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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CW  June 9, 2013 8:30am-9:31am PDT

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santa monica shooting rampa this is kpixfive news. police have gunman in the santa monica shooting rampage were armed for battle. what they are revealing about his plan. >> ing fog swirls through the golden gate bridge. that spells relief especially inland. 8:30. sunday morning, june 89th. a whole lot to talk about in the next hour. we are talking about immigration. we had an in depth conversation and also all this talk about the
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government surveillance programs from internet to telephone. we have a member of the republican party here with some criticism in how obama has handleed things. how high pressure kept us warm downright hot after the past couple of days. we're waking up with numbers only in the low 60s for the most part. concord has 58. fog and drizzle along the shoreline. livermore. san jose has some sunshine and 63. there will be sunshine for everybody later but not the. in the brentwood oakley area there was just too much for some that were attending graduationer is moan gnus at two area high schools. 11 people attending heritage hughs graduation were taken to hospitals after feeling faint and dizzy in the heat and eight more at an oakley high school ceremony. that is after temperatures reached as hot as 107 at livermore yesterday.
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numbers will come down in some places 25 degrees. hoar is the latest on what's happened overnight. >> a series of fires. the fire on mountain house road is now contained. they are still working on hotspots and they expect to be in mop-up mode soon. earlier in the same area, there was another fire overnight that burnede westbound lanes of interstatute 580. there were o a lot of reports of heavy smoke and dews were advised to use alternate routes. height, temperatures and low humidity helped a fire spread to 240 acres north of livermore. that crew started fighting that fire at interstate 580. it took three and a half hours to contain it. no word on what started that fire. the peacock lounge in east freemont avenue. when police arrived, they found
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a man who had been shot to death. they are looking with a second victim after receiving a call from a local hospital about a person who had been shot. so far, no arrests have been made. we are learning more about the suspect behind that shooting rampage in southern california. surveillance video shows customers ducking for cover. the gunman opened few on friday. 23-year-old former student where the violence finally ended. cbs reporter with the evidence that shows the suspect plannedded that shooting spree well ahead of time. >> rifle in hand, this surveillance photo shows a man police say went on a shotting rampage in santa monica. the investigators layed out the weapons and body armor he used. >> the suspect was dressed all in black. he was armed with a 223 semiautomatic rifle. he was in position of a multiple loaded magazine. >> several people were killed. the investigation spanning across nine crime scenes. but it appears it started here.
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police sources say the suspect gunned down his own father and brother and torched the house before leaving the neighborhood. he shot this woman in her car. >> oh my gosh. >> this lady has been shot. >> unvest gaiters say the suspect then carjacked another woman and demanded he take her to santa monica college. >> he told her he would kill her. she was obviously terrified. >> on the way, he fired indiscriminantly at a city bus wounding people onboard and at this suv killing carlos navarro franco. the suspect then openedded fire on campus killing another victim. i jumped out of the way and i heard a whoosh go by my head. >> finally after an exchange of bullets, police shot and killed the gunman. authorities say the shooter planned the attack but they still don't know what motivated him. erika ferarri, cbs news. the gunman turned -- could have turned 24 according to police and had
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a run-in with officers seven years ago. the driver involved in a horrible crash in freemont that killed his wife and young son is now under arrest. gilbert gail faces two felonies for vehicular manslaughter and one for child endangerment. that car was ripped in half killing his three-year-old son instantly. gill's wife died the next day. the san francisco 49ers now say they're going to spend another $100 million to install new tax features for tan fans at the santa clara stadium and news that the bay area will be hosting superbowl 50 had a lot to do with it. team officials said that the cost of levi stadium will now rise to $1.3 billion. and that makes it the second most expensive news stadium in the country after metlife stadium in new york. that crane operator who tore down a philadelphia building when it collapsedded is now facing multiple charges.
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six counts of involuntary manslaughter. 13 counts f endangering others after turning himself in. authorities say he admitted to being high on marijuana while using an excavator on wednesday when the remains of the four-story building gave way. it toppled on to an attached thrift store killing six people and injuring 13 others. supporters of the late trayvon martin are calling tomorrow national hoody day. he was a 17-year-old florida teen analler who was shot and killed by nay -- teenager who was shot and killedded by george zimmerman last year. martin was unarmed and wearing a hoody at the time. oakland is among the city where there are marchs set for tomorrow. they will coenside with the scheduled start of zimmerman's trial. charged with second degree murder. jury selection is set to begin tomorrow and also on monday a hearing will continue to determine his voice recognition experts cotestify in that trial. they have reached mixed confusion about who has heard screaming, zimmerman or martin on a 911 recording.
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attorneys for zimmerman do not want those experts to testify. president obama is heading back to washington d.c. today. he wrappedded up a series of meetings with chinese president. cyber security was at the top of the agenda. the u.s. has accusedded chi ma of spying on american -- accused china of spying on american businesses and spying on the pentagon by secretly hacking into their computer networks. according to the white house, the president has also agreed to work together to reduties green house gas emissions. governor jerry brown was also in southern california to meet with the chinese president. the meeting follows the governor's week-long trade visit to china last april. he said he was happy that both leaders selected california for their summit. he also alluded to the state's future negotiations with china. >> we intend to. >> we continue to step up in china and we look forward to investment here in california. >> governor blown wants to attract chinese investment in
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california for a public infrastructure and for prompts like high speed rail. still ahead, president obama defending the secret seizure of cell phone records but our conversation with the republican party leader shows he isn't buying his explanation. i'll have that next. kids turn in their weapons in hayward in a unique gun exchange. what some are getting in return for their toy guns. the tricky solution to ight loss problems of a new pill supposedly works to trick your appetite. here it comes. the cooler weather as we look live at ocean beach in san francisco. fog, clouds, drizzle. relief. we'll have the forecast in a minute. ,,,,
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expected to hit the market tuesday. but let's change that. we're talking about a new weight loss drug that is expected to hit the market on tuesday. >> we'll have that in just a moment i'm presuming. >> we're going to go to break. ,,,,,,,,
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tuesday. the drug tricks the a pers's brain into thinking his or r stomach is full. and that in turn
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causes the user to eat lesse a weight loss drug that tricks a person's brain into thinking his or her stomach is full. that in turn causes the user to eat less. the bill is producedded by -- approved by the fda last year but the company delayed its launch because of logistical hurdles. >> other bay area headlines. you have heard of gun buy-backs where local police departments hand out cash or gift cards for every working gun turned in. but in hayward yesterday it was toy guns being handed over. strobe ridge elementary hosted that event. kids exchange their toy guns for books and a chance to win a bike. >> >> apple kicks off its worldwide development conference in san francisco. the company is expected to unvail ios seven. a redesigned version of its mobile operating system of course for its iphone. apple is said to announce a new music streaming service to replace itunes maybe. industry observers say that since growth in the sales of apple smart phones is slowing it's important for the company
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to strengthen its software and services. >> the city of oakland encouraging people to get out of their cars and walk the lake. it's all part of the love our lake celebration at lake merit today. you can take part in more than 50 different culture activities like live music, salsa dancing, free bike rentals, food trucks and boat rides. it all starts at lake merit at 11:00 a.m. >> it probably won't be quite as sunny as what you saw right there. starting off a little more overcast. >> are we talking light jacket weather? >> certainly in the early going. it's probably a relief because people who have had temperatures in the mid 100s over the past couple of days today only 80s for livermorx concord. the numbers come down today. come down already in fact as you look live as we look towards san francisco. you see that gray overcast hanging in over the city. but if you head out to san jose, there's sunshine down in the south bay and so that part of it looks actually pretty good. some blue skies down in the south bay and at the bay bridge, we have some
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overcast. 58 at concord. 63 at oakland. livermore has 62. t at the airport 62. in san jose 63. as we head out the door, there's clouds and there's drizzle close to the shoreline today. what a difference today makes as diana washington once said in 1959. partly cloudy skies around the bay. inland we will get sunshine starting out overcast. for the next few hours the sun will come out. in the headlines it will cool off dramatically inland. dry thunderstorms inland and in the north bay are possible late in the day today and tonight and then a mild week ahead. dry thunderstorms. you see that low pressure off of point conception down south. the high pressure that has been over us up north. watch what happens. the high escapes. the low moves up. as the low moves up, this flow brings more humid air into the bay area and the result is that late in the day today thunderstorms to the sear i can't and they might leak over toward the bay enough so that we get the potential for
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some dry lightening this evening, tonight, especially favoring the east and the north bay. but today temperatures dive. about 20 degrees today unland. pinpoint forecast if you are heading out of the bay area. sunshine inland. 76 in sacramento. 89 for fresnoe and down in caramel it will be overcast. low 60s will do it for pacifica. 76 at san jose. 81 at livermore. what a difference from 107 yesterday. 77 at concord. a look ahead. we have a mild week ahead. the usual low clouds. this is summertime in full force for the bay area. low clouds all week at the coast. sunshine inland and numbers return just to the 80s. that's more like it, don't you think? >> that is a little bit too much. >> president obama defending his administration's policy to gather millions of people's phone records. during a stop in san jose, he explained what the program does and what it does not do. >> when it comes to telephone calls, nobody is listening to your
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telephone calls. what the intelligence community is doing is looking at phone numbers and durations of calls. they are not looking at people's names and they are not looking at content. >> the president said what he calls modest encroachments on prief is city are worth doing since they can help developing leads to detect terror activity. but not everybody is satisfied with the president's explanation to put it mildly. this morning i talked with jason clark, an attorney and first vice chair of the san francisco republican party and i asked him whether the president is saying that he welcomes discussions on this issue is adequate. >> the san francisco republican party joins many americans who are concerned and outraged that a president who has claimed to be transparent about what he's doing in his policies and he actually has not been very transparent at all and you
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know, these promises that he's making don't really add up to any sort of protection that our privacy is going to be security. >> transparency is a little bit tricky because if he reveals too much, then obviously you're giving a tip-off to the terrorist. that is what he said in san jose. what do you say to that? is there a trade-off that needs to be done in a postnine/11 world. >> the president is creating almost a false choice. he says you have to chose either between security and privacy and you can't have both and that is a little disingenuous for someone as smart as him you know you can't have 100% privacy ever and you can never have 100% security. but the fact of the matter is the government has now revealed that it is part of a widespread plan to kind of collect and review all of our information and in an era of the affordable healthcare act where the government is collecting more and more information about our personal xized and our healthcare, this is kind of a disturbing trend. >> now, the only thing that
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seems to be really affecting normal people in this situation is, you know, the phone numbers and the duration of calls. a lot of the other internet spying is reserved for foreign people, foreign figu at might beer the rust suspects. what is the problem with them having information on phone numbers and durations of calls? >> well, it's again, the idea that americans believe and our country was founded on respect for several lib -- civil liberties and it's the fact that americans believe they should have a right to privacy. even if it means just how long their phonecall was and who the phonecall was made to and where it was made to, we still have a right to this moticum of privacy. >> your take on this is interesting as a republican. a lot of this started under the patriot act of george w. bush. who is responsible for pushing
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this forward. in nine/11 we had a different set of circumstances, you know, when the patriot act was first passed, it was a very frightening time for a lot of people. the twin powers came down. george bush, you did open the door but now it seems like president obama is driving tractor-trailers through that and bush hasn't been -- he's been anything but transparent and kind of talking to us about what he's been doing with our data. >> you mention the tragedy at that time. aanthrax at nine/11. obviously something where people are more willing to accept programs like this.
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the government was tracking these people. apparently they weren't doing a good enough job. these attacks happened in boston. the government hasn't come up with a lot of good evidence of repeated need to collect all of this data. i think we can agree that specific targeting with judicial oversight a pope yours truly judicial oversight is probably acceptable and appropriate, but when doing a blanket collection of data like this, the government is going on a fishing expedition and as we have seen, it doesn't do a very good job when it does these type of things. >> the president did say when he was here open to discussion and i'm sure that will be a big topic on capitol hill. >> we shall see. in the meantime the oakland raders are training their replacements. >> well, maybe some day. the team is holding a youth camp and they'll be learning how to make moves on the field. we'll be right back. now find the most hard core driver in america.
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back to the community this weekend. the oakland raiders are putting on a 2-y camp for more than 300 kidsm youth clg the silver and black are giving back to the community. the oakland raders are putting on a go--- two-day camp. including the boys and girls club and the ymca of oakland. the camp started yesterday and continues through today. rader legend sam williams and the rader will also be on hand. meantime, the giants bat for red hot in the desert. could did first place as extend their lead over texas.
8:53 am
more in sports. >> good morning, everybody. that's more like it, huh with the desert last night with the diamondbacks. going double digit numbers on the board. these bands had a good look at it. had a good look at yeah. buster posey going yard. how about a two-run homer off of the former eight. tremendous very cahill gave the giants an eight-zero lead. they put ten on the board and win that one. going away. so jolly in chicago yesterday. that is where the as were against the white sox. tieded at one t in eighth and al exrios. he gets through. look t at that. there is a go-ahead run. the white sox scored three in the frame. they actually beat the as. final of 44-one. black hawks last night double overtime. kings game five. and that is patrick cain. his thursday goal of the night. not only for the win. they clenched but and they'll face boston in the nhl finals.
8:54 am
speaking of finals, how about the french open finals and how about that woman, serena williams dispatching maria sharapova four-four to bin her second career. french open title and 16th career major. oh, how nice would it be to be young again and have the world eating out of your hands. serena williams, french open champion at age 31. have a good day, everybody. we're coming back later on today and tonight. uncle vern hosting game day in the big chair right here at broadway and battery. this just into our newsroom, n an jdal has bonn the french open. now he is the first man to win eight singles titles at the same grand slam tournament. that is the sound of some 300 harley
8:55 am
riders rolling into the golden gate national cemetery to honor american's -- america's fallen veterans this weekend. that is after a memorialer is knownmy -- ceremony. the riders took a tour along the coastline before ending up at a barbecue party. it's all part of a fund-raising effort for various charities. a new coffee trend happening in london. the unlikely spot people are getting their caffeine fix coming up in the next half hour. >> why governor brown is asking china's president to show california the money.
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call or go online now to get answers. that shows the chaos during shooting rampafe in southern this is kpixfive news. >> ducking for cover. new video that shows the chaos during a shooting rampage in southern california. >> and an effort to keep kids
8:59 am
away from weapons. what some are getting in exchange for giving up their toy gun. >> and to put him a magnificent facility on the waterfront equal to if not greater than the san francisco giants baseball park. you got what you need to be great again. >> political insiders on why the golden state bar yours need a new marina -- arena that could mean new priorities for san francisco. thanks for joining us. lots going on in the next 30 minutes. >> yeah, we are talking immigration, the senate is set to take up the debate this week. we have a house democrat. we have is a discussion in depth with that subject. we are talking about that toy gun exchange. i was there in hayward yesterday. i have never heard of anything like this. it's a new concept. we'll hear about it not without its own controversy. >> we'll also talk about the extremely hot weather we had in the bay area. it was smoking out in the east
9:00 am
bay. numbers well in excess of 100 degrees yesterday. diablo however, this morning, surrounded in low clouds. that presses in the fact we have cooler weather on the way for the bay area. the numbers will really be dropping. we're starting out with 61 in concord. livermore at 65. sfo has got 63. overcast skies mean numbers today drop as much as 20 degrees. we'll have the entire forecast at straight up 9:00. we'll first get the latest. >> and a series of fires in the east bay. alameda county fire says the fire on mountain house road is now contained but they are still working on hotspots that expect to be in a mop-up mode soon. earlier in the same area, there was another fire overnight. it burned next to the westbound lanes of interstate 580. there were reports of heavy smoke. drivers were advised to use alternate routes. high temperatures and low humidity helped another fire to spread 240 acres north of livermore. crews started fighting the fire
9:01 am
near vasco road and interstate 580 at around 10:15 yesterday morning. it took them about three and a half hours to contain it. no word on what started that fire. well, this morning we learn more about the suspect behind that shooting rampage in southern california. surveillance video shows customers ducking for cover as the gunman opened fire on friday. investigators say the suspect was a former student at santa monica college where the violence ended. he's now identified as 23-year- old -- another surveillance photo shows him with a rifle in his hand. the violence started when he gunned down his own father and brother and torched their house. the investigation now covers nine separate crime scenes. on saturday, investigators layed out the weapons in the body armor that the suspect used. >> the suspect was dressed all in black. he was armed with a semiautomatic rifle. he was in position of multiple loaded magazines. >> police say he carjacked a woman at
9:02 am
gunpoint and then demanded that he take her to the college. on the way he fired in discriminantly killing a 68-year-old man. later he killed another victim on the college campus. finally police shot and killed the gunman. authorities say that he planned the attacks in advance but they are not sure about his me toy -- motives. the driver involved in a crash in freemont that killed his wife and young son is now under arrest. gilbert gill faces two felony charges. that car was ripped in half killing his three-year-old son instantly. >> that crane operator that tore down a philadelphia building when it collapsed is now facing multiple charges. 13 counts evening -- endanger others.
9:03 am
he admitted to being high on marijuana while using an excavator on wednesday when the remains of the four-story building gave way. it toppled on to an attached thrift store killing six people and injuring 13 others. president obama is heading back to washington today. he wrapped up a series of meetings with chinese -- cyber security was at the top of the agenda. the u. s.s. has accused china of spying on american businesses and spying on the pentagon by secretly hacking into their computer networks. according to the white house, the president has also agreed to work together to reduce green house gas emissions. governor brown was also in southern california to meet with the chinese president. governor brown for public infrastructure and project like high speed rail. one school is doing everything it can to keep guns out of the hands of kids including
9:04 am
guns made of plastic. kids were given the chance to trade in their weapons for books. >> how should you treat a toy gun that you see? >> it's a lesson for kids who may see guns as a part of everyday life. >> as you get older, it becomes a natural thing. if they have a real gun in their hand they'll pull a trigger just as quick. >>reporter: so principle charles hill of strobe ridge elementary decided to hold a toy gun buy back. you have heard of real gun buy backs. local police departments handing out cash or gift cards for every working gun turned in. in this case, it's dangerous toys being exchanged for books. this mom said she never wanted her son to play with toy guns. >> but where we live before all the kids had toy guns and they would go out and play guns so he felt left out. so that is kind of how i.
9:05 am
>> some of the guns are obviously fake but some of them look remarkably real. appearance-wise, the only difference between this gun and one that could kill is the orange tip. >> they'll paint it black to make them look like real guns and sometimes people will take a real gun and paint the tip orange to make it seem as if it is a fake gun. >> there are dozens of reports of people being killed because of a fake gun like this incident in oakland when police shot a man wilding a replica rifle. he dieded at the scene, but gun rights activists say this toy gun buy- back is propaganda. >> the firearms are part of humanity much less any other item that would normally be found in a household so trying to blame firearms or toy guns for the ills of society seems very misdirected. principal hill got that idea about a photographer who was concerned about young people and violence in nearby
9:06 am
oakland. coming up we have another look at president obama's push for immigration reform. our conversation with congressman eric swalltell next. our insir to answer the question. will a new warrior's arena change the game for soon face sysco's priority. plus, the london under ground overhalled and we're not talking about the subway. the businesses opening up in the most unlikely of spots. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. welcome back. ,,,,,,
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property prices are drivinge business owners to look bel the surface. cbs reporter charlie d'agata tells us the latest movement of coffee culture is going straight te london's expensive property prices are advising business owners to look below the surface. the latest movement is going straight to the toilet. >> restaurant owner pete tomblinson will be the first to admit he had to scrub a few toilets to get to where he is today. he and a business partner were sitting at this pub chatting about opening a coffee shop, but where. the answer was right in front of them, an abandoned under ground men's room. why not? two years and about $150,000 later, they opened this below ground cafe. the attendant as in bathroom attendant. >> when you came up with this idea, people must have thought you
9:10 am
were crazy. >> yeah. some people did and some people didn't. >> the men's room was built in victorian times around 1890 and tomln -- tomlinson kept as many original features as he could including the urinals. >> we are sitting where men relieve themselves. >> yeah. >> are there people put off by that? >> no, i think you always got -- a game how to create. in addition to gourmet coffee, tomlinson served uppercrust food like oregano with smokedded cheddar cheese and heirloom tomatoes. london property prices have gone sky high above ground meaning people looking below ground for new opportunities. this former bathroom recently sold for almost a million dollars. that's before the investment needed to turn it into an ice cream parlor. one creative architect turned
9:11 am
this abandoned bathroom into her own hip and trendy if perhaps a little cozy subterranean apartment. for hannah crick, who popped down to the attendant on a coffee break, the cafe just kind of worked. >> so it is here. i didn't expect this to be right in here. there's really nothing that needs to be done. it would quite so obviously be a toilet. >> it may not be everybody's cup of tea or coffee but it's been busy enough for tomlinson to consider expanding his underground empire. he's pretty confident his quirky investment won't be flushing money down the drain. charlie dagata, cbs news, london. >> it is 911 and remarkable changes in the weather from yesterday when it was so hot. >> yeah. if you are in the midwest and temperatures drop 30 degrees you have had a powerful cold front. i mean a megapowerful cold front move through the area. here you just have to go 30- miles. temperatures have droppedded
9:12 am
dramatically for the bay area for this afternoon. as we look at forecast highs only in the low 80s out toward this landmark. mount duablo there d diablo, the old isolatedded wrung l in the earth's crust that hovers there around s isam ramone and back of walnut creek. it's starting out cloudy as we look at telegraph hill. it's overcast to thfor the most part and concord had 61. at the airport at f three. san jose has 63 already. sunshine at san jose in the south bay this morning. we have fog and clouds and drizzle close to the shoreline. partly sunny skies around the rest of the bay for the most part. it's sunny in livermore and it will be sunny elsewhere inland in the next hour or so. the numbers begin in the mid f zeros. here is what we expect. the numbers to drop like a set of car keys through the bay area. a major cool-down. temperatures fall by 20-plus degrees and later today especially in the north and the east bay, the potential for maybe a lightening strike or two because of low
9:13 am
pressure coming frap the south land. we'll show you that. that low that is spinning in santa barbara as the day progresses, the high pressure heads out. the low pressure beguns to head north. as it does, that southwesterly flow that is coming frap los angeles could produce thunder in the sear i can't. maybe even in the east and the north bay tonight. so 20 degrees plus cooler unland today and if you look at the future cast you can see that we're starting out with clouds. clouds clear back. tonight look at this moisture coming from the sear i can't toward the shoreline. that unusually easterly flow and look t at that little echo there at 9:00 tomorrow morning. might have the doppler up and running. mostly sunny for sfo. there's only a small chance of a sprinkle or two tonight. lightening strike. you heard it here first. chicago, new york has got rain in the forecast. southland partly cloudy skies. today in the -- 63. 73 freemonn sunshine. extendedded forecast. we continue mild this week with numbers only in the upper 70s and low
9:14 am
80s inland. that's a huge breath of fresh air for brentwood and livermore. this weekend the soon mateo county fair. you're looking for something to do today. forecast high 75 and sunshine. >> that's perfect. >> it's great today. i think everybody was kind of ready for things to cool do thanks, bryan. president obama says congress is going to take action this week on immigration reform. >> this bill would continue to strengthen security at our borders. it increased criminal penalties against smugglers and traffickers and hold employers more accountable if they knowingly hire undocumented workers. if an act -- if enacted it would represent the most ambitious enforcement plan in recent memory. >> the president says that the current system is broke, but a bill in the senate is a comprehensive physical examination fix. >> for more on what's happening on capitol hill, i talked can congressman -- >> and as close as they have ever been but last week in the house, there was a discolonelling vote that took place. the house republican
9:15 am
leaderissue voted to deport more of the dreamers. these are the young children who were born outside of our country but came here when they were kids with their parents and now they say the pledge of allegiance to their school every day and they want to go to college and president obama signed an executive order to allow them to go to college and to not be deported but the republicans ordered last week across party lines to deport them. so i'm concerned that perhaps they're not as serious as they say they are about immigration reform but time is now. we need to get folks on a pathway to suddenship and we need to increase the skilled workers that we are bringing into our country because we know we are have a shortage of workers right now and that there are jobs behind the immigrants who come here and can create jobs. the path to sidship is a big sticking point in all of this. republicans concerned that that amounts to amnesty. where is the compromise? what kind of a aread are you getting in the house? are they willing to give on that? >> well, there has to be increasedded border security? certainly making sure that our
9:16 am
borders protected, something i can appreciate as a former prosecutor, but knowing in silicon valley itself, and i went on an invasion road show last week where i went up and dune the value is lee and i spoke with the tech leaders and i heard a tech round table francis is coe. we have a couple of pictures from that event is. we learned that there are so many thousands and thousands of jobs unfilled in the bay area right now that will go overseas unless tech companies can bring immigrants here to our country. so that's a short-term fix is comprehensive immigration reform, putting tomment -- folks on a pathway to citizenship. the longterm fix will be making sure our own children here in the united states are prepared and that means uncreasinging our investment. science, technology, engineering and math and making sure that our teachers can equip them so they can compete and we don't have to continue bring immigrants into our country to fill those jobs. >> so president obama has called this latest bill a real compromise on both parts. what have the democrats given
9:17 am
given up? >> well, what we have given up is i believe we have extended how long it will take for folks to be on that pathway to citizenship. i have seen it sooner than 13 years which is the amount of time in the senate. they start to make it too long, folks will continue to stay in the shadows and not come out and identify themselves, and we want there to be a real light at the end of the tunnel. i would like to see it under ten years. i understand compromises have to be made. that is one compromise that democrats have offered in both the house and the senate bill. >> i think both sides agree that whatever plan that is material xized here it needs to be enforceable. that seems like that was one of the problems. how do we make sure that is the problem? >> these folks have to come forward and identify themselves, and you know, we will run the appropriate background check. we'll make sure that they're paying into the feed that will be assigned to being a part of our country and then they'll be ailing to
9:18 am
work here legally. many of them already do pay social security but they're not able to collect it because they do not have a real social security number. but making sure that there's a real legal pipeline for them to go down is i think have to be at the center of this deal. >> give us a read on the move. there are so many different opinions on it. in some different states where there say real issue such as california. you coming from that perspective. what's that like? >> this has to be a comp he hencive plan. right now there's a push on both sides to make it only about a pathway to sidship. and not address a pathway to citizenship. i think we owe it to ourselves. we have not acted on immigration in almost 30 years. we have to make it a comprehensive plan now. >> it is going to be tough but everybody does seem optimistic that compromise will happen sometime before the end of the year. we'll keep our eye on it for you. >> all right. coming up next, our political insiders on
9:19 am
whether an addition to san francisco is too grand. it is becoming a place where there is lots of money ear 's be . >> lots of money well-spend. -- well-spent. that's the question. up next. 'sup the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum -bum ♪ thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french)
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waterfront arena in san francisco. later this week, we're expecting to hear what's been going on with the site of the new warrior's waterfront arena in san francisco. they're making the move from oakland and that has our political insiders talking. the city really need the arena to be grand? >> oh, not even close. when we lost the 49ers, took santa clara, we need to fill that vacuum and we can best fill it with something like basketball to which we can all relate.
9:22 am
you've got what you need to be great again on that fact. >> and i wonder the voters looking at the condition of othethe costs, dollars that are going to create the opportunity for those around them. the baseball park there. one thing this underscores is san francisco's emergence as a tech and tourist center. because this is evidence that the party has to keep going on in san francisco no matter how big. >> yeah, i mean when you look at the tourist crowds right now in san francisco. it's amazing. i was talking to some of them this week. they were here to see the bay bridge lights. you're right. at&t the giants. the sportsstuff. it is becoming a place where there's lots of money. >> and the one part of -- one
9:23 am
part that doesn't completely worked. unbelievable. it's pleasant to ride them. they're clean and charming. the people on them are great ambassadors but op wroughters. this makes san francisco a slave to just continuing to be an event center rather than an industrial center. you don't want this as an industrial center anyway. just think of what that does for the environment. a tourist does not pollute. a tourist absorbs. and believe me, you produce good results. >> and when you get sp -- spotty coming to central market areas, a tech ghetto starting out. that also brings an infusion of money into the town. >> tourism is the new tomorrow. tech tourism and high-rise condos. for the wealthy. thank you very much. back to you guys. >> that counts. >> sad but true. >> coming up one more look at
9:24 am
this morning's top story. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,, ♪
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identified the gunman who kd four people as 23- year-oldn e was a former police in santa monica have identified the man who killed four people as 23-year-old, a former student at santa monica college where the violence finally ended when officers killed him. sun i have vale police are investigating a shooting overnight that left a man dead. it happened at 1:00 this morning outside of the peacock lounge on east freemont avenue. no arrests have been made. millions of south africans are praying for a recovery by nelson mandella. the # four-year-old former president is in the hospital for a recurring lung infection. the government says his condition is serious. all right. and around here it looks like it's going to be another lovely day. not as hot which is very lovely. >> the temperatures really began to fall yesterday evening actual ly.
9:27 am
you can see that. to the extent that you can see ocean beach you have fog drizzle along the shoreline. winds blew so hard last night that branches were down. power was out to stoplights even this morning. but on the other hand you go inland. you have sunshine. just a few clouds up top and temperatures today will only manage upper 70s and low 80s. forecast highs. 75 in santa rosa. 81 at fairfield after 107 in livermore yesterday. just 81. pacifica got 626789 mountainvuiew 75. the extended forecast is calling for things to stay mild all week this week enland with numbers 80. around the bay nice, mid 70s and by the time we get to next weekend it will warm up a little bit. >> all right. well, advice to tsa agents. let the wook irke win. >> the man who made chewbaca ruer won his round against airport security. all the debate over his cain. hear how it is told by actor peter may
9:28 am
hue. he says agents stopped him from boarding a plane because his cain looked like a lifesaver. more than 20,000 twitter followers he t -- retweeted his airport drama. not please or thank you. it's twitter thank you. lake merit today. the car-free party is called love our lake day. it's designed to get people to walk the neighborhoods. you take part in more than 40 different cultural activities including live music, salsa dancing. free bike rentals, food trucks and boat rides. it all starts at # 1:00 a.m. i have some especially good news for you to finish off the newscast today. >> going to be back next week. we are looking for a -- thanks for joining us today. have a wonderful week ahead and
9:29 am
enjoy your sunday. ,,,,,,,,
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