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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  September 5, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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the danger *neighbors sa a woman sun-bathing in the park, hit and killed by a city maintenance truck. the danger neighbors sigh is common in that -- say is common in that area. >> they've cooled off maybe too much. where bart negotiations stand tonight. >> and how the bay area is playing a big role in nasa's latest mission. good evening, i'm ken bastita. it happened at holly park. us.. the driver a maintenance worker ran over and killed a woman at a park. it's happened in holly park. witnesses tell u driver just kept on going after hitting the woman. linda yi shows us how this happened. >> reporter: neighbors be this was an accident waiting to happen. many times, they have complained to the city that some
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park workers are driving their vks too fast -- vehicles too fast. >> reporter: witnesses said a maintenance worker was driving on the path when he suddenly turned onto the grass and headed straight to the family. one witness yelled for him to stop, but the worker kept going, driving over the woman, killing her. >> the description of the vehicle was put out to officers in the area. >> reporter: one witness said he tried to chase him in his own car, but lost him in traffic. police found him in a playground not far from the park. investigators have not released his name, but he is arrested on suspicion of felony hit and run. a rec and park spokesperson says he worked with the park since
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2006. >> he drives too fast in the park. >> reporter: peggy said she had a close call with him. >> i had to holler at him because he almost hit me. >> reporter: this is a neighborhood park popular for families with young children, and many have complained for years about the workers driving dangerously. >> when they come aroun park, they cut through the down there to make the turn go off. >> reporter: neighbors say they believe the young mother presently moved mere with her family from europe. police say this is a complicated investigation, and they continue to talk to their suspect tonight. investigation... he says he's confident the community will do wh >> and supervisor david campo says he will make sure there is a full investigation. he is confident the community will do whatever it can to b protect everyone. police are trying to figure out why a family was the target of a home invasion robbery that
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turned into a full-blown gun battle. it started about 11:30 last night on lodi avenue in san mateo. three suspects stormed a home. one of the victims pulled out a gun and shot intruders! >> it was pretty loud and like they were just firing back at each other. >> there was a reason why the suspects targeted this victim. >> the three suspects took off. police later found them at a san jose hospital. a 24-year-old man in the home was shot in the shoulder. and police say that the intruders will face homicide charges for the death of the accomplice. it seems like we were just counting down to a looming bart strike, and here we go again! we're just another month away from the next bart strike deadline.
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today, kr got a good look at how the talks are going. >> reporter: we were here almost exactly three weeks ago when the cooling off perio called, and since then, neither side has met face-to-face even once! >> we haven't seen the union agreements of the proposals to what we feel sell a reasonable amount of money. >> reporter: that was the charge from the bart board of directors today. a sign that the cooling off period has become a deep freeze. bart management blamed the union. >> we have been trying to meet with the district since august the 12th. they have refused to meet with us. >> reporter: the unions have tried to meet with bart over the past three weeks. they showed me e-mails that bart get to the bargaining table. an august 16th response from bart's chief negotiator says face-to-face meetings would not be fruitful. bart management claimed it has
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been flexible, offering workers raising up to 10%. >> the feeling that on the board's part we've moved a lot, we've made a good faith effort. >> reporter: but the unions say -- >> when you take contribution into retirement, into medical, the raise equals to 1% over the next four years. >> reporter: another sign the unions claim that bart management is twisting the truth. >> they're hoping lies will win them support from the public. >> the two sides are scheduled to get back to negotiations on september 12th. that will leave them less than a month before the cooling off period expires. taxi companies are fighting back against ride-share prs they say are snatching business. new ride share program regulations cover
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services like sidecar, uber and lift. but it pushed off the final vote for a couple weeks. >> we have had experiences in taxis in san francisco where i frankly feel incredibly unsafe. >> for you to come up here and say you're sharing the ride with your passengers, you're not! you're charging them money. that's a taxi. you should be regulated as taxis. >> the commission is set to vote on the new regulations september 19th. we now know what caused the massive rim fire burning in and around yosemite. a hunter lit an illegal camp fire that got out of control. so far there has not been any arrest. the fire is now 80% contained. full containment is not expect ed for at least a couple of weeks. mild conditions now in san
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francisco. paul here with the warmup that is about to s >> we are leaving the comfort zone. we have had a great stretch. weather. 80s inland -- stretch of weather. 80s inland. napa, beautiful 77. and pet lum aluma tying san jose. just enough of onshore floor to keep us cool. this pressure is going to jack up our temperatures to levels we have not seen this year. san jose, only 96. and san francisco has yet to make it to 80 this year. i think both of those will be eclipsed over the next couple days. we'll talk about how hot we're going to get coming up. president obama is meeting
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with world leaders in russia for an economic summit, but the crisis in syria is taking c stage. >> reporter: president obama and vladimir putin shared just 15 seconds in public together. they're sitting down with other world leaders for the g-20 summit to discuss the global economy. but syria's apparent use of kaep chemical weapons -- of chemical weapons is front and center. president obama ad alone. russia is standing by its ally, syria. putin has said the u.s. should wait for the report from un inspectors. president obama repeated his position at an earlier meeting with japan's prime minister. >> the use of chemical weapons in syria is not tragedy but also a violation of international law that must be addressed. >> reporter: president obama is
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trying to build broader supporter for international action since syria here and abroad. >> nine countries have ply and expressed support for u.s. mill stare action. >> reporter: -- military action. next week. the white house says he will instead stay in washington... to press his for strikes against syria. google is fighting for the >> president obama will stay in washington next week instead of traveling to southern california. google fighting for the right to snoop through your e-mail. the suit claims that gmail users don't know their e-mails are being scanned to help google target its advertising. the google attorneys say the practice is completely legal, but attorneys for the #34r6s say the company -- plaintiffs say the company is violating california privacy and
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wire tapping laws. google is asking the judge to dismiss the lawsuit. many people use them to tryo quit smoking... but how these e-cigarettes could be helping one group -- start instead. and a mission to the moon... based in the bay area. the role our scientists will pln nch -- less than dismiss the lawsuit. a day away. a mission to the moon, based in the bay area. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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are the new fad. e-cigarettes use a battery t co more and more kids picking up smoking by e-cigarettes. they use a battery to convert liquid nicotine and flavoring into an inhaleable vapor. the amount of middle and high school students doubled to two million last year. >> kids' brains are highly susceptible to nicotine addiction. >> the fda does not regulate e-cigarettes so there's no way
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of knowing exactly what's in the vapor. in 2009, the agency said it found toxic chemicals in two leading brands. something many of us do while cooking may be spreading germs instead of killing them. >> wash the chicken. run the water right through it. >> reporter: she may have been an authority on cooking chicken, but when it comes to washing it, it seems julia child got it wrong. >> i don't wash it or rinse it at all. >> reporter: she is a believer in a renewed campaign to convince americans not to rinse the poultry before sticking it in a roasting pan. we could be spraying the kitchen bacteria. >> once the take the chicken to the sink and start washing it, whatever germs are on the chicken have gone on the faucet handle, on the sink, on the counter beside it. >> roasting it will not kill
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the bacteria. >> reporter: the safest and surest way to get ri bacteria in raw chick en is by cooking it. >> we kill the bacteria by cooking the chicken. and you can measure the temperature at 165 fahrenheit. >> reporter: what about the juice that accumulates? doctor jennifer says it doesn't have to be rinsed off. though she does suggest cooking chicken soon after buying it. she also says there's no guarantee careful rinsing won't spread bacteria. and if that's not enough to convince cooks, for instancis wilson has another -- francis wilson has another reason. >> double benefit. you don't get the germs everywhere, and
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you get a nice crisp skin. >> use hot soapy water to wash anything that's come into contact with raw chicken. i'll leave the skin on. >> some people out there are thinking germs. >> 145 degrees at least. >> you got to cook it! [ laughter ] >> weather, how are you doing! we've got a warmup coming. you might be able to leave the food on the grill, it may cook itself! actually, it's not going to be that warm. a live look at the bay bridge. oakland touchdown. a live look at the golden gate bridge. la cloud cover. we're staying dry at the bay and golden gate for
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the next four days. comfortable tonight, leave the windows open. look at where we're going. we'll take you to san ramon for our microclimate forecast, sunny and warm tomorrow. saturday, 99 degrees! likely hitting 100 in san ramon, dan pleasantville by sunday. we've been grabbing some of the influence of the ocean. this is pouring up toward seattle and portland! that is the yooshonshoreyoosh --
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i see a stretch with temperatures running 10-15 degrees above average. one of the warmest days of the year in san francisco. san jose tomorrow 87. campbell 89. fremont 85 tomorrow . widespread, mid-90s, pleasant hill, pittsburgh, pleasant 74. saturday, sunday, monday, widespread 80s near the bay. and head to the beach! close to 80 over the weekend snchltd wrap moon is less than one day away... and it has a bay area connection. kpix 5's brian b tells us: the space craft w designed and built in mountn view.
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st mission takes nasa's next mission has a bay area connection. the space craft was designed and built in mountain view. >> reporter: the moon. brian lewis design ed the space craft, a real life rocket scientist. >> it can go to the moon, an asteroid, float around the earth. >> reporter: to learn about others, and trying to answer the 40--year-old mystery of moon glow seen by stroont astronauts on apollo 17. >> the raising up from the surface, the solar radi impacts the dust. >> reporter: there's cool new technology being used on transmission.
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>> more bang for the buck. >> reporter: the 100-day mission will end with the crash-landing into the moon, in effect, becoming moon dust itself. >> it's really awesome knowing it did what it was sup to have done. >> reporter: reporting from nasa's research center, brian webb. ... the new rule >> gratuity i restaurant servers work for tips. a new rule that could leave them short.
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some restaurants may be get rid of that automatic 15 or 18-percent gratuity included? may not. some restaurants are getting rid of that 18% tip you pay when you eat with a big group. the irs will classify the automatic tips and service charges instead. that means they'll be treated like regular wages which are subject to payroll tax! restaurants will be stuck with extra paperwork. would you buy an item from mcdonald's dollar menu if it cost $5? they are testing a new menu.
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and the name? dollar menu and more. the more is what's getting all the attention. new burgers, some chucken will -- chicken will cost $2-5. a texas man got a grande surprise when he went into a starbucks bathroom. he snapped a picture! then he called the employees. experts say it's likely a texas rat snake which is not poisonous. >> i said hey, you've snake in your bathroom. and she's freak ing out. so we wevent back in -- went back in, watched it, as it slithered down underneath the rim of the bowl and right inside. >> starbucks call the a specialist for an inspection. so far the snake is nowhere to be found.
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rat snakes aren't poisonous. you will not believe what peyton manning did! and it's baseball! not kickball. ,,,,,,,,,,
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baseball..good thing, righ the a's open a 4-game series against the astros who own the worst record in baseball. good day, right? give me the clock, please! top of the 1st, houston comes out on top. cespedes's gun is a little bit late. the key play of the game, altuve at left field, but
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cespedes misplays it! the a's lose to the astros 3-2! giants and diamondbacks, sandoval coming off a hard game last night. one run will come in and score. the giants lose 4-2. peyton manning warming up with his newest weapon, wes welker. it didn't take him took to find his new weapon. one 1 touchdowns on the night. 7 touchdowns on the night! that's right! >> wow. >> against the ravens, who are the defends super bowl champions. >> see you later. that does it for the news a. remember- is always on kpix dot com.
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