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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  June 14, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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scheme... bringing i a brothel operation busted. how law enforcement discovered the elaborate scheme bringing in women to become sex slaves. an elderly woman's small dog is mauled to death by a rottweiler. fear tonight from other dog owners. and who animal control is blaming for the attack. and a discount store tried to get into the booze business. who is upset that 99 cents only wants to put alcohol on its shelves. . good evening. more than a dozen women held captive as sex slaves are free tonight after cops busted a complex prostitution ring that ran across two counties. the operation involved bringing the women to sacramento and san
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mateo counties to provide paid sex. we're in south san fransisco. this was happening in residential areas. how did it go on for so long without someone reporting it? >> reporter: well it happened for so long in large part because people noticed weird things going on at this apartment unit but they didn't say anything. neighbors tell us, for example, the door would be cracked open, men would arrive, sometimes two at a time, do their business, and leave after just 20 minutes. as agents busted up a network of brothels across northern california it shows the front lines in the fight against human trafficking are anywhere and everywhere. >> this kind of thing should not be allowed and we certainly intend to vigorously pursue it. >> reporter: the california department of justice raided four houses in sacramento along with this apartment unit across from the b.a.r.t. station in san
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fransisco at 100 mc lelleland drive. they arrested several people. according to court documents the suspects refer to their victims as yeah-yeah, malaysian girl, and girl from taiwan. the women were kept on a brothel schedule. >> they'll rotate them out every ten days and either send them out of state or send them to a different location. >> reporter: san mateo county want people to pay attention and report suspicious activity. >> men coming in and out of a place, women who perhaps appear to be from foreign countries, that don't seem to be free to move around or never coming out of the house, things like that that might strike them at a gut level as not quite right. >> reporter: investigators say the brothel in south san fransisco had about three women working out of a two-bedroom unit. neighbors say men were coming and going at late hours.
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>> cute little old asian guys say hi and bye but i never tipped to it. >> it's lower than human. you don't do that in today's society. >> this puts it into perspective that it can happen anywhere hit rally. >> reporter: these brothels are low key. these johns found out about them by going to massage parlors and getting referred to the brothels. >> what about the women. do we know who they are, where they came from? >> they're >> reporter: they're all over 18 years old, foreign born, asian descent. some came from boston and new york. >> all right, kit, thank you. a live look as police surround a plot of land in san fransisco known as the hayes valley farm. officers have stopped protesters from occupying the area again and protesters aren't happy
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about it. they caused big traffic backups with marches down the street. two people were arrested. protesters have been trying to stop the site from being turned into condos. what was supposed to be another walk around the block with her dog turned into something much more traumatic for one 82-year-old woman. a rottweiler killed her shih tzu. but gets who animal control is blaming? we went to concard to find out what happened. -- concord to find out what happened. >> reporter: when a big dog gets into a fight with a little dog it's almost always bad for the little dog and in this case the little dog's owner because the big dog owner is saying the little dog started it. >> he said i don't have a leash on my dog. >> reporter: susie hudson and her dog teddy left the house for a walk when a man with a rottweiler came along and they got into a fight. >> he came over here. >> reporter: the man cussed her
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out and blamed her for the attack that left her dog dead. >> my dog was ten pounds. >> how big was the rottweiler. >> 65, a big dog. >> reporter: he was two years old, a gift from her son. >> it makes me feel sad for her and the dog and i can't imagine if this happened to one of my dogs. >> reporter: this neighbor has three dogs about the size of the shih tzu. >> he has never charged the the leash and i have three. it's the sweetest dog. >> reporter: larkin says she's concerned for her three dogs. animal control says its initial investigation indicates the small dog provoked the rottweiler and the rottweiler did what comes naturally. teddy was on a 25 foot retractible leash and the rottweiler was on a short leash.
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>> without being under control we can't discount that this was provoked by the actions of the small dog. >> reporter: animal control sees teddy as the dog who started the fight and the rottweiler was under control. >> i didn't have a leash short enough. >> reporter: teddy's body was brought her to animal control. the brain was examined for rabies because teddy apparently bit the hand of the rottweiler owner as he was trying to break up the fight. >> tell us why the rottweiler is getting off the hook here. what evidence do they have that the shih tzu picked the fight. >> they're looking at the crime scene. they can see there was a scuffle and if the leash was extended 25 feet the rottweiler was on a short leash then there was nor control on the rottweiler. everyone is saying what you're saying.
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10 pound shih tzu, 60 pound rottweiler, come on. >> thank you. vice-president joe biden is in the area for a democratic fundraiser. protesters were waiting outside upset about plans to build the keystone pipeline that would carry oil from the oil sands in canada to the coast. >> they need to see no to the keystone pipeline which will lock us into a future with severe climate change. >> tickets to tonight's event cost $10,000. this comes a week after president obama visited the area to raise campaign cash. they beat the clock in sacramento. lawmakers passed a $96 million budget before it was due. it includes a $1 billion rainy-day fund. gives more money to needier schools and there's new spending
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on social services, public health care and student aid. this is the first time in almost 30 years that our elected officials managed to pass a budget before the june 15th dead line. a welcome surprise outside colorado springs today: rain. the weather has helped crews fight the worst fire in colorado history. it's now 30% contained after being just 5% contained yesterday. and people living in the area have been allowed to go back home. this fire had been burning for the last four days. it's destroyed 400 homes. this video from the colorado springs fire department gives us a closer look at the fast-moving flames crews have been dealing with. the u.s. is getting directly involved in the civil war in syria but in a small way. david martin tells us it may not make much of a difference in a messy and complicated war that has killed almost 100,000 people. >> reporter: the military aid to
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opposition forces is intended to show syria president obama meant it when he said use of chemical weapons was a red line. it would shore up the rebels who have suffered recent defeats. ben rhodes said the increase would be dramatic but not to expect dramatic results. i not e resolved with a turn of a switch. >> reporter: foodsulies and mild increase in size and frequency. and for the first time, the cia would be responsive to rebel requests for small arms ammunition and antitank weapons. but not antiaircraft missiles. rhodes seemed confident the cia could keep the aid away from islamic extremists in the area. >> we have intelligence that gives us greater certainty that we can get stuff into the country and put it in the right hand so it's not falling into the hands of extremists. >> reporter: testifying before
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congress the chairman of the joint chiefs did not share that confidence. >> it's actually more confusing on the opposition side today than it was six months ago. >> reporter: american troops along with f-16 fighters are conducting a training exercise in jordan. the fighters and missiles are butex officials saysnd when the the u.s. does not intend to establish a no fly zone over syria. all sorts of meth odz have been methods have been discussed about tracking the weapons. using their digital know how. the tech savvy cities. and medical marijuana delivered to the door. we have it at 99 cents. >> and they sell boozed at a bargain but mom and pop stores
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may soon have more competition. up. . well, changes on the way to the bay area as the usual summer time friend clouds and on the shoreline. numbers coming down and a few other things as the week presses on. the details after break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kpix 5's linda yee shows usw . the country's top two digital cities are teaming up. how leaders in san fransisco and new york plan to use tech talent to solve big city problems. >> they know who i am and where i am and what i said last night in my last e-mail. >> reporter: a photo op with the two big city mayors showing how technology makes hive easier, in this case squarup helps business with credit card purchases. the mayors are calling attention to a summit next fall to attract high tech businesses to their respective cities. >> the high tech jobs create an awful lot of low tech jobs, if you will, we are number one in the nation for job growth in the mobile apps industry so we have
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the big app instead of the big apple. >> reporter: the market street area is the growing tech center one of the first tennants twitter. but the mayors say they need technology to help in disaster planning. san fransisco ever wary of earthquakes has started. >> and they accesses our rt management and a host of companies that started in san fransisco that want to find space, vehicles, tools, and everybody in the sharing economy saying we can actually plan with you and not wait for disaster to hit. >> reporter: hurricane sandy last winter was the wake-up call for new york. >> the oceans are warmer so we would expect more storms and we've got to be ready for that and we have 450 miles of coastline in new york city and we need a lot of technology to figure out how to protect from waves from high water from winds and that kind of thing. >> reporter: both mayors say they do need more help from
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technology leaders so the first part of that technology summit will be held in new york this fall. the second part of the summit will be here in san fransisco early next year. hat work together to help solve city . there are already 600 san fransisco based technology companies that work together to help solve city problems like education, and immigration issues. one city in california is cracking down on medical marijuana deliveries, just like pizza. some people get it delivered to their home. riverside has had enough. they have a ban on all medical marijuana delivery services. one delivery guy said his clients have severe issues and the ban is putting them at risk. >> i would not want to stop. i think it's beneficial to the people. it's safer than meeting a stranger off the street.
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>> cities can ban medical mare juanar dis -- marijuana dispensaries as well. uber blog posted this picture of the public notice at 99 cents only store on clayton road. it drew dozens of comments and sparked debate over low priced alcohol many pointing to what they call a growing homelessness problem along this corridor. we thought we would swing by clayton road and find out if this would mean the dawn of cheap liquor. >> we have myers rum, 99 cents, tequila shots, 99 cents, bluebury, the vsops brandies. >> reporter: they have wine and liquor, too. >> we have the best prices in town. >> reporter: that doesn't mean they don't have competition. >> this one, one across the
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street, one up on treat, another one further down the road. >> reporter: now it looks like there's going to be one more. >> we'd like to be known as a one-stop shop. so wine is an item that we'd like to, to get in as many stores as we can,rom 99 cents up to $4.99. >> reporter: and if you're wondering. >> the most expensive thing is rum. >> reporter: misty car can offer you plenty of cheap drinking problems. >> whiskey, that's 99 cents. >> reporter: and a small business worry. >> 99 cent store is like a chain. a little mom and pop stores had lose a lot of business. >> we try to have everything our customers want and we're trying to support our customers. >> reporter: as to that internet concern over the sudden availability of cheap liquor in this neighborhood, just remember. >> after gin, southern comfort,
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who can beat that? 99 cents. >> the 99 cent stores high sense application is only for beer and wine. no word on when the district will make a decision. the bay bridge lights will shine on. the public work of art has reached its funding goal meaning the lights are now guaranteed to stay for two years. a donation of more than $1.5 million brought the funding to the finish line of 8 million. the money comes from wordpress cofounder matt mullenweg who was also the first patron of the bay lights. >> that money really makes sure that we're in great shape both for the maintenance and the installation of this work. we can shift our focus to other issues we want to take on like making the work permanent. >> the project needed good news. 25,000 of the l.e.d. lights have been malfunctioning since last month. tonight the technical team announced they found a fix.
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time for a check of the weather. heading into your weekend, brian hackney is in tonight. >> time for change. with fog and clouds the numbers had come down. as you head out the door tomorrow morning, expect if the live on the shoreline don't see a sunrise. temperatures in the mid-50s there and around the bay, partly sunny skies. inhand sunny, but not as warm as lately. that as you head out for your saturday morning. the clouds' presence means we have a major cool down for saturday. a return to low clouds, low clouds in the morning and sun in the afternoon. it's happening because this high pressure that has kept us warm for the last week or so gets nudged out of the way by the low pressure from the gulf of alaska.
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the low pressure will cool us down by 10 degrees for saturday. earlier tonight, clear skies along the shoreline but as we roll this ahead, hoe clouds pack in the shore and the forecast is this, persistent low clouds around the shore and the peninsula. these stay in here most of the days even as the inland areas cheer. temperatures had come down for everybody. low 80s for livermore. 94 at redding, 89 for san fransisco. 75 at lake tahoe. north coast, 87 at ukia. 64 on tap for san fransisco, 72 at fairfield, and 81 at livermore. and that's a trend that will continue right into mid-week. by tuesday, the numbers inland will only be in the hoe 70s and then -- low 70s. temperatures come back in the mid-80s in the latter half of the week.
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in the meantime, a cool change in the bay area. have a great weekend. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. one, two, three. >> happy birthday to you ♪ ♪. >> it's the song everybody knows. but did you know that someone actually owns the rights to the song "happy birthday"" now a class action suit wants to strip the rights for the song.
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technically it can go after private individuals. the company collects $2 million a year in copy right fees on happy birthday. phil mickelson put the phil in philadelphia. and a dominant performance in atlanta. sports is next. but first, a quick look at the new bay bridge. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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remind . here is the giants starting pitching may be back on track posting back to back shottouts and reminding why they won the world series two times in two three years. not much to talk about at turner
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field. blanco connects with the first homer, 1-0 giants and that would be plenty of run support for bumgarner. he gets brian ham looking. 10 strikeouts, giants win 6-0. as mariners 2-1. ibanez smokes one to first. a winning run comes in to score: the as lose 3-2. tiger woods has a sore elbow, finishing the day 3 over, four shots off the lead. phil mickelson is round one leader. leftie saved his best for last. 18, first birdie of the day. grabs the tie for the lead with horschel. 68 golfers have to finish the first round pretty early.
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