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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  October 3, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> we don't want to strike. i don't think you've heard any union representative say they wanted to strike. >> union doesn't want it, bart doesn't want it. the people definitely don't want it. what will it take to avoid another strike next week? >> an oakland community hoping a little cash goes a long way. the creative way they are paying for private security. >> chaos in the nation's capital. tonight, we are learning more about the woman who led police on a frantic chase and nearly put her young child in the line of fire. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> a live look at washington, d.c. tonight where things have calmed down quite a bit after a very chaotic afternoon. juliette goodrich has new information about the woman who created so much havoc. >> we now know who led secret service officers on a high speed pursuit. a mom with her daughter in the
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car. more than a dozen gun shots rang out across capitol hill. police trying to stop an out-of- control driver that struck a barricade outside the white house. that driver, 34-year-old, miriam carey, a dental hygienist, her 18 month daughter was in the car during the pursuit. this government worker heard it all. >> i heard the initial, what sounded like a string of fire crackers going off. >> chase started more than a mile away. police say carey hit a barricade at the northeast corner of the white house just after 2:00 p.m. she sped off toward the capitol weaving in and out of traffic with the secret service on her tail. police almost had her cornered against sidewalk barricades near the capitol building, but she backed up into a squad car and sped away. that's when the shots rang out. because of the chase and
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shooting, the entire capitol building was on lockdown. tourists were told to go inside. the chase ended when carey ran a curb. it was after the pursuit that police discovered carey's daughter was in the car the entire time. >> the child is approximately a year old and in good condition. >> fbi agents showed up at carey's apartment complex after the shooting. family and friends telling police carey was a person unlikely to be involved in any kind of violence. they also didn't know why she would be in washington, d.c. 4 1/2 hours away from home. police did not find any weapons in carey's car. two police officers were taken to the hospital for injuries. carey's daughter is in protective custody tonight. and ken, those secret service agents who tracked carey down aren't getting paid. their checks are on hold. >> good thing they got her.
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thank you for that. the shooting at the capitol didn't help the already slumping stocks on wall street today. the stock market opened lower because of the shutdown, then slipped to their lowest levels in nearly a month. in less than 140 characters, twitter told the world today is moving forward with plans go public. the san francisco based company tweeted, it had filed with the sec and thus revealed the documents leading to an ipo. we learned the company had $317 million in revenue last year and hopes to raise $1 billion through its initial offering. this will likely be the hottest tech ipo since facebook. my opinion about these big ipo's, especially the ones publicized, they have nothing do with ordinary investors and you or i, should we manage to get in, would buy a small amount at a price that has been inflated. >> if there are no hickups,
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twitter could be trading in five weeks. the company didn't say whether it would be listed on the new york stock exchange. new at 10:00, people in oakland's rock ridge neighborhood are trying something new to stop crime. kristen ayers on how they are paying for their own private security force. >> it began with a bold stickup at a casual car pool last week. one of the victims, amy's neighbor. >> there's been a more serious uptick and more brazen nature. >> in six months, there have been 28 robberies, 32 burglaries and eight assaults in this enclave and neighbors got fed up. >> let's use modern technology to bring the community together. >> they wanted private security guards to patrol their streets. but how to raise the money? they launched a page on, urging people to contribute to the cause. it's been a week and we raised around $20,000. >> in just a few day, another
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neighborhood raised more than $13,000 on crowd and a third just over $1,000. but does private security even work? one oakland's oakmore neighborhood hasn't seen a home burglary for seven months since hiring a private guard. not everyone is convinced. >> what would be nice is if the city council would find a way for the police department to fill in those roles. >> worries bringing in private guards to each neighborhood will have an isolating effect. >> we have our own security forces and the next block over has their own security forces and we are no longer a functioning city that has a police department. >> this is just a trial run. $24,000 will buy six months of 12 hour patrols five days a week. >> this is something people want, we can come together and do it, if it's not, then it can stop. >> in oakland, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> neighbors are considering
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donating to neighborhoods who can't afford their own neighborhood security. >> the cooling off period ends and bart could strike for a second time. the two sides did agree on pensions, but as joe vasquez tells us, there is still a ways to go before there is a deal to stop a strike. >> it went well. >> the negotiating session ended around 6:15 this evening. how did it go today? the union say there were two small counterproposals pushed back and forth across the table. no details, but bart didn't offer very much. >> proposal that the district brought is disappointing to say the very least. >> both sides are going back to their respective camps to do some research and talk things over. so, that's where we're at. >> i asked the union leaders about a new poll from the council that says the unions should just give up. >> 63% of people who live in the bay area counties say you should just take the deal, be
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done with it, take bart's deal, and let's reach a settlement. what do you say to that? >> the bay area council is made up of large corporations that have a history of trying to drive down working family wages. so, you can take that for what it's worth, who did they ask? did they ask for 1% or 99%? >> a lot of people use bart who don't want to strike. they may be saying, come on, let's get it done. what do you say to those writers? >> we don't want to strike. i don't think you heard any union representative say that they wanted to strike. this situation has been perpetrated by the district's lack of action in seriousness and bargaining in bad faith. >> negotiations are scheduled to continue tomorrow. both sides will be back at the caltrans building at 9:30 a.m. in oakland, kpix5. >> the unions are now asking for a three-year deal. they want a 3.75% raise the first two years and a 4% raise in the final year. bart wants a four-year deal
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with annual 2 1/2% raises. a massive collision after a pickup truck cut in front of a school bus carrying students from san jose high this afternoon. this all happened about 4:00 p.m. on 28th and julian streets. after the pickup truck hit the bus, it spun out of control and hit an suv. about a dozen kids were on the bus at the time. three of them had to be treated for back and neck injuries. the driver of the suv also being treated for minor injuries. the accident does not appear to be alcohol related. also in san jose, a small plane made an emergency landing this morning on the capital expressway. the pilot brought down the plane, dodging power lines and cars after some sort of malfunction shortly after takeoff from the reid hill view airport. no one was injured, but it made a mess of the morning commute. >> at least ten people are looking for new homes tonight after a fire destroyed part of an apartment complex in sunny
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vail. the fire consumed the two story building on west california avenue at around 3:00 p.m. the red cross is working on finding them temporary housing. we still don't know how it started. in stockton, a fire that started at a recycling plant quickly got out of hand as flames crept very close to interstate 5. smoke could be seen for miles. at one point, it got so bad, both directions of i-5, they were temporarily closed. strong winds continue to blow hot embers creating multiple spots and fires in the area. crews say they will remain on scene throughout the night using dozers and spraying water until the flames are out. it wasn't easy, i had to do what i needed to do to feed my son. >> millions of californians on food stamps, but millions more don't even have access to them. why the state comes in last place when it comes to helping the hungry. >> once booming bay area businesses are looking more
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like ghost towns, why the government shut down is partially to blame. >> it has our whole life upside downright now. >> the car was smashed and she was not to blame. a bay area woman is on the hook for the damage. the crucial coverage that she did not have. >> clear skies once again over san francisco bay. another clear night is on tap. i have several days that will be warmer than normal. several days cooler than normal. we'll talk about when each of them will hit coming up in my forecast next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kpix 5's sharon chin looks why they're missing out on n benefits... and more than 3 million californians are not getting them. kpix5 takes a look at why they are missing out on billions in benefits and what is being done to make sure that more people don't go hungry. >> it's going to get better. >> this single mom got layed off a few times in the last several years. even with new jobs, she had to rely on food stamps. >> it wasn't easy. i had to do what i needed to do to feed my son. >> but applying for california's food stamp program was not easy. >> paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. >> at least that mom got help.
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just over half of californians who qualify or enrolled in the program. california comes in dead last in food stamp participation. >> it is very frustrating, because it's a significant benefit. >> alexis says some people don't even know they qualify. >> there's been a lot of changes in the programs. they may have been denied previously and don't understand they may be eligible today. >> it's very confusing for people. that's if they have all the documents. >> cindy says unlike other states, californians have to visit a different office each time they apply for a different benefit, like medical or housing, even if they get the same information again and again. >> currently, data bases don't talk to one another. >> california is stuck in the bottom. that makes san mateo county among the worst of the worst. >> many times we talk to
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families working one, two, three jobs that can't make ends meet. >> what is being done to get families the food they need? lawmakers are reducing the paperwork. and they eliminated the fingerprinting requirement and cal fresh is allowing applications off site. folks at second harvest, for example, can help people sign up while they send them home with food. even better, says mcallen, why not apply once? >> why don't we have one application for general assistance for human needs? >> that would have been a lot easier for this mom. >> it was a lot. and you think you're not going to get through it and, but you do. >> sharon shin. >> the governor has until october 13 to sign two measures that could streamline the application process. one would require less documentation of childcare expenses. apply for cal fresh at the same time they apply for med call. >> california is now one of
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ten states that will allow illegal immigrants to apply for driver's license. governor brown signed that law today. the state won't start issuing licenses until january of 2015. >> president obama is canceling his trip to asia next week because of the government shutdown. he will stay in washington to continue for pressing for a short-term spending bill. he isn't too hopeful house republicans will budge. >> john boehner won't even let the bill get a yes or no vote. because he doesn't want to anger the extreme in his party. >> meantime, house republicans are trying to reopen parts of the government. today they pushed a bill to pay national guard troops. senate democrats still say they want a complete spending plan. a new cbs news poll shows 72% of americans disagree with shutting down government services over the affordable
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care act. more americans blame house republicans for the impasse than the president and senate democrats. many small businesses rely on government workers, of course, to stay afloat and some mom and pop shops are taking a hit from this shutdown. >> it's a nightmare. >> yeah, here's a look at the inside of uncle willie's barbecue. at lunchtime, normally bustling, it was empty today. just one of the small businesses surrounding the federal building that depends on the thousands of federal workers there. owners say sales are down 50% the last few days and they are having to send employees home. meanwhile, in the sierra nevada, one of the many national parks that is officially off limits. everyone had to be out by 3:00 this afternoon. the park is furloughing more than 600 workers during the closure. >> too bad, because this time of year is just gorgeous up there. >> what a weekend we're going to have. you don't have the crowds because kids are back in school and you can't get in.
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we have to stay at home, this is a good place to call home because the weather will be nice. a little warm, but it's going to be sunny through the stretch and rain-free. a live look from the trivalley. what a great shot there of where 580 and 680 come together. and we have another clear shot here of the city looking live from our rooftop toward the bay bridge, not a single cloud in the sky. a couple things to get through first. we have windy conditions continuing in the higher elevations. localized wind gusts, just like today, 40, 45, 50-mile per hour winds. because of that wind, the dry wind, a high fire danger, red flag warning through saturday morning because of the wind gusts and low relative humidity. watch out if you're going to be out and about in the higher elevations. we have a big baseball game tomorrow. tigers and the a's. check out the first pitch temperature. 75 degrees at 6:30 at night. it is going to be very warm out there and here's the reason why. the reason why is because it's
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snowing in montana. we have low pressure there, which is causing that and that low pressure, where it is off to our east around here in the bay area is giving us a north flow. yes, snow in montana impacts our weather here. the same low is giving us the offshore wind. if you're heading to the beach, close to 80 degrees. high pressure will move in, throwing that low out. when that happens, we get the on shore flow back, cooler weather, that will happen toward the top of next week. the next three days are going to be warm. and on saturday, near the coast, you may be up near 80 degrees. highs tomorrow in the 80s. oakland 81. liver more 82. 79 for sunny vail. heyward 78. 82 for pleasant hill and san ramon. sunshine in the city tomorrow, a high of 76 degrees. here's your extended forecast, calling for warm and sunny weather. out of the comfort zone for some of you. we will cool off next monday and stay in the 70s inland. low 70s here today. much of next week. if we like it warm, we have
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that. if you like it sunny, you're in paradise. >> very beautiful forecast. >> cool. gorgeous. thanks, paul. just because your not to blame if your car gets smashed doesn't mean you'll automatically collect the damage. >> julie watts explains, your insurance company won't always go to bat for you if the other driver is at fault. >> you can still see the markings right here from the car, too. >> melissa's pickup truck has been through a lot and so has melissa. >> all right. >> her main gold dodge ram has been sitting in front of her house. >> i was asleep when it happened. >> then, barbra got another shot. even though the driver has insurance and so does she, she doesn't have collision insurance, so getting her truck fixed isn't going be so easy. >> i don't give a darn if i have collision insurance. it wasn't my vehicle that caused the collision. my truck was on the side of the
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road. >> like many car owners, barber doesn't have the optional coverage intended to repair damage if it's in an accident. >> it's a tricky situation. >> and insurance industry spokesman says, even when there's no question that the other driver is to blame, car owners without collision coverage often have to do much of the work themselves to get their losses covered. he says while your insurance company should provide information about the at fault driver and their insurer, it won't go to bat for you. >> they can't help you. they can get you that information and then it's up to you to move forward with that. >> and that usually means filing a claim with the other driver's insurance company yourself and if they are unresponsive, taking the at fault driver to small claims court. as for melissa, she's prepared to fight, but she doesn't feel she should have to. >> it has our whole life upside downright now. >> we contacted the other driver's insurance company. it's now open to claim and just yesterday, went to her home to
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inspect the damage. julie watts, kpix5. >> as the a's warm up for tomorrow's big playoff game. tonight the slight is on the san jose sharks. we'll take you to their season opener. next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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even get free delivery! sleep train stacks the savings high to keep the prices low. the inventory clearance sale is on now! guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ you ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ before the san jose sharks lit up the ice, fans enjoyed a street rally outside the fap center. >> go sharks. >> go sharks. >> aka, shark tank. the preparty, courtesy of the black and teal, a bmx stunt team, a dunk the canucks tank, and let's not forget the face
10:24 pm
painting. >> what if i told you that you look ridiculous? >> i would say you're right. >> it's the atmosphere, everybody having a really good time. it's a very big community event. it's really like, go sharks. >> i like the hoody. san jose went on to win tonight's home opener against vancouver 4-1. >> sharks. >> sports is coming up, but since you have given it away, the giants fans thank you. the giants fans are not going to be happy with what happened in the playoffs and the puck drops from the opening night at the tank. i think you already know what happen, next. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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fans in the bay area say to themselves, this is in the stanley cup, nchts it's that time of the year, is this finally the year that we win the stanley cup? thank you very much. anything else you want to give
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away? there is patrick marlowe, down 1-0 after one. ties it with a wrist shot and justin braun, he had not scored in 19 months. he shoots, he scores, and the sharks take a 2-1 lead. extra insurance in the 3rd, the steal, zips past marlowe, 3-1. and then 18 seconds later, tommy is on the doorsteps and the sharks win their season opener dominating 4-1. dodgers, braves, game one. clayton kershaw, 7 innings pitched. he had 12 strikeouts on the night. braves fans just shaking their heads, but adrian gonzalez goes deep center field. dodgers take game one on the road against atlanta 6-1. fans in st. louis made lots of noise this afternoon. former giant, carlos beltran continues to get it done in the post season. three-run shot gave the cards a 3-0 lead. they go on to win over the pirates. a final count of 9-1. i think
10:28 pm
the dodgers are going to be tough to beat, you know, they win a game on the road. they are playing without matt kemp. >> it could be dodgers, a's, you never know. ,,,, ♪ at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible.
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