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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  August 31, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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--- that turn around and come it's not what you're used to seeing outside your airplane window. the emergency that forced this flight to turn around and come back to sfo. the bay bridge checklist is getting shorter. the major progress made today and what's left to do before it reopens. and president obama says he's ready for a military strike on syria. but why he's looking to congress for the final say. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. tonight, caltrans says the bay bridge should be ready to reopen on schedule. that's in just a little more than two days. kpix 5's don knapp has a preview of what the ride on the new eastern span will look like on tuesday. don? >> reporter: ann no one wants to jinx things by saying things are ahead of schedule but frankly things are ahead of schedule. stale lot of work to be done and a lot of time for things to go wrong. this is it. literally the end of the road
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for the old eastern span of the san francisco oakland bay bridge. the new bridge is practically ready to go. >> probably be driving over rough patches but i would say you know, this bridge could easily accommodate traffic now. >> reporter: on the tour, the ride is as smooth as the graceful cables that suspend the new bridge. gone is the infamous s. curve and gone are the rumble strips. it's now a straight shot in and out of the tunnel. >> but we're going to remind you that when the bridge opens up there's a strict 50-mile an hour speed limit on there. speed limit will be strictly enforced by the california highway patrol. >> reporter: work continues in the tunnel mostly cleaning of the walls. and while paving has gone a bit slower than expected there are i wants the -- hints the opening could be ahead of schedule. >> there's no reason to keep it closed until 5:00 a.m. if we don't have to. >> reporter: what about the defective rods and bolts? work will continue on them in the days and months ahead after the bridge is opened. under the deck as cars make their way across the bay.
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>> this bridge is one of the most seismically advanced bridges in the world. so even with those -- that handful of broken bolts it is still far and away incredibly much safer than the existing span. >> reporter: all of the paving on the westbound lanes that's these lanes from the toll plaza up to the bridge expected to be done by midnight tonight. paving on the eastbound lanes is expected by midnight tomorrow night to be completed. and there is a chance of rain that could delay striping of the lanes but they say they've allowed time for that. ann? >> a lot of people are looking forward to bicycling across the bridge -- biking across the bridge. how soon? >> reporter: well believe it or not, on tuesday at noon, they should have some bike lanes open. now we saw on the bridge today some wooden lanes but they'll attach to certain sections of the bridge down here at the bottom up there where they're doing the demolition. once the lanes are on the bridge you'll only go as far as the island but you won't get onto the island because some remnants of the old curve are in the way.
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>> oh okay. good distinction there. don knapp appreciate that. all right, the chp has seen a rise in the number of drivers taking alternate routes in and out of san francisco. the street on the way to the golden gate bridge is one street that's often been backed up. the chp is encouraging drivers to take public transportation if they can and many are. that means b.a.r.t. continues to be crowded. no official numbers for today yet but b.a.r.t. says ridership was up this morning compared to last saturday. yesterday, more than 457,000 people rode b.a.r.t.. it was the agency's fourth busiest day ever but not as busy as thursday when more than 475,000 people took b.a.r.t.. if you want to drive and use google maps to plan the route, you'll notice a change while the bridge is closed. google maps has been updated to reflect the bay bridge for now but it just isn't an option. we entered san francisco to oakland in our search and it tells us to go north on the golden gate and then across the
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richmond and san rafael bridge. the alternate route given is south on 101 and then across the san mateo bridge. we know plenty of people will be navigating around the bay bridge closure on this holiday weekend. and so we have help for you at a plane flying from san francisco to hong kong today had to turn around because of a crack in the cockpit window. a passenger reported this video of the plane dumping some of its fuel over the pacific ocean as it returned to sfo. the passenger says this happened about an hour into united flight 869. he says the pilot and flight attendants kept everyone calm but there were problems after the plane landed back at sfo with more than 350 passengers. >> you could see the masses right around the gate. everyone was like looking at each other and everyone was trying to talk to the gate agents saying you know, where exactly someone made an announcement -- you could hardly understand it and someone said it in chinese. so they were all -- it was
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really -- just chaotic. >> reporter: passengers were given hotel and food vouchers and just minutes ago, we received a statement from united. they say a maintenance team is inspecting the aircraft and they will book all customers on an alternate aircraft. it looks like president obama will not launch an attack on syria this week. cbs reporter marly hall reports the president is seeking congressional support for the attack and that could take a while. >> after careful deliberation i have decided that the united states should take military action against the syrian regime targets. >> reporter: president obama says he's ready to give the order. but will ask congress to authorize the use of military force against syria. >> here's my question for every member of congress and every member of the global community -- what message will we send if a dictator can gas hundreds of children to death in plain sight and pay no price? >> reporter: senior officials say president obama was ready to order a military strike
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against syria without congressional support. but on friday night, he told advisers he'd changed his mind. saturday after a two hour debate in the white house situation room with his national security team, the president addressed the nation with a plan to seek lawmakers' approval. >> while i believe i have the authority to carry out this mill teixeira action without -- military action without specific congressional authorization, i know that the country will be stronger if we take this course and our actions will be even more effective. >> reporter: the white house says evidence shows syrian president bashar al-assad's regime launched a chemical attack that killed more than 1400 people including 426 children on august 21st. the president sent congress a draft of a resolution seeking their approval for a military strike. to deter and prevent the syrian government from using chemical weapons in the future. president obama says military action would be limited and would not include american troops on the ground in syria. marly hall, for cbs news.
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>> the senate foreign relations committee will hold hearings tuesday on the president's request and a vote will likely take place the week of september 9th. meantime a bay area professor who teaches a course on congress and their presidency says he believes the president's appeal to congress may actually be a way for him to avoid going to war. >> he put himself in a box by creating this artificial red line of his own making. and -- not to look weak and indecisive because that would only damage him but damage the country as a whole. so it's a very difficult situation. and i think congress may be a bay out because i'm not certain congress is going to authorize the action. >> and there were protests from coast to coast today by people against u.s. intervention in syria. kpix 5's anne makovec shows us the demonstrations here in the bay area. >> get your hands off syria. >> reporter: around 100 people gathered in san francisco today to protest a possible u.s. military attack on syria. >> we are here to condemn any,
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any, any type of military assault, any bombing against the people of syria. >> reporter: protestors said what's happening today is reminiscent of the buildup to the iraq war. >> it's again the u.s. government sending out a political line, saying that there's a country that we should be afraid of. when in reality ten years later we see the disaster that iraq was. >> world peace. >> reporter: people also gathered at a protest outside of city hall in san jose, many urging leaders to allow the united nations to continue investigating bashar al-assad's regime. [ people chanting ] demonstrations went on simultaneously across the country from a handful of anti- war protesters at the texas capital of austin to a much larger event in boston, massachusetts. >> we're used to -- consciousness and bringing the message to the people. >> reporter: a message saying the u.s. should spend its money here at home and stop playing police to the world. >> these interventions are extremely selective. it's based on power and wealth
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and the interest of empires. >> reporter: in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> one of the largest international protests against u.s. intervention today was in london. earlier this week, parliament vomited down british mime prime min -- voted down the plan to attack syria. it's burned more than 222,000 acres near the park. cbs reporter man tells us the views are changing. >> reporter: despite the wildfire just a few miles away. that all changed this morning. with a shift of wind. this is now what half dome looks like from yosemite valley. the threat of fire has kept some tourists away. park officials fear attendance will be down by as much as 18,000 this weekend. fire crews have set up a
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containment line but thousands more acres could burn before the fire reaches it. >> i've never seen a fire in california this intense or this important. >> reporter: mike mcmillan is with the incident command team. >> it's -- the strategy here to just let it burn? >> no we don't ever just let it burn. what we're planning to do here is to use fire and natural bare years to -- barriers to stop the fire where we can without losing the precious resources that we all enjoy and know yosemite for. >> reporter: the pentagon is going to help firefighters map out where the flames are advancing with a drone. outside the park residents are back many mountain -- in mountain towns saved by firefighters, but the smoke lingers and so does empty feeling. story moss books vacation rentals which should be full. >> it's the biggest weekend of the year for us. it's like the fourth of july. every home that we have was booked. >> reporter: the reservations have to be canceled and an
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estimated $20,000 loss. >> we would rather them be safe than try to make some money you know to get them up here. >> reporter: it could be two weeks before crews have the fire fully surrounded. manuel bow hour kids, cbs news, los angeles. >> and low visibility is also grounded fire fighting aircraft. labor day weekend usually means great shopping deals. coming up, why it also means record numbers for car dealerships. >> art, wine and a whole lot more the new attraction at this bay area festival that's giving guests quite a thrill. and ann you mentioned hind weekend? >> oh yes and say it's not so. showers, thunderstorms in the forecast. a pinpoint outlook as the news continues right here on the cw. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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positive for h-i-v. the aids healthcare ed a complaint cal is investigating a san francisco adult film studio over reports an actress tested positive for hiv. the aids health care foundation filed a complaint against kink studios, production of adult film there were halted after the actress tested positive during a screening that's required of all participants in
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the adult film industry. the complaint charges the production involved acts considered high risk for the transmission of hiv. all right take a look at this. an east los angeles home was reduced o this after -- to this after it collapsed last night. a neighbor heard a strange noise then went outside and saw a huge cloud of dust where the house once stood. police say the home was abandoned but homeless people had been known to hang out in. officials used specially trained to dogs to search -- dogs to search the rubble. no ward yet on what caused the collapse. well, just about everyone's got a labor day weekend sale going on including car dealerships. kpix 5's john ramos explains why they could see a bigger boost than usual this time around. >> reporter: the streamers are flying at dorito brothers nissan in concord. but things look kind of quiet. the same is true at future ford. so where are all the customers? >> you know they'll have all their shopping done. they might have already been to our store. and they're just waiting for
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that moment. >> reporter: that moment is labor day weekend. when car companies offer incentives to boost sales and this month's sales are nothing short of epic. jd power estimates that in august alone, americans will spend nearly $36 billion for new cars. making this the highest grossing month ever. >> it was a lot of wait and see going on for a few years and even after the economy recovered and people are back to work more, there's still a little bit of a conservative view. >> reporter: that new frugality means people are holding on to their old cars longer testimony average car on the road is now -- longer. the average car on a road is now -- the road is now 11 hadn't 4 years old -- 11.4 years old and they are starting to wear out. >> we had a lady come in and she's ready for new car. >> she just sort of -- >> drove it to the side and it barely made in it here and said i have to buy a new car and go to work tomorrow. that workedder. >> didn't take a lot of
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salesmanship on that one. >> reporter: there are other factors as well. prices are up. the average car now costs over $31,000. but consumer credit is easing, meaning more people can buy. even the calendar is helping out. providing five full weekends this month for new car shoppers. >> for a long time, people were a little bit more downtrodden. people were a little sick and tired of being sick and tired and you want to go out and enjoy the fruits of your labor. >> reporter: all things considered it's a good month to be a car deal. are -- dealer. are you optimistic about the future? >> yes, definitely. >> reporter: what about this weekend? >> this weekend is going to be fantastic no question. >> reporter: in concord, john ramos, kpix 5. >> dealers say they will offer their best incentives this weekend but they may not be as good as they were a few years ago when invenn tores were high and people -- inventories were high and people weren't buying. soaring to new heights on the peninsula. a 200 feet zipline hanging 30 feet above broadway is the new
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attraction at the 43rd annual mill burn art and wine festival this weekend. there's also music and arts and crafts and of course food and wine at the festival. tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. there's a free shuttle from the b.a.r.t. station there. all right roberta is it going to be good weather tomorrow for the folks? >> yell absolutely how fun was that. valley and dave -- johnson, they live in birdland which is a neighborhood in pleasanton. and about 8:00 tonight they sent me an e-mail. and i want to share it with all after you. this beautiful picture. what do you see there? lookalikes a couple of flying saucers doesn't it? >> i see a ufo. >> they are calling it clouds and actually they're formed over hills or mountains. it's basically when you get a current of moist air and it's forced upward as it travels along and the moisture basically condenses and forms the flying saucer-like clouds. beautiful. and we're seeing that because of subtropical moisture is moving in this direction. thank you valerie and dave for
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sending in the picture. right now it's our live kpix 5 weather camera looking out to embarcadero. overcast skies and the fog has been rolling in and it's 58 degrees in san francisco and also in santa rosa to the north. san jose now in the mid 60s after a high today of 80 degrees. in fact highs across the bay area very close to normal for this time of the year. today 87-degrees in livermore and should be 69 in san francisco and 65 there. otherwise pretty spot-on for this last day of august. tonight overnight into the mid 50s and the low 60s except for fremont and mountain view around the bay 64 very mild for the overnight low. tomorrow kick starting with cloud cover and then end up partly sunny and that's because we have a threat of a thunderstorm or a stray shower in the forecast. okay, here's your futurecast. watch the clouds float on by. and you'll notice becoming mostly cloudy on sunday evening. there you have your monday. your labor day. a hit and miss scattered shower
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south bay and east bay. it's all subtropical moisture that's lifting up in a northerly direction from the desert southwest. we have more on the monsoonal moisture today and arizona and back in through las vegas in throughout the mojave desert lifting u to the bay area -- so what does that mean for the scottish gathering and games? 87 degrees bright sunshine too. clouds on the increase. mr. pleasanton for the -- in pleasanton for the games. 70s and 80s for the most part that was 60s at the coast. 79-degrees in campbell and then we jump up to nearly 90 morgan hill and gilroy. 88-degrees in brentwood. the warmest location north of the golden gate bridge will be show that at 48 degrees. and temperatures very similar to today. mid and high 80s as we go upstream towards yucaipa. the extended forecast has called for a chance of a thunderstorm late tomorrow night into your monday labor day. also that chance of a stray
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shower. otherwise look at friday. wow. >> yeah. >> temperatures at the coast near 70. otherwise mid and high 90s inland areas by friday. one last summer hurrah. >> exactly. thank you roberta. all right, more than 61,000 people have turned out so far for burning man. last year attendance peaked at 56,000 in nevada's black rock desert. but the bureau of land management raised the crowd limit this year after organizers agreed to new security, public safety and clean-up rules. organizers say one person was hurt this week after being hit by a vehicle. but no other serious incidents have been reported. the festival started last monday and it ends on labor day. hitting the water to attempt a world record swim again. for this endurance athlete is using for protection in the dangerous waters off cuba. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tumbling to the ground. cheers and screams it h scary moments at a high school football game after a stadium railings collapsed sending students tumbling to the ground. you know that's coming it's so awful to look at. it happened last night near cincinnati. two girls were taken to the hospital but their injuries were not serious. the railing was about five feet above the ground. endurance swimmer diana nyad is trying once again to swim 1 hunt 3-miles from cuba to florida -- 103 miles from cuba to florida. >> adios cuba. >> the 64-year-old yum -7d into the waters off havana today.
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this is nyad's fifth try in her four previous attempts jellyfish stings kept her from finishing. this time she's wearing the silicone mask for protection. if she completes the trip, nyad will hold the world record for the longest unassisted open ocean swim. dangerous cross. hey update on cal football's season opener. and was it a sunny day? for -- for the oakland a's tonight? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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area... all eyes in berkele, right now....(( score )) to th college football. 2013 openers for many schools and here in the bay area, all eyes in berkeley. cal right now on a seesaw battle with northwestern trails 27-24 at the end of the third
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quarter. might give me the minute. sonny gray got the ball for the a's tonight against tampa bay and a masterful performance by the rookie. no runs and six and two-thirds. seven strokeouts, a sellout -- strikeouts, and a sellout crowd. and standing ovation and they were standing in this one. crisp back away -- he gone. a's beat the rays 2-1. to stay ahead in the wild card. that's former a. eric chavez. doing it for the diamondbacks. the walkoff hit against the giants and that is how they won 4-3. and nfl cutdown casualty. long time 49er long snapper brian jennings, been with the team since 2000. but he was cut from the team today. along with some of the other notables austin collie. lavelle hawkins and the rookie from san jose state traffic johnson. sos -- travis johnson. as for the raiders --
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among others. he rolls on. >> we will see you at 11:00 on kpix 5. good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,, ,,,,,,,,
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