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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  September 7, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> i have never seen flames that big. >> a grass fire explodes across the bay area hillside. what people say they heard right before it erupted above their home. the super bowl of yacht racing kicks off in san francisco bay. but is it enough for people to finally start paying attention to the america's cup? >> i've never been over the golden gate bridge. >> plus the native who can't bring herself to cross the bridge. any bridge. good evening, i'm annette. there's a lot going on around the bay area this weekend, but the one thing that has everybody talking is the heat. we are two weeks away from fall, but it doesn't feel that way. >> two straight days in the city, 83 degrees in san francisco and apparently the heat is like a magnet. see the traffic over my shoulder. other numbers i want to share with you.
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pittsburgh, you hit 102 degrees today. liver more, triple digits for you as well. napa, san jose, one of your hottest days of the year at 95. check out these temperatures. these are more telling that things are normal. oakland, 88 degrees. san francisco as i mentioned, l 3. and half-moon bay, 76 degrees. these past two days have been the two warmest days of summer and the only two days that we have hit 80 degrees in the city. the heat furnace or high dome over las vegas is not going to move over the next 24 hours. most of you will have another warm to hot day tomorrow. i said most, not all. here is the reason why. at 6:00, i showed you a marine layer working its way up. it is here. the golden gate bridge is now foggy. that's a sign that some of you are going to see an end to this heat wave. we'll talk about who will not see anymore heat and how long the heat will last for the rest of you coming up.
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>> thank you. and more heat is the last thing firefighters need. it didn't take much for a dry hillside in south san francisco to go up in flames. briefly threatened some homes on the south side. kpix5 tells us neighbors heard it coming. >> the south side of san brew know mountain burst into flames saturday afternoon. dry conditions and a stiff wind sweeping the grass fire up hill. >> it was scary. i never seen flames that big, you know, in person. >> the smoke from south san francisco could be seen for miles. on the ground, several homes sitting in the fire's path. you could feel the heat from across the road. rog shot this video on his cell phone. >> how bad did it get? >> it was hot. i could feel it from here. it blew up the hill within ten minutes. it was at the top. >> several residents reported hearing a loud pop coming from
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power poles along hillside boulevard. so far, the best clue of what may have started this fire. >> investigators are at the scene and trying to determine the cause from that report. >> 100 firefighters with a couple airplanes and helicopter fought back the flames, keeping it contained to 40-acres. >> the work the firemen did was absolutely incredible, when you saw the pilots and planes, the work they did. >> power in the area was out for about an hour. but there were no evacuations and no buildings burned. residents at the base of san bruno mountain dodged a bullet. brian webb, kpix5. >> the american red cross was on scene to help the firefighters as they worked in that hot weather. oakland firefighters also had to make quite a climb today. they put out a fire in a 19th floor apartment near lake merritt. it took them less than half an hour. no one was hurt. >> an oakland man who was shot sometime overnight didn't realize it until he got home.
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police say he was very drunk. the man's parents noticed his wounds when he got home around 5:00. he is recovering at the hospital, but police say he is refusing to tell them how it may have happened. demonstrations over what the u.s. should or shouldn't do about syria. a large crowd marched down market street to protest proposed military strikes. over in union square, dozens of americans held a counterrally in support of u.s. intervention, saying the conflict in syria cannot be allowed to continue. marley hall shows a wave of coast to coast demonstrations, most aimed at changing the president's mind. >> from los angeles to washington, d.c. to new york city. >> no war in syria. >> people protested against the plan to use military force in syria. >> the wrong time, the wrong place, the wrong effort.
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>> the administration by the principle claims to uphold should listen to the people of the u.s. and the world. >> the obama administration may not be able to change the minds of these demonstrators, but the president will be working hard to make the change for all americans that syria needs to be held accountable. the white house says syrian president's regime killed more than 1,000 civilians in a chemical weapons attack. this weekend, the president is calling members of congress to convince them to support his plan. >> failing to respond to this outrageous attack would increase the risk that chemical weapons could be used again. they would fall into the hands of terrorists who might use them against us. >> the senate is expected to take a key vote wednesday on his request to use military force. secretary of state, john kerry, is pushing for international approval. >> this is not the time to be silent spectators. >> saturday, leaders in the european union called for a
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clear and strong response, but want to delay military action until united nations inspectors release their report about what happened in syria. molly hall for cbs news, new york. >> house minority leader has spent a week trying to drum up support for the president's plan among her democratic colleagues. >> stopping the use of weapons of mass destruction. assad regime used them, that did not continue. >> president obama will address the nation tuesday night. one day before congress begins voting on his request. fire crews near yosemite are entering the fourth week of an exhausting battle. the rim fire burning in and around the park is now the third largest wild fire in state history. more than 252,000 acres have burned. the fire is 80% contained now, but full containment isn't expected for another two weeks.
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with higher temperatures and low humidity in the forecast, the fire could spread faster. there is good news. the main road from the bay area to yosemite national park has now reopened and business owners along highway 120 are hoping to make up for lost time. flames came close to destroying the popular buck meadows restaurant. its owner is tallying the financial loss after a two-week closure. >> it's substantial. it's close to 100,000. with the labor day weekend, our third biggest weekend of the year. >> despite highway 120, drivers are being told not to stop along the roadway because they could get in the way of emergency vehicles. 'em rete team new zealand is off to a start. they swept both races today on the san francisco bay. they need just seven more wins to take the trophy from defending champion. two more races are scheduled for tomorrow and kpix5's don knapp shows us it looks like people are finally starting to
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pay attention. >> after a summer of america's cup, it looks like the winds of enthusiasm have picked up. the faithful never doubted. they always knew the competition between the most advanced racing boats in the world would catch on. >> it's a start. this is the first day. >> right. >> everything else is a warm up. >> here we go. >> it looks to me like you are an oracle fan. but you're on a bike. >> well, i'm trying really hard to get to a focal point so i can watch. >> super bowl of yacht racing may be playing before their very eyes. some folks seemed interested in other things. >> it's a hot day. it's one of the perfect san francisco days that we always wish for. so, we are just hanging out. yeah, i know. we kind of try to figure out exactly what is going on. >> that's the kind of indifference america's cup promoters never seemed to overcome.
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why the estimate of $1.4 billion in economic impact was revised to less than a billion. right down to the bubble pipe and enjoyed watching, but he was not convinced the rigata benefited san francisco. >> haven't seen as much infrastructure. >> what brought out the crowds today? was it the event or the great san francisco weather? perhaps a bit of both. >> guys aren't sitting down and watching it, you are riding your bike. >> we did see them come around the curb. we want to see them get into the meet. >> there were great places to watch. if you come, come early. it's the parking that is hard to get. in san francisco, don knapp, kpix5. >> this year's teams are racing some of the most advanced sailboats ever made. but the 72-foot cat amarans
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don't come cheap. they are backed by some of the wealthiest people in the world. judging by the low team turnout, the cutting edge sport may be sailing out of reach for everyone else. >> it was big money before. this time around, it's megamoney. that's one of the failings of this addition of the america's cup. i think people said this is too hard for me. i can't win. >> you have to look at many sports. you can look at a polo team. you can spend the time and money on a lot of different teams. >> just four teams competed. the smallest contingent in modern cup history. >> i know it's not true, but i can swear that the bridge is moving. >> it's a phobia that is more common than you think and a little inconvenient if you are trying to get around bait area. sanford is in the middle of the home opener, but the real homecoming fans was over at the
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mall. and this flight over the california desert was another small step for safe travel, but it's a super sonic lead toward space tourism. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tokyo is celebrating tonigh after being named host city for the 20-20 summer olympics. it bea tokyo is celebrating tonight after being named host city for the 2020 summer olympics. it beat out madrid for the honor. organizers had touted the city's modern infrastructure and transportation system as well as low crime rate. as for the nuclear disaster, japanese officials say there's no need to worry, it's 150 miles away. imagine living in the bay area and never once crossing a bridge. it's not really possible. for some, it's a necessity. tony lopez spoke with a bay area native who says it's nice, but you'll never catch her on it. >> i could feel the bridge. it's okay. >> it really wasn't okay for susan. she was on a bridge and that is the last place she wanted to be. >> i could swear. i know it's not true. i could swear that the bridge is moving. >> we were moving by foot over
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sacramento's tower bridge. driving over this crossing or even the i street bridge was out of the question for susan. who suffers from phobia, commonly known as bridge phobia. >> there are people who are -- who avoid across bridges at all. maybe have to hire somebody to take them across the bridge, which is extremely inconvenient and needless to say. >> growing up in the bay area makes the condition even worse. >> what about the golden gate bridge? >> i've never been over the golden gate bridge. >> as for those drivers wanting to cross the new eastern span of bait bridge. >> good for them. >> she was willing to give this a go. >> if you get too nervous, tell me. >> the fear that st's going to collapse or an earthquake? >> yes. >> it's anxiety? >> no. i'm getting nervous now. >> yeah. >> should we go back?
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>> can i look that way? >> you can look any way you want. >> she was looking forward to getting off the bridge, but she also has her sight set on going to san francisco this weekend. no, she won't be crossing this. >> i'm taking the long way from sacramento to san jose and from san jose to san francisco on the train. >> most of the country's biggest bridge offer rides and rescue vehicles. the bay bridge has a tow truck that are ready for that reason. >> hundreds of people enjoyed the warmer weather in in san francisco at the festival in the sunset. irving street was shut down several times. also special performances. the autumn moon festival marks a time to refleblght upon the bounty of the summer harvest and then this of the moon goddess. and continue on san francisco bay. the giants and the a's both
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have home games and the 49ers kick off their fare well season at candle stick park against the green bay packers. >> that means great weather and traffic. so if you're truck in traffic, you'll have good weather. >> two things you'll hear from your friends and loved ones that are going into the city. weather was awesome and the traffic was horrible. oh my goodness. everybody saw the forecast. we're glad you're watching. that's how we stay business. you heard it was going to be nice and good luck getting home. what i'm looking at is the lack of low cloud cover once again in the berkly hills, but what you see is lights heading into the city. yes, me doing lights are still on at 10:15 at night. this is interesting. that cloud cover that was down has worked its way up to the golden gate. those of you that were going to be there, it's not going to be
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in the 80s. temperatures outside tonight, we cooled off a little bit. santa rosa, down to 66. san francisco has gone breezy. 60 degrees. oakland. look at this temperature rise in oakland. hanging out close to normal. and on friday, up 10 degrees and one degree warmer today, officially 88 degrees in oakland. now tonight, we're going to cool off. tomorrow morning, you'll drop down to 61. con card 60 degrees cooler and in the city, san francisco 59 degrees. speaking of that football game, last homeowner at kind l stick park. packers, niners tomorrow. it will be warm with highs in the low 70s. it will be 5 to 7 degrees cooler in the city. here's your forecast for fremont. sunny and warm tomorrow: maybe morning cloud cover as that
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marine layer begins to work back with a high. the change is already underway. why'd perspective shows none of this. the ridge of high pressure not moving. this is a pattern that will keep you away from the water as exactly how you were today. when you get the 59 degrees, when you grab more influence, right along the coastline, you will be cooler. we are all going to cool down by the middle of next week. once that high shifts off to the east. low pressure develops to our south and west. for all of us and temperatures back down to normal. for most of us b i tuesday and wednesday. a little bit of cooling tomorrow. it's a gradual cooldown elsewhere and back to average. tomorrow inland, hot. you'll be in the 0s once again. palo alto 96.
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pacifica, you are down to the upper 60s. concord 95. another triple digit day for you. in the city, we'll make it to the 70s. mill valley, 90. santa rosa 90. lake part tomorrow, 99 degrees. here comes the playground. if you don't like it, by the middle of next week we will be normal. most days will be 80s inland. this happens every september. we get the goff shore wind. everybody was out today. >> yes. thank paul. our warmer weather could mean more mosquitoes and a wider spread of the west nile virus. the control district is urging people to get rid of standing water. seven dead biters have been found, include ago chicken that tested positive for west nile. mosquitoes that bite infected
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birds can bite humans, passing on the virus. >> what you pay, hundreds and thousands of dollars to launch yourself to the edge of space? if so, it is about ready for you. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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check out this supersonic tt flight from "vir another giant leap toward commercial space travel. check out this super sonic test flight. the company's spaceship 2 blasted through the sound barrier over the desert on thursday, soaring to 69,000 feet. they hope to fly tourists to the edge of space and back by next year. >> hundreds counted down to the opening of the redesigned
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apple store at palo alto shopping center. >> three, two, one. >> all right, the new 12,000 square foot building is seven times larger than the mall's previous store. some spent hours to be the first in the line. one man got there around 6:00 a.m. >> i thought the turnout would be what it was in new york. give support to apple this time around. >> they need the support. apple is expected to unveil its nighs. >> how good is cal's new freshman quarterback? let's slow it down. the strike zone. who put a ball there? it's dangerous. >> ,,,,,,
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27-6 3rd qtr but i've got more... curtain raised on stanford football 2013 tonight. pretty nice going. hosting san jose state. up 27-6 in the third quarter. but i have more. we have cal with freshman quarterback. goes to his right, goes left, it's richard rogers. they erased a third quarter deficit. it's a 75-yard play. he threw for 85-yards and two touchdowns as cal gets win number one, 37-30. a's home run number 22 for the year. 102 solo shot. the 9th, shawn doolittle, the
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a's win 2-1 texas hewses tonight sot a's beat them by a game and a half. mr. fatigue relaxing after a near perfect game. seven innings, seven innings. this at this play. angel pennsylvania gone, to sanchez, and a runner fit with that. that's a web jam. the giants do lose to the diamondbacks. final of 2-1. >> they missed him this season. they missed his energy. >> a nice happy good news. >> and tomorrow, you're going to be where? >> tomorrow i have the a's and astros. we will have team coverage and we'll have a crew, of course with the 49ers and packers. of course, we have the raiders on cbs 5. kpix5, i should say. >> that's it for us, we'll see
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you at 11:00 on kpix5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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