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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  September 13, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> alarm before an earthquake hit. an early warning system for california is just a signature away. good evening, i'm elizabeth cooke. >> a few seconds can make all the difference. and joe vasquez tells us we could get a head's up before the next big one. >> millions of people in japan got a 15 second advanced notice, which saved countless lives. >> now, a bill is on the california governor's desk, which would green light an early earthquake system here. >> we hope the governor will sign it. >> dr. richard allen has already been working with usgs on building the beginnings of an early warning system. >> for example, get the early warning and bart stops the trains when there's an
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earthquake already. moderate shaking expected in 22 seconds. >> dr. allen says a massive expansion of the system could give millions of californians notice that an earthquake is on the way. once it's up and running, many will get the warning on an app on their cell phone that might tell them where the epicenter is and how many seconds they have to prepare. dr. allen says the amount of warning time you get depends how far you are from the source of the earthquake. for example, if we have the great earthquake of 1906 again, since san francisco was so close, the city might get a second or two warning. not much time to react. >> but san jose would get 10 or 20 seconds. oakland might get 10 seconds of warning. >> that is plenty of time to duck under a table, turn off gas lines, will the governor sign the bill? >> i couldn't get you the answer, because i don't know what it is. if we can get an early warning signal, i'm all for it. we can figure out time to get
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out of the way, but anybody has a credible scientific notification system, i will be excited about it. >> he has until october 13 to make a final decision. joe vasquez, kpix5. >> legislators approve the $80 million warning system with one catch. no state general fund dollars can be used. state emergency managers have until 2016 to come up with a public, private partnership. >> bart has given the unions a new reason to settle the contract talks, but the unions aren't going to like it. the new backup plan to keep the trains running in the event of another strike. >> both sides are so far apart in their negotiations that bart's management believes there's a big likelihood workers will go on strike october 11. >> and that it's not just the matter of bart running on october 11, but that strike could last for multiple weeks, if not longer.
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>> management is considering training managers to run skeletal bart service during the strike. bart has about 200 managers. some were former train operators. >> it would be a lifeline service for people who had no other alternatives in the event of a strike. >> the problem is, it takes 16 weeks to take someone from classroom to hands on train operation. the hands on training can only begin once the strike is underway. according to the contract torque bart won't say whether the classroom training is already happening. >> safety is what we are all about. safety always has been and always will be our number one priority. >> but the union says bart is playing with people's lives and that the managers don't have the proper experience to operate a train. >> how trains run by people who are not certified is not only a danger and a safety hazard, it's irresponsible. >> it doesn't just take train
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operators, it takes support staff and mechanics that they have yet to think about. >> management is missing the point. >> instead of trying to prepare, they should be sitting at the table with a bargaining to get a contract. >> bart officials say they are not throwing in the towel. instead they have to have backup plans. the final say on this plan. in oakland, kpix5. >> when it comes to bart, there is progress here. this is work being done. the bart extension to san jose. looking at the expressway. crews will have to close lanes in both directions this weekend. so traffic could back up. the work will be wrapped up by monday at 5:00 a.m. >> illegal immigrants will soon be able to get a california driver's license. the legislature approved that plan today and all it needs is the governor to sign it. he already said he will. >> california's department of
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motor vehicles estimates nearly 1 1/2 million illegal immigrants would apply for the new license. sanchez is one of them. >> i hope to drive to and i don't have a license. i need a car. >> the new license she will be eligible for permits her to drive, but cannot be used to get work or public benefits. it will also feature a special mark to indicate it's for driving only. supporters of the law say roads will be safer because illegal immigrants will have to pass driver's tests and be properly insured. opponents argue the license offers a privilege to people who have already broken the law. >> illegal aliens bring a lot of problems to our state. >> with the california coalition for immigration reform, a group that lobbied against the licenses. >> we should not be giving them anything. we should not be giving them any hope. we are americans. we are -- we follow the laws. >> california joins ten other
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states that already offered driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. >> once the governor signs the bill into law, the dmv will have until january 31, 2015, to implement the new rules and begin issuing those new licenses. >> it was a dramatic scene high above san francisco's financial district. this 2,000 pound window washing rig was hanging by a cable off the side. 41 stories up. the platform rig slipped just before window washers were about to get in around 7:00 a.m., and police and firefighters scrambled to block off the intersection. >> i talked to the engineer and i asked, is this thing in danger of falling? i knew we better get up there. >> three floors were evacuated. it took 2 1/2 hours for authorities to hoist the platform back up. cal is now investigating what
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went wrong. >> there is a break in the torrential rain in colorado tonight. but more rain is on the way. the relentless wash of water turned towns into muddy swamps. 15 inches of rain has fallen in a week. four people are confirmed dead. the colorado national guard said it helped evacuate 550 people by air and by ground. driving his family away from the rising water. >> were you afraid? >> absolutely. i think anybody would be, you know, but you have five of your family members, you have to show the best face you can and everybody was brave. >> discussions are underway about whether the football game between colorado and fresno state will be played tomorrow or pushed back because of the flooding. another consequence of all this, the animals. 100 head of cattle went to one of the least saturated parts of the farm and there's a poor
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horse tied to the fence, that is what used to be his pasture. google's founders have been flying around on discounted fuel that you paid for. why billionaires have been getting a government discount. >> apparently google keeps a float of jets here. the wall street journey says the gas give away is over. why are billionaires getting breaks and why is the government giving it to them? >> whether it's jet fuel or car fuel, people don't like other people getting deals they don't get, especially billionaires. >> me personally, i think that is absurd. >> just trying to save money. they're smart about it, that's their luck. >> we dug up the paperwork that spells out between nasa and a quiet company. sparking debate to this gas
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station near headquashers. >> the taxes i pay to buy their fuel. >> the wall street journal report frs -- since 2009 at an average $3.19 a gallon. a buck less than regular priced jet fuel and the fuel you and i put in our cars. >> they are doing all that, they could afford, why get it on a discount? >> google jets flew to places like ohio, tay hity. that's what the story really seems to show, it pays to be rich. >> i guess it doesn't matter. money talks in this world. >> what did nasa get out of the deal? scientific flights looking into greenhouse gases and they brought in $1.3 million a year to let google park its planes here. >> all right, brian, thank you. >> speaking of google, a
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google street view car was involved in a hit-and-run today. this is a fee toe of the damage and posted on a website. police say the driver hit a bus, took off, and another another bus. it's not clear if anyone was hurt. >> the opening night for the school's brand-new multimillion dollar stadium. cheerleaders, hundreds of fans cheered on their football team. new concession stand, ramps, elevators. just some of the updates. a bond measure, go to the bill. >> the bond measure is over $35 million. that's for the entire district. so it's marked for $198. so $4 million of the $98 million has gob into this project. >> the field, lies, were kept
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from the old stadium. >> no one wants to rub toxic chemicals. what -- kanye west charged with battery. >> and how to make those popup ads kiss abeer for good. >> all that flooding in california, but things are about to change. coming up, behave a solid rain chance. find out when that's going to happen, next. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ (woman) this place has got really good chocolate shakes. (growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. (man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk.
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(man vo) i may not know where the road will lead, but... i'm sure my subaru will get me there. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. products hav ingredie do you know what's in your makeup or dish soap? a lot of products have nasty ingredients. thanks to wal-mart, we are closer to getting rid of toxic chemicals in our homes. at wal-mart, marcus could not find the ingredient list on his detergent and it was also missing from jesus' dish washingly washing liquid. >> do you want to know what's in there? >> yes. >> wal-mart thinks so, too. they announced a new policy
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requiring suppliers of household and beauty products to reduce or eliminate ten potentially harmful chemicals. >> there are links to reproductive harm, neurotoxic harm, cancer, some breast cancer specifically, and disrupting our hormones. >> connie is anxious for wal- mart to announce what ten chemicals are on the hit list. she shows us the video. >> describing how prevalent chemicals are in the products we slatter on every day. >> we are concerned about things like dep is in fragrance, not on the label usually, because it is hidden under the word fragrance. we hope wal-mart will take that out. >> it should be labeled warning. >> it is ten chemicals, but the list is expected to grow. kpix5. >> with wal-mart's 11,000
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stores, the product to make lotions and potions safer could spread to other retailers. >> kanye west could be trading the high life for jail time. he was charged after a run in with a paparazzi. authorities say that back in july, kanye got into an argument, he put the paparazzi in a head lock and wrestled him to the ground. west nile faces battery, assault, and attempted theft. he could face a year in prison. certainly a face like kanye is easy to recognize, but identifying suspects is tricky. tricky.(.ecl) ramirez introduces us to one bay area cop. >> looking like they belong in an art gallery, these police sketches are adding a new and dramatic look to one of law enforcement's time tested tools. >> they describe a certain eye, and i'll draw the eye they describe. >> mountain view police sketch
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artist is talking about how he works with crime victims and witnesses to create sketches of wanted criminals that seem to jump off the page. >> quite often the victims are moved to tears. brings back a memory that most times they are trying to avoid. they are trying to forget. and having seen the face of this perpetrator in front of them again, i think it is disturbing to them. >> disturbing, but effective. >> we are definitely seeing identifications. >> time after time, you can see from actual mug shot photos taken after their arrest, how accurate the artist really was. >> in over 28 hours of policework, i have seen good pencil sketch artists to very bad, kind of mr. potato head sketches. when you see kevin's sketches, you see something at a whole new level. >> later joined the force, nguyen's use of shading come
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naturally to him, but revolutionary. >> when officers see sketches, they are left speechless. >> unlike most police artists, nguyen does all of his work on a tablet, using technology to create a sketch in two hours, but having the visual quality of a classic oil painting. >> make more apprehension, help people with my drawings and paintings. >> kpix5. >> officer nguyen's sketches are so successful, there's a growing demand outside mountain view. >> i can imagine. they are beautiful pictures. i mean, he captured -- >> so accurate. >> the shading and the eyes come to life. amazing. >> serving its purpose, too. catching the bad guy. nice weekend. it's going be really nice. this was the kind of weekend that if you don't have outdoor plans, you might want to change those plans. a live look outside from
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treasure island. of course, that beautiful san francisco financial district right there. some cloud cover when you wake up in the city tomorrow. you will get afternoon sunshine. these are the temperatures you'll start off with. on napa, you'll be one of our cooler spots. oakland you'll start your saturday at 60. fremont 57. san jose 60. sunrise getting later. 6:50 tomorrow morning. lots to do this weekend. in the city, the autumn moon festival. upper 60s for you. it will be sunny and mild. and sunny and warm, upper 70s in castro valley for their fall festival. lots to do. maybe a soccer game. weather will be okay. cloud cover tomorrow morning, yes in san jose, high in the upper 70s and push the repeat button with a high of 79 degrees. here's the setup. we have cold water, what we also have is an on shore flow that will not change. the same low giving us the flow
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today will be there tomorrow and sunday. the rain stays to the north, but the light to moderate on shore flow and mild, not hot temperatures, will be with us for the next six days. changes on day seven as low pressure gets stronger, daves closer to us. we have a chance of rain fall, widespread rain fall for the first time in three months. tomorrow, starting off foggy and cloudy. very comfortable afternoons with mostly sunny skies. that pattern change not until the end of next week. liver more tomorrow, 83. san jose, upper 70s, also the upper 70s for santa clara. heyward 71. 80s for pittsburgh. walnut creek, 77. upper 60s for the city. lake port tomorrow, 92 degrees. that repeat button will get used for the next six days, because not much will change. low 70s near the bay, all the way through next thursday. look at friday, we could be talking about a widespread rain chance. first time since late june that
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we talked about that and earlier than normal. we don't do that until late sunday. >> we need a lot of rain. >> get started now. >> right. if you hate internet ads, this guy may be your new best friend. how he can make them disappear for good. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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can also be pretty annoyingn simon met a palo entrepreneur who say online ads may help keep the internet afloat, but they can be pretty annoying. dan simon met an entrepreneur who says for $139, he can make them all disappear. the early days of the internet, dialup, slow connections, simple graphics. but chad russell says in many
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ways, things were better. >> with page, text, and pictures, and that's it. >> in other words, no ads. today, they are everywhere. >> at some point, it has gotten a bit much. >> now this 31-year-old high school dropout may be on the verge of shaking up the internet advertising industry. >> and this is ad trap. >> the idea kicked off with a video on the fund raising website, kick starter, where russell showed off his invention that connects between your mode modem and router. >> it's pretty easy to set up. now let's give it a try. >> check out the video on the top without the ad trap. you get an ad. on the bottom with the device connected, straight to the video. and the company says it works on any device. >> there's no software to con figure. that was one of the goals. so make it easy for people. >> he wanted to raise
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$150,000. he wound up with well over it 200. >> he is ready for anything. >> friday night lights, camera, action. dodgers want to get close to clinching the west, but not yet. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at 9am cal, a 15-point unde to incoming no it is the eve of college football, 5th ranked stanford at 9:00 a.m. cal, a 15 point dog to incoming number four. ohio state at 4:00 p.m. and berkeley. what about tonight? second place rangers hosted the
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first place a's. huge showdown no arlington. home run derby. here is donaldson. rangers scored 6 to close 9-8. and look at the reaction here he is all fired up. a's win it. magic number to clinch is 12. the giants tonight, solo shot in the 8th and the giants are up 4-2 on the dodgers. madison in line for his second win since the all-star break. things going well down in chavez ravine. against st. mary's, that is the 97-yard pick 6, taking it all the way. la salle winners, final of 40- 13. and it happened all on a friday night. >> it's a big weekend for
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sports this weekend, too. never stops. >> bring it on. >> see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,, cut!
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