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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  April 16, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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atlanta show what remains oe boston bombs. they were apparently made from pressu >> as hundreds honor bombing victims, tonight we are getting a first look at what's left of the deadly device. >> someone knows who did this. we show what remains of the boston bomb. they were apparently made from a pressure cooker is packed with shrapnel it tended to hurt as many people as possible. authorities will reconstruct the devices to determine who built them and why. meanwhile, tips have been pouring into the fbi more than 2000 so far. and while the search continues for the killer we are learning more about victims. can dusty do it and children's hospital in boston tonight.
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>> we are standing outside the hospital. inside, a 12 -year-old aaron herr martinez continues to improve. according to his parents he has one particular one that is quite severe and he will have to undergo surgery tomorrow. but his progress is good and evil figure in boston to recuperate. meanwhile, a memorial to the blast victims continues to grow. people showed up with candles, signs and stuffed animals and balloons. no mac to try to show their respects, but even show that they care, with signs saying, boston be strong in boston will survive. people also rendered one young boston boy who, at eight years
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old lost his life in a horrible attack yesterday. he did not survive, and the entire community and country is feeling the pain tonight. >> what once seemed to be a something we watched in the distance or television, this comes too close to home. >> tonight, people remember eight -year-old martin richard. the boston boy was at the finish line with his family cheering on his father when the bombs went off. his mother and younger sister were also hurt. >> he would try to make a sad moment it's a funny moment and then he would make everyone happy. but this, he can't because he passed away. >> the other two victims, a graduate student from china and 29 -year-old krystle campbell
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was at the finish line with her best friend. >> more than 170 people were also wounded. >> i'm alive, and being so close to the blast, it could have turned out way worse. >> the injured are being treated for shrapnel wounds, pierced your drums and lost limbs. >> some of them woke up today with no legs and they told me they were happy to be alive. they told me they thought they would die as they saw the blood spilling out. >> the bombs that exploded near the finish line were built and put in place to look like pieces of trash. >> this was a heinous and cowardly act. given what we now know about what took place, the fbi is
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investigating as an act of terrorism. >> the fbi is asking for leave and cell phone videos. >> at logan airport as people departed, customers and border patrol agents asked if they had smart phones and could they download photos or videos. >> someone knows who did this. >> yes. you mentioned the painstaking work that has been done to put those devices back together to reassemble them or reengineer them, if you will. that's going on with video surveillance right now and they have been asking the public, anyone who has returned to the bay area or anyone still in the boston area who has any kind of video to turn it into authorities, because every little frame could mean something. we see haven't seen a lot of the store and merchant surveillance but that's especially important in this investigation. and we are told that the investigators are going over that frame by frame and could take a while for them to finish their investigation. that's the latest tonight from
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washington. >> hopefully as time goes on the clues will start to resurface. people are rallying around the injured 12 -year-old from martinez. box on maine hosted a special dinner tonight to help the family with medical bills. >> while, we are trying to get ready for this saturday because everything was donated and everything is for the family. >> in order to bring in as many people as possible, organizers asked $10 a plate. some people donate as much as $40 each. president obama will be traveling to boston on thursday to attend an interfaith service for the victims. evidence is painstaking work. they are looking for every last shred of the two devices across the crime scene that spans blocks.
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this is the first look at what one of the bombs might have looked like before it went off. and they show a bag next to a box in the crowd and after it's come back the explosion that is gone. apparently they are easy to build. >> at least one of the bombs was inside an appliance you might have in your kitchen but hidden in the backpack. investigators found a circuit board that they believed was used as a detonator. >> this gives us the first look at a deadly device. a mangled pressure cooker that was laced with nails, ball bearings and bbs. it's clear the intent was maximum damage. >> you are adding the ability
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to injure people, kill, maim, and those projectiles become like bullets. >> the bombs were hidden inside a black nylon backpacks and inside pressure cookers. an issue in a jihad the magazine, there was a chapter called to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom. similar devices were used in the train attack in mumbai india and one of three devices us in the failed bombing in times square in 2010. the department of homeland security warned law enforcement in 2004 and 2010 the terror attacks using pressure cookers and improvised devices. but just because it was used in boston doesn't necessarily point to overseas terrorism. the fact that white smoke and
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not black smoke came from the blast just it was probably not a more sophisticated device usually associated with foreign terror attacks. >> generally a white or gray smoke will indicate a commercial explosive because traditionally, again for the most part, all of the military explosives are petroleum based, so that oil burning or detonating will create a black oil or dark smoke. >> they haven't ruled out the possibility that if the domestic style or or mobile. directions and equipment for the bomb can easily be found online. >> well, some foreign terrorists are quick to take credit for massive disaster that it was caused. >> and that hasn't happened in this case. the investigation could be a long one. >> you can expect to see extra police officers patrolling the bay area transit. and linda tells us, that's all. >> san francisco police remain
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on high alert. any place where crowds gather especially tourists makes patrols have you. and a 7-mile long date race or party. 30,000 runners have already signed up and many more unregistered ones are expected to attend. race organizers expect changes because of what happened into boston. >> this information. >> this information to be gleaned from what happened and is that information comes available we will be having meetings with the san francisco police department and long for agencies to adjust our plan is necessary. >> city emergency services is already coming up with the worst case scenario. >> i can tell you that we are already looking at, to require a next or cache of supplies. >> now you have to be prepared
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for the possibility of a copycat bomber. >> absolutely, but that's not new. >> but, the giants victory parades and games are events where they go into emergency mode, activating the war room just in case. the boston bombing made security even more urgent. >> we are doublechecking cherry blossom and the world cup event. now it's another fresh look with everyone, the event organizers and others, about where the concentration of crowds will be. >> the fbi is investigating a poison laced letter sent to a us senator. the letter was for republican senator roger wicker of mississippi when it was intercepted by mail facility. and no word on individuals
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voted, but the latter is reminiscent of the anthrax laced letters sent to lawmakers after 9/11. and some teenagers arrested in the murder of a paramedic. and a scary way that someone stopped lots of people or being able to call 911. and a new lawsuit that makes you wonder when parents will be held responsible for when they're teenagers are home alone and what they do. >> they're is a frost advisory in effect. watch out in the valleys, because in one spot we could have temperatures 35 or older. let's talk about when the 80's are coming back. i'll have that in the forecast in a few minutes. ,,,,
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in the murder of a san jose paramedic: police have arrested five teens in connection with the death of quinn boyer. police t >> a possible break in the murder of a san jose paramedic. police have arrested five teenagers in the connection of the death of gwen boyer. two of the suspects are 14, two are 15 and one and 16. the teenagers reportedly skipped class on april fourth
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when they drove up two boyer and a stolen car and attempted to carjack him. dead detectives say they shot him point blank. what appears to be can act of sabotage appears to be threatening millions of people in the south bay. someone cut fiber optic cables. tonight, joe vazquez reports that the fbi has joined into the investigation. >> we have learned that at&t is offering a $250,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest for the sabotage. this is critical infrastructure and they say they are taking very seriously. >> we have a big crime scene right now. >> the sheriff said saboteurs struck above and below ground. first they lifted up heavy manhole covers and cut the
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underground at&t fiber-optic cables. they did that in two places on monterey highway just south of san jose and ... 911 systems in the area as well as the bone service for a short while. about 15 minutes up the road gunshots rang out. they said some of their high- powered rifle damaging several transformers and causing an oil leak. >> we believe that traitor or perpetrators were familiar with the system. they knew where to go for the fiber-optic and they knew where to cut. they were also able to take out some very critical parts of the peg nz substation. >> so it was sabotage tax. >> it's too early to tell. we believe it was an intentional act. certainly the high-powered rifle bearing at transformers was intentional and the cutting of the power and fiber-optic
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cables was intentional. >> sabotage is a big word, and there's no excuse for it. >> authorities out here are asking folks to conserve energy, but so far, bg and the reports they have not had any loss of power. >> thank you. the judge dealing with the alleged sexual assault case of audrey potter has ended down the stern old order to attorneys and the girl's family. audrey potter parents are now going after the owners of the home where the assault took place. >> a judge appointed board, coupled the families and attorneys to keep quiet as they went to juvenile court today. >> everything has to stay confidential. >> the 360 -year-old boys accused of sexual assault are
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no longer at the juvenile detention center. we are also learning more as audrey's parents are suing the boy's families and also the owners of the home of the assault allegedly happened. court documents say those parents left there 15 -year-old daughter alone that there is her togo home for the weekend with an unlocked liquor cabinet knowing she had a history of throwing parties. investigators say that audrey got drunk at the house party and passed out. the boys took off her shorts, wrote of the messages on her and sexually assaulted her. court authorities say one of the boys took pictures and shared it with his friends. >> audrey saw people huddled around cell phones looking at pictures at school. most of the football team new and the whole school was talking about it. >> audrey felt that there is an committed suicide a week later.
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nevertheless, the family lawyers saw said the boy's new audrey was especially vulnerable. >> is terrific, detaining and savage actions that they did in the next seven days broker. she couldn't handle it. >> we want to know, if the something homeowners would cover? yes, generally but it depends on whether the fine print. the insurance company might buy that claim. it was a tough news day today but there was a silver lining. we have some great weather. >> yes. a lot of pleasant weather. today chile, the skies cleared.
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and you can see that coming up tonight. a shot from earlier today that looks good right now, it looks even better. what a beautiful site there. that will lead to a cold night. we wake up to 40, and watch out for the proselytizer in and around that the valley and sonoma valley. temperatures are approaching freezing coming away from the cities. tomorrow, our microclimate forecasts, milder with sunshine on thursday. high pressure is getting closer to us, low pressure moving out and taking wind with it. a cold night tonight but a mild day tomorrow.
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then high pressure will park itself right off shore and that does two things. it will give out sunshine all day long and it will give us a northeast wind. the offshore wind that wants us up to the coastline. widespread 70s and 80's for several straight days starting thursday. a cold night tonight, watch out for the frost in the north high- powered. tomorrow colder and not as breezy. san jose 73, a couple of degrees above garbage. while the creek 75, san joaquin and san leandro. mid- 70s and at zero rainfall or fog for the next seven days. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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might invite you to his wed. the form the. >> is a pretty good time to be a friend of facebook billionaire shawn parker because he just might invite you to his wedding. the former case the president of napster cofounder is dropping nearly $10 million on a fairytale ceremony in june. he is reportedly building a fantasy world complete with ruins, waterfalls and bridges. >> can he continue as 14 inning
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scoreless streak in milwaukee back of milwaukee art guild tribute in yankee stadium for the awesome bombing victims. we'll show you to that next. >> and we argue official television station for the new bay bridge opening celebration. we are counting down the days. high-tech comeback -- high- tech life will avoid glare. led lights that use less energy and last 15 years. ,,,,,,,,,,
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the only problem, a three and five in his granola park. it started a three-game set with the poorest are coming home on friday. rickie weeks breaks the double and bounces over the wall and left. to run score and game is tight. at the site-three tours and a grand slam. he gets eight runs to the inning, nine overall and he did not make it out of the third inning. the giants comeback though, and way back, but the brewers went 10-eight. dorks hosting the games what to do nothing lead to that the came. right now the kings are in overtime as we speak. new york fans are normally ridicule bostonians for the eighth inning traditional song at fenway park, sweet caroline. not tonight. look at this gesture by new
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