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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  October 31, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> a hospital admits to a heartbreaking mistake. the error that made things even worse for a bay area family. >> struggling to put food on the table and it is about to get worse. the cuts coming to millions of americans in just hours. >> and a secret drug tunnel uncovered. the sophisticated system linking california to mexico. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. a davey city hospital is being sued, accused of throwing out a baby's body in the laundry. >> october 28 of last year, the family of daly city was devastated by the stillborn birth of their daughter, but later as they were preparing for the funeral, hospital officials informed them of another problem. after a nurse wrapped the baby in a sheet, the body was not taken to the morgue. instead, she was accidentally thrown in with the laundry.
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>> but wait, it gets worse. according to the lawsuit, laundry here at the hospital is shipped off premise to santa cruz, 70 miles away and it was a worker at that offsite facility that discovered the baby's body as it was on a conveyer belt heading into a washing machine. >> they are in our thoughts and prayers. >> the spokesperson says because it's a lawsuit, she can't talk about it. >> we can't comment beyond acknowledging the fact that this is pending litigation. but our hearts certainly go out to the family and everyone here is praying for their comfort. >> in daily city, kpix5. >> hospital did offer to pay for the burial expenses. the two boys out trick or treating in sanoma county are in the hospital. a pickup truck hit those boys in the crosswalk of south clover dale boulevard. no word on their conditions at
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this time. : a san jose man is under arrest after police say he left his two children in a car for more than 14 hours. 29-year-old, julio ray reyes went to visit a friend, but left behind a car with ten-year- old daughter and 8-year-old son inside. he told police the next day, the car and his kids were missing. when questioned, he changed his story and admitted to leaving them behind. >> the children were very cold, very tired, very hungry. and so the officers took them into protective custody and brought them to the police station. >> reyes faces a child endangerment charge. there's no word on why he left the children behind. the united express flight from sfo to san antonio made an unscheduled stop in phoenix after someone on the plane made a threat. the passengers were taken off at 4:45 and bussed to the terminal. a bomb squad and police dogs
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searched that aircraft. a short time later, passengers were back on their way. investigators are not saying anything else about the threat. >> something is making students sick at stanford university. school officials believe it's an outbreak of norovirus. 52 students complained about feeling nauseating after eating at the dining hall this week. some were treated for dehydration. that dining hall will be sanitized, all common areas and bathrooms in the complex will also undergo intensive cleaning. the source of the outbreak is still unclear. >> a reduction starting tomorrow. that's when a four-year temporary increase in benefits expires. kpix5 shows us what it will mean for people in the bay area struggling to put food on the table. >> i already know what i'm going to eat tonight. >> brenda started using food stamps five months ago, it
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helps put a little food on the table. tonight it's a small salad and a soda. >> if i go grocery shopping, that's $23 cash. >> for 47 million americans on the food stamp program, a big chunk of benefits will disappear tomorrow. for a family of four on the maximum benefits, that's $432 a year gone or $36 a month. >> $36 a month may not sound like much, but it's the equivalent of 21 individual meals a month off the table. for things like beans and bread, fruits, and vegetables. bay area food banks are bracing for the fallout at a time they are already stretched thin. handing out food to 147,000 people in san francisco and marin counties every week. >> there's no buffer for people at the low income spectrum. whatever hits them, hits them in the gut. >> and paul ash is afraid it will hit children especially hard, leading to more obesity
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with families forced to face good nutrition. >> package, high fat, high calorie food because it's cheaper. >> my heart goes out to those people. >> brenda says she'll survive the food stamp cut, but worries about families worse off than her. the ones already barely making ends meet. brian webb, kpix5. >> there's also talk of more long-term cuts to food stamps. one bill proposes gutting the snap program by $40 billion over ten years. it's taken a while, but the white house is finally tapped silicon valley experts to come in and help fix the obama care website. google, oracle, and red hat among the companies helping out. the website has been plagued with glitches since the rollout at the beginning of the month. the obama administration says it will be running smoothly by the end of november. it's no longer use it or lose it for people with flexible spending accounts. employees will now be allowed to carry over up to $500 in
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unused funds to the next calendar year for qualified medical purchases. but there is a catch. your employer gets to choose if it wants to amend that plan to include rollovers. some may be reluctant because they get to keep any money you forfeet. >> new details are emerging about that castro valley care facility. the chronicle reports drentzs were left on their own for eight days, not three as originally thought. multiple law enforcement agencies met today to discuss possible charges. the alameda county sheriff's office says there is a lot of evidence to go through and it will be a lengthy investigation. >> several dogs that mauled four people in antioch last night are being tested for rabies. these bite marks show the aftermath of the attack. a man walking his dogs was attacked by two loose dogs, three neighbors ran out to help. they were also bitten. police had to shoot one of the
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dogs after it charged at them. he was walking backwards with a gardening tool and the red dog yelped and she brings him down. >> one of the dogs was captured. no one has claimed the animal. authorities have shut down a highly sophisticated drug smuggling tunnel linking tijuana with san diego. it was complete with a rail system and ventilation. >> the san diego warehouse is less than a half mile from mexico. it has its own secret passage way to get you there. federal authorities are calling a super tunnel that was dug to smuggle drugs into the u.s. from tijuana underground. >> this complex underground zigzags for a third of a mile. under the border at a depth of approximately 35 feet. >> like seven other tunnels found since 2006, this hole in the ground was a smuggler
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subway. >> it's equipped with an electronic rail system and an elaborate electrical system as well as a ventilation system. >> authorities say the tunnel was newly completed and yet to move any drugs. but raids at locations tied to the tunnel were lucrative. >> agents seized over 325- pounds of cocaine and over 17,000 pounds of marijuana. >> three people are under arrest and charges against them are expected soon. federal agents say drug cartels should know if they go under ground, they will be found. cbs news. >> one of the most powerful politicians in southern california is accused of accepting $60,000 in bribes. according to an fbi affidavit obtained by al al-jazeera in exchange for a job for his daughter at a phoney movie studio. now that studio was being
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operated by another undercover fbi agent. the fbi was investigating for bribery, extortion, conspiracy, and fraud. so far, no charges have been filed. as we first reported last friday, a top secret project is underway on treasure island. we know google is involved. but as allen martin discovered, the more you ask about this project, the deeper the mystery surrounding it grows. >> it's telling us what you might know. >> with every knock on the door, every phone call and e- mail, the no comments are stacking up the more we ask about google's barge and four- story building. google isn't commenting. the mayor says he knows nothing about it. san francisco supervisor who represents treasure island had a spokesperson tell us she has no comment, but might say something in a week. then there's the u.s. coast guard. late today, it issued a slightly longer statement than
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the day before. saying it has an obligation to protect sensitive proprietary information and regarding barge bal, more to treasure island, coast guard personnel have been on board to conduct routine inspections and come ply with environmental protection regulations. but surprisingly, they won't say whether the barge is in compliance. c-net reporter first wrote about the bart last friday and said the secrecy is all about it. >> sometimes the mystery is more important what the reveal is. the longer this goes on, the more people are interested and the more google is keeping its mouth shut, so it feeds the beast. >> treasure island development authority complied with our request for a copy of the lease that it has with the company by and large. the company that owns the
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barges, for approximately 725,000 square feet. plus, $10,000 are for repairs and 150,000 as a security deposit. a viewer wrote us an e-mail and said he had the ghost card come up and demand he board up his boat. when does an owner get to call the shots? >> tonight we have multiple sources. we'll have that story tonight on kpix5 news at 11:00. tonight we are hearing from a woman who was sited for wearing google glass while driving on a southern california freeway. cecilia told kpix5 she had no idea whoo she what she was doing was illegal and the device wasn't turned on. >> he started to request questions, specifically asking
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why i was wearing the glass when i was driving. >> she got slapped with a $162 ticket. she plans to fight it in court. relaxing the rules when you fly. how you can now stay powered up while you're in the air. and what's still not allowed? >> and change can go the way kids trick or treat. a high-tech spin on halloween. high temperatures in the low to mid 70s, but the rainy season begins tomorrow and that's rain in the forecast. find out when coming up. ,,,,
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electronic devices powered up at all times. airline passengers got clearance to leave their cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices powered up at all times. they will be required to put their devices in airplane mode, but the days of turning them off for takeoff and landing are over. however, talking on cell phones during flights is still not allowed. the faa had been studying the issue for some time. >> committee determined that most commercial airplanes can tolerate radio interference
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from portable electronic devices. it's safe to read down loaded materials like e books, calendars, and to play games. >> each airline has to submit a plan before implementing the changes. test la is trying to prove that electric cars can go the distance. the company is in the middle of a west coast supercharger route. two electric cars are traveling the 1500 miles from san diego to vancouver. they will stay powered up through a network of supercharger stations along the way. super charger stations are the electric car version of gas stations. >> a hot sauce factory in southern california will stay open despite neighborhood complaints. people said the smell of pepper and garlic near the plant in urbandale was so strong it was making them sick. the judge denied the request to shut the place down. a new app is taking trick or treating to a new level.
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we send andrea out to find the best houses to get candy using that new technology. >> the witching hour is upon us. >> trick-or-treat. >> and the hunt for this can send some to the dark side. gob stoppers and nerds. snickers, too. >> some homes like craig thomas in the neighborhood of san jose are obvious targets for your sugar high. overs a bit of a mystery. ring the wrong bell and you might get this. >> no candy here. go away. >> common thing is, you turn your lights off, but you know, kids still try. >> with the late october light low, candy efficiency is the name of the game. enter the next door app, originally a crime fighting tool, but tonight, turned map to the tooth rotting goodness. >> follow from house to house
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and you aren't going to waste your time. >> each hunt marked with a convenient candy corn, making it easy in a neighborhood of 1200 homes for a wolf man to score. >> of course, plenty of homes that aren't listed, but speeding up the process and getting more is always a good thing. andrea, kpux5. >> even the white house is decked out for halloween tonight with everything from spooky lights to fake cobwebs and hanging jackson o' lanterns. after halloween is done, i would say thanksgiving, but we won't hold it off that long. let's take a look at what we have. i have a map to show you. it's the 8 to 14 day outlook from the climate prediction center. not only below normal
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temperatures, they are also calling for an above average chance of us around here being wet. that's eight days away. the rain, any cool weather held off for the kids trick or treating. a live look at sfo. lows will be in the 40s for many of you. fremont down to 44 and napa 43 degrees. we will take you to alameda. sunshine tomorrow, first day of november, high of 72. it will be as sunny, maybe sunny skies. a pleasant weather continues because of this big ridge of high pressure. i should have shown you this map. mainly sunny skies and temperatures near or above normal. that's been the case since late june. that's going to change. the first change we will see on sunday is a weak front passing by. it will get breezy and cooler, but we aren't getting rain fall
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yet. you'll notice that change on sunday. it's the next corm system after that, we may be looking at a chance of showers. that will be one of several. let's talk about tomorrow, first day of november, saturday afternoon with the sunshine, you'll notice the breeze increases and that pattern companing, which will be wetter, will come this time next week. san jose 74. liver more 77. union city 71 with sunshine. pleasant hill, concord, 75. dublin 74. in the city, gorgeous, high of 70. yukaya79 degrees. a little cooler, but sunny. you'll notice it feels more like fall. low and behold, we have ourselves a rain chance. thursday, the first of many rain chances. >> hopefully. >> we need a change, yes. >> thanks, fall. some little pig gives went to
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the market. take a look at all the damage pigs have gone to p lawns in san jose. it's so bad, city leaders are introducing a measure to allow trappers to shoot firearms. the pigs would be trapped and shot on site. the mans caused $10,000 in damage. the resolution will be heard at next tuesday's city council meeting. >> and till ahead, liking football less. why teens may be moving on to other social media sites. forcing parents to catch up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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facebook is in a frenzy trying younger members fr parents aren't the only ones having trouble with rebellious teenagers. facebook is in a frenzy right now trying to keep its younger members from deactivating their accounts. the general attitude from teens is that facebook is so last year. more are choosing newer social media apps like instagram and vine. less supervision from parents who are not tied up to the latest technology. >> she moved on to instagram and snap chat, i don't know what it's called. they moved on to other technology that the parents haven't figured out yet. this trend is enough to spook facebook investors, but a bright spot for the company is that it is mobile users shot up 45% from last year. your online shopping could help give back to charity. amazon has a new program that
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donates half of what you spend to the charity of your choice and a million to choose from. you have to log on through the purchase of some digital media products is not eligible. rare ending to a game in the nfl tonight. i'm dennis o'donnell and we will tell you when you will likely see smith back in a 49er uniform. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the warriors dominated the lakers last night at oracle, but proved tougher tonight. 38 points for clay thompson last night. much quieter tonight. check out the behind the back pass, andrea to andre, warriors
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up 5 earlier, but took advantage of sloppy warrior defense. blake griffin finishes and on the very next visit, he did this three possessions in a row, folks, clippers leading by double digits. rob 1, rolls in on 12. has a one-shot lead after an 8 under 63 at harding. bernard can win the million dollar prize. 49er sack leader, alden smith who is on the roster and will likely play in the first game after the break. he had the five-game absence. left the rehab facility yesterday and activated off the nonfootball injury yesterday. 49ers face the pan theres panthers november 10. that is a safety in a tie game and that is the way it ends in overtime. down goes andy dalton. cincinnati loses to the miami
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dolphins. that's the signal for safety. >> i'm just praying i get out of here with my life tonight. >> see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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