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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  September 6, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> almost perfect. the giant bummer at at&t park tonight. >> shooting to the moon. the bay area's big bowl in this new nasa mission. >> and the cameras are watching. how a tool that keeps crooks away from one city may send crime right next door. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> giants fans all around even in our newsroom. we were all holding our breath as what could have been a perfect game just slipped away by a few inches. take a look at what turned out to be a heartbreaking moment for giants fans. newcomer pitcher bid for a perfect game was broken up at the bottom of the 9th when the diamondbacks dumped a single in right field. and hunter missed the catch. we have a crew at at&t park right now. we'll bring you more highlights
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coming up. skies in virginia lit up tonight by nasa's latest rocket launch. down in mountain view, thousands celebrated the same liftoff. >> three, two, one, zero, ignition and liftoff. >> the lunar atmosphere and dust environment explorer headed toward the moon just before 8:30. it's a big deal for nasa. they'll be in the driver's seat for the next 100 days. kpix5 and nasa aims to tell us what this rocket is out to find. sharon. >> reporter: thousands of people came here to nasa to see the launch on the big screen because this is a big deal for the scientists here. >> four, three, two, one, zero, ignition and lift off. >> the launch of the pride of nasa aims mountain view, scientists design, built, and
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developed the spacecraft. this engineer worked on it. it will orbit the moon to gain unprecedented details. its surface, and how the it influences the dust. >> the moon is such a fabulous, fascinating place. it holds in cold storage a lot of the secrets and mysteries of materials that fell on the moon in the early days of the solar system's formation. >> after the launch, researchers began the next phase. controlling the robot's day-to- day functions on its 100 day mission. the couch sized probe represents a new class in explorers. this journey paves the way for the future. >> this small spacecraft has a lot to offer. we have a lot of questions we would like to have answered about mars and the moon to
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mars. >> kids are soaking up the experience. >> eventually, you need to be here. >> because we want to learn more about space. >> now this mission is going to test the use of lasers and sending and receiving information between earth and space. lasers are expected to be a thousand times faster than radio frequencies and if everything goes well, it could be laying the groundwork for internet. ken. >> that's wild. the apollo astronauts reported seeing something weird flying around the moon. i understand they will try to answer the question as to what they saw, right? >> yeah, remember the pictures that glow on the horizon? scientists thought it is electrically charged moon dust, hopefully they can find out for sure. >> sharon chin, thank you. the bay area is in for a busy weekend. the america's cup finals begin tomorrow in san francisco.
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the giants are in town all weekend. the oakland a's are at the coliseum and the 9ers kick off at candle stick on sunday. if you're heading outdoors, pack the hat and sunscreen, right paul? >> that is excellent advise, both weekend days. kind of setting the stage tonight. if you've been outside at all, it hasn't cooled off. we don't have that cool breeze. these are your lows tomorrow morning. vallejo, only dropping down to 68. concord, you'll drop down to only 70 for a low? and redwood city, 75. so that's the setup in the atmosphere. we have a very warm night on tap with sunrise at 6:45 tomorrow morning. temperatures will stay elevated all night long. this after a warm day. mountain view, fremont, even san francisco first time all summer. and now high pressure builds in even closer and stronger this weekend. so a warm start, a hot finish, and also a few things had change tomorrow. air quality is going to drop.
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it's a spare the air day. and fire danger is going to increase because when we get hotter, relative humidity gets lower. we'll detail how long this heat wave will last coming up in ten minutes. a major route in yosemite national park back open tonight after the rim fire closed it off more than two weeks ago. highway 120 from groveland reopen around noon today. that is the main entrance to the park from the bay area. and we just learned the estimated fire damage to san francisco's water and power system is about $30 million. crews are now working on reestablishing the transmission lines, the reservoir serves 2.6 million bay area residents. we are learning new details about reckless driving complaints at san francisco's holly park. that's where witnesses saw a maintenance worker run over a woman and take off. joe vasquez has the papers showing what is happening. >> a monk, 35-year-old,
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cristie moved to san francisco about a year ago to work alongside her husband as a life quote and new ventures west on gary boulevard. her friends are devastated. >> she's very generous and she has given her life to service. to being a mentor, a coach, and now a mother. >> she was sunbathing yesterday with her 11 month old baby when a city park maintenance pickup truck ran her over and kept going. cristie was killed. her baby daughter is okay. the driver, 57-year-old, tom, is in jail charged with vehicular manslaughter and felony hit-and-run. today we learned he recently experienced tragedy of his own. his own daughter was killed in a car wreck in april. she was 20 years old. >> how did she pass away? and it was really upsetting to him you said, right? >> everybody, the whole neighborhood. >> he also happens to belong to a lawn bowling team in berkeley. >> i layed right around here
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with him in the grass. enjoying the park. could have been you. >> several neighbors have complained to us that maintenance workers are constantly zooming up and down the grass and when they called it in, nothing was done. sarah ballard, park spokesperson says they found two silt sens implants about improper driving of employees over the last two years. joe vasquez, kpix5. >> as a result of complaints, joe tells us the city is in the process of firing a parks maintenance worker. it's a different guy than the subject in the hit-and-run. >> sentenced today for terrorizing their san francisco tenants, kit and nicole were ordered to spend four years in prison with credit for time served from 2004 and 2007.
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this couple burglarized apartments at a property they own. by sawing holes in the floor andinglying it shut. all trying to get their tent that nights. >> my artwork. >> a couple pled guilty in june, shortly after being extradited. they must pay restitution to their victims. >> three years after the pipeline explosion, signs of more than 2 billion. pg and e admitted to falsely reporting the safety of its pipeline across san francisco. state officials are concerned the company could be putting the community at risk. they may decide to levy more signs against it. today, we got our first look at the pipeline control center.
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it was designed particularly in response to the san bro know disaster, complete operations from one room. a brand-new fair station opens in the south bay tomorrow and it's swanky. kit doe got a sneak peek tonight. >> newest fire station is 11,000 square feet of metal, concrete, and civic pride. >> from a moral standpoint, it makes you feel better. >> first thing you'll notice is the sheer side. it's tall and long. accommodate all the fleet. and also to give each firefighters private bedrooms and bathrooms. >> every station is built by standards, to handle male and female occupants. >> all this space translates into convenience and efficiency. there has to be multiple
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retrick ray tores. and a family room for group dinners, an entertainment room, and a community room that op to >> my faff teacher is the grass pom. because this building is so tall, they had to make the poll 35 feet. >> it's a little intimidating. you're talking three stairs drop going down, so you need to be careful. >> the building was paid for with vote r approved bond and took three years to build, partly because of the corner lot design. >> i think anybody that is happy and comfortable in their job will be doing their work a little better and being more motivated and probably just step it up more. >> after firefighter layoffs and a decade of budget cuts, station 24 is proof that brighter days may be ahead.
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in san jose, kpix5. >> chuck reid will celebrate tomorrow morning. contra costa county's fire department is getting emergency assistance. the medical crew will respond to low priority calls. meaning the calls aren't life threatening.budgetforce fire st to close in that county this year. >> the resources are sore and so the squad is going to help. they could get around faster, so it will cover a broader area. >> the crew includes a paramedic. it will work out of the downtown walnut creek station. the board of supervisors will decide whether or not it will continue. >> ducking the cameras. how crooks are staying out of sight. >> the progress on bart's extension. >> plus, banking on the saling
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crude. hoping the finals will bring some people in. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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criminals. with a new surveillance system in the works one east bay city is trying to avoid becoming the new
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target for criminals. with the new surveillance in the works, they hope they don't commute to their turf. kpix5 with what they were doing to avoid the criminal spotlight. >> the image is of mike and his two daughters on their own property in san leandro. >> it shows me and my daughters getting out of our car in our driveway. >> it was taken by a license plate reader on a san leandro police car passing by. >> it causes a chilling effect to someone subjected to this surveillance. >> a vocal critic of surveillance systems and he worries big brother is getting bigger. on tuesday, city council gave police the green light to upgrade the cameras at city hall and potentially add more cameras and plate readers to two spots around town. >> we have to weigh what is best. >> and police say there is no better time than now to add cameras. they say oakland is building a
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vast new surveillance center and that could crimes to bleed across the border. they say it happened before. >> pittsburgh, they implemented their camera system in 2005. they felt some of their prime got misplaced. >> but doesn't buy it. he told us fbi statistics show violent crime and property crime was rising before pittsburgh and continued to increase at the same rate. >> the connection between the use of video surveillance and antioch, tenuous. >> while crime dropped 22%, crime also dropped 23% in san leandro, without a surveillance system. for some people who live here, cameras provide a sense of security. >> i really care about privacy if it's going to help somebody. >> kristen ayers, kpix5. >> a police spokesperson said
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he understands the public's concern about privacy and the department would be open to working with the aclu on the surveillance program. >> now that the bay bridge is finally over. we turn our attention to the bart extension into silicon valley. first phase will add the warm spring station in south fremont. a bart station, and then the varieset station. fremont station is the end of the line. the second phase of the project still needs funding. that would take commuters right into santa clara. the bay, the bart extension will be bay area's most expensive project. but commuters will be happy. >> official schedule is 2018, but based on the current schedules, we are hoping to deliver services as soon as 2017. >> construction in san jose
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starts this sunday. work on the expressway and capital avenue will start next week. team orr oracle is trying to rally some support and bay area businesses are counting on it. crowds have been sooner than expected. the city will be $7 million in the red if interest doesn't pick up. draw fans to the water. >> it's a big deal, and the guys on board can feel it. if there's ever a time that we need the people of san francisco and the people of the u.s.a. to get behind us, it's now. >> oracle is down two races. the best of 17 competition start tomorrow. who do you like in this? the new zealanders? >> i'm going home. >> i'm going 80 degrees no matter what. >> regardless of who wins or
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who loses, we like it. this is one of the five or ten days throughout the year and 365, where we get into the 8 os and do it again tomorrow. a look live. no fog to worry about. bay lights, clear skies behind you. also clear at the golden gate bridge. these are spots that you can't show live pictures. not tonight. we're going to be hot inland, but just warm around places like berkeley, you'll see in the 80s. plenty warm. microclimate change for sunday, more warm, i know some of you are close. so as for what's going on why this is happening, low pressure to our north, which has been giving us the on shore flow, but we weren't hot. the ocean still is 59 degrees. that low is moving away and the
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ocean temperature doesn't matter one bit when you have this moving in. taking the ocean influence and keeping it out in the ocean. while we're going to get the warm and hot stuff that happens tomorrow, it will happen again on sunday and monday. we won't see relief until tuesday. most of next week will be cooler. the weekend is all about the warm nights and hot days. here's saturday for you. downtown san francisco, another day, 80 degrees. enjoy the warmer weather. livermore, close to 100. santa clara, 90. morgan hill 95. heyward you'll hit 94. it's all about the upper 90s for concorde. daily city, how often do you hit 77? not often, but you'll do it tomorrow. heading up toward clear lake, highs approaching 70 degrees. tuesday, that's the big change. wednesday more of a change. we're back to normal by the end
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of next week. >> it's not a racing video game. police say that this footage is real. how the high speed meant big trouble for the guy behind the wheel. ,,,,,,,,,,
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"my name is matthew cordle june 22, 2013, i hit and ki vincent canzani." "i'm handg before being charged, a man comes clean in a viral video about driving drunk. >> on june 22, 2013, i hit and killed vincent and prosecution and everything they need to put
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me away for a very long time. >> he goes on to describe how he got in his truck after bar hopping, drove the wrong way on an ohio road, and hit and killed a man. the owner of the website that posted the video said he believes the confession should not be praised, but he hopes it raises the issue of drinking and driving. >> what he did cannot be reversed or made up for, but he wanted to do something to put good back into this world. >> the case was stalled until now. in the video, 22-year-old matthew also says that he will plead guilty when he is charged. combine a record breaking joyride with the internet and you have got trouble. new york city police say this guy, 30-year-old, adam, was behind the wheel of a speeding bmw featured in a youtube video. the sped up footage shows the car going all around manhattan in a total of 24 minutes and 7 seconds. authorities have seized that
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bmw and he faces reckless endangerment, reckless driving and other charges. 3rd and king street tonight. almost. juan perez doesn't make this catch? maybe we are talking about something else. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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gernades and horseshoes... t man! t i know that you know that close only counts in grenades and horseshoes, but man, try telling that to giants clubhouse. here we go. journey man from venezuela. he had command was an understatement. he used 9 pitches to get through the first innings.
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seven strikeouts for the night. in the 6th, juan perez doesn't make that catch, he is still perfect, two outs of the night. here it is. eric chavez into right and just a foot short and the perfect game is gone. became the 12th pitcher to lose a perfect game with two outs in the 9th. got this groundout to end the game. his first complete game and shutout. a one-hit shutout and the giants win it 3-0. meantime, the a's back on the winning track. josh donaldson back away. two-run homer. 21st for the year and the a's on their way to beating the astros . it is 7-4a's. >> got to give them credit. it's all right. >> thanks for watching.
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that does it for us at 10:00. the news is always on have a good one. ,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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