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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  September 15, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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three women die after their house catches fire. why multiple smoke alarms are $15. it was probably the difference between life and death. >> three women die after their house catches on fire. why multiple smoke detectors could have saved them. oaklanders say crime is on the rise as they now have proof. the new numbers that will validate their claim. we could be just weeks away from another bart strike, unless both sides could work out their differences past. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. and after months of back and forth bickering, they have just weeks left to get a contract deal done. otherwise we could see a strike as early as october 11. they'll be back to the bargaining tomorrow to try to work the big sticking points out, but brian webb tells us that both sides are digging in their heels, brian? >> reporter: and there is some talk about the equipment and safety, but make no mistake this is about money, benefit,
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and pensions. most importantly, their paychecks. if bart goes on strike, a few hundred thousand bay area commuters will need to find another way to work. they shouldn't get more money. all they are doing is driving the train tracks. that's it. >> and they don't like their job to do whatever they need to look for a new job. >> they are offering a 10% raise over four years. and they point out that most workers will pay less than $100 a month for health care and nothing into their pension. >> they'll do a great job to work hard. but their pay, it is high. and their benefits are extremely high. >> but they say not so fast as workers, they needed to give them big concessions during the economic downturn as they are trying to make up for lost ground, trying to get back to what they consider a living wage. >> we're asking for the decent health care and we are asking for the pension that we could retire on and to live in the bay area where you were. >> tomorrow it is back to the table to talk. and unless the negotiations, they could get back on track,
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commuters will need to negotiate a new way home. >> as long as we get to where we are going, they could have whatever. >> reporter: and they are well paid compared to the other transit areas. some put their salaries at $80,000 a year. live in san francisco, brian webb, kpix 5. >> if there is another strike, bart will have a backup plan, running skeletal service with managers driving the trains. the unions say that's a bad idea. three east bay women who died while trying to escape their burning home might have made it if they had a little more time. and they were found just feet from the back door of the house in pittsburgh, and they tell us that there were smoke detectors, but no battery. >> reporter: this is the smoke detector that may have given three women the precious few seconds that they needed to get out of this house alive. >> it appears that all three need to come to the smoke and toxic fumes. >> reporter: the smoke detector was sitting on the counter with no battery. when they broke out after
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midnight, they got several 911 calls at 12:30 and by then the home on dimaggio avenue was engulfed in flames. they found one woman in the back bedroom and two in the kitchen. >> all three were found in a position that suggest that they were all attempting to get out of the home. and that the two in the kitchen were headed towards the secondary exit that was in the back of the home. >> the fire started in the front room blocking the the front door when the firefighters found the women, they brought them inside, trying to save their lives. >> but it was determined that all three had passed away at the scene. >> they are nice people. and i think it is sad as to what happened to them. >> reporter: they found several smoke alarms inside the home, but none were working at the time of the fire. >> quite frankly the tragedy here is three smoke alarms that are $15, probably the difference between life and death this morning. >> reporter: to the women, their loved one, and neighbors, they learned it too late. >> and then they made me feel
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terrible, man. i'm not going to be able to know that it was the ladies passing away, right next to our home. >> reporter: in pittsburgh, kpix 5. >> no word yet on the cause of the fire. but the firefighters say that it does not appear to be arson. well, we are learning more about the former bay area woman accused of killing her two children in the southern california hotel room. records show that the 42-year- old lived in san jose for much of the mid to late-90s. the current address is in scotts dale, arizona -- scottsdale, arizona. arrested for murder after telling police that they could find the bodies of her 13-year- old son and 10-year-old daughter at the hampton inn in santa ana. officers say she had just crashed her car in nearby costa mesa in an apparent suicide attack. property crime won't quit, but now they have the numbers to prove it. according to police records, their city had seen a 33% increase in auto thefts, a 40%
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jump in burglaries, and a 54% rise in robbery since 2011. this is all coinciding with the drastic reductions in oakland's police force. some neighborhoods are so fed up that they are hiring the private security to patrol their neighborhoods. today, the oakland mayor is focusing on the final points, joining residents for a walk through their neighborhood. they started at the restaurant and then toured that area, earning some history in exploring the local shops. the idea was to celebrate their independence day. >> they have an amazing diverse sense of both languages, cultures, and the neighborhoods. and so there are 57 distinct neighborhoods. and within them, there's a lot of diversity. so today, it's retail. >> this is the first of what the mayor will hope to be a monthly neighborhood watch. to meet with people and learn more about the many distinct communities. and team new zealand and
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team u.s. us. they needed to put on a thrilling show on the bay here today. the americans, they wont first race as they took the second race by just 17 seconds. new zealand will lead the series, 7-1. two wins from clinching the cup. kpix 5, mark kelly reports on another winner rooting for the races to attract for fans. >> reporter: fans fans swarmed the area. she's been faithfully watching the races all week and says this weekend is very different than last. >> it's a huge change, absolutely. >> reporter: but the difference isn't on the water, but it's the fans in the stands. 700,000 in the past two weekends. it took time for interest in the america's cup to kick into high gear. some say weeks, but now that it has, fans are soaking it all in. >> everybody is getting in behind it. and it is a wonderful atmosphere here and we are having the time of our lives. >> they won the other day,
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which has made an exciting thing for them to come up and check it out. >> many will need a place to park, which is great for these guys as they are packed and still growing. it is nearly impossible for them. >> you can see how busy they are. >> fortunately they appreciate all the hecticness. >> it's the helicopters, the boats, the parking, the traffic. it's a beautiful day as we are happy that we're here. >> reporter: with the big crowds, security is a top priority. they tell us so far so good and the america's cup has been peaceful. and in the last races, even if the crowds will get bigger, the plan is for it to stay peaceful and fun. >> people are getting interested with the pictures. >> so some really impressive numbers. saturday, officials say 50,000 people went through the america's cup gates today. the numbers are not final just yet, but anywhere between 35,000 to 60,000 fans. at america's cup, mark kelly,
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kpix 5. did you know the american cup might not have happened at all? >> they can decide to switch. >> when the races are going, we try not to literally see them out here. >> what san francisco had to do to keep it afloat after the bird lovers cried foul. and it just piles up. it's huge. no one else is doing anything about it. so a pair of bay area women are picking up the path to check out the trash. around-the-clock rescue mission will continue in colorado where hundreds are still missing tonight. and august is just around the corner as we are wrapping up the summer season, 2013 with changes in the forecast. take a look at san jose and stay with us. the pinpoint outlook as it will continue on the cw. ,,,,
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crowds from around the worl and anot another day of the america's cup racing and another day of crowds around the world and another day for some very careful race watchers who have absolutely no interest. kpix 5 shows us the research project that will save the race and make teachers think more about the bay. >> it's a little after 8:00 in the morning. as they are making their way
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through the deserted -- alcatraz. >> by about noon, it'll be a different story around here. >> reporter: even though the bay is virtually deserted, she's already taking pages of notes. >> and this is always 30 omitters in the boat. >> but she's here on behalf of the united states geological survey. >> the san francisco bay is a part of the pacific, which will be incredibly important for the migratory water spout species. we're looking to see whether or not the sure number of the spectators will have an affect on the water birds that will be using the area. >> reporter: without the study, there might not have been an america's cup at all. with a lawsuit by the environmental. the city of san francisco avoided a court bale. >> we have five different areas
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around the san francisco bay. >> all trying to answer one question. is the large scale of these events having an effect on these bird? when the races are going, you kind of literally see thousands of votes out here. >> leaving less room for them. they may not have the fat sources that they need to make or if they are young, they happen to ship their own location. >> the auto bond society says understanding more on how they could. like the dos -- like the oil costco spray. >> with the $10 million yachts, the usgs is watching and playing with the goal up here at 200 meters. >> and counting. one bird at a time. >> one cleaning, one resting. >> kpix 5 news.
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results should be made public in 2015. scientists might know what is causing the species from reproducing. the pesticide det could be the culprit. spending sex years causing issues for your reproductive issue. a strong length for their food source as they say that southern california, southernmost ddt coastal environment in the world. more rain as they are hampering helicopter services for survivors and flash floods. the national guard rescued about 2,000 people, but about 500 people are unaccounted for in boulder and laramie county. four people are confirmed dead, but that number is expected to rise. three american red cross workers from the bay area are in colorado helping with the elite effort.
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>> the woman got air lifted with her dog yesterday out of the town at this point. there was no electricity or cell service or infrastructure. >> president obama has delair classed the area a federal -- has declared the area a federal disaster. thousands of people in colorado are still waiting to be rescued from the flood waters. it's not just colorado. mexico is passing a one-two punch on both coasts with two major storms. tropical storm manual is gaining strength and during the coastal town along the masks. and sliding from the lid seeds on the other side of the country and the storm has not hit them yet. they will be expected to bring
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the mud -- mud slide this week. areas in south texas, including browns zone and corpus christi are monitoring the trap. and roberta has rain in the forecast, but that's nothing like that. >> i was going to say, two days of the reporting in colorado. and he cannot remember the last time he has gone to bed as they are working around the clock. this is a historical biblical flooding for the state of colorado. yes, with a few sprinkles in the forecast. we'll get to that outlook. but right now, we'll step on outdoors. a live picture of the weather camera. but for now, it is jut a beautiful. temperature wise we are sitting into the 60s across the boards as the winds are beginning to dial back. out of the west out at 10 to 15. low-60s in san francisco and pretty much the low-60s east of the bay. today's highs, they came up sr. blue compared to yesterday. still slightly below average at
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this time of the year and the trivalley. liver mother, 83 degrees. typically 87. san jose was pretty much spot on for their san francisco team. 83 degrees, seasonal high in santa rosa. tonight with the influx of the cloud cover moving in over the central bay and well inland overnight lows into the 50s. pretty much between 54 and 59 degrees. here's what you need to know tonight, becoming overcast. tomorrow morning, we'll start out on a gray slate and then we'll see the afternoon sunshine all the way back to the beaches and your extended forecast, it will call for a last-summer view. we've got the seven-day forecast coming up, but right now we'll go ahead and play along at home. this is future cast, what you're looking at here is the marine layer, already pushed into the bay as you can see it is inundating heyward, all the way back into fremont as they will progress to the easterly direction for them as they
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occur. to the -- even to the north here as well for them and not quite making the end to santa cruz. so that's your morning commute. watch the clouds retreat by lunch hour. full on sunshine and then a little stratus as they will begin to develop tomorrow along the san mateo coast on the evening commute and then to the 7:00 to 8:00 hours. as we have the pesky little area of low pressure, now finally to take a nose dive in that southerly direction. as that occurs, you can see the high pressure quickly fill in, by wednesday and thursday. one more day of the seasonal high temperatures. so now what does it mean for your traveling plans? well tomorrow morning with the influx of that marine layer, there's a possibility of the airport delays at sfo. and where tomorrow, we'll see a high there and 72 at the overnight low of 58 degrees. traveling plans, houston, thunder bumper. denver at 76 degrees, also with the eye fitted thunderstorm.
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chicago, unseasonably cool. in the low -- in the lower forecast. let's pinpoint your forecast for monday. 60s, a string of 60s up and down the immediate seashore. half of them at half moon bay as we need to venture south. we'll have the we wind that you can reach the far eastern portion of the bay area in brett wood, tracy. and low 80s at blackhawk. notice 60s and 70s are coming around the central bay, including tara linda, the upstream 85 degrees. okay, now, i want to walk you through the forecast. and those are the last two summary days until autumn officially arrives on sunday at 1:44 in the afternoon. and with it, still pretty close to normal averages, but a few chance of the sprinkles on friday and saturday and so no
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to the north. but meanwhile, we've got the baseball to talk about. because we've got that magic number, oning down. mainly clear for the a's games tomorrow. game tie temperatures, right around the basics. >> right. right. they have eyes. they are all static right now. >> at least that's off the agency. >> yeah, be careful. >> all right. well, the bay area county is coming clean with the help of two women who are taking in the trash and taking on the cost. ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,
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ready? happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. kpix 5's patrick sedillo tes us: two locals fed up with the d to take matters there's an ugly problem plaguing a beautiful county, trash. all over the roadways in morin.
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they tell us that two locals were fed up with the mess, decided to take matters into their own hands. >> the fact that it never gets picked off or rarely gets picked up by our government. it just piles up and it's huge. >> reporter: it's a familiar sight that most drivers attempt to ignore. trash on the side of the highway. >> i think that most of it, it will be blown around, out of the trash cans and out cans of the pickup trucks. >> whose responsibility is it to clean this mess? >> it depends on where the jurisdiction is and it is very complicated around here. some of this is the property across the freeway of mill valley and some of it is cal tran. >> reporter: instead of waiting for someone else to figure out what was going to happen to all the trash. they decided to do something about it. >> so we hired a contractor to pick up the litter. >> reporter: vicky along with jill, they banded together to create the clean highways. and using their own time and money as well as contributions to clean the fronts of u.s. 101 from the seminary to the
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tiburon exit. >> at least three tons. so if you can consider that $1,000 fine per one piece of litter, it will go beyond the national budget. >> reporter: john bennett is the contractor working with the organizations, saying that there is something that the government can do. >> to get some legislation so that they could have the open backs, then they don't throw out the litter. >> reporter: until then, she'll be out here along with her crew, picking up the slacks. >> reporter: as long as we have funds, we'll keep them going with our contractor. but when the funds run out, then i don't know what we're going to do. >> reporter: reporting from highway 101 in morin county, kpix 5. >> did you see the disaster here tonight? and if you didn't, then you wouldn't have believed it. the 49ers and the seahawks coming up next. ♪
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embarrassing moment for a division that has completely turned it around than next in 2010 the seahawks won the nfc west with a 7-9 record. it was an embarrassing moment for a division that has completely turned around thanks to the head coach jim harbaugh, pete carroll. first quarter up in the pacific northwest, we have an hour delay because of lightning storms. the third quarter seattle gets a big play, russell wilson to marshawn lynch. 12-0 seattle. and add a safety in there too. same score in the 4th quarter. wilson to the wide open lynch in the flaps. touchdown, seattle wins, 29-3. and domination for them with the sensation. charles woodson is back in oakland after being gone for seven seasons. first the offense, they are producing points with martel reese as they go on to beat the jaguars, 19-9. and it was sold out, a great day for the raiders. a's looking for their three- game sweep in texas. three home runs for oakland, including chris young, the a's
10:27 pm
win 5-1 as they have a 6 1/2 game lead over texas with 13 games left. and the giants and dodgers, tied at 3 in the 8th. hill smacks the home run to the left, his third of the year. hunter pence with two home runs. giants beat the dodgers 4-3, but again i think that the big story is not just that the 49ers lost, but how they lost. how ugly it was. and there were some real big injuries that they will need to deal with. >> the impact of the injuries. you're saying three big in >> yes, three guys are going to miss time. vernon davis will miss time. the concussion for the safety, the rookie safety, reid, and then ian williams the nose tackle broke his ankle. so he's done. >> oh. so you're bringing me down. let's talk about the a's. >> let's talk about the a's. for >> yes. the a's, once against, against all odds, they are going to clinch the division. and it is all a matter of when and if, but a matter of when. >> i've got goose bumps.
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