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who got to throw out the first pitch at tonight's a's game... 18- hundred miles a no man on the mound! instead, a robot. the special teen who got to throw out the first pitch at tonight's a's game from 1,300 miles away! >> why a bay area city is doing away with what was supposed to be a safety tool. >> and dozens of wildfires around colorado. ntersections safer... but now one bay area city says... they do t's red light cameras are supposed to make intersections safer. but now one bay area city says they're doing the opposite! so it's getting rid of them. why belmont is saying good riddance. >> reporter: these tickets are not cheap. they are five$500 a pop. and the city says the cameras aren't helping! all it's doing
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is taking a million dollars a year from hardworking people. >> reporter: in belmont they are unloved unwanted, unwelcome. after costing drivers millions of dollars they will be gone. >> i think it is dehumanizing to a certain degree our city. >> reporter: the city council voted 3-1 last night to get rid of them. council member dave warden says the cameras did not make the areas safer. the number of red light runners did not go down, and the accident rate went way up as people slammod their brakes to -- slammed on their brakes to avoid getting a ticket. >> is this the beginning of the end for red light cameras? >> i hope it is. >> reporter: council member firebock was bothered that the company that operates the
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cameras is under federal investigation. >> good riddance? >> yeah, goodbye . >> reporter: roger jones says the love affair with the cameras may be ending. >> they found out they cause more rear-enders! violations weren't coming down. >> reporter: drivers we talked to are happy to see them go. >> you're afraid to make turns you're afraid to go straight. >> reporter: the contract expires to june 30th. the cameras will be deactivated after that. since they're cement uponed in the ground, it'll -- cemented in the ground, it'll take some time to pull them out. >> they'll have no problems finding volunteers. [ laughter ]
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if city leaders decide in the future to overturn the ban on red light camera, they would have to approve another contract to brick them back in. a 13-year-old boy from kansas city is living his childhood dream. >> tonight he threw out the first pitch at the a's/yankees game from 1,800 miles away! nick was recently diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. and thanks to some friends family, and google, he was able to make a little mlb history. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: a telerobotic arm throws the ceremonial first pitch in oakland! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the robotic arm actually operated by 13-year-old nick legrand in kansas city. [ cheering and applause ]
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>> reporter: nick's mother says doctors diagnosed him with a life-threatening blood disorder. >> he goes, am i going to be able to play baseball? and the doctor goes, no, i don't think you're going to be playing baseball this year. he just started crying. >> reporter: google created this camera-equipped robot so nick could control the arm using motion sensor technology from the mini-baseball stadium the company built near his home. >> i thought i was coming for my grandma's birthday, and i saw this, i thought i was just going to take a couple pictures. and then i heard -- saw my brothers over there. and then it was a total surprise. >> reporter: a's reliever ryan cook helped arrange the toss with the a's google, and nick's hospital. his girlfriend's sister had a connection to the internet search company. >> how did it feel to be able
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to do that for nick? >> pretty exhilarating. just the fact that electronically we were able to make that happen for somebody with such a passion for the game, you know, who is obviously going through a lot of stuff. >> wow. unbelievable. >> after that pitch ryan talked to nick through the robotic camera. >> he said he would have all the players sign the ball and bring it to him next time he's in kansas city. >> he's an a's fan living in kansas city. good kid! [ laughter ] what was supposed to be a fun-filled trip to the san francisco cable car museum turned into a nightmare for several school kids! 11:00 am a street car collided with the muni bus carrying students at 16th and market. 14 people including 6 children suffered minor injuries. >> when i saw the little girl,
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she was already inside the paramedics van. and she was screaming for her mom and her dad. [ crying ] >> what was that like emotionally? >> i have a daughter! granddaughter that's four yeer 4 years old. and she reminded me so much of her. >> officials are investigating what led to the crash. destruction on the new 49ers stadium in santa -- construction in the new 49ers stadium will resume tomorrow. donald white was working in the bottom of the shaft when a counterweight crushed him tuesday morning. the contracting company plans to talk to all the employees before they return to work. police in fremont want to know if you have a surveillance camera. they want you to register it to help fight crime. one neighborhood installed cameras in the fall after several robberies.
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julia goodrich shows us there hasn't been a single break-in since! >> it'll take about 3 seconds. >> reporter: ri yan douglas and his neighbors have armed their neighborhood with surveillance cameras. >> we've got one camera in each street. >> was there a lot of break-ins prior to the cameras? >> absolutely. yes. >> reporter: after a series of break-ins, neighbors met and decided to do something. >> we got together, and some of the high-tech people in the neighborhood got knowledge on cameras. >> reporter: neighbors pitched in and bought two cameras. they saw everyone and everything coming in and out of the neighborhood. >> you can see our van parked, and the driver and the license plate. >> yes. >> reporter: neighbor s installed their own personal cameras. there are 25 total now. so this video can helps cops out instantaneously. with their iphone, they can take a picture of the surveillance
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video of the suspect's vehicle or person in question and send it out to other cops immediately. police are now asking people to voluntarily register their cameras so they know where the crime-fighting tools are, just in case a crime happens near one of them. has this program made a difference? you bet! >> we started with the first have not had a daytime break-in. >> reporter: added protection paying off. >> juliet says all the cameras in the neighborhood are now registered with the police. a san francisco woman will get to stay in the country after an emotional plea to authorities. carla was scheduled to be deported to the philippines on sunday because she is undocumented. immigration and customs enforcement authorities pressured her into signing a voluntary deportation order. >> i have been in the states
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for the past few weeks. i ask you to let me and other immigrants stay with their families! >> she is married to a u.s. army specialist. they have a nine month old son. she will now have the opportunity to pursue a green card. this morning, members of the house of representatives asked for deportations to be stopped while immigration reforms move through the congress. tonight more than 7,000 people were out of their colorado homes because of a series of fast-moving wildfires. >> the largest one the black forest fire, has burned 8,500 acres. authorities say it could grow another 3,000 acres depending on the weather. that fire has already destroyed nearly 100 homes. national guard troops and helicopters are on the scene. it could be days before the areas are safe enough for people to return. several tornadoes touched down in northern iowa today. this one was caught on camera. at least two businesses and a home were destroyed. but there
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are no reports of injuries. doctors say it was a success. a 10-year-old pennsylvania girl underwent a 6-hour double lung transplant today. sarah suffers cystic sibrosis. she -- fibrosis. she received new lungs after a judge put her on the list that included adult donors. she will have a long road to recovery, but her parents are pleased with her prognosis. technology let's you text accident talk on the phone and send e-mails while driving. but the feature isn't as safe as you might think. >> when you are interacted with a speech to text system -- >> reporter: scientist joel cooper simulated part of the study with us. this device measures a driver's reaction time. >> we should get-together sometime soon and catch up on things. >> reporter: the test will show how my reaction time is affected when i'm using a hands-free
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system to reply to e-mails and text messages. >> i'd love to catch up soon. send. >> message sent. >> reporter: in fact the study found that responding to messages hands-free by voice was twice as distracting as listening to the radio! it's even riskier than talking on a hand-held phone. >> you're not processing what you're looking at. you're not looking where you should look. >> reporter: aaa's jake nelson says most of the public believes they're safer. >> having your hands on the while and eyes on the road does not automatically make you a safer driver. >> reporter: this could send a message that hands-free devices are equally risky. >> you were 8% slower than when you were paying attention to the roadway. >> reporter: even with hands-free the brain is overloaded, and your driving suffers.
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fighting words from a 72-year-old grandmother. how she proved she could defend herself and her husband from a would-be robber. >> it's not where you the accident that left he's window washers high and dry for hours! >> and all you can fly! a new airline serve ing the silicon valley. >> remember when somebody told you that you were just average and it bothered you? coming up, why average is awesome when it comes to weather!
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for more than an hour! a scaffold collapse left two stuck 600 feet above ground for more than an hour! a scaffold collapse left two window washers hanging near the top of this new york city skyscraper today. firefighters had to cut the windows on the 44th floorl to pull -- floor to pull the men inside. a would-be robber got more
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than he bargained for when he tried to break into an orange county house. >> the 72-year-old woman inside greeted him with her gun! >> do you have it with you? >> absolutely. >> what kind of gun is it? >> .357-magnum. >> reporter: holding a gun in her left-hand and the phone in her right, jan cooper vowed to do whatever was needed to protect her and her elderly husband, bob. >> you care, really. when you're face ed in d in a situation like that, it is extremely frightening. and i know my voice was labored my breathing was labored, and i was very frightened. >> reporter: when this man identified as brandon perez attempted to come through her sliding glass door after midnight sunday, she fired at him. a faint gunshot can be heard on the 911 tape. and then
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this. >> get out of here! get back! get the hell out of here! get your butt out! now! >> i aim christian woman and i'm very proud of it. and i don't curse. but after i shot, rage took hold. and i just blasted away, and in fact my husband actually says i never heard you talk like that! [ laughter ] >> reporter: cooper, who has owned a gun since she was a teenager, says she is normally a passive person. but she didn't hesitate to shoot the alleged burglar. cooper was close enough to see the bullet whiz over his shoulder anchs from his head. ---- inches from his head. >> the suspect was arrested in the neighborhood. officials say he's on parole and lives in a
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halfway house nearby. the country's first all you can fly airlinemmakingbetween silicon valley and los angeles a whole lot easier! for a price. the inaugural flight of surf air landed in san carlos today. for about $1,300 a month members can fly any of the airline's eight flights a day. >> unlimited flights maybe twice a month or once every week? you can safely surpass the cost of paying over a traditional airline. >> in addition to valet they get unlimited complimentary guest passes. special politic athletes in sacramento are already ready for their big competition at the end of the month. but one of the athletes noticed a spelling error on the competerative
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engraving -- commemorative engraving! the company that messed it up says a new torch is on the way. >> there you go. it'll be a collector's ] s >> we're close to average around here. average is great! >> close to perfect. >> that's probably be the better word to use. it's perfect! beautiful weather outside today. and if you look today, you're really going to like the next several days! live picture the trivalley dublin, highs today in the low 80s. average this time of year. beautiful night tonight business . san francisco, average high or normal is 66. you've been within 4 degrees of that. and you will be for the next several days. good evening to you. in vallejo, low 80s
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. thursday and friday mainly sunny 80. here's the reason we're not going to see 100 for a long time. high pressure is not close enough and strong enough to give us that offshore wind. in is the perfect setting for a light to moderate onshore flow. think of the pacific ocean as the world's largest fridge! and the fridge door is open! so you get the sunshine, but you can't get the heat -- but you don't get the heat, you don't get things out of whack weather-wise. low pressure will move in this weekend. very close to where we should be. warming up the next couple day then we'll cool off over the weekend. normal is in between that. dry, close to normal for
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a while. san jose tomorrow, sunshine 71. mill valley, beautiful day. sunshine novato, 78. san francisco tomorrow, 67. warmest day will be friday. we'll cool down over the weekend. but every day of the next seven will be sunny in the afternoon, and within 5 degrees of average. beautiful, beautiful stretch of weather. >> average is good. >> we like that. >> coming up a new tune! how myspace is hoping to attract music lovers.
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iphone app to go along with its website. myspace just debuted a new iphone app to go with its website. >> both focus on music. one of the ap p's features is called my radio. that let's you create your own radio stations to stream on the go. a classic in the stanley cup finals! and it's only game 1! and jason kidd starts a new chapter of his basketball career!
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19 seasons... i guess retirement didn't suit well jason kidd. less than ten days after retiring from the nba after 19 seasons he is the lone current bay area born and raised nba head coach named by the brooklyn nets! he will be named a press conference tomorrow. he has agreed to a 3-year contract. weldon filling in for bruce bochy. in the 5th joaquin arias drove in a pair to tie
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them up at 4 all around. but zito couldn't hold them! pedro alvarez served up a fastball. two pirates scored to make it 6-4. a's and yankees brandon moss takes phil hughes away and gone. 2-run blast. a's win it. cup finals game 1. chicago scored two un swared in the 3rd -- unanswered in the 3rd. forced overtime. triple overtime! players out of gas! it's andrew shaw tipping in a shot! blackhawks beat the bruins 4-3. they take a 1-0 series lead. that's just game 1! >> that's a lot of hockey. >> awesome. >> i know some guys sleeping in late tomorrow!
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how we doing on time? the party starts in an hour. 60 minutes. 60 minutes. that's a lot of minutes. well, corporate is throwing this gigantic, lavish, gold-encrusted sushi gala that ryan didn't invite any of us to. all i want to do is throw a party that makes ryan's party look like stanley and phyllis' desk. these are some things that i


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