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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CW  September 29, 2013 8:30am-9:31am PDT

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this is kp ix 5 news. the father of a dodgers fan stabbed to death in san francisco gets ready to address the public. what he's asking for and what friends are telling us. maybe a few showers around the bay area. and ticktock, ticktock, time is running out in washington to stop the government from shutting down. but the senate is vowing something to make it unavoidable. good morning, everyone, michelle greg awe or san. >> and fill. a lot of coverage in the next
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hour. we're also talking about the budget battle and the healthcare. the suspect on a deadly attack on a dodgeráfan is released today. there's not enough evidence to charge him for murder. the father of the victim making a plea for witnesses to come game. >> we're told robert will be here at the ballpark. a father trying to get his killer back behind bars. home in lodi, we tried to talk to 2 men. friends insist that they felt
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afraid, but pulled the knife instead. the da released 21 year old michael montgomery. even after an arrest and mission, according to authorities. >> we do have an admission. they had him down there in the interview room quite a long time. >> once we are able to view the evidence then we may be able to speak to that issue. >> reporter: whether montgomery is guilty of the crime will be up to authorities. but it's the feelings of guilt self- imposed life sentence. >> trying to sleep at night thinking about what you did on accident, you know.
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father is expected here at the ballpark sometime around noon. in san francisco, brian web, -k-p-i-x5. in developing news, they're searching for a suspect in antioch. the you know identified 24-year- old victim from oakley died at the hospital. a second man went under surgery for gunshot wounds. 2. a security guard with the reporter shot 1 of the men. the suspects with a gun gear after he had finished a story. 1 suspect was later treated with san francisco general hospital for a non-life threatening gunshot wound. the reporter was not hurt.
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the house has now voted again to avert a new government shutdown but only if the healthcare act is delayed. >> many lawmakers now say the shutdown may be unavoidable. >> reporter: passions ran high during a late night debate on the house floor. >> they're doing it intentionally, they're doing it on purpose. >> reporter: democrat democrats are upset. >> the american people deserve to have time to see what this
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monestrous immaterial will do before it is implements. >> reporter: but the democrats and the president say they'll reject the bill. the government will start a partial shut down on tuesday. house democrat steve israel doesn't believe congress will reach a deal. if there's a shutdown, national parks will close. applications for government insured mortgages will be put on hold. but most government services will continue. airport screeners and the military would stay on the job and so would members of congress. >> if there is a shutdown, about 800,000 government workers could be told to stay home, starting tuesday.
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in 2 days the affordable care act will open up for business. the state has set up call centers to explain how the law works. california is home to 15% of uninsured. other states will be monitoring what happens in california to see how we handle the transition. top kenya officials had warnings of the attack of the siege in the shopping mall. now cnn is reporting that a year ago, officials were warned about that kind of attack. the search for survivors is now over at a collapsed build inning india. emergency response officials say that 33 people were rescued alive from the rubble of the
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apartment building. a man had been trapped for more than 30 years. his leg was crushed, however, by the collapsed wall. the unions are also busy making their case with these fliers. they're accusing bart of accusing to bargain with them. they could walk out for a second time. they call for 200 bart shuttle -- bart manages running the trains. still to come, caught in the act only on 5, california lawmakers breaking their own voting rules again and again and again. what happened when we
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confronted them. forecast just ahead ,,,, we've got some fog around the golden gate bridge. forecast coming up in just a few minutes. stay tuned ,,,,,,,,
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angry mob turned on him for breaking up a street fight san bay watch, a good samaritan is doing better after an angry mob turned on him for breaking up a street fight in san francisco. a crowd of about 10 people on saturday morning turned on a man on larkin and golden gait avenue. he's expected to cover. a consumer group is suing the company for $13 million for the fatal san bruno gas explosions 3 years ago. it's guilty of sloppy record keeping and the aging of pipelines. they also allege that the utility company covered up its mistakes. mayor ed lee is eager to bring the races back to the city by the payment he only has
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90 days to extend the invitation. ellison has not yet commented to a host city. born in the usa and now the beauty queen of the world, megan young is technically miss philippines. but she was brought here when she -- little miss hispanic is being called into question. she was drowned ms. hispanic. the 7-year-old lacked proper verification and was stripped of her crown.
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poor little girl. showers coming down from the california border right now with oregon. and it looks as if we'll get a few sprinkles in the north payment as we focus on crescent city, you can see -- already we've got cloudy skies down at golden gait. so far it's just not picking up much out there. we're looking at a mostly dry day. there can be a few light showers throughout the day. not going to interfere with the raid everies game this
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afternoon. mostly cloudy, temperatures at 70 degrees. 62 degrees in santa rosa. for the bay area, temperatures will cool today. and then we'll turn things around and stay clean by the mid week. high pressure moves back in over the west coast and things will warm up by thursday and friday. we'll be back at the upper 80s in the latter half of the week. forecast for the bay area, 78 degrees in santa clara. antioch still in the upper 70s. pleasant ton, mid 70s, 76 there. in the city, 66, oakland, 72.
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just a few chances of showers tomorrow morning but that's it. temperatures will be in the upper 80s by the end of the week. so today looks okay. it's just a few showers coming into the bay area. that's about it. >> brian, thanks so much. we're going to show you several politicians breaking the rules. >> their own rules. we caught them red handed in the state assembly. mark kelley explains why we noticed something so strange about what they were doing. >> reporter: take a close look at california democracy in action. assembly reggie jones sarr also from la is voting for him.
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rewind, in the background you'll see 1 from la county reaching back for burbank -- all this in less than a minute for a bull to regulate outdoor advertising. what we saw happening again and again on dozens of other bills, retub cans and democrats regularly voting for somebody else. remember sarr voting for gomez. here is gomez later that day voting for sarr. and there's bill from san francisco casting multiple votes. watch this. he stands off to speak in support of a gun control bill. then right away he rushes back to his desk to vote not only for himself but also gray from
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modesto. it's called ghost voting, and in california, it's not allowed. a member may not operate the voting switch of any other member. so what do they have to say for themselves. frankly they didn't seem to know there was a rule. >> accustomed. >> it's perfectly fine. >> it's perfectly fine. >> we heard different versions of what's oak and what's not. >> so a member can't be -- >> oh, no. >> even richard goredden of los altos was confused. >> give me the definition of ghost voting. >> you know, actually i don't know. >> a seat mate may vote for
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you, if you've given them permission to do so. >> can you lean over and push the person in front of you. >> the people in your immediate area, you can do that. >> are you -aare youd to vote for other members? what is that protocol. >> the assembly rule. >> the assembly rule you're not allowed to vote for other members, and we saw you vote for other members. >> reporter: it makes sessions run more efficiently, he said, and left it at that. >> aside from ghost voting being against the rules.
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-- >> if it's done innocently for someone else, it could lead to mistakes. in most times, they aren't even mistakes, they are intentional. >> and what about the state senate, they have a rule that you have to do a voice vote so you don't push a button. you have to say why i or nay. >> i'll tell you something else, you can go back and change your vote from a yes to a no and a no to a yes after the vote. that's an interesting 1 there, too. they have some strange rules, but even with the strange rules, they don't follow it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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home loans guaranteed by the federal housing administration...t he vete's administration...a nd rural he u-s a partial government shutdown will put the housing recovery at risk. fh abacked loans accounted for 45% of all mortgages used to buy homes last year. the good news, most government loons won't be affected.
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>> haven't we been here before? what effect does it have on the average have ther. >> reporter: >> no, to be quite honest, you've got the issue of the government shutdown and the debt ceiling, which is like a gun at the head of the united states economy. >> they do not understand. believe me, neither of those 2 are going to allow this
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disaster -- no matter what the current status is. >> voters are saying what are they actually doing for us? no wonder the poles are so low. the anger and frustration are at. >> jury panel: time high. >> the most significant thing, in the last 4, 5 years, is the healthcare -- that's why it has a live expectancy that's been going on now since 2010. it's also a mystery. it's a mystery of the most incredible magnitude because nobody, including the people running it can say with device i haveness how to do it. it's going to change the nature
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of our whole existence. >> it should have been labeled -- >> terms of marketing, you are absolutely correct. but, again, this is and he is tore i can kept that must be translated just as social security. -- -c-o-n-c-e-p-t. >> people are going to have to be courageous enough, you know people clearly understand when they couldn't get any kind of insurance, now they can no matter what the pre exist willing condition was.
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>> those things are all monumental. >> we are actually going to learn more about the affordable care act and how it's going to affect young californians. also the next half hour we're going to learn what kind of snooping nsa has been doing. what they're looking into. in the last 2 years, the dodgers and giants rivalry -- ,,,,,,,,,,
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man arrested in a deadly at on a dodgers' fan. and the father of the victim.. is making aa to the public. we're learning more about the men arrested in the deadly attack on a dodgers fan. and the father is making a plea as well to the public. a system coming down from northern, california. tell you about the shower prospects in a few minutes. the plan to congestion around this popular picture taking spot. lots to talk about in the next half hour. of course, we're going to talk cup.
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>> also the affordable healthcare plan. but first let's take a look at u.s. capital where overnight -- key parts of the healthcare law are delayed by year. president obama, however, is vowing to veto the legislation. and senate democrats are vowing to reject it even before it reaches the president. so last night, passions were running pretty high on the house floor. >> house republicans are shutting down the government. they're doing it intentionally, they're doing it on purpose. mr. speaker, the house is not in order. >> the american people need to see enough time to see how this
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monstrosity will do. >> the deadline to reach a budget deal is midnight, monday night. without an agreement, some 800,000 government workers could be told to stay home. a deadly shooting in antioch. the 24-year-old victim from oakley died at the hospital. a second victim a 20 year old man underwent surgery for multiple gunshot wounds. the father of a dodger fan stabbed this week is expected to make a plea for help. michael montgomery was released from jail. district attorney gascon says at this time there's no enough evidence to charge montgomery.
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>> he's trying to get out of there. he's a small person. >> once we are able to view the evidence, then we may be able to speak to that issue. father believes someone caught the fight on their cell phone camera. and there's video. he's asking anyone with evidence to please come forward. >> the dodgers giant rivalry continues. now a dodgers fan has been killed. sat down with police chief greg suhr and ask him what's driving the violence. he had a message for fans as well. >> i think it was driven by alcohol. it seems all the problems we have in any event and many of the events that we have has
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some measure of alcohol involved. about going to e going to givei sports events, get out of there as fast as you can. >> i think the biggest thing is to walk on. 1 of the biggest rules in police work is, you can't argue with a drunk. so if somebody's drunk and they're obviously to whatever degree outside of themselves, just keep on walking. there's no reason to engage that person in a conversation. >> reporter: rather than walk on, they end upmaking a decision that alters life. why is it that people don't walk on? >> i think that somehow it's the sparkly object. you figure you're just going to say x, and for whatever reason you're in the conversation, and you've lost track of the fact you don't know this person. you don't know what you're
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talking about. once it's over you can't believe you've had that conversation. just enjoy the game, your family, your friends. just leave that person alone. >> reporter: well, it would save a lot of tragedy. in any case from what i've sr., if someone opted not to get involved, we would have half of these stories. >> don't even come. that's my message to anybody, if you're go willing to be contrary, do not come. we have plenty of cool people that want to come to our events and add to the energy, to the moment, whatever. if you're going to be a jerk, stay home. new this morning united
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nations inspection -- looking into allegations of chemical weapons used. the investigation will wrap up tomorrow with a full report due late october. we are learning that top officials in kenya got warning of the attack in the west gate mall in kenya last weekend. they're reporting a year ago, intelligence service officials warned them of the attack. there's a new revelation today of surveillance by the national safety agency. the nsa has been -- the whole point is to track people's associations with intelligence
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targets over seas. closer to home, contract negotiations will continue between bart and its unions. meanwhile the unions are also busy making their case to the public with its fliers. they're leaving the fliers on people's doors and accusing bart from negotiating with them. there could even be skeletal bart services with bart managers running those trains. what you don't know about the affordable healthcare act for the bay area. and it's 1 of san popular tourist spots. we've got some showers for the north bay.
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and it might get wet on monday. all that and more, coming up after a break ,,,,,,,,,,
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a good sunday morning to you. the golden gait which has finally emerged from a bank of fog -- gate ,, ,,,,,,
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the city.
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neighborhoods in the city. alamo square is home of the famous painted ladies and stunning views of the city skyline. but people who liv the area a ut the alamo square, it's the home of the famous painted ladies. they also have the stunning views of the city's skyline. but people living in the area are concerned. 1 man also put up a sign for alternative plans. >> i love talking to the tourists. i just don't like how they're arriving on buses. it's not safe for our neighborhood. >> they could either restrict buses to 1 side of the street without stopping or ban them. a hearing will be held on
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friday. >> reporter: we've got temperatures this morning that are mostly near about 60 degrees. with the dense fog this morning beginning to lift -- right now in the city, it's 57 degrees. as we look toward now a mostly cloudy vape raj. this system begins to head in from the pacific northwest. get some rain up in the north bay, there won't be much to it. we'll start with fair skies. and that arts and casts fall festival in menlo park, mostly
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cloudy skies, mid 70s. we'll expect clouds to increase, temperatures to cool. monday a little bit wet. and we'll warm up mid week. jetstream is remaining to the north. it just doesn't have the energy. they can have a cloud full of moisture, but high as cross the coast today. denver in the mid 70s. 83 for san antonio. tomorrow, the weather might slow you down a bit. 66 in san francisco, 79 in liver moore. down south bay, mid 70s for the
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most part. notice it's mild. north bay we're looking at low 70s and some showers today. extended forecast we're looking for a few showers, not much. in the latter half of the week, we'll be up to the 80s. well, there are some big question marks for a lot of people concerning the affordable care act. many just don't know what it is or how it's going to work on a practical level. >> most people don't even know what it's about, we sit down with john, who runs the san francisco health plan. he tells us what benefits there
9:13 am
are. >> the uninsured, who for the first time are going to have insurance either through the extension of medical or those who are above 138% of the poverty why i level with a heavy sub sid why i from the federal government -- -s-u-b-s-i-d-y. >> healthcare continues to increase. as an employer myself purchasing for employees, it's 1 of the most difficult parts of the year. >> reporter: this is depending on government sub sides but young people don't appear to be interested in this or at least a good portion ever it. >> that's a good point. it takes everyone, a good balanced mix in order to get everyone in.
9:14 am
particularly young males, saying not really interested. i listen to what my mother what to do. there is a big campaign telling parents why it is important. >> reporter: what is it about young people, especially guys, they have money, a lot of them. but when it comes to healthcare, they just don't do it. if they don't do it in this, we could all be in trouble. >> it comes down to how often they're going to be needing services when you think about times you use prescription drugs, it has an importance. >> what is -- what about the average person. >> folks on medicare, folks
9:15 am
over 65, and folks that have been receiving insurance by their employer, they will probably not see a lot of change. now in january in cover california, there's no more questions about health related questions. and there's a variety of plans starting on jan 1. >> employers are saying they can't afford -- >> the federal government has put the delayed for -- >> can i afford it, even if i'm making money. we're talking about monthly payments of 145. >> it depends on your income level. the lower the income, the
9:16 am
greater the -s-u-b-s-i-d-y. as you had said earlier, 1 of the big questions is going to be, can we get people to sign up? is it affordable which the government thinks it is? and can we get enrolled. >> on a scale of 1 to 10, what is the constitution going to be among the public. >> i would probably say on the mid level. what's important is, think about the football season, there are 4 pre-season games. we have a lot of hang of the here. the important date is jan 1. you can sign up until the end of march. >> it's going to be a lot of change. i have to say, i'm a little nervous when they say the government will help you figure it out. sports is next.
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>> reporter: good morning everyone. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giants. 27 for the year. giants had the early lead. they gave it away. pad reyes come back and win. the as lose 7-5 in soot
9:20 am
will. -- seattle. >> cal lose by 39. final 55-16. but it's and nfl sunday. redskins, raiders what do you got? mayor is eager to bring the races back to the city by the bay. going to want to have it here. >> mayor willie brown who was actually in the thick of all
9:21 am
this, for their ideas. what they have to say. >> i'd say 70-30. >> reporter: not 100 percent sure. >> not 100 percent sure. >> reporter: what was your reading on the entire -- >> i'm just not sure that san francisco wants the america cup back. the average folks. the hotel people, yes. but this thing was so over hyped. it got interesting the last day. but there were a lot of problems. >> all of a sudden, everybody has got a water craft, a convey i can't think, were out there. >> reporter: the cost to the
9:22 am
city. >> reporter: we did get the attention on this. is it worth the price? >> absolutely it's worth the price. in the nature of what we produce in this city, we need a good event every month in the city. >> reporter: why? >> it is good for tourism, they love it. the fact is, there is a con test for billionaires. >> what's wrong with that? >> so much money, he can do his
9:23 am
hobby on his own. >> he did. right here on the bay. >> with taxpayers helping him out. >> the taxpayers participate, but they've -- they're going to benefit. >> reporter: when we do these events, you made a point of trying to do 1 every 90 days. does it say that san francisco now is all about tourism more than anything else. >> san francisco is all about joy and fun. of course, they wanting to out -- >> maybe next time -- >> he obviously parts with lots of millions. >> it's going to be an interesting time when they try
9:24 am
to bring larry ellison back. they've got to market this thing better. they've got a great viewing area, but they've got to make it so the public wants to watch it all over the world. it's national coffee day. who's going to be giving away the free joe, when we come back. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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the father of the dodger fan stabbed last week is expecto welcome back. let's take a look at this top stories. >> the dodger attack -- overnight the u.s. house approved a bill to fund the government through mid-december if only key aspects of the
9:27 am
affordable care act are delayed. setting up a government showdown as of tuesday. bart labor talks. time for 1 last look at weather. >> reporter: it's looking okay today. increasing clouds from the north. south bay looks all right. temperatures very mild. numbers will be in the low 60s. to start out with, 62 in concord right now, 62 in oakland. a fairly uniformed air mass. fairly cool along the coast. and some showers in the north bay today. look at the numbers, not bad at all, we're still in 70s over
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much of the bay area today. in the look ahead, we'll get a little wet tonight, but not much. a few lingering showers tomorrow morning. it's supposed to be the warm evident time of the year, and we'll live up to that. have a great sunday, and we'll see you tomorrow. >> you're in tomorrow as well. >> i'm in tomorrow bright and early. how about some coffee. i'll take it. national coffee today. and krispy kreme, and starbucks and dunkin' donuts are offering free deals. that's going to do it for the news this morning. thank you i don't remember joining us. >> hope to see you again next weekend. have a great sunday. [ end of realtime captioning ] ,,,,,,,,
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