last year's riot. he wants the super bowl parties to be safe and he wants their help to make that happen.
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liz. >> i can imagine for bartenders it can be a challenge. just keeping track of the sea of masses that is going to descend on all the bars, just keeping track of who has what. >> they said they are experienced and licensed and trained to be able to tell when too much is too much and you know, some of them will be extra alert that day, knowing that is a concern. >> absolutely. all right sharon, thank you. we'll have live team coverage from new orleans all week long. dennis and michelle, plus vern glenn, all in new orleans. in other news tonight, oakland police are looking for the suspects who shot and injured an 8-year-old girl in a drive by. it happened outside a house at 2:30 this afternoon. the girl was hit in her leg and in the hospital tonight. police say from the looks of it, she was caught in the cross fire and not targeted. the house and an suv in the driveway were riddled with bullet holes. the chp is looking for the drivers who did this.
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this is a youtube video posted over the weekend of a side show. cars doing donuts in the middle of the freeway near the oakland coliseum. and cbs 5 reporter is in oakland tonight. joe. >> reporter: this is bizarre, even by oakland standards. you know how crowded this freeway gets on a saturday afternoon. imagine having to stop while these souped up cars start to do donuts around you. >> that is not okay to put people's lives in danger like that. >> look closely today and you can still see the circular marks burned into the freeway. this was the scene saturday afternoon. northbound 880 near the coliseum. traffic came to a dead stop in both directions as people gawked. some got out and sat on their cars, took pictures with their phones and watched several cars do stunts, donuts, as they are popularly known. the activity is referred to as
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drifting and side show. here's another youtube video shot from the other side of the highway. nobody got hurt, but chp says it caused a major disruption. >> we have the airport that is there, hospitals, people that need to get to places. you have both side of the freeway blocked, it's important that people don't think it's fun, that it's not funny. you have a lot of people that you have affected that day. >> the chp will pursue the people responsible for this activity. in fact, the side show only arrived a few minutes before the highway patrol arrived. you can hear people yelling 5- 0, 5-0. >> that is street slang for police. the chp hopes the drivers will turn themselves in. >> it is senseless. absolutely. we, as a community, need to address the issue. family, parents, everybody needs to get involved. you need to speak out. you need to tell these people
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it's not okay. >> so the chp is hoping to make some arrests. liz, nobody got hurt, but they point out that it was extremely reckless driving and lucky it wasn't worse. >> all right joe, thank you. an ex49er accused of beating up an old boyfriend over soy sauce. and how a california man got tricked into being the get away driver when a woman robbed a bank. >> plenty of sunshine so far, temperatures are running in some spots, nearly 4 degrees below normal. when do we warm up? i have the answer coming up. but first, here's some 49ers photos that fans have been e-mailing us tonight. ,,,,,,,,,,
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raiders was in court today.o face charges a former player for the niners and raiders was in court today to face charges that he beat up a former boyfriend. the assault charges are one thing, but now he's dealing with a very public revelation. kit doe tells us a fight started over a little jar of soy sauce. >> no, this is not a 49er team photo. it's his mug shot when he was booked into jail last year. back in august, harris met an old boyfriend here at the restaurant in menlo park. the two had been dating off and on for four years. assistant district attorney says it all began when the victim messed with harris' order of rice. >> i believe it was soy sauce that was poured on to the container and that initiated
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the argument. >> victim tried to leave and call a taxi. the former football player accused his former lover of stealing his underwear. the former linebacker followed his exboyfriend outside. at one point, harris attempted to pull down the victim's pants to find the stolen underwear. that's when it got violent. >> grabbed on to him, pinned him against the glass of the restaurant and began to hit him repeatedly to the face and head. >> the victim suffered compound facial fractures that required surgery. harris was the 49ers top draft pick in 2003 and went on to play four seasons. he played for the raiders for one season back in 2008. no one was at harris' home in palo alto and he did not return our phone calls. the da's office says their case is strong and no one is above the law. >> the fact he used to be a
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49er, does he get special treatment? >> it makes no difference to us. we treat people based on the nature of the crime, but not based on who they are in society or what position they may have held. >> we're back here live at the restaurant. part of what makes this case interesting is that there are not a lot of proathletes who are openly gay. not only was he outed, but done for in a public and embarrassing way. he faces a charge of domestic violence and assault. he pleaded not guilty and the case goes to trial in april. live in menlo park, cbs 5. >> a man in his 80s got an unusual request from a woman who wanted to buy his car. she needed a lift to the bank to get the cash, and that's when it got messy. the man drove the woman to manteca. she got the cash, came out, and they drove off. that's when he realized, ought oh. >> she pulled the top of her
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purse open like this and leaned it toward me. she said well, i got the money. >> police say the woman robbed the bank and used the man as her get away driver. officers quickly swarmed the car and didn't take long for police to realize the elderly man was the victim. police then arrested the woman. an unusual art display has been popping up all over oakland. nomes painted on wooden tiles. they look harmless, but chris nares explains there's just one problem. >> if you weren't looking closely, you'd miss them. whimsical, watchful, like something out of a childhood fairy tale. >> it brings a smile. >> an army of urban nomes, affixed to wooden poles. >> you don't mind them? >> not even. come on. they're cool, you know, somebody hand painted it. it's art. right on. >> the man who created the nomes is keeping as low a profile as the nomes
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themselves. he created more than 2,300 of them and hidden them all over the city of oakland. for a year, the magical little nomes lived in peace. every fairy tale has a villain and owners of the poles they are mounted on got wind of nome. >> we have a policy as a company not to allow that nature. >> they promise to remove them. >> they come out at night and they steal and break into cars. that's why we have to worry about it, and pg and e is trying to protect us. >> in all seriousness, pg and e says public art on power poles could get in the way of crews trying to restore power. that didn't sit well with twitter. just search nomes. >> we got a lot of feedback. >> within hours and a move worthy of a fairy tale. pg and e reversed its stance. >> we're going to work with the artist, the city and community groups to find new homes and we will not remove
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them from the poles until we have identified where they are going to go. >> some place where they can live happily ever after. in oakland, cbs 5. a man who has been a 49ers fan for nearly 60 years has collected so much team memorabilia that the niners come to him for help. martin jacobs has 2500 items, photos, trading cards, even chin straps. he started collecting as a kid and went into the business of selling and trading. his devotion to the team cost him two marriages. >> she said that i liked montana more than her. it was probably true at the time. that ended up in a divorce. but i have never divorced my 49ers. >> loyal. well jacobs won't make it to the super bowl this year because of his health. he's going to watch from home and family can attend. but he demands absolute silence if they do. wow. well, lots of you have been sending us your fan photos.
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that is little mariah from san francisco cheering on her favorite team. mcgrege mcgregor is all decked out. and here are madory and hobbs. 49er dogs came ready for the game and finally, here is 19 month old parker. what a cutie. perfect. keep them coming. e-mail your photos to or upload them to our website. everybody is getting into the 49er fever. >> those kids have it good. they didn't know the past 19 years we have done it. it happens every year. >> it's like christmas all over again. >> you get free stuff. great weather out here with super forecast, if you like sunshine. every once in a while, the weather system passing by to the north and the cloud cover doesn't do much to our sensible
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weather. it gives us a gorgeous sunset. beautiful outside. cloud cover is out of here and it's not rain baring clouds. we have a clear cbs 5 high definition doppler radar. it is still late january. not below freezing, but close. fremont 37, 35 for santa rosa. and san francisco down to 44 degrees. the setup in the atmosphere is this. we have a huge bubble of high pressure that will keep the rain away for the next five or six days. it's the location of the high that will give us differing weather. tomorrow, high pressure is off to the west. clock wise flow around the high, because that's a northerly flow of air. it was a chilly breeze. same story tomorrow. we'll have the sunshine. we'll be mainly sunny, but highs in the 50s. by wednesday and lasting until saturday, four straight days, high pressure is closer to us. we don't get that northerly flow. that will get us into the 60s. what to expect?
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nights will be chilly. 40s otherwise. mainly sunny, mild afternoon. we will be dry all week long, likely beyond super bowl sunday. for tomorrow, upper 50s. avenue average is 61. san francisco 56. upper 50s for pacifica and 56 for mountain view. here comes the sunshine, low 60s on wednesday. mid 60s on thursday, friday, and saturday. then on sunday, super bowl sunday, partly sunny, low to mid 60s. good weather to get outside before or after the game. >> thank you, paul. sounds good. coming up, how much exercise you'll need to burn off all those super bowl calories. ,, at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning
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dr. ki research.. tha less may be more when it comes to treating breast cancer. dr. kim came on the new research that says lez invasive treatment may increase survival rates. >> 50-year-old tony spring was diagnosed with breast cancer
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last summer. she decided on a lumpectomy. >> very happy with the choice. because i didn't have to stay in the hospital for longer than the surgery and a couple hours after recovery. >> a new study from duke university finds women who treat their early stage breast cancer have better survival rates than women who undergo mastectomies. women, this will support them in the idea that it is a very good treatment option for them. >> previous research showed the two operations produced the same result. this is the first study to suggest radiation may be a better option. over the last decade, more women are opting to have their entire breast removed, especially younger patients. the study may reverse that trend. >> i think sometimes parents think that mastectomy is a bigger operation, it means it's better treatment. >> factors like tumor size and
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family history should be considered. tony went to three doctors. the first two recommended having one or both breasts removed. she was relieved to find a lochectomy could be just as effective. >> it made me feel empowered, like i had a decision. >> she says if her cancer comes back, she can have a mastectomy if she needs one. everyone knows the super bowl isn't just about the game, it's also about the food and wait until you hear how much exercise you'll actually need to burn off some of your favorite snacks. according to diet 8-ounces ofkey toe, jumbo puffs, have almost 1300 calories. if you eat all those, you'll have to play a half hour of pro football. pack almost a thousand
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calories. if you do that, you have to do the wave 5500 times. i think that means getting out of your seat. >> i don't think we can do this. >> new no, absolutely not. we'll be in the gym for a while. with all the new orleans docking, oh. well we do have a little bit of golf news to tell you about. tiger takes tori again and the warrior's big man takes his return to the court. the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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wayne start the clock. andrew returned to the warrior's lineup. another big name could be out. little wayne, start the clock.
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logan's first time in uniform since november 7. first possession of the game, he scores with a minihook shot. the trade made his presence felt four blocks on the night. third quarter, warrior fans unfortunately, you have seen this before. he lands on ed davis' foot. he would leave the game. he is listed as day-to-day. warriors late in the fourth, clay thompson buries the three from the corner. 19 for thompson. great ball movement here. david lee for the jam. the warriors snap the losing streak winning 114-102. tiger had plenty to smile about. he began the day with a six shot lead with 11 holes to play. he shot from the bunker would stop a few feet from the hole. setting up an even par put. wins by four strokes at torrey
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pines. tiger now said he will not be playing in next week's pebble beach proam. that's disappointing, but phil mickelson should be there. >> any idea why? >> tiger doesn't like those long rounds and sometimes they can take six hours. he's never really been a fan of the tournament, but he'll play there when the u.s. open comes. >> that is exciting. always love to watch tiger. thanks, kim, that does it for eyewitness news at 10:00. the news is always on our website, see you at 11:00. ,,


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