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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  September 28, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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more tonight about the man i knew him for a long time. he's a good kid. never out to hurt nobody. >> we're learning more tonight about the man arrested in a deadly attack on a dodgers' fan but the father of the victim wants to know more. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. jonathan denver's father is still looking for answers about the confrontation that killed his son. and he wants help from baseball fans in san francisco. kpix 5's brian webb tells us he's making a plea for witnesses to come forward. >> reporter: at the suspect's home in lodi, our crews tried to talk to two unidentified men about the stabbing story but they seemed more interested in speeding away. but michael montgomery's best friend insists what the family has said all along. michael felt outnumbered and afraid and pulled a knife for self-defense. >> not trying to kill anybody. he was trying to get out of there because you know he's so
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small. he's a small person. >> reporter: the d. a. released # 1-year-old michael montgomery from jail needing more evidence to charge the giants' fan with killing the dodgers' fan denver after the game wednesday. even after the arrest and admission according to authorities. >> we have an admission. i mean they -- they had him down there interviewing him quite a long time. >> i don't want to jump to a conclusion of this case that we're going to be looking at. we don't know would be way or the other -- one way or the other. once we are able to view the evidence we may be able to speak to that issue. >> reporter: whether montgomery is guilty of a crime will be up to authorities. but his friend says it's the feelings of guilt that will be montgomery's self-imposed life sentence. >> it's going to be something hard the deal with you -- to deal with you know what i mean? trying to go to sleep at night. >> we're told denver's father will be at at&t park tomorrow at noon before the game. he's hoping to find someone who saw what happened. two 19-year-olds are under
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arrest in connection with a robbery of a kron 4 reporter. a security guard who was with him shot one of the suspects. police say reporter jeff busch was finishing an interview in san francisco's bay view district when the suspects appeared with a gun and demanded his gear. the security guard opened fire. the suspect who was shot was treated later at the hospital. bay area tv stations including kpix 5 regularly hire security guards for news crews in areas that pose a security risk. well, a search is growing for a san francisco woman who vanished a week ago from her hospital room. staffers at san francisco general say 57-year-old lynn spalding disappeared last saturday in-between routine checks. her family says she was being treated for an infection. they also say she was on medication and very confused. contract negotiations are set to continue tomorrow between b.a.r.t.
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and its unions. meanwhile the unions are also busy making their case to the public with these flyers. they're leaving them on people's doors accusing b.a.r.t. of refusing to bargain with them. b.a.r.t. workers could walk off the job again as soon as october 11th. if the two sides can't strike a deal. there's already a plan b. in the works just in case. it calls for up to 200 bus -- b.a.r.t. shuttle buses and extended carpool hours and there could be skeletal b.a.r.t. rail service with managers running the trains. tonight, the u.s. house of representatives has approved a budget deal that would delay obamacare for one year. but senate democrats and the president say that's not acceptable. and with just three more days to reach a budget agreement, tara mergener tells us a government shutdown is looking more and more likely. >> you can yell all you want. >> reporter: passions ran high during a late night debate on the house floor.
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>> the house republicans are shutting down the government. they're doing it intentionally. they're doing it on purpose. mr. speaker, the house is not in order. >> reporter: democrats are upset republicans approved legislation that the president is vowing to veto. the bill would fund the government until december 15th. and would also delay parts of the affordable health care act until 2014. >> the american people deserve to have time to see what this montrosety will do before it -- monstrosity will do before it isment accomplishmented. >> reporter: they'll reject the house bill putting congress back at square one. if the two sides can't agree on health care, the bill won't go through. and the government will start a partial shutdown on tuesday. house democrat steve israel doesn't believe congress will reach a deal in time. >> this government is hurtling towards a shut down and the american people deserve much better. >> reporter: if there's a shutdown national parks will
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close. applications for government insured mortgages would be put on hold. but most government functions will continue including delivery of the mail and social security checks. airport screeners and the military would stay on the job. and so would members of congress. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> while some states had been reluctant to implement obamacare california is taking the lead. on tuesday the affordable health care act's new insurance marketplaces will open for business. the state has set up call centers to explain how the law works. california is home to 15% of the nation's uninsured. that's about 7 million people. other states will be watching california to see how we handle the transition. you might call it buyers' remorse. californians are having second thoughts about a high speed rail line linking the bay area and southern california. a poll from the "l.a. times" shows 52 welcome are now against -- 53% are now against
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the project and want it stopped. 43% want it to move forward. the bay area still backing the budget train with 51% endorsing it. construction is supposed to start next year. well, new insight tonight into one of the worst fire fighting tragedies since 9/11. 19 firefighters died this past june when the flames from an arizona wildfire engulfed them. marly hall tells us investigators are tracing it back to a communication breakdown. >> reporter: julian's ash craft's husband was one of 19 firefighters who died on june 30th. she believes fire commanders could have done more to save the men known as the granite mountain hot shots. >> they are not mitigating risks the way they should for a dangerous job. >> reporter: the arizona state forestry division says proper procedure was followed but a 120 page report released saturday revealed there was a 33 minute communication blackout just before flames engulfed the firefighters. >> there was a period that they
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were moving that they haven't radioed in. then there was no communications back and forth. >> reporter: according to the state's report, the hot shots tried to hike through dry brush to a safe zone but they had no guidance from fire commanders. at one point they were cornered by a 70-foot wall of flames moving at 11 miles per hour. they had less than two minutes to clear the area and deploy their fire shelters. as the flames overcame the men, a large air tanker hovered above ready to make a water drop but couldn't locate the firefighters. >> there's no reason with the technology we have today that they could not have had tracking units on the radios. >> reporter: the investigation team is recommending that arizona officials review their communication procedures and look into new technologies that might help track firefighters during chaotic situations. marly hall, for cbs news. >> when president hassan rouhani returned to iran today
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a crowd of hundreds greeted him. others to shout him down and some to cheer him on. [ people chanting ] friday's historic phone call with president obama ended a 34 year silence between iran and the u.s.. the 15 minute talk centered on iran's secretive nuclear programs and rouhani gave details on his twitter feed. he says he told mr. obama with political will, there is a way to rapidly solve the matter. he then ended the call with a cheery have a good day mr. president. sanctions are killing iran's economy. the only way out is to open its nuclear program to the world to prove it's not being used to develop weapons. rouhani said the country will have a plan ready in the next two weeks. poor workmanship is blamed for the tear in the roof of the southwest airlines jet. this happened while the plain was in the air -- plane was in the air. the gash opened up on a flight from phoenix to sacramento in july 2011. the flight attendant fainted as the pilots made a rapid descent
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and an emergency landing. the ntsb says panels were not aligned and rivet holes drilled incorrectionly calling it quote extremely poor manufacturing technique. well, it's one of san francisco's most popular tourist spots. maybe a little too popular. >> this corner is dangerous. people are going to die out here soon. it's no joke. >> why visitors to the area may soon have to find another way to get there. >> plus they're some of california's most dangerous criminals but today, these inmates at san quentin pulled off a very good deed. >> there's a very big storm brewing in the pacific northwest. seattle will get more rainfall this weekend than san francisco has had since christmas. some of that rain is heading here. not yet. clear skies out tonight but we'll talk about when that rain will arrive and when it's going to move out coming up next in my forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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around alamo square. or at t ng them. the city of san francisco is considering a ban on tour buses around alamo square or at least limiting them. residents complain that packed buses are jamming the roads and they tell kpix 5's brian webb it's only a matter of time until someone gets hurt. >> reporter: alamo square, home
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of the painted ladies and one of the best skyline views of the city. it's must see san francisco. julia slot came from atlanta to snap a few shots. >> i'm just in town visiting and that's one of the more scenic vistas of san francisco if i had to come and check it out. >> reporter: it doesn't take long to spot dozens of big tour buses buzzing by carrying tourists and congesting the area. people who live here like kelly edwards don't mind the tourists but don't like the buses. he even put up this sign suggesting alternate plans for visitors and now the sign itself has become something of a tourist attraction. >> well, i love talking to the tourists, i don't like how a lot of them are arriving on big bus. >> reporter: the same complaints popped up a year ago. the transit officials tried to designate dropoff spots to keep the tour buses on the edges of alisma square but neighbors say so far it hasn't really worked. the transit agency is steering towards new road rules around the square. either restraightings buses --
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restricting buss to one street without stopping or banning big buses from the square altogether. >> this corner is dangerous. people are going to die out here soon. it's no joke. >> reporter: julius admits he wouldn't want it either but he also knows this is what tourists like him come to see. >> extremely beautiful with the skyline in the background and the painted ladies here. i mean it's wonderful. >> reporter: with his pictures, he can now take the beauty of san francisco back home to atlanta. brian webb, kpix 5. >> the transportation agency will hold a public hearing on friday to hear comments on the plan. well, the america's cup is staying in america and if mayor ed lee he has his way the -- has his way the race will stay in san francisco. phil matier reports lee plans the make an offer to host the next cup. he has 90 days to do it. in the meantime he's busy planning a victory party for oracle team usa and owner larry ellison. as champion it's all maltly up
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to -- ultimately up to ellison where the next cup is held. thousands sped off from stance today on -- san francisco today on the two day avon walk for breast cancer. as kpix 5's patrick sedillo shows us, even some walker who couldn't get out to join them managed to participate from prison. >> finance of first degree murder 9 to life. >> wakame -- 29 to life. >> 25 to life. >> reporter: they call san quentin home. five years ago they were among a small group of prisoners that saw a commercial on tv about the avon walk for breast cancer and wanted to help. >> my dad died of cancer. and i got a sister-in-law that that died of cancer. >> just come together and have a day with just walk for our moms, sisters, and some of these guys going through cancer right now too. >> reporter: today marks the fifth anniversary of the walk inside the walls of this prison. the goal? to raise $12,000. they were surprised by the support of their fellow
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inmates. >> to see that many inmates came out? yeah. because a lot of guys don't participate in stuff because of the pain and stuff. but they came in full force here and supported the first year. >> reporter: the walk is taluka tartic exercise for many of the prisoners here who want to be with their family members who have cancer and they can't be there for them. this is ware they would have doing it. >> they're looking for ways in which to help contribute and take care of the family members from inside. >> to honor my aunt lou looking glass if for all these ones that are going through fighting this disease. >> reporter: he really walked the walk. he donated all four feet of his hair for the cause. >> i feel that it's right for myself to help find and raise money to find a cure for this disease. >> this is our community. why we in here? by participating it's a way for them to also give back. >> reporter: reporting from san quentin, patrick sedillo, kpix 5. >> proof that everybody can pitch in. all right, meteorologist paul deanno joining us tonight
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for roberta and okay so last saturday everything was a wash out. >> yes. >> now we're heading into a little more rain. >> we have some more rain coming in yeah. it stretches out once every week or so. last saturday man was that a deluge. we're not going to see anything like that this time but yes more rain in the forecast coming up for the top of the week, not tonight. a live look outside shows you mainly clear skies. beautiful shot right there. the pyramids. we got some construction cranes right across the street from us here. and clear skies. now clouds will come back tomorrow. rain will move back in tomorrow night. but for tonight, nice night and because we're goating a little bit more of the ocean influence this evening not going to be as cold when you wake up tomorrow morning. oakland 58 and mountain view 58 and concord 58 degrees for your sunday morning. kpix 5 hi-def doppler is always looking for rainfall. and coming up dry tonight but not too far to our north the rain has begun and that's because of this. what a huge system. what a wet system especially for this time of year. why is it so wet? this is the remnant of a
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typhoon that almost hit japan. about ten days ago. usually typhoons kick up a lot of tropical moisture. it's a lot of moisture working its way all the way around the pacific ocean and now it's hitting the northwest and notice the last few frames here working its way south now of the oregon and california border down towery coo some showers now. it will make it to the north baby tomorrow evening and make it likely to your backyard by monday morning at the latest. the tropical moisture slowly working its way south. i'm here to tell you though all the half rain is staying to the north. some rainfall will get here sunday night when you wake up on monday. and likely even stretching into monday afternoon. we will have some showers around. for the top of the week will be so much different than today. because rain's moving in. futurecast how much rainfall? by this time tomorrow night? well we're seeing a little bit of rain for santa rosa. even some rain as far south as the city of san francisco. by this time tomorrow. but it's not much. but we will have showers around and it will impact the commute to work on monday. so might want to plan on leaving 10, 15 minutes earlier
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because a little bit of rain big problem around here right? we're wet in the north bay by tomorrow evening. 90% of the rainfall will stay in the north bay closer to the action if you will. on and off showers everywhere especially monday morning. high temperatures tomorrow kept down. san jose hit 76 and santa clara 75. cloudy by the afternoon. walnut creek 77. pittsburg tomorrow 76. 64 for the city. breezy cloudy in the afternoon. san rafael is going to stay shy of 70 degrees as well and we will see showers as far south as windsor and santa rosa by tomorrow evening. monday morning showery and chilly too and then tuesday the sunshine is back. say that five times quickly. then once we get the sunshine back we'll keep it and next weekend right now is looking sunny and warm once again. we could use some rain and we could use a lot more rain than we're going to get but it's a start. and with two rain chances in september which we don't often
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get. >> thank you paul. well, it is a habit as deeply ingrained brushing our teeth. turn off those electronic devices before takeoff. but how dangerous are they really? coming up, hear from a boeing engineer who's been working to answer that question for years. energy souailable. it would charge overnight. every morning, you'd wake up with a full tank, ready to go. if the car was invented today, it would be the 100% electric nissan leaf. with over 200 million gas-free miles driven and automatic hov lane access, the question isn't "why electric?" it's "why gas?" [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪
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to have to "power off" our electronics in flight. but just how dangerous is i if y we all know how irritating it is to have to power off our electronics in flight but just how dangerous it is if you don't? renee marsh set out to answer that question once and for all. >> please turn off all phones
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and electronic devices. >> reporter: the faa could decide to relax those restrictions. at boeing's plant in seattle, we asked the people who build the planes if it's dangerous to keep devices on during all phases of flight. >> the emissions are being measured by this antenna here. >> reporter: inside boeing's electromagnetic interference lab, engineers have been studying the issue for years. testing cell phones, laptops and tablets impacts on airplane's systems. and engineer kenny tested my cell phone. >> this phone is communicating with the cell tower. and these spikes show that it has failed. >> reporter: its emissions crossed the threshold and could interfere with systems like the plane's smoke alarm. next test? a laptop. >> goes above the limit line. >> reporter: it failed showing potential interference with the pilot's communications radios. a tablet and wi-fi mode also failed. but the same tablet in airplane mode tested safe.
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>> it's not necessarily that a phone can bring down an airplane. that's not really the issue. the issue is interfere with the airplane and causing more work for pilots during critical phases of flight. >> reporter: a recent survey found one in three passengers left their devices on because they forgot. despite that, engineers say no electronic device has ever taken down a plane. new planes are being built knowing passengers are flying with electronics and they want to use them. so planes like this one being designed with technology that can counter interference. >> turning your electronic devices off -- >> reporter: kenny recommends devices not be used in flight unless the airplane has been tested against every possible electronic device that could be used on board. and he says there's another problem. >> you would be asking a lot of -- all the flight attendants to monitor which devices are good and which devices can't be
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used. and that's -- that's a heavy burden for flight attendants. >> reporter: a burden he says is impractical. renee marsh, seattle. college football saturday night cal, a frauny face at eugene. >> stanford erupted in the great northwest. soggy suffocating attack in seattle. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,nger...
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...the giants outfielder toy agreed to a 5 year, $90 mil get used to those hunter pence high socks a little longer. the giants' outfielder today agreed to a five year, $90 million contract official tomorrow after a physical. oh pence went off here against the padres today. 27th moment run.
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but the padres got the best of the giants. final at third and king streets. 9-3. as for the green and gold the a's' jared parker, well mariners were parking him. three big blows including a grand slam to brad hiller as the a's lose 7-5 in seattle. the loss locks the a's officially at as the number two seed for the a. l. playoffs. stanford football. oh. does that answer your dominance huh? that's trent murphy against washington state. what a pick 6 for the big fella. they lead 55-10 and cal all kind of issues. 35 point dogs at oregon. braying the elements in eugene. not even close. byron marshall 25 yards for a score. cal losing this one in the fourth 55-10. it was 41-3 at the half. >> that was brutal. first up more sports for us
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though at 11:00 on kpix 5. good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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