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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  April 20, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on the cw. waiting for answers. how investigators will proceed with questioning the boston bombing suspect and what he may have done to avoid capture besides hide. gunfire at a 420 pot celebration. how the crowd reacted and how the city responded. and fewer police on the streets. the changes coming this weekend that has one bay area city uneasy. good evening. it was a photo that helped end a violent week in boston. an infrared picture of dzhozkar tsarnaev hiding in a boat in a suburban backyard. police moved in and got the badly wounded and bloody tsarnaev out of the boat. carjacking and shootouts that killed five people, including his brother and a police officer. cbs reporter, adrianna diaz is live with the latest. >> reporter: ann, the suspect
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is still unable to speak and in an ironnish twist, he's in the same hospital as 12 of the victims of monday's bombings. police are standing guard outside of the hospital. a special interrogation team used on high value targets is there to question 19-year-old dzhozkar tsarnaev when he is able to talk. >> we have a million questions and those questions need to be answered. >> police captured tsarnaev after a day-long search. images from heat sensing technology showed he was hiding in a boat in a backyard in watertown. after a shootout with police, tsarnaev climbed out. investigators tell cbs news he had bullet wounds to his leg and neck and may have tried to kill himself. his older brother, tamerlan, the second suspect died early friday after another fire fight with police. in 2011, the fbi interviewed
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tamerlan when the russian government flagged him as a follower of radical islam. tamerlan changed over the years. >> it was different. seeing no purpose in life, but to pursue path of god. >> the people here in massachusetts have been rallying around the victims all week. well wishers have come to this memorial in downtown boston to leave momentos. >> it will make the community stronger and closer. >> many here are glad this week is over so life can get back to normal. official charges have yet to be filed. the most serious charge he could get is for using a weapon of mass destruction to kill. and that carries a possible death sentence. live in boston, adrianna diaz. >> what's it like there
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tonight? is there some sort of normalcy? >> reporter: well, i think boston will never really be normal again. but tonight, it does feel like a typical saturday night. a lot of people are on the streets, but taking time to pass by the memorial you see behind me. to say a prayer, leave a note, so they never forget the victims. >> adrianna diaz, thank you. several vigils told. this one for sean collier. the 26-year-old was on the job for only a year before he was shot to death. there were similar gathering in downtown boston and in watertown, which was at the center of the search and shootout. the motive may never matter to those who lost loved ones in the attacks. lillian's granddaughter was one of the kills. taking care of her 79-year-old
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grandmother. lillian says the nightmare will never be over. >> a grandmother is not supposed to bury their young children. >> she worked long hours as a restaurant manager. the 29-year-old often went to watch the runners and was standing with a friend when the first bomb exploded. and the city began its healing today with baseball. the boston red sox played a game postponed by last night's man hunt. the players wore special uniforms for the occasion. >> this jersey that we wear today, it doesn't say red sox. these say boston. >> cbs reporter on the emotional game that was about much more than baseball. >> reporter: the pregame ceremony was cethardic. public announcer set the tone. >> we are boston.
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we are strong. we are boston strong. >> reporter: there was a moment of silence for the injured and those still hospitalized. and then cheers as the boston marathon volunteers marched on to the field. four people were honored, saying they represented the spirit, toughness, and resilience of boston. local cops and federal officials also took the field to be honored and then the national anthem. in what has become a new boston tradition, the anthem was sung by the crowd. [ oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave. >> neil diamond performed the signature song, sweet caroline, in the 8th inning. >> d boston's industry came back to life after a day-long
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lockdown, people were strolling on the boston commonwealth. those are obviously pictures of something else. london will hold its annual marathon as planned tomorrow. for a nation used to high security, the tragedy in boston meant some last minute adjustments. the city expects close to 40,000 runners and hundreds of thousands of spectators. london are not changing the threat level of this year's run. the finish line of the 26.2- mile race is in front of buckingham palace. >> i don't worry, you know, you can't live your life in fear. i mean, anything can happen anywhere. >> an american who raced in the boston marathon will be among those competing in london. wheelchair competitor won the women's wheelchair division and she is dedicating this marathon to the people of boston. you can check out more images from the week and follow developments in the boston
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marathon bombing at well frightening scene at another large gathering. this one in denver. some 80,000 people were attending the marijuana celebration marked by this date, 4/20. the crowd panicked and scattered. the people wounded will be okay. the celebration was to continue tomorrow, but has been canceled. also in colorado, five snowboarders have been killed in a back country avalanche. the group triggered the slide on loveland pass about 60 miles west of denver. the area was blanketed with fresh snow. all of the boarders were wearing avalanche beacons, which helped search and rescue recover the bodies. a sixth snow boarder was able to dig himself out. well, a big loss to oakland's crime fighting effort. alameda county is ending its
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police partnership with the city. don knapp on how it is raising tensions in the streets. don. >> reporter: and the overtime costs of deputies to get involved in this fighting crime in oakland, paroling the streets isone thing, but the aftermath cost of deputies involvement is quite another. the sheriff says he didn't want to pay for it. he wants oakland to pay for it. oakland said it would rather not. >> the sheriff patrols that assisted oakland police have come to an abrupt end. bad news for these oakland residents. >> i think that they are so needed. that's the worst mistake that could possibly ever be made. to have somebody not paroling. >> too much crime here. it's scary to come out here. i mean, it's not dark yet, but i wouldn't want to be here. >> the shooting that ended a deputy sheriff here near the bart station three weeks ago may have killed oakland's contract. the reason, the extra cost of policing in oakland's rough and tumble crime areas. >> one deputy has been
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injured. he's going to be off a significant amount of time. several cars involved in collisions. those go down. there's the cost value there. so all these things add up and actually adds up to more than what oakland paid for us to be there. >> 11 teams of deputies have been working two days a week, mostly weekends and averaging 15 arrests a shift. the contract hangup comes as oakland struggles to put more officers on the street to fight crime. >> oakland has a crime issue and the role of government, the primary reason is to protect people to provide for the safety. >> can the budget afford the cost? >> we need to continue to talk to each other and work with each other and let the bureaucracy and the political agenda go by the waste side. >> you think you will salvage this deal? >> we have no choice. >> the sheriff deputies and extra paroles have made a
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difference. >> the sheriff needs to understand and his job is to protect the people of oakland as well. >> midnight tonight, those paroles come to an end. ann. >> don, the city council sounds like the city can't take no for an answer. what reports do they even have? >> that's an interesting question. the mayor came up with a budget that is tight. they are trying to get four academy classes over the next two years. where is the money coming from? wishful thinking at this point, i think. >> don knapp in oakland. thank you. checking bay area headlines, a close call for a pilot in wine country. 67-year-old, patrick bell was flying his world war ii era biplane when it suddenly lost power. circled a vineyard before making an emergency landing. the plane flipped. an arsonist was sentenced for a fire that destyed a san
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jose school. given ten years for starting the fire that caused more than $14 million in damage to trace elementary. his codefendant, las rouse, was sentenced to eight years. both were 16 when they committed the crime and tried as adults. volunteers took part in earth day events by cleaning up trash in several bay area cities. in daily city, they worked on thornton beach. plastic bags will be banned at daly city stores and shoppers will have to bring their own or buy one. preparing for the next big emergency takes on new importance. first responders practice dealing with mass casualties. how this weekend's drill was impacted by events in boston and texas. >> leave the eagle at home. stop projecting yourself on to your kids. >> gunfire at a little league game threatens to ruin baseball. how parents manage to salvage the season. 80-degree temperatures today in many locations, including liver more and napa
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and concord. it is going to get warmer. here's a live look outsi tonight in oakland. find out when your town will hit the 80s. when a big cooldown is coming, too. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today took on spec given what we have seen this week, san francisco's emergency response took on a special importance. department's neighborhood emergency response team calls disaster zones, setting hundreds of participants received hands on training how to respond to a large scale disaster. after monday's bombing, an additional 50 people signed up. some bay area lawmakers still reeling from the failure of congress to toughen gun laws. at a town hall meeting in palo alto, promised not to back down. congressman thompson says it will be a tough battle with strong opinions on all sides. >> we've met with people who believe, like the one member that there shouldn't be any guns and we've met with the nra
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leadership. and everybody inbetween. >> compromise legislation that would have required background checks for buying guns at gun shows and online failed in the senate. gun violence is blamed for almost bringing down a baseball season. games for the north vallejo little league season were suspended after shots were fired at a little league game wednesday night. patrick says the kids got some good news this morning. play ball. >> we want these kids to have positive memories. >> this weekend, little league parents and players outraged over adults behaving badly. a fight that started between two men wednesday watching a game at this little league park in vallejo put the games on hold after someone pulled a gun. >> it was a fight that escalated into gunfire. >> the fight took place a half a block away from the field. 100 parents, coaches, and kids came together today to make it clear violence isn't welcome here. >> leave the eagle at home. stop projecting yourself on to
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your kids. i know it's hard to do. >> the league is enforcing zero tolerance. taunting violent profanities among other things, are not allowed. effective immediately, if it happens, the person or persons in the stands will be removed. they promise. >> just common sense rules that are probably everywhere. and we have to make sure that they remain posted and reenforce them vigorously. >> these are just kids and the majority of the parents do know that. a lot of things we are seeing is people bringing personal problemming to the field. >> they intend to be back on the field monday and plan to go to the city council meeting to ask for more of a police presence tuesday night. >> i want to make sure that i do everything, my kid can have fun with his teammates. >> kpix5. >> 200 kids are involved in the north vallejo little league which will mark its 50th year next year. developing news in southern
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california where a brush fire has grown and forced more evacuations in the san gabriel foothills. some 200 homes have been evacuated. firefighters have been battling the flames in rugged terrain all day. the fire is 10% contained. now it's happening in the city of monrovia. full containment is not expected until tomorrow. i sure enjoyed today, but when you see stories like that, fire season is inching closer. >> sun equals dry and we have gone almost zero for rain fall since january and all that grass grew in november and december and now it's drying out. fire season, but it's saturday night and we have a spectacular sunday in store for you. if you like it warm, you're going to love the next several days, but not tonight. we'll cool off comfortably because this air isn't that humid and dry air cools off
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efficiently. they include concorde and liver more. san francisco 53 downtown. oakland 58. santa rosa, you are checking in at 54 degrees. tomorrow morning when you wake up, vallejo, you'll be at 49. concorde 49. fremont 47. oakland, san francisco, san jose, all starting off the day tomorrow right around 50 degrees. san leandro and our microclimate forecast, you're getting warmer. tomorrow the mid 70s and by monday, sunny and warm. you will be in the 80s for the second or third time since mid october. our weather is changing and getting warmer because this area of low pressure is changing. it's been close enough to us and exerting enough of an influence. nor will we see any. as this little guy moves, it can have a big impact on our weather because the wind direction will change. right now, and also for tomorrow, along the coastline, it will be a light northwest flow. a westerly component. and the ocean is cold.
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that will keep you along the coastline and keep temperatures in check near the bay. inland, away from the influence, you'll be back in the 80s once again. monday and tuesday, the peek of the heat, if you will. high pressure builds us further to the north. now the wind direction changes. it comes out of the east. warm you up close to 90 degrees inland. 80 in san francisco and along the coastline. you may even be in the 70s for a couple days. after that, the wind goes back to an on shore flow. the cooler weather comes back. three mild days. sunday, monday, and tuesday. temperatures peeking, coming up on monday, we'll be near 90 and 70s will extend all the way to the coast. tomorrow, that's warm. maybe not as warm monday, but toasty. 85 for concord. 15 degrees above average. oakland, you will be 10 degrees above average. union city 82 degrees. your sunday highs in our inland communities include pittsburgh at 85. liver more at 85.
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and pleasant hill 86. san rafael, kentfield, all around 80 degrees. wine country, 84. alameda, 75. if you are headed to downtown san francisco, it's going to be 70 degrees. really nice in the city tomorrow. monday and tuesday we're toasty with lots of sunshine. then here comes the change. more so on thursday. highs on friday, not near 90, closer to 70 inland and only in the mid 60s near the bay. cooler weather is coming, but it's going to be -- this is april and we usually don't get this warm. >> thank you so much. in the heart of the silicon valley. the next generation of innovators is put to the test. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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of innovators. the silicon valley was the "tech challe the perfect setting for the next generation of innovators. the silicon valley was the site of the text challenge. more than 3,000 students participated in the tech museum program aimed at reenforcing science and engineering. this year's theme, asteroids. >> our goal as a tech museum and the tech challenge is to keep going in science and technology. and fields. so if we can get the kids to start designing at a young age, to start innovating at a young age, hopefully they'll love it and have a successful career. >> the tech challenge continues tomorrow. >> tim lincecum dipped into his electric and the warriors will have to dig deeper in denver to find out what they
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have been looking for, a playoff win. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. ...winning the city tackle football lincoln high school out of san francisco has run the table in football, winning the city tackle football title in the fall and today, the girls flag football crown. to the minute, here we go. the w, currie off his game in denver, but made up for it at the end when he lost a big three here to tie the game in the last 30 seconds. but andre miller in this game one of the playoffs, 37 years young, was the man. he hit the game winner with over a second left.
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game one, nuggets. david lee left the game with an injured tip. he suffered on this fourth period play. we will know more on his health tomorrow. tim lincecum on the bump and in command against the padres. buster posey behind the dish. he went over six shutout innings with eight strikeouts. and pablo swung the big stick. a two-run homer and shut out the padres 2-0. josh with a tempered beard now. the now look didn't help against the rays tonight. his one really bad pitch, thanks to the bat of matt joyce. 1-0 the final. >> and so now the talk begins. buster caught to timmy. >> oh, look how buster massaged and managed the game. oh, the ying and the yang. >> oh. i'm just saying. >> we'll see you at 11:00 on
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kpix5. we'll have more highlights. good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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