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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  September 27, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> the suspect in the deadly stabbing of a dodgers fan is out of jail. why he won't be charged right now. backlash over plans to enforce a curfew in oakland. what one councilman is dealing with. >> and days away from a possible government shutdown. the impact on the bay area if lawmakers can't reach a deal. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> the man accused of stabbing a dodgers fan to death in san francisco has been released from jail. this comes just a day after the police chief said he had implicated himself in the killing. kpix5 is live in the newsroom. >> this development came late this afternoon after police handed over the case to the district attorney's office. earlier in the day, george said he hasn't had a chance to review what happened wednesday
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night. apparently whatever the police gave his office about the events that took place wednesday night, just blocks from at&t park, led to the d.a. deciding there wasn't enough evidence to file charges against michael montgomery. we do know somebody stabbed jonathan denver to death during a fight that had started in a bar and moved to the street. and that fight was tied to the giants, dodgers rivalry. yesterday, police chief said one of the suspects in denver's death had implicated himself during questioning. 24 hours later, no one is in custody with montgomery being let out of jail. earlier in the day, the second suspect in the stabbing had been set free. there have been conflicting reports as to who was responsible for the fight and why it ended so violently. police did ask for people to come forward with information or any video they may have of what happened to help piece together this case. but as of right now, no one is in custody for the death of jonathan denver and it's not
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clear if any charges will be in the case. michael montgomery was released a short time ago from jail. live in the newsroom, kpix5. >> now people in fort bragg were the victim, jonathan denver lived are trying to cope with his death. joe vasquez is there. >> from what i understand, they were not the aggressors. >> jordan talked to some of the guys in the fight. >> the folks are saying it was self-defense. what are you hearing from the guys involved in. >> i am hearing the people from lodi with the ones that started the fight. >> what were they saying? >> they were just bad mouthing the dodgers colors and stuff like that. >> you were beaten up. >> my friend was beat up as well. >> what did they do to him? >> he had a black eye and stitches under his eye and he looks pretty bad. >> what did he say happened? >> he was knocked out cold. he doesn't remember a whole
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lot. >> we reached out to joey as well as rob who was there for the fight. neither of them have made themselves available to talk. in fort bragg, kpix5. >> san francisco police say alcohol likely played a role in wednesday night's fight. a security guard working for kron4 news shot a man who was trying to rob a reporter tonight. the reporter had just first named an interview near 3rd street and la salle and san francisco's bay view district. two men appeared with a gun demanding his camera and gear. the security guard who we learned recently retired from the oakland police department opened fire. we have learned that one of the suspected thieves was hit in the leg. someone eventually drove him to san francisco general hospital where he underwent surgery. the guard had called police and told them what happened and they were waiting at the hospital. bay area television stations including kpix regularly hire security guards for news crews in areas that pose a security
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risk. as the crime rate in oakland rises, one city councilman has an idea to help lower it, but he's getting resistance. not only from some who live there, but also from fellow council people. kpix5 on the unpopular proposal to keep kids off the streets at night. >> our kids need to be at home. >> not roaming the streets of oakland night after night. that's what councilman noelle believes he proposed a curfew on, he says would keep young people off the street. >> anyone under 18 years of age, you need to be off the streets by 10:00. >> and in class or accompanied by an adult during school hours. a proposal so contention that signs are going up in his district, showing the councilman with a swastika superimposed on his forehead. it's the work he believes of a vicious and vocal minority who he believes is pushing city council members around. >> some get intimidated.
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>> the community supports a curfew law, but two similar laws failed in the past and some oaklanders told us they doubt it would work. >> you think it's more of a band-aid? >> yeah. >> i haven't seen a lot of studies show a curfew has a direct effect. >> you know, there's many, from cease fire to curfews to whatever. it's what we do as a city to enforce the rules. the problem with oakland, i can get away with everything in this city. >> oakland police saw a 20% jump in robberies, assaults, and particularlies committed by young people from 2011 to 2012. that may not be enough to sway oakland. >> he still finds the words. >> this isn't the only ion sign that the curfew law could be dead on arrival. one city council voiced
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support. in oakland, kpix5. >> the bureau of justice assistance has warded oakland a $500,000 grant to help police curb guns and gang violence. well, help is on the way for san jose's police department. 40 people graduated today from the police academy. it will be a while before they hit the streets. they now have to go through about four months of field training, which means they won't be paroling until next year. san jose has seen a shortage. some have retired or simply left for other jobs. >> late this afternoon, we learned the name of the teenager killed in a horrific car crash in san francisco. he is 16-year-old, kevin song, a student at lincoln high who is involved in the rotc program. tangled pieces of metal are what is left of the two vehicles that crashed. police say a mercedes speeding down pine slammed into the back
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of a mini van this morning. the teenager was in that mini van. his sister and mother were seriously injured. the driver of the mercedes is being questioned by police. a third person has died following an early morning fire in san francisco. the fire broke out at a home on 18th avenue. two of the victims are identified as raymond shay and his two-year-old daughter, chloe. a grandfather who was rushed to the hospital died this afternoon. no word yet on how that fire started. >> time is running out for congress to vote on a deal to prevent a government shutdown. that deadline is midnight monday. today, the senate passed emergency legislation after cutting a provision that would block money for president obama's healthcare law. the house where republicans are in the majority did not like that. they will work this weekend to hammer out a deal, but word is, they have no clear strategy for ending the stalemate. meanwhile, the bay area will see a big impact if the
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government shuts down national parks, other attractions will close right along with it. adventure seekers form long lines late in the day to visit alcatraz. but unlike alcapone, they want to go. >> we were doing it again, because we enjoyed it the first time. >> if the government shuts down, attractions like alcatraz will close, too. classified nonessential services, but pretty important to tourists who came a long way to be here. >> all the way from the netherlands. >> this top on the list? >> yes, it was. >> shouldn't do it. some of the stuff that is not important. this is very important for tourism. >> it's not just alcatraz, either. there are 11 national sites around the bay area that would be cut off from visitors. from the golden gate national recreation area to the brand- new national park, the
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pinnacles. >> all of the national monuments, anything is a gift and for us to be in that much trouble financially to shut that down for everyone in the world to not be able to enjoy it is really sad. >> time is running out to keep the government and the national parks open. if not, vacations could be canceled for countless families from far and wide. >> just crazy. they should figure it out and shouldn't come to this point. >> today, the presidents of the united states and iran haven't have done something they haven't done in more than 30 years. they talked on the phone. they agreed to work together when it comes to iran's nuclear program. >> this is not just another white house photo of president obama on the phone. this time the president was speaking to his iranian counterpart. a contact that hasn't happened between leaders of the u.s. and iran in decades. >> this was the first communication between an american and iranian president
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since 1979 underscores the deepness for us between our countries. but, it also indicates the prospect of moving beyond that difficult history. >> the phone call came at iran's request, the two leaders spoke through translators for 15 minutes before president hassan left the united nations to return home. they discussed iran's nuclear program. >> iran will never develop nuclear weapons. i have made clear that we respect the right of the iranian people to access peaceful nuclear energy in the context of iran meeting its obligations. the test will be meaningful, transparent, and verifiable actions. >> afterward, if we can make progress on nuclear file, other issues such as syria, will certainly be positively affected. president obama responded with wishes for a safe journey and apology for new york traffic. he expressed his gratitude writing, have a good day, mr. president.
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negotiators from the u.s., iran, and five other world powers are meeting for nuclear talks next month. cbs news. after two weeks of negotiations, the u.n. security council voted unanimously to secure and destroy syria's chemical weapons. u.n. security general says this is the first hopeful news on syria in a long time. if syria fails to give up those weapons, there will be consequences. those will depend on the security council passing another resolution. going from high powered tech jobs to dog walking. the drastic career changes some people are making when the bay area job market throws them a curve ball. >> getting class credit for going on wickopedia. >> 74 in san francisco. 81, just about everybody inbetween those two. remember this name, pabook. find out why it means a rain chance here in the bay area. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,
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weekend. and police are reminding reck tronic dance music in
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mountain view this weekend. police are reminding people who are going to the rave to be safe. it's called beyond wonderland. last year drew a huge crowd to oakland with the rave comes concerns of drug use, particularly at lsd. police are asking people to alert them if they need help. >> some polluted san francisco land is a step closer to being revitalized, sot warriors can move there. governor brown signed the first step toward cleaning up peers 30 and 32 south of the bay bridge. the bill gives the state permission to approve a proposal by the warriors to privately finance cleanup of the neglected area. the plan would include construction of a new arena, but nothing can start until the warriors have gone through all of the necessary reviews. post recession, many middle age workers are finding that in order to get back into the work force, they need to make a big
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career change. kpix5 shows us how some people who used to have coveted jobs in silicon valley went a totally different direction. >> maria has passion and purpose as a fitness instructor and owner of her own super slow zone franchise in san jose. >> put your hands down by your side. >> it's not how she started out after a long and lucrative career, she was faced with a choice, move to another state or lose her job. >> just gave me, from a tiny perspective, the opportunity, what it is i want to do with my life? can i do something more meaningful, other than contributing to someone else's bottom line? >> she decided to reinvent herself. maria ortiz, 2.0. >> it was a big jump, and we are still leaping. we are still jumping. that's a good thing. >> fortunately, i got laid off and decided to do something totally different. >> he stopped trying to find
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another job as a high-tech engineer and moved on to something he truly loves, he found a dog training and dog walking business, caring for the business with people with long commutes like he used to have. >> took a while to build it up, but i'm here now and don't have any aspirations to want to go back. >> good afternoon, thank you for calling. >> silicon valley staffing company says the radical career change is one trend coming out of the recession, especially for 50 somethings who have been layed off and not getting rehired. >> some have been willing to take a pay cut to try something new. we are seeing great success stories. >> maria took a pay cut, plus sunk her life savings into her business. her advice to others is simple. >> you need to find something that you are passionate about because you can live it. you are going to breathe it. >> that passion is the difference between springing out of bed in the morning to do something meaningful or just
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going to work. in san jose, kpix5. >> a survey conducted by harris interactive showed that just 14% of american workers have their dream careers. some students will soon be able to get college credit for going on wikopedia. medical school plans to give academic credit to students if they edit the medical content on the website. it wants to help students build communication skills and provide wiki with high quality medical articles. people in the east bay have been smelling the smoke from a massive hay fire in yolo county. this wind driven fire in the rural town of winters burned through ten acres and more than 100 tons of hay. it destroyed three barn structure, but crews were able to protect the main processing facility. the fire caused $6 million in damage. wind blowing up there from the north. back toward the bay area, which is not the typical flow, but
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why we are so sunny outside. >> it's beautiful today. >> and a clear night tonight. the past couple nights have been clear. no on shore flow to speak of, so no clouds for you to speak of. tonight, we are clear. what a great shot of the bay, the bay bridge, the bay lights, oakland off in the background and we have ourselves a beautiful night. gooduational cooling. 40s for you in the north bay. santa rosa 48 degrees. fair field 50. fremont, chilly for you as well. oakland, down to 55. microclimate forecast, there will be a difference between the two days. very nice in fremont tomorrow. 77 for a high, on sunday, we'll see an increase in clouds, only partly sunny in the afternoon. still pleasant, high of 73 degrees. look at the size of this storm. the northern extent of the storm system stretches north of anchorage, alaska. the southern extent is crossing the oregon, california border. that's a thousand miles, folks,
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and it's a big storm with a big punch to it. most of that punch is going to go into the pacific northwest. it's the remnants of a typhoon. it almost, ken just said it nicely. it almost hits your pan. works its way around the pacific ocean. why does this matter to you? because some of that will move down to the bay area by monday. so, a typhoon will be the source of the moisture that will be the rain at your house coming up on monday morning. what to expect? sunny, warm tomorrow. just like today, except it's the weekend. clouds will increase late in the day on sunday, setting the stage for showers. it's not going to be too heavy, but showers will be around monday. tomorrow, beautiful. san jose 81. a couple degrees warmer than today. redwood city, 81. low 80s. mid 80s for pittsburgh, san ramon, and pleasant hill. another day in the 70s.
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today 75. tomorrow 71. petaluma, 81. same story. cool, cloudier on sunday. two nice weekend days to get outside. monday, a little bit of rain. thank you. on tuesday, we have sunshine returning because pabook is leaving. wednesday, thursday, and friday, more sunshine. the one day with rain is monday. it's how weather works, a tropical system 4,000 miles away, give it a week and a half, that moisture can make it to the bay area. you get the point. >> it's a good name. thanks, paul. getting ready to swim to alcatraz. the big challenge these athletes are overcoming to compete. ,,,,
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getting ready for the swim their lives. they're not your two arizona athletes are getting ready for the swim of their lives. >> they are not your average swimmers. both are blind. 25-year-old, tanner robinson and 17-year-old max ashton will be the first blind team to compete in the annual alcatraz invitational in san francisco bay. it happens sunday. the two have been spending hours in the pool. they want to show people they can achieve something that most people would say they could not. >> it's kind of, adds uncertainty. how far do i have left to go? how far haven gone? honestly, it's bragging rights. >> keeping a straight line. i'm always excited to take on something new. >> very cool. each swimmer swims alongside a team of sighted guides.
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a's a step closer to the second seed in the playoffs and the giants not quite in a state tonight. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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he went through the entire golf season without winning a major and guess who the pga player of the year is? tiger woods. on to the minute. baseball, a's hadn't been with team felix all year. tonight is the night. a three-run shot in the 1st. into the seattle night. make it 3-0 athletics. derek norris off the bench.
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a little insurance. and the a's go on to win it. final of 8-2. two more regular season games left. the 2013 winner, this is inspirational. giants play a home run derby. brandon belt, excuse me. led 4-2 and two batters later, the giants lead 7-2 over the padres. friday night lights, utah state. came in, brandon swindle on the receiving end of a 17 beyond 17-yard play. rough night for david. over 300 yards, but a couple of picks. utah state blew up san jose state 40-12. spartans now 1-3 for the season. not a good night for the spartans. >> top five coming up on kpix5 at 11:00. you don't want to miss it, i'm just saying.
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>> we'll be here. can't wait. see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, joey fatone: it's time t
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