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ann notarangelo. as one ton mourns the lives lost in the bombing attacks. >> i feel really sorry. >> tonight the surviving suspect starts communicating with investigators. >> we have a million questions, and those questions need to be answered. >> good evening. prosecutors are expected to file charges this week. fortune >> reporter: cbs news confirms dzhokhar t is responding to investigators questions in
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writing. police captured dzhokhar friday night in boston. dzhokhar and tamer lab planted the tameran tamer lab planted the bombs of investigators are combing through the brothers's past. the fbi questioned tamer lab about ties to radical islam. his father says he was visiting family. people in boston gathered for prayer sunday. cardinal sean o'malley preached about tolerance. >> the crimes of the two young men must not be the justification for prejudice against muslims or against immigrants. >> reporter: mourners are beginning to say good-bye to victims hundreds lined up in medford massachusetts for
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krystle campbell's wake. >> just terrible there's people that would, you know, show such little respect for life. >> reporter: prosecutors are expected to file charges against dzhokhar earlier this week. governor duvall patrick has asked people in massachusetts to mark one minute of silence tomorrow at 2:50 in the afternoon, the time of the explosions. >> . and across the atlantic runners in the london marathon remember the victims of the boston marathon bombings moment of silence and black ribbons paid tribute to the dead and injured before the race. there was more security but more crowds too. even prince harry said he wouldn't dream of canceling. >> it was never an option. >> 35,000 people took part in the london race. >> we will have continuing coverage of the boston marathon bombings.
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there are fewer air traffic controllers. furloughs kicked in as part of the federal spending cuts. how this may affect airport operation there is the bay area. >> reporter: if you fly you will soon foe that air traffic controllers have been furloughed. delays are expected to range from as little as 10 minutes to around an hour. that's likely at lax. at chicago o'hare delays are expected to reach 50 minutes but reach an maximum of hour and-a-half. even if flight controllers here escape furloughs that doesn't mean travelers won't feel the pinch. >> because other airports such as atlanta, dallas/fort worth chicago new york and washington will be affected. the big hubs will be affected. >> reporter: industry an lit says what's happening is political games man ship. >> when the faa was shut down a few years ago flights weren't
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affected. it seems there is a request or directive out there to take steps so that passengers will be inconvenienced so they will call their elected officials to get them to take action. >> reporter: ray lahood says the furloughs of air traffic controllers is a dumb idea. now might be a good time to download an airline flight app for your smartphone it won't take much to make a mess of flight schedules. >> one bad storm and that will ruin everything. >> last week we had a bad storm in chicago and that airport came to a near close. that's with everybody in their jobs. >> reporter: everyone in federal government associated with the flight controllers furlough plan seems to be saying it's not my fault. but we vice-president heard anyone say they have a plan to fix it. at zap fran international don knapp can -p i, 5. they are asking a federal court to stop the furlough of air traffic controllers. they say the cuts are compromising the safety and
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efficiency of the airline industry. checking bay area headlines richmond police are searching for two gunmen who shot and injured a man last night. it happened in the 600 ock of griffin drive around 8:00. police found the victim in his car and they say the man was targeted. witnesses say the suspects got away in a white suv shortly after the shooting. in hayward the victim of a shooting last night died today. police haven't released the identity of the 26-year-old victim yet. we do know he was shot before 10:00 p.m. in the driveway of a home on franklin avenue. he was taken to the hospital but died of his injuries this morning. police have no suspects. in alameda coast guard cutter returned home today. families lined the dock to greet their loved ones. it spent 3 months covered 18,000 miles off the waters of southern california. during that time they rescued two people in a sailboat and they seized a boat carrying
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more than two tons of marijuana. people who have been evacuated from their homes in west texas were allowed back home today after the deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant. cbs reporter erika ferrari shows the road to recovery will be a long one for the tight- knit community. >> reporter: there is the aftermath of the fertilizer explosion in the small town of west texas. a blast so powerful it tore off the walls and roof of this neighboring apartment complex throwing mattresses and personal items about. giant chunks of concrete sit 400 yards from the explosion site. stores and windows blown out of the nursing home just across the street from the plant where wheelchairs sit abandoned on the lawn. at least 14 people were killed, more than 200 others injured when a fire at west fertilizer led to an explosion. most of those who perished were first responders. authorities still don't know what caused it. >> our priority today is the
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line of duty death investigation for the firefighters and fir responders who lost their lives in this incident. >> take some time to get everything done, but -- and it's a slow process. >> we don't have to be afraid. >> reporter: among the many who lost their homes is the pastor at the first baptist church of west. pastor john crowder organized the sunday worship service in a hay field since the church zone. is within the restricted >> this is the first time we've been together since it happened first time we've actually seen each other been able to foe that you really are still here and i'm still here and we're okay. >> reporter: the community came together to mourn its great loss sharing tears and lots of hugs and vowing to rebuild and move forward. at least one congressman and several safety experts are calling into question whether or not west fertilizer may have ignored safety regulations. authorities are investigating allegations the plant may have been storing dangerous amounts
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of ammonium nitrate. southern california firefighters have gained the upper hand on a massive brushfire. more than 300 homes were evacuated after the fire broke outlast night in the san gabriel foothills. officials believe the fire was sparked by gardening equipment in a backyard and then flames spread to the hillside covering about 125 acres. right now the fire is 85% contained. all residents have been allowed to return home. skiers and snowboarders in colorado are being warned, another avalanche could happen any time. yesterday an avalanche in the rocky mountains killed 5 snowboarders on loveland pass. it's the state's deadliest avalanche in more than 50 years. a 6th snowboarder survived. >> for all 6 people to be involved in one episode, they overlooked a pretty much a cardinal sin of how to travel in avalanche hazard terrain. >> all the men were equipped
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with avalanche beacons heavy snow fell in that area over the past week and-a-half. the curtains are closing on a bay area landmark. >> this is a real cultural heart, soul, you know, character of plea zap hills. >> why you might see soccer balls and ski masks instead of movies here. and why some people spent this beautiful sunday searching for junk in the bay. it felt so good today with temperatures well above average reefing into the high 80s and lots of blue skies. what does the rest of the week have in store? a look at your 7-day forecast that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. >> colorado police have identified a possible suspect in the shooting at a marijuana celebration. witnesses say as many as 10 shots erupted at a 4:20 rally in denver. the gunfire injured two people and scattered a crowd of thousands. >> this is the first big events since colorado legalized marijuana. police did everything they could to protect public safety. >> we have all the security in the world and things could happen. so obviously i think we were
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staffed appropriately. >> denver police are looking at video taken at the event and they say the suspect is shown in that youtube video walking in the crowd. despite the violence 4:20 organizers are looking forward to next year's events. the i could i can dome movie theater in pleasant hills is screening its last movie. it's making way for a new development. for some dome supporters the fight isn't over yet. >> reporter: pleasant hills since 1967 fades to black today. the dome is closing its doors for good is there we've lived here for 35 years and we've been coming here for 35 years. >> reporter: west development has objected a development to demolish the iconic theater it has many locals fueling. they have until may 3rd to remove home to thousands of memories. >> i think it's a tragedy.
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>> this is a real cultural heart, soul, you know character of pleasant hill. when they take this down there will be nothing else left. >> reporter: is when people think of the dome they think of the history. think of first dates of i was here a couple of months ago here's what people had to say about their experiences here. >> jaws. >> star wars. >> my wife and i came to our first movie here the godfather. >> reporter: nothe dome is facing the wrecking ball to make way for a dick's addition dick's sporting goods goods store. supporters haven't given up the fight just yet. they have a facebook page with 1351 likes. still today marks the end of an era for pleasant hills. >> i may have to say this for prosperity i don't know. the city council is
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expected to hold a public hearing on may 6th to hear airport in favor arguments in favor of the dome. the latest lunchburg survey the statewide average for a gallon of regular gas dropped 9 cents and it's now down to 3.90. the highest average price throw is in san francisco at 3.96 a gallon. the lowest 3.77 in stockton. ferry service on san francisco bay is expanding. starting next monday the transportation authority will add an evening trip during the work week. the ferry will leave south san francisco at 6:20 p.m. and take commute stories the east bay. there will be extra ferries between san francisco and south city. the transportation authority believes that the extra trips will boost ridership. right now only 131 commuters on average take the san francisco to east bay ferry monday through friday. a 100-mile walk to help
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end hunger passed through the bay area today. almost a dozen bay area cities from pittsburgh to san jose held small walks as part of the weekend's hunger walk. a top executive from international aid agency cws is going to extra mile. maurice bloom says he's walking the 100 miles from napa to san jose as a form of gratitude. >> when i was responsible for -- i received a lot of support from the u.s. who are those people that are giving this money so that i can do this work over here. >> the 11 hunger walks in the bay area help raise funds for a local hunger fighting agency. the goal this year is $250,000. instead of walking for hunger some volunteers in san francisco were diving for trash. divers from the aquarium of the bay were in the water today cleaning up aquatic park as part of earth day. they say in previous clean-ups they found all kind of junk that you never see from the
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beach. >> people have gone down brought up tires and sinks and last year i found a couple of crow bars. it's things that come a lot of the ships too. but it's a lot of bottles a lot of trash essentially that sinks to the bottom. >> organizers say one way to keep trash from building up on the beach or in the water is to reduce what you use by recycling. a beautiful weekend to enjoy outdoor activities. elizabeth is in tonight to tell us if the warmer temperatures will stick around. what a gorgeous day today. temperatures were well above average and we've got more of the same to start off your work week. but check out what it looked like a little earlier today. there is a look at san francisco's ocean beach. we had sun batheers outside. temperatures reached into the 70s well into the 80s in some inland spots. there is what's in store for more sunshine, more warm weather, sunny skies reaching close to 90 degrees and some of those inland spots and even along the coast it's still going to reach
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into the low 70s. we got another nice day on tap. so why. >> it's because of a huge ridge of high pressure. an it is just settled on in around the bay area. so any storm track well way from the bay area will we'll see rain showers in portland parts of seattle but for the bay area we're high and dry and that's what's keeping us and these temperatures definitely on the more mild side. it looks like for the immediate future and even in our longer range forecast really not seeing any good chance of significant rain. so, your overnight lows a lot of mild temperatures 61 that's your overnight low in vallejo. 55 free months and pacifica 50 degrees. skies should be pretty clear once again. so for tomorrow we're going to see a repeat. hit repeat on today. maybe temperatures could be a degree or two warmer. so everywhere you see orange that generally means temperatures in the 80s. we're painting things pretty
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nice tomorrow as well. 77 in oakland, 90 in vallejo. and you can see the inland spots the warmest. 87 concord 86 in livermore. but even in pacific a reaching into the low 70s. your forecast over the next several days there is way you can expect. another nice day on tap for monday, and then we begin a gradual decrease in those temperatures. a cooling trend on the way. but again that high pressure remains in effect and still going to be pretty nice throughout the work week. temperatures by thursday and friday look like 50s and 60s along the coast and still seeing a lot of # 0s in our inland spots. so, hopefully you can get out and enjoy some of it. >> elizabeth thank you. an annual tradition at golden gate park. roller skating disco festival. they show caved roller disco moves. organizers say it's not about the skaters showing off it's about what anyone can do when they come to the park. >> today they are going to
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showcase their abilities and what they have learned and they are fun and their love of skating. that's what today is all about. >> organizers of the event say maintaining a skate park is expensive and they are trying to raise $7,000 to repave the area at golden gate park. so far they have raised $700. the grandpa raid is the cherry on top at the annual cherry blossom festival in san francisco. more than 1500 participants marched through japan town to celebrate japanese culture. >> this actually brings a lot of the japanese culture they are flying over to attend and go to the paras or even watch. >> this cherry blossom festival is one of the biggest. 200,000 people attend the two weekend event which wrapped up today. well she is known as one of hollywood's sweethearts. coming up why police arrested actress reese witherspoon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sci-fi thriller topped the weekend box office - bringin 38-point-2 million dollars domestic debut . >> movie fans are slipping into 0 bolivian. the tom cruise sci-fi thriller topped the weekend box office bringing in $38.2 million in its domestic debut. the baseball drama 42 came in second taking in 18 million bucks. scary movie 5 g. i. joe retaliation round out the top 5. actress reese witherspoon was arrested. the oscar winner and her husband were pulled over friday. the officer says witherspoon disobeyed orders to stay in the
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car while he performed a field sobriety test open her husband. witherspoon allegedly asked the officer if he knew who she was. when he said he didn't she reportedly replied you're about to find out. a big name in sports broadcasting is in hot water after get he getting busted for dui. santa monica police say al michaels was arrested on suspicion of drunk drying. the 68-year-old sports announcer for nbc was spotted making an illegal you turn and pulled over he had a blood alcohol level of .08. he spent about 5 hours in jail before being released. >> michaels has a june 26th court date. the giants go for the sweep while the a's look to avoid the brooms. the latest on david lee can the warriors rally without their all-star. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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milwaukee to the tune of 9 runs...but . barry zito derailed in milwaukee to the type of 9 runs he's back on track looking much more like the pitcher who opened the season with 14 straight scoreless innings. >> these kids hoping to see the giants sweep the padres. we're 19 games into the year and buster posey had not hit a home run until today. 12 rows into the bleachers 5-0 giants. barry zito rebounded in a big way. four strikeouts he retires 13 of his final 16 batters. >> giants sweep the padres 5- 0. escobar takes tommy malone deep malone allowed 4 earned runs and 8 hits and took his first loss of the season. the sharks could clinch a
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playoff berth just with one point. columbus had other ideas. joe pavel ski turns the puck over brian johanssen scores. blue jackets beat the sharks. >> david lee will police the rest of the playoffs after taking his right hip flexor. lee waited 8 years to finally get in the playoffs and got hurt. defending champs miami heat put a pounding on the 8th seeded bucks. the heat 110 to 87. >> a big controversy tonight. >> he doesn't think the warriors are going to be that hurt without david lee in the line-up and i'll explain why. >> does that meanie still thinks mean he still thinks they are going to win. >> 75% of the teams that win the first game end up winning the series. but he does think they have a chance in part because david lee won't be there. >> thank you for leaving it on
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a happy note. that's for us at 10:00. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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