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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CW  April 14, 2013 8:30am-9:30am PDT

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about the teens arrested foe assault of audrie pott. weather ad libs 07:13:49;27: brown: don't suggest it's a roadblock. y are entitled to stay in plaf the voters want you and yo'e performing extremely well." as rising political stars rally thousands of democrat delegates in sacramento... a closer look at what may be a generational gap in the par. it's 8:30 a-m on this sunda april 14-th. good morning, i'm anne makovec. i'm phil matier. there s a lot to talk about in our ne hour... (chat . it is 8:30 on sunday, april 14th. thank you for joining us. i am anne makovec.
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>> and i am phil matier. we have a lot of new to talk about. a big gun show in san francisco this weekend. >> yes, and in the meantime we have state senator mark leno trying to stop that from happening, plus other gun control measures about to appear in the legislature this week. we will take a look at this this morning. >> and we will take a closer look at china, then and now in light of the trade negotiations going on this week. >> and if you see advertisements that look too good to be true, perhaps they are. >> we have heard that before. but first to developing new, an amtrak train carrying 150 people is now moving again after a derailment in the east bay. >> the train was travel from los angeles to vancouver when the frontwheels of the engine went off the track in fremont at 9:00 p.m. it was moving slowly at the time and nobody was hurt. the train resumed its trip at
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about 12:30 a.m. pulled by a second engine and arrived at 2:00 a.m. new this morning the coastguard rescued four people from a life raft off the coast of big sur. you are looked at video provided by the coastguard. the rescue helicopter found the four evacuees on the raft and used a rescue swim tore hoist them aboard. no reports of injuries but today the department of fish and wildlife the monitoring the rescue site off the coast to make sure no oil has leaked into the ocean. yosemite national park and sent 17 people to the hospital. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the bus driver to lose control near highway 41 last night. officers say the vehicle rolled down an embankment and slammed into a tree. all 16 passengers, most elderly, were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. four people have been treated
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and released. the dryer was actually the only one not hurt. meanwhile, one of the biggest gun show in the country came to san francisco this weekend. the cross shows of the west is being used to draw attention to state legislation banning gun and ammunition sales at the palace. federal legislation up for debate next week could make buying and selling guns at gun shows like this more difficult. and just on the other side of the mountains was a different kind of gun event. congresswoman jackie spear was on hand for a gun buyback at the san matt county courthouse. people got $100 for guns and $200 for assault rifles. one woman had been waiting for an opportunity like this for some time. >> when i heard about this
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program early this morning i said this is my opportunity. my husband passed and left them behind. >> about 250 gun were turned in yesterday. officials will have a final total tomorrow. new information about the three teen boys under arrest on charges of sexual assaulting a saratoga girl while passed out at a party. the boys were first sited for misdemeanors in september. audrey pott took her own life after photos of the attack were posted online. carter evans reports it is one in a series of disturbing cases. >> reporter: audrey pott was just 15 when photos of her raped were circulated online when she was passed out. >> it is unconscionable for someone to distribute images like this when you have taken advantage of someone and why are you filming and distributing a crime. >> reporter: a family attorney
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said only after her death audrey parents learned she had seen the images. >> we obviously can't bring audrey's back but the family's goal is what happened to audrey never happens again and that people who do that are held accountable. >> reporter: the district attorney must decide whether to try the three teens as adults. two high school football players last month were convicted in juvenile court of attacking a girl while she was passed out drunk and posting the images of assault. >> what does the public display do to the victim. >> it is the most traumatic thing. >> reporter: a psychology says most teens don't think about the consequences of toasting the images online. >> they think it is a limited number that will see it but when word gets out, the entire world can see it and that is why they turn to suicide. >> reporter: a 17-year-old canadian student died last
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week. her mother said she committed suicide after photos of her being raped went viral. >> she wanted to be heard and no one wanted to believe her. and nobody did. >> reporter: another grieving family dealing with the loss of a daughter. audrey pott's parents plan to tell their story publicly on monday. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> this friday a candlelight vigil is planned for audrey at 8:00 p.m. at saratoga high school. an investigation is under way today after a passenger jet crashed into the sea in bali. the new lion air boeing 737 missed the runway yesterday as it tried to land at the indonesian airport. it snapped in half before come to rest in the shallow waters outside the airport. the ntsb started examining the wreckage today. the aircraft had been removed from the water for investigation. now, all 108 passengers and crew members survived the
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crash, although 45 people suffered injuries. cbreporters were at the airport when it happened. here is more... >> reporter: they were able to get people out. it is not far off the shore to get back to land but when we saw the wreckage, everybody feared the worst. >> lion airplanes have been involved in six accidents since 2002 , one of them involving fatalities. secretary of state john kerry is in japan, the last stop there while focused on north korea. the u.s. and japan are committed to talk with north korea if the communist government agrees on nuclear programs. they added the north should return kidnapped foreigners. a rare ceremonial funeral is planned in london for
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margaret thatcher. military honors will be part of the ceremony at the cathedral. the ceremony is not open to the public but it will be televised. she died last monday following a stroke. and in venezuela they are choosing a new president. they are deciding who should replace hugo chavez, the long time leader who died last month. the choices are between the foreign minister and the challenger. in the bay area venezuela yans can vote at the consulate on mission street in san francisco. it is time for strategy, shmoozing and celebrating in san francisco. the state democrat party is might this weekend to discuss future plans and how they will handle potential challenges
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this year. >> california democrats are celebrating winning 2/3 majority in both houses of the state legislature and tax measures giving them more money to spend on priorities. >> improved public education implements the affordable care act and ininfrastructures. >> reporter: things may be smelling like roses at the state capitol, but it is not the same on capitol hill where congressional democrats are trying to retake the house of representatives. >> we will need 17 and have at least three times the number in play in order to do that. >> reporter: the house lost the democratic majority in 2010 and nancy pelosi lost her position@speaker of the house. but now we go back out there with plenty of opportunity. more awareness on the part of the public as to how
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obstruction of the republicans are. >> reporter: a new challenge for democrats trying to be strategic about finances, open primaries where two democrats go head-to-head in the same district, putting resources that could be spend more on a united front. >> it is pretty expensive. i am concerned. >> the convention runs through today at the sacramento convention center. well, it is crunch time to file your taxes but if you can't make tomorrow's deadline, make sure you file for an extension request. according to the irs, 97 million americans have submitted their tax forms by the 1st of the month. the average refund is around $2,800, down from $40 last year. for more information go to m/tax. >> that reminds me i have a little job to do this
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afternoon. >> right! this weekend high profile democrats using a big meet up, the conference we just talked about in sacramento. they are talking about controversial issues like gun control. >> that is right. and how the debate over gun control takes center stage in the texas speedway, actually. h that's fooled even the smartest shoppers. . electronic deals that usually sound too good to be true. the parking lot pitch that is part of smart shopping. and big weather changes tonight. a big chill is moving into the bay area. we will be discuss that after the break.
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brian hackney - thank you. a new sponsor at the texas r . welcome back. let's take a look at the weather for now. the winds are calm in the bay area right now. it will change the rest of the day. the northwest winds will be picking up and gusting overnight tonight and monday there could be 50 miles per hour gusts out of the northwest and the bay area. today is a transition day. lit start sunny an fairly calm. we will finish with partly cloudy skies and winds picking up as we head toward sunrise. sunny but cooler and windy today. will it be blustery and cold tomorrow, but then a big warm up by late in the week. an up and down kind of week for the bay area, starting with this little system that is coming in from the pacific northwest. that little guy will be moving south over the coastline later in the day.
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as it does come south, it will spread the high clouds down into san francisco later this afternoon and a few showers maybe falling later. a beautiful sunday though for the most part. let's roll ahead into the future. we will start out clear. this is approaching sunset. see the high clouds spill over. this is overnight. you can see that at least simulated runner is picking up a few echoes. it may be a slightly wet commute, especially close to the shoreline. inland should not get anything. northwest winds at the airport up to 40 miles per hour at the airport, some places town 50. partly cloudy skies in l.a. and new york. snow and rain in chicago and denver. here is the pinpoint forecast for the bay area. 62 in the city. 66 at oakland and 68 in san jose. pleasant day today but then windy and cool tomorrow. look at the latter half of the
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week. high pressure comes in so by friday we are back in the 80s. if we can struggle through monday. >> oh, my! >> a drop or two. >> it is more the wind. the blanches start coming down. >> yes, especially if it has been dry. >> thank you. a new sponsor at the texas motor speedway speedway is under fire from lawmakers and newtown families. the nra logo on the grass by the racetrack have some saying it is poor timing given the congressional debate on gun control. the track says it was in the works prior to the shooting at the hoomanawanui elementary school last september. the field will be dead dated to the -- sandy hook elementary school last september. the field will be dedicated to the victims. and we have talked more about controversial issues like gun control.
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>> that is right. in may the big meeting looked like a cross between jurassic park and family feud. that is why we turned to willy brown and joe garifoli. what do you see down the line for younger democrats who are trying to move up while the older ones try to hold on? >> they have to fight each other because some of these jobs there are only two democrats up for. that is what redistricting is about. it is creating competition. >> and it is competition that in some cases is actually healthy. some democrats who are being replaced will be in place for a long time once they are. pete stark will be replaced, there is the potential. >> suddenly he is under attack. >> yes. we have a generational gap developing within the
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democratic party. we have an old guard. they have been there in place a long time. diane feinstein, jerry brown running for re-election. barbara boxer -- we have a commitment to old people. >> we don't have to debate the issues. >> those folks are not going anywhere. boxer still has a few more years. franklin is just starting her term. there is a roadblock for young talent. >> but you can't -- don't suggest it is a roadblock. you are entitled to stay in price if the voters want you -- stay in place if the voters want you and you are performing extremely well. >> i can understand that but -- >> but the younger ones are
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sitting there voter approved in well, there will be two trends in politics. party versus party, democrats versus democrats, and the other is going to state office and returning to local government because there is no other place to go. >> and the third, rich people deciding to buy their way in. >> hasn't worked so far. >> no, but it scares the hell out of you. i hate to think of some guy with millions of dollars running against me -- >> meanwhile. if somebody is offering to sell you expensive electronics for dirt cheap, we have heard the warnings before. here is a new strange sale's pitch too good to be true. >> and all eyes are on the teen golf star at the masters and the penalty that almost kept him out of the tournament. ♪me and you... ghirardelli squares chocolate... ♪a little rendezvous savor our luscious filling combined with our slow melting chocolate. ♪that little reward for all the things you do.♪
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stop the thieves. people offering to sell supposedlyh quality... . well some situations just scream scam alert, but that doesn't stop the thieves. thieves selling high quality electronics at rock bottom prices. we have more on the seemingly great deals sold out of the trunks of cars. >> reporter: it was a strange sale's pitch but our photographer was willing to license. >> reporter: they said there is an address and there is nobody
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at the address and we have to get rid of the speakers somehow. >> reporter: so the two guys here offered this speaker system by bose that retail costs more than $2200. >> reporter: i said what do you want me to pay? they said $200. i thought that is a great deal. >> reporter: there is no way the speakers are worth $2700. there is no amplifier and there are wires missing. >> it is a scam. >> reporter: con artists have been pulling this one off in parking lots around the world for decades. >> usually the cover story is that it was overstocked o. our boss says we have to unload this and make a deal. please help us out. >> reporter: there are plenty of videos online that demonstrate how it works.
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many call it the white ban scam. parking lot salesmen offer high quality electronics dirt cheap. >> this is stuff that is imported in bulk, typically from china, storeed in a warehouse and farmed out to individual that is try to hok it. >> they are happy, have their cash and take off. >> reporter: keep in mind the white van sales are illegal. anybody selling electronic equipment in california must collect tax and have a sale's permit. if you have any consumer warnings or need help, give us a call... in other new, history was made at the master's this weekend as one golfer became the youngest to ever make the tournament cut. tianlang guan from china is just 14 years old.
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fans of all ages came out to watch the kid who played like a veteran, but guan received bad luck after getting penalized for being too slow. he still made this weekend's tournament round and is in 59th place in the tournament. >> impressive but so much pressure on that kid. >> i am sure he can handle it. >> yes. well, yesterday three bay area teens played in the master's as well. >> and did the a's keep their nine game winning streak going? glen glen has more. >> reporter: all excited for the master's final round? i know i am. tiger woods woke up thinking he was 300-dollar par and the officials said we want to talk to you. you had an illegal drop that cost you a couple of storks, is, he was 1 under. take a look here.
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this is brandt snedeker, the man here. and cabrera that is lead at 7 under par. in baseball, second in the season in the open yesterday, over 35,000 but all detroit. peralta a 4th inning blast, one of three home runs given up by bret anderson, winning 7-3. and former giants nick her holtz got his world series ring. a double play here to get out of the jam late. the giants hung onto the win, 0-2. that is it for shorts.
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go out and see the movie "42," the story of jackie robinson. >> for sure. well, coming up, can you patent the human gene? a landmark case and how it could have a significant impact here in the bay area. we will be right back. ,,,, [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started
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big companies, rushing to uk medical mysteries... next - the landmark case th examines the question - shod they be allowed to own and cash-in on those genetic co weather ad libs 07:10:14;26: willie: oh, my. that's the way you re suppod to work it. what are you tag about? and california movers and . big companies have it, should you be allowed to own it? >> should you be allowed to own genetic codes, is question. more on that coming up. >> and the forecast. >> and california movers and shakers reaching out to china. thousand bay area may benefit from new chinese investments. welcome back to kpix 5. the time is now 9:00. it is april 14th. i am phil matier.
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>> and i am anne makovec. thank you for joining us this morning. we have a lot to talk about in the next half hour. we are going to state senator mark leno to talk about several gun proposals that will be hitting the legislature committee on tuesday. there is also one that would stop gun shows from being at the cal palace, and there happen to be one this weekend. >> and a coast guard rescue off of big sur caught on tape. yes, today the fish and wildlife federation is monitoring the site to make sure no oil or gas is link ready if tug boat. this is where the vettel sank 14-miles offshore. a rescue helicopter found the evacuees on the raft and used a professional swim torres cue them. an amtrak train with 150 people on board is back on
9:02 am
track after derailing near fremont. the train was traveling from los angeles to vancouver when the frontwheels of the engine went off the track at 9:00 last night. at the time it was moving slowly and none of the 164 passengers or 14 crew members was hurt. but it did cause significant delays. the train resumed its trip about 3-1/2 hours later. i arrived in oakland at 2:00 a.m. the cause of derailment is under investigation today. family of 15-year-old audrey posts plans to -- potts plan to hold a press conference tomorrow after photos circulated of her being sexually abused by classmates. audrey was unconscious at a friend's party and raped and photographed by three boys. it was only after her death that audrey's parents learned she had seen the pictures online. >> we obviously can't bring audrey back but the family's goal is what happened to
9:03 am
audrey never happens again and the boys are held accountable. >> three teenaged boys were arrested at their school this past week. the district attorney must now decide whether to try them as adults. they were tried with misdemeanors with the same case in september but now face more serious allegations including felony and sexual battery. and a few weeks back san jose police saw they arrested a woman friday facing kidnapping charges, stealing an suv with an 11-month-old straped in the backseat of the car. it happened early march 25th when the girl's mother was closing the garage door at the home. the vehicle and girl were found five hours later. luckily the girl was not hurt. meanwhile people are in south san francisco for one of the biggest gun shows around. >> that is right. at the cal palace.
9:04 am
interest on both sides of the issue is even stronger. this weekend protestors rallied against gun violence at san francisco city's hall. a massive gun buy-back was held in san francisco. 250 guns were purchased for over $250,000. better background checks are needed. >> background checks are better now but still 40% of the guns allowed to be purchased without background checks have stopped 600,000 people from accessing guns every year. >> and the guns were being brought back to the buyback event and more were being purchased. people turning out in record numbers at the gun show at the cal palace which continues today. >> and the price of gas at the pump, falling according to the national average is $3.53 a
9:05 am
gallon. compare that to ekeland where it is -- oakland where it is $3.95 for unleaded. in san francisco it is $4.08 a gallon. in san jose you are paying about $3.96 a gallon. a landmark case going before the supreme court tomorrow, impacting anyone with a genetic-based disease. the debate is over whether companies can hold patents on human genes. here is more... >> reporter: this woman has been diagnosed twice with breast cancer. her grandmother, her mother and aunt -- the disease runs in her family. but that is not why joanne is angry. >> that is wrong. it is just wrong. >> reporter: joanne wants to know if she inherited one of the two genes linked to breast and ovarian cancer. >> if i had the mutation i would have my ovaries removed. >> reporter: she had a get nettic test and it came back negative. >> wait a minute.
9:06 am
i think i am not negative. i need to get another test. >> reporter: but she candidate. the company that isolated the two human genes holds a patent on hem and every naturally occurs version of them. because of that it has exclusive rights to the lucrative diagnostic testing. >> this is wrong. owning a gene sequence is wrong. i have it, you have it, every human on the face of the planet earth has it. how with you own it? >> nobody can get a second opinion. >> reporter: this woman is with breast cancer action, a future in san francisco a that says these are harmful patterns, expensive test that is won't be improved in we are looking at a patent that locks up access to genetic information so no other researchers or doctor cans use it. research is being impeded by the monopoly. >> reporter: on monday the u.s. supreme court will hear
9:07 am
argument on whether anyone can patent a human gene. the stakes are high for the bray biomedical industry. >> reporter: this boy medical company is volcanod in personal medicine and a lot of work, time and investment goes into genetic research. if you throw out gene patents investors flee and innovation dries up, harming jobs and patients. >> without the money from investors, these kind of innovations don't happen. >> reporter: as for joanne, she is going to washington and hope to get a seat in the courtroom. she wants to look the justices in the eye. >> i would tell them in a nutshell, take the patent away, don't allow any company or university to own a gene sequence. >> reporter: elizabeth cook, kpix 5. >> companies now hold patents on 20% of all human genes.
9:08 am
the current diagnostic testing for the breast cancer gene runs about $4,000. the debate over gun control is here in the bay area. we have a conversation with mark leno. >> and the bridge to china, still to come, the statistic and financial boost these are banking on after critical trade missions abroad. >> and state democrats gather with a renewed sense of power and purpose in san francisco. but are lawmakers troubled? that ahead. >> we are seeing cold weather ahead this the bay area as winds pick up and temperatures come down, maybe even rain as well. we will take a look at the bay bridge and the current numbers all in the 50s. that will change. we will have the forecast after a break. ,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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waterfront. the museum at pier 15 will have three tim more space than its previous home. among the hundreds of exhibits are 150 that are b new. they include an animation station where viss can create their own stop-mn animation sequences... and a so-called fog bridge consta wrapped in clouds of fog. (anchors toss to weathercas brian hackney with your pint forecast.
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. today there is not much fog out there at all, actually. it will stay that way probably for the next couple of days because the winds will be clearing out anything at the low levels, including a few trees and tree branches as we come back to kpix 5. i know it is calm as we look at the old back-to-back suspension bay area bridge. but things will be expanding in the afternoon hour, overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. lit cool down and the winds will blow. con ford is 54, livermore is 51. the temperatures will mostly top out in the mid 60s. tout door plenty of sunshine. a few high clouds later today. there is the golden gate bridge again. the winds in the weather headlines picking up. a big chill coming in tomorrow and warming up big time by thursday. we will cool off and then we will warm up. the first part of this is this little structure coming in from the pacific northwest, just a few weak clouds coming in over
9:13 am
what was a pretty strong high pressure ridge in the bay area. the collision between that low and this high, the winds come out of the northwest and will be streaming town 50 miles per hour, in the peaks in the bay area and lowlands will see pretty gusty winds. clear today. after sunset clouds come in. maybe a few showers that won't amount to much. you could have wet streets for the morning commute. we will more on that at kpix 5 at 4:30. in the central valley a few clouds. monterey, as well. sunny skies now in monterey and carmel, topping out at 26 degrees. a very pleasant sunday. if you are hiking expect the winds to pickup this afternoon. monday blustery and windy. maybe a drop or two in the morning, then look what
9:14 am
happens in the lower half of the week. high pressure builds in and friday back in the 80-degree range. >> and we won't have the warm night in the. >> well not now but later in the week. >> we will be looking forward to it. all right. >> california democrats holding their state convention in weekend in sacramento. it is party's largest gathering since the victory last november. democrats are still celebrating as well the package of proposition 30, a tax measure that gives them more money to spend on their priorities. >> improved public education, implementing the act act, invests in in-- affordable health care act, investing in infrastructure. >> and financing these day are seeing two democrats going head- to-head in the same district splitting resource that is may
9:15 am
have been spent otherwise on a more united front. we sat down with democrat mark leno and talked about the gun control bill and the gun buyback being held at the cal palace. >> we have the cal palace on state property but straddling county lines of san mateyo and san francisco. both counties the passed resolutions had no gun show on county-owned property but because of this novelist situation that is state property, they are out of control. so if there is a gun show, let the local legislaturors approve it before the gun show is
9:16 am
there. >> they would need the approval of the counties where it is taking place before they could go on? >> that is right. marine, alameda counties and others banned gun shows on county owned property, but because this is state property, the county government in san francisco and san mateyo have no say on it and nobody wants the gun show there. >> on other issues concerning gun control in california, there are a number of bills, and entire package making their way through the legislature, everything from taxing ammunition to background check what do we have? her things. >> magazines and clips and semi- automatic weapons and what makes something a semi- automatic weapon. there are strange details to these laws, getting around the laws already in place. it is a package of bills, eight of them that will likely pass on a partyline vote, both of them on tuesday when it get to the floor in a few more weeks, then it will be on the
9:17 am
governor's desk. >> these bills are announced with great fan fare. they get out of the hallway and then in the final vote they go through the lobbying process and get tinger with and changed. do you see that this time? >> well, it is not about gun control anymore but gun violence prevention. you see that support in the u.s. congress, as well right now. no. i think the reason it is a package, the democratic leadership made the determination we will go together, all holding hands on these and all of them to get to the governor's desk. >> what would you say to those in the cross roads of the gun control show in san francisco today, controlling or taxing
9:18 am
the ammunition they buy. >> that is the debate. we see the horrific tragedy that is occur and the daily gunning down of so many americans. the gun violence in this country is off the charts compared to trading partners. so, what good are guns without ammunition? we are not implying sport's people can't enjoy their sport, but as diane feinstein argued so articulately, why do we need semi-automatic weapon, weapons of war, on our streets. i mean, it is easier to buy ammunition than sudafed. what sense is that? >> that is your message to the people of the cross roads today as they stack up the ammunition in record numbers in anticipation of the law. >> that is true. >> i am sorry, doesn't that say something about your efforts of gun control, backfiring. the more laws you pass the more
9:19 am
people will buy guns and ammunition? >> gun violence protection -- yes, that is why we need background checks. in one is suggesting 1.3 million californians can't buy firearm, but they need to put control on these things. >> they are focusing on several types of ammo folded out at the gun ow yesterday. people are stocking up, coming out with stacks and books of ammo. >> that is -- boxes of ammo. >> that is right. as the debate goes on, you can see the feel voting with their -- you can see the people voting with their pocketbooks at the gun shows. meanwhile, our political insiders will sound off on what california may gain from chinese investments. >> when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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9:21 am
encourage more chinese to invest and study in the goln state. as part of his trip, govern
9:22 am
brown also checked out the country's bullet train in beijing. the delegates traveling with governor brown include california businessmen plus repres . welcome back. we are here with more on governor jeron xavier grayson's trip to beijing, china. he is looking into trading in the health care industry as well as other areas. >> yes. willy brown just got back from his 7th official visit to china, this time with san francisco mayor ed lee. our question is what is the biggest change he has seen on the streets of china since his first trip since the '70s. his answer ,,. >> what was purely a economist- controlled gun to what is now a respected society, a dramatic change. at that time they were coming out of the revolution, the culture revolutionlusion was taking place. they were being obedient to what you had to wear, what you
9:23 am
had to say, the stores, there was that money -- all of that is gone. everyone over there now has cell phones and everybody rich has two. is clothing i wear is ordinary for people over there. >> they are all walking around in suits? >> they are all walking around in designer clothes. >> what does california get out of this trip that you are over there for? >> well, san francisco i was over there for. we were obviously trying to expand the relationship. for example, we have the asian art museum people with us. we had the for cot tawarriors. nobody else in america has them. we got them because of the expansion of chinese art in the asian art museum. you will see more chinese performance.
9:24 am
the nature of the leadership has been changed over there. i admire the way they do it. you win and you get rights to everything. so you throw everybody who is already there out. you dump all the things that are pending out and everything, every aspect of it. >> evy aspect goes out the door. some people don't come back, ever -- >> you like that? >> oh, my god. that is what we are supposed to work at. i am like what are you talking about? >> coming up, one more look at this morning's top stories. >> that includes a coast guard rescue caught on tape and new environmental worries from a state agency. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:25 am
9:26 am
pott plan to hold a press conference tomorrow. she's e saratoga teen who committed suicide after photos appeared online of h . welcome back. let's take a look at this
9:27 am
morning's top stories. >> the family of audrey potts is now speak out about her suicide after a sexual assault of three boys. and a boat escaped from a sinking tug boat towing a barge in the big sur area. now the coastguard is monitoring the site to make sure nuclear weapon of the oil is leaking out. and at the cal palace, the biggest gun show around is being held this weekend. the gun debate is even stronger since federal lawmakers took aim over events like this. there was a big gun buyback in south san francisco and organizers bought around 250 guns then. warnings about the winds in the weather forecast? >> yes. things will be turning breezy and cool, and maybe a little wet tonight. right now it is 54 degrees at concord. oakland hat 56 and livermore
9:28 am
51. a nice start to the day today but later in the day we will increase clouds, winds will pickup to about 35 or 40 miles per hour out of the northwest et. we could get a few sprinkles tomorrow morning. it will turn distinctly cool and blustery on monday. the latter half ofthe week looks nice and warm. >> finally this morning a new twist to a wild goose chase in the midwest. >> the target a full grown gorilla. >> a kansas zoo keeper shot the video of the gorilla running away from the goose as you can see there. >> you better watch out. they are fast looking and kind of funny! >> back up! lucky for the bird the gorilla did not pick a fight because he certainly probably could have. >> i don't know. i may put a couple of dollars on the goose on that one. >> i have been chased. >> really? >> thank you for joining us! ,,,,,,,,
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