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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  September 23, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> a bay area side show erupts in gunfire after one driver got angry. >> there's a new law that every california driver now has to follow and it won't always be easy to do. >> and a neighborhood takes action after a driver runs over a little girl. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. a toddler was hit by an suv in pittsburgh. kristen ayers tells us the two- year-old girl was chasing a ball into the street. kristen. >> reporter: yeah, ken, this happened on this block here in pittsburgh just a short time ago earlier this evening. that little girl at children's hospital in oakland. we don't know her exact condition, but she did have serious injuries. that lit girl's family says she was playing basketball with her
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cousin outside. the ball bounced into the street and when she went after it, she was hit by the driver in the white range rover who did not see her. the little girl was taken to the hospital. the driver is the man you see with the bloodied face. witnesses were concerned he would leave the scene and started pummeling him in the face until he got out. police did briefly question that man. they are saying tonight that he cooperated and that he even tried to give aide to the little girl, help her out some. we don't know exactly what her injuries are tonight. pittsburgh police are saying, however, it did not appear that the driver was speeding. reporting live, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> sadly, another child was hit by a car in contra costa county. 12-year-old, burgis died after being struck by an suv this morning. he was riding his bike in front of his middle school at the time of the crash. the driver is cooperating as police investigate. our kit doe on a new statewide push to make street
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safer for cyclists and drivers. >> the law now says cars must give you a full 3 feet if they are passing you. that's a full 36 inches from any part of you or your bike to any part of the car. if a car cannot give you 3 feet, then they have to slow down until they can. violators will be fined $35. bikers we talked with think it's a great idea, but are skeptical. >> it's wonderful. >> why? >> i think it's great and i've been riding and racing for many years and it's pretty much gone. >> they are right up on you. >> yeah. >> it's -- when you get on the narrow roads, you are lucky if they give you three inches, let alone three feet. >> in san jose, kpix5. >> if the driver of the car violates the new law and causes a crash, he or she will be
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fined $220. a group of casual car poolers ended up getting held up at gunpoint today. a victim who didn't want to be identified told us it happened as they were waiting for rides this morning. >> today, there were 15 of us lined up on hudson street here. we were all looking at our phones and three men with guns came over and said, we're taking everything. >> the suspects got away with bags and electronics. police track them down a few hours later thanks to good descriptions from the victims and no one was hurt. >> oakland has seen its fair share of side shows, but cell phones from a weekend gathering shows something more disturbing. kpix5 shows us how the illegal events are getting more and more violent. >> 4:15 saturday morning, a fight breaks out after this black car crashes into a white
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camero. several cars of the camero driver begin dragging the driver of the black car out on to the street. they take turns beating him. then, they take it out on the car itself. kicking and punching it. eventually, one guy gets up on the hood and repeatedly fires at the front windshield. apparently, nobody is in the car at the time. the person who shot this video wants to remain unanimous, but told me in an e-mail, a woman was beaten up by another woman. a video ends with a barrage of gun shots from what sounds like an automatic weapon. out here on middle harbor road, you can see remnants of the side show and over here on the sidewalk, we found this bumper from one of the cars and the sign that was ripped off of its post. >> like a war zone. people flying everywhere. >> workers i talk to say it's like this every weekend with
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souped up cars racing up and down the street and hundreds of spectators. >> i have never seen so many cars. it's like a freeway out here. >> a person who took this video tells me nobody was shot, but the man who was beaten was in good shape, as was the woman that owned the car. in oakland, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> when cops showed up, everyone was gone. detectives don't know who the gunman was. >> fast growing flames erupting in los angeles county this evening. several homes have been evacuated after the fire grew to 40-acres. it is burning in the angeles national forest. smoke blew over san gabriel valley. authorities say the dry brush is fueling the huge flames. kenyan security forces claim they gained control of the shopping mall where terrorists carried out an
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assault. tara tells us the u.s. is investigate claims that american citizens helped carry out those attacks. >> reporter: loud explosions and gunfire erupted as kenyan forces launched an assault on terrorists inside the mall. militants returned fire and reportedly started fires. creating huge plumes of black smoke. but the government says soldiers are in control of the area around the building. it is not clear if all the hostages have been freed or if there are still terrorists inside. at the united nations general assembly in new york, president obama talked with kenya's president by phone. >> kenyan people, we stand with them against terrible outrage occurred. >> and a militant group is taking responsibility. and claims three americans took part in the attack. >> the submission we have, two or three americans. i think so far, i've had one.
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>> the state department says several u.s. citizens were injured in the violence. elaine escaped the massacre. the san diego native moved a year ago, two of her friends were killed. >> i am okay. i am very grateful to be alive. >> secretary of state, john kerry, says the u.s. will pursue the terrorists responsible. tara for cbs news, the state department. >> that siege has left at least 62 people dead. there's a week to go before the federal government runs out of money to pay its bills and neither side is giving much ground. some republicans still insist on defunding obama care as part of any budget deal. >> if the majority is going to run the minority over with a train, the minority has the right to stop them. >> threatening to stop any spending bill that funds healthcare reform. many of his fellow republicans say is simply not worth the effort. >> strategies aught to be
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based on what the real world is and we do not have the political power to do this. >> president obama insists he will not negotiate over raising the debt ceiling, which must be done next month. >> there's a change in the air powering down your electronic devices on a plane may soon be a thing of the past. >> they should play around our facility. it is ours, it was there first. >> the surprise parking problem the 49ers are facing and the proposed fix that has a lot of people crying foul. >> and what the president said about his wife over an open mike that the rest of us weren't meant to hear. interesting rain fall stats in san francisco now thanks to that deluge. it's the second wettest september in a generation, but also still the driest start to a year ever in san francisco history. do we have anymore rain fall coming? the forecast coming up. a beautiful shot of the moon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the opening of the new 49ers stadium in santa clara. but kpix 5's len ramirez tells : the stadium is we're less than a week away from the opening of the new 49ers stadium. kpix tells us the stadium is coming up short on parking.
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the santa clara youth soccer park is already overshadowed by the stadium. but now, as football is about to give soccer the boot? that's what soccer supporters are afraid of. >> they should play around our cisoccer park. it was there first and it is time they abide by the regulations they made. >> it's just one of the groups gearing up for a fight against the niners and the city of santa clara. the issue is not enough parking. the 49ers have 20,000 stalls, but looking for 60,000 more. they are eyeing the soccer park for a possible move. >> if we did have to move the soccer field, which we have not yet determined, we had to pick, we had to do some brainstorming on where it could be put around the city. >> but, one of the possible new sites got the city into even more hot water this time with environmentalists. >> you see those tall trees in
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the back there, they are going to come down. the soccer field footprint would take out over 370 trees. >> he is worried about plans to put soccer fields and parking in the middle of the natural area. an open space about a half mile from the stadium. it is also the location of a burial ground. >> when they put in the boulevard, they unearthed over 100 bodies and the soccer field will be going on to that site. it's the fifth largest archaeological site in the state of california. >> a mail address, sir? we also have the e-mail address. >> and neighbors are weighing in, too, saying traffic and year round field lighting would decrease their property values. >> we chose this because we have the open space here and we enjoy the outdoors life. we bike, we walk, we run, we just don't want to have artificial lights in our eyes and just be really disappointing. >> 49ers say they need 21,000
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parking spaces for football games, so they are close to that. the extra 6,000 are for special events the team wants. things like concerts that would help pay for the stadium. in santa clara, kpix5. >> the city says this isn't close to a done deal. they plan to study the proposal for months before deciding what to do. >> a three-alarm fire sent flames. the zion first church of god and christ on 8th street. just when it looked like things were calming down, flames erupted from the other side of the building. so far, no word on how the fire got started. a couple tense moments on board a flight headed from sfo to atlanta today. delta flight 1480 had to make an emergency landing in wichita after smoke was reported in the plane's cabin, plane landed safely. all 175 passengers were led off
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while crews checked out the scene. no word on what caused that smoke. passengers were booked on a later flight. if you do any flying, your electronic devices must be turned off during takeoff and landing. all that could change. an faa advisory panel is considering lifting the electronic ban. the new guidelines are expected to allow reading e books, listening to pod casts and watching videos. analysts say there's no definite correlation between electronics and interference of flight systems. >> they only had evidence that in any way, shape, or form that it interfered with the aircraft's performance. they could never prove anything like that. >> talking on cell phones will remain off limits because phone signals are strong enough to potentially interfere with the plane. president obama said something at the u.n. general assembly today that he probably didn't want the rest of us to hear. it happened during a light moment with a fellow attendei
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near an open mike. >> no, no. -- >> he's a smart man. the president said he started chewing nicorette gum after the first lady convinced him to put down the pack. >> wise man. >> you're darn right. >> you want a smart guy who fears the right things as president, hats off to president obama. it starts there. >> he knows how it works. >> yeah. what a beautiful day we had outside today. upper 70s, low 80s. got up to 76. changes tomorrow, but nothing too drastic. nothing like what we saw on saturday. waning moon over the bay bridge. beautiful shot there. the final quarter of the moon. we are clear over san francisco. we are clear over san jose as
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well. fall is a time of year where that temperature spread between inland areas. gets narrow. 39 miles separates half-moon bay, but today 15 degrees. livermore, you were warm. for tomorrow, our forecast will take you to oak monte, morning cloud cover is back. cooler tomorrow. highs in the upper 70s. we'll do that on wednesday morning with a high of 78 degrees. here's why we are going to cool down. no widespread 80s tomorrow. even know the next storm won't bring any rain fall closer to us than medford, oregon. we will see a stronger on shore flow wrapping around that area of low pressure. that counterclock wise flow. lower temperatures. that same low pressure area, all it will do is move inland. when it moves, we get a different wind flow around it. by friday and saturday, a north to northeast wind flow. this time of year, we start talking about offshore winds. this will be an offshore wind event and this will jump up our
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temperatures into the 80s near the water coming up over the weekend. last weekend it poured, this weekend he may need short sleeves or the sunscreen because we will have lots of sunshine and a warm weekend. the next couple days will be cooler as the on shore flow gets stronger. not the 80s. liver more 77. san jose 74. palo alto, 72. highs around 70 with afternoon sunshine. walnut creek, you'll hit 77. also, 67 for the city. mill valley 73. and 70s also for north napa county. 79 degrees for your tuesday. wednesday is the coolest day of the week. we start warming back up on thursday, setting the stage for a beautiful weekend. warm weather, fire danger will shoot up a little bit, but lots of folks are wanting to get outside. beautiful fall weather. >> gorgeous. >> good stuff. >> once a dominant player in
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the smart phone world, blackberry has found a buyer. the struggling company announced a tentative deal to sell itself for $4.7 billion in cash to fair fax financial. shareholders are expected to get $9 for each share. the buyout comes days after blackberry announced it was slashing 4500 jobs. >> it's getting hard to find good yelp. a single bad review can be a headache for a business and now there's a movement to filletedder out the fakes. paying for reviews has been a violation of yelp's policy. now the new york attorney general is making it clear. it's also against the law. 19 companies have agreed to pay $350,000 in penalties for either writing fake online reviews or paying other people to do it for them. >> users are clearly relying on consumer reviews to find a local business. >> yelp says it has a rhythm
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in place to spot the bogus posts. the words you use, they can figure it out. they hope the attorney general's action will add another layer of deterrents. >> can you spell disappointed? why a group of bay area kids may not be going to a national spelling bee this year. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there are so many things that we do on a daily basis. in fact, the average american drives fewer than 29 miles a day. the 100% electric nissan leaf goes two-and-a-half times that on a single charge. it's a car. it just doesn't take gas. [ farrar ] so think about where you go in a day. do you really need gas to get there? [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪ sharon chin learned: the the script national spelling bee is in major trouble here in the bay area. >> trouble. can i hear it in a sentence? sharon chin learns a long time
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sponsor dropped its support. >> p-e-r-s-u-n-c-t-o-r-i-l-y. >> 13-year-old may not get his fifth and final chance at the script national spelling bee because the san francisco chronicle dropped its sphip after 15 years. >> it was unbelievable. i was really shocked by that. >> a chronicle spokesman did not want to talk on camera, but budget cuts eliminated the department and the one person who staffed that department was in charge of the spelling bee sponsorship. the chronicle had sponsored the regional spelling bee for eight bay area counties. each school sends a winner to the regionals. >> e-n-t. >> in hopes of earning a spot to the finals in washington, d.c., like his sister did three years ago. his family is reaching out to local businesses to find a new sponsor. teacher, gary dunn lap says without the spelling bee, students miss out. >> it will be experience and
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it is things like that that carry with them. >> the sponsor organizes the regional spelling bee from location and volunteers and funds the regional winner's trip to washington, d.c. the chronicle set the sponsorship cost about $10,000 a year in addition to all the administrative work. >> p-l-a-z-a. >> registration is starting with no sponsor, she has h- o-p-e. sharon chin, kpix5. >> it is also actively looking for new sponsors. would there be champagne popping in the bay area today? for the second straight day. >> almost. >> might be. >> happened for the a's yesterday. the team new zealand was hoping it would happen. if the raiders lose a game in denver tonight? the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the sports minute is sponsored by toyota. >> the raiders ran into the hottest quarterback in football history tonight. peyton manning thrown 12 touchdowns and no interceptions. raider fans in denver got a front row seat to watch peyton manning go to work and he did. first drive of the game. eric decker touchdown denver. then in the second quarter, wide open welker touched down, touchdown denver. and to julius thomas. he threw for 374 yards in a dominating performance over 500 yards. prior did throw for 281, but was late in the game. he finished the drive and left with a concussion. raiders lose 27-31 and may have lost their quarterback. not much for the a's. brandon moss had a two-run home
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run. he is 28th of the year. how about that? still looking to get home field advantage throughout the playoffs. american cup will continue. team oracle once again, first the start line and they hit the gates with a 21 second lead. they go on to win by 33 seconds. the second race of the day was postponed. so the team oracle, they win the two races tomorrow. the series will be all tied up, setting up the stage for a dramatic winner take all race on wednesday. >> what kind of odds would that have gotten you? >> you are down 8-1. like i said, it will be the biggest comeback in the history of sports. >> without the penalty, they will be tied up now. >> because they started at minus 2. it would be a dead heat at this point. >> red sox were 3-0. >> they ended up in the american league championship. beat the yankees and won the world series. >> hopefully the wind will cooperate. fingers crossed. >> hopefully not too much.
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>> just enough. just right. see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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