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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  November 10, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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re philippines so they are helpless. we don't have water anymore, we don't have food. >> this is really, really light. this is worse than hell. worse than hell. >> relief can no reach the philippines soon enough after one of the most powerful natural disasters ever recorded. and an entire bay area neighborhood warned to stay inside as a fire sends up plumes of toxic smoke. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. that fire is under control, but smoke is still thick in the air in redwood city. people that live by sims meadow management have an air quality advisory. they were told to stay in place, but as brian webb reports, not everyone listened. brian? >> reporter: yes, residents were told if you can see or smell the smoke to stay inside. still plenty of people out and about in the area tonight and still plenty of smoke back behind me, putting off a smell something like burning metal and plastic and it is not
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pleasant. smoke filled the skies, filling up the south bay with nasty smell of burning metal, keeping some people from getting home. >> i'm trying to get down the street to my boat, that's where i live. but the fire is preventing anybody to access it. >> reporter: started around noon today. a recycling center that crushes cars and appliances, sends the scrap metal mostly to china. and it's not the company's first fire. >> it seems to be happening like once a year. it goes up in smoke and flames and that it is just a big smell of wonderful fumes. >> one of the largest in the bay area. a few years ago epa found toxins like mercury and lead seeping from sims into the bay. but today it's not a water issue. the problem is in the air well all smoke is harmful. you don't want to breathe any smoke whether or not it is barbecue smoke. it's an industrialized operation here. so yeah, that's why the shelter
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in place was ordered. >> reporter: wind carried the smoke to the the southwest over 101. and right over the mobile home park. residents, they were warned to stay inside, but these kids, they didn't listen. >> they said it was pretty true. like if you read it here, then they might cause cancer or something like that. >> what are you doing outside in >> chilling. >> reporter: no injuries reported so far. we don't know how that fire began either, but it is at the bottom of the large scrap metal pile. and it could be burning for some time to come. live in redwood city, brian webb, kpix 5. >> since claims are the largest metals in the recycling for the world. it dipped across the globe. tens of thousands of people in the philippines are struggling for basic necessities tonight in the wake of the tie fan haiyan. water, communication, it is all done.
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a shop owner standing outside his store what gun trying to hold aflutter -- store waving a gun trying to hold off luters. >> residents are picking off the town looking for victims. the typhoon killed as many as 10,000 people in one city alone. thousand haves no place to live and nothing left, but the clothes on their backs. this victim says that we need help as we don't have anything to eat. haiyan barreled through the philippines on friday with winds gusting up to 170 miles an hour and a massive storm search. homes were scattered across and didn't stand a chance. but the president of the philippines toured the hard-hit areas. >> it is a big thing for the source of living, especially those injured, looking for food and water. >> reporter: aid from around the world is starting to make its way to victims. a plane loaded with supplies
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left germany on sunday. in japan the u.s. marines loaded the c130 with humanitarian aide before heading to the philippines. officials they the typhoon impacted up to four million people. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> president obama issued a statement today saying he's deeply saddened by the life of loss sex tensive damage caused by the typhoon as he promises significant improvements. the local filipino company is doing what it can to help. >> reporter: the pastor bob on guitar leads the congregation in song and prayer for victims of typhoon haiyan. >> we also lift up the troops deployed out in the philippines right now. >> reporter: filipinos in the bay area continue to provide shipments of necessities to the extended families in the philippines. now the need is beyond competition. >> the surrounding churches in the city that have members from
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san francisco and around the peninsula that have rallied so quickly. >> help will come not just from church folks or filipinos. >> to collect collections and support and donations, non- parishable items and for their victims and families. >> the donations were piling up here at san bruno in el camino real. they will work through the poorest of the poor in the filipino communities. >> do you have family in the philippines? >> i do. >> reporter: have you heard from them? >> i have not. it is hard to get in touch with them. >> i have my 11-year-old here today. trying to teach them of the importance that if one needs help, you help them. >> reporter: her son enjoys learning the lesson. >> at first i was a sign holder. but then now i'm helping to bring out the food from peoples cars. >> reporter: it is likely to take a month or longer for these supplies to reach the philippines. but workers here say it's okay
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because the aftereffects and the needs are likely to last much longer than that. in san bruno, don knapp, kpix 5. >> they are collecting monetary donations to help with the relief efforts. for a link to their website, go to all right take a look inside your refrigerator tonight. a richmond-based company called glass onion catering is recalling more than 90 tons of pre-packaged salads and sandwiches. federal health officials say it's because of a possible echo lee outbreak. 26 people in three states, including california say they got sick after eating the product. >> usually these salads are pretty easy. you take them for lunch. so yeah, it is pretty consuming. >> some of the brands include trader joe's, super fresh foods and delish. check out the full list on under news links.
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big heated debate boiling tonight. opponents say they've collected enough signatures for a ballot initiative to repeal it. the law aims to reduce discrimination by allowing transgender kids on whether or not they want to use a boys or girls restroom and which sports team to join. a conservative group claims that it violates the privacy of the non-transgender students. they submitted 620,000 signatures to get their initiative on next year's ballot. and the massive bay bridge project will go to the microscope this week as statelawmakers have scheduled a hearing for next wednesday as the new eastern span is one of the largest following the 1989 twitter earthquake. but it didn't come easy or cheap as the problems are snapping the seismic safety rules, it costs billions on where they expected, taking years longer. >> so from europe we have the east coast and the big dig from boston to talk about these projects and why they have come
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in so overbudget. the state senator is sharing the committee looking into the projects. also one of the big critics. the big battle is over, but the war on the water front is just getting started. some of the people, they will be opposing the arena as i recognize that. >> coming up tonight on 5 news at 11:00, mike sugerman will explain why the big water front arena lance may not be a slam dunk after all. and tomorrow americans, they will pause to honor our veterans in the past and the present. but the bay area, they didn't want to wait to show their appreciation as kpix 5 will take us on out to san francisco's 94th annual veteran's day parade. >> reporter: the veterans day parade has an impromptu feel about it. they don't even stop traffic on market street until the first motorcycles begin pulling out.
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and there's a reason why so many veterans are drawn to this particular form of transportation. >> veterans wan to be free after we have done our tour for serving the country. and the the motorcycles, you know, it is adding up. >> yes , yes, that's it. >> reporter: it's not always the most welcoming place for those who serve, especially during the vietnam war. but most here say that has changed. >> it is really nice that people, you know, will start backing it up. it would have been nice 40 years ago. but you know what, i'll take it any way i can get it. >> the reason that we're doing a good job is because the vietnam vets say it is not happening to these guys as we will make sure they get welcomed home. >> reporter: this parade had all the usual stuff, politicians, marching bands, and lots of flags. but there weren't a whole lot of spectators. no one was here representing the current branches of the military. but david gand was here, marching in the first parade since that day he landed on
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utah beach in normandy when he was only 18 years old. >> a lot of people would say that you're a hero. what do you say to them when they say that? >> i say i was just doing my job. i think that is all we were doing, we had to do our part somewhere. >> reporter: on this day the city did its part. expressing gratitude to those who answered the call of duty. but many of them are having a hard time. and the feeling here is the country's duty to help them that shouldn't end when the parades are over. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. >> most government offices will be closed tomorrow for veteran's day and there won't be any mail. most library schools and banks will also be closed. and transit service will be light. cal train, ac transit were all on sunday's schedules. bart will be on a holiday schedule. still to come. i'm not really bothered by the fact that it is a virtual
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dad. >> how more and more military families are close than ever. and my actions were coming from a place of love, no matter how bad and how vulgar it sounds. >> they're accused of bullying a teammate to help his side of the story. what goes up must come down. a one-time sat l -- a one-time satellite force. >> we'll cover the forecast for you after the break. ,,,,,, ,, ,,
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richie incognito is telling side of the story. he's been suspended following allegat of bullying a teammate -- st richie incognito is telling his side of the story. suspended, following the allegations of bullying on the grad for jonathan martin. we've got more for you. >> they say that they are not a racist, even though that he used the n word in voices and text messages to teammate jonathan martin. >> to judge me by that one word is wrong. in no way, shape, or form is it ever acceptable for me to use that word, even if it is friend to friend on the voice mail. >> reporter: the suspended
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player said he is embarrassed by his actions, but shade the words came from a place of love and no matter how vulgar they sounded. martin left the dolphins just two weeks ago. accusing incognito and others of harassments, including the racial slurs. >> this is an issue about my and john's relationship where i have taken stuff too far. i didn't know it was hurting them. >> reporter: he sent him a friendly text after leaving the team. martin did not blame them for the departure, saying that the culture around the football and the locker room got to him a little bit. he has not spoken publicly about that issue. but it is expected to discuss that case next week with the nfl special investigators. danielle nottingham, cbs news.
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officials, they say most of it happened when they reentered that atmosphere. and when debris was left, it probably landed in that ocean. and they have been descending ever since they ran out of fuel last month. this one is unique and it is a large spacecraft. >> as for your odds of getting hit with a piece of falling space junk? don't waste your time worrying about it. you are 250,000 times more likely to win that lottery. well that satellite isn't the only thing that gas prices are happening. the national average for a gallon of regular is now $3.22. drivers in tulsa, oklahoma, they are paying the least at $282. san francisco, they still have the highest prices in the
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lowest 48 at $3.67. statewide average is $3.59. well a decade of war in iraq and afghanistan has seen an entire generation. military children, grow up with a parent deployed overseas. manuel shows us that they are staying connected like never before. >> reporter: her father made it just in time for dinner. >> hey dad. >> hey sweetheart. >> reporter: but the army cornel won't be seated in texas. he is in cabo, afghanistan, ten time zones away. her children have seen him more on their phones and computers, than they have in person. >> i'm not really bothered by the fact that it's a virtual dad. >> reporter: because of face time, allison, who's a junior at university of texas in austin has been able to stay connected in real time. >> a lot of the times when i'm talking to him, i'll show him the outside. >> do you think that helps him? >> yeah, i think so. >> reporter: the school psychologists council the
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military families near fort bragg. >> to get a text from parents in the war zone saying they're fine is a lot different than being able to see them on a video screen saying that they are fine. because then you can eventually see they are okay. >> reporter: each year the department of defense invest billions in family-support programs in providing text support that's a key part of their approach, even in here. army specialists dialed in to witness the birth of his child at a uso center in afghanistan. >> i was like oh i'm not going to cry, i'm not going to cry. and i kind of broke down. >> reporter: after his daughter was born, he stayed in constant contact with her through the computer. his wife, brittany, says that the the technology seals an emotional bond, long before he came home. >> he wasn't there when she was born, and almost two months later for him to hold her, she knows his voice when she saw him. and she went right to him.
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>> reporter: they allow the service members to function more as a family for the connection that does not completely erase the concerns. >> the last thing they need to do is worry about us. >> it's not a hug, but the next best thing. that sense of the psychological stability that will come from being connected. >> reporter: and making every moment count. >> okay, bye, i love you. >> bye, i love you too. >> reporter: cbs news, belton, texas. >> it has changed. all right happening tonight, you were talking about rain a little bit yesterday? and now we have a little less rain? >> yes, a little bit of talking about a little less rain. hardly talking at all. >> i know. >> i get to feel fine, you know, and hang in there. i know that i will. we've got fairly chilly conditions on out in the bay area tonight. and some patchy fog is forming. 50 degrees at concord, oakland at 54. san jose with 54 degrees.
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tomorrow morning we've got the patchy fog. sunny and chilly otherwise. numbers in the lower 50s. partly cloudy for veteran's day, which looks pretty good. warm in the upper 60s. here is how it looks. the satellite and the high pressure is still in command of the west coast. this is very juicy moisture down here with a lot of moisture. but the high pressure over the state is strong enough and so it all gets shot in the north. the high is not a big factor today, but opens up the door enough to allow that low pressure to get close. but after tuesday and a big chance of the few showers on down to the golden gate on tuesday, high pressure will build back in and challenges all of that to the north. so to sum it up, ann, would you sum it up? >> monday looks mild, mostly north bay rain. on monday and tuesday and then dry weather returns. there you go. >> very nice. i appreciate the break. san francisco, we're looking for a mostly sunny sky, southwesterly wind to 20. high of about 54.
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los angeles, 75 tomorrow. we've got snow in chicago at 43 degrees. new york's got sunshine and 54. overnight lows tonight, we're looking at upper 40s and the lower 50s. for the bay area tomorrow, san jose at 73 degrees. cupertino at 71. santa clara, 69. in the east bay still in the low 70s tomorrow. and in san francisco, 62. we do get some sun. i sound pretty terrible, don't i? >> you do. >> the extended forecast, we've got the rain coming in to the north bay on monday night. it'll spread south on tuesday morning to about the golden gate. and then away it goes. later half of the week, plenty of sunshine and chilly temperatures at night. >> yeah. >> as you can see there. you did very well. >> everybody has to tune in tonight at 11:00 on kpix 5 to see if he has any voice left. >> that'll be exciting. cute overload with a group of baby pandas learning a valuable lesson. well, they are trying, anyway. ,, when our little girl was born,
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cubs in southwest china as they're learning to climb a tree for the first time. it's a scope they need to survive in the wild. but as you can see these guys, they need some work. researchers say that it will probably take them a few months to learn. not everyone is really interested as you can see. a few of them, they actually fell asleep during class. by the way the bears lost today. and the raiders, thank you, i'll be here all week as they are looking at their ten-game losing streak in the eastern time zone. and they would have nothing here today. instead you can see what they are doing next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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customs on the return trip . i don't need the entire mine to show you all the touchdownsm candelstick... deangelo wils was the only one to find the endzone... the two teams
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combined for four field goa. colin kaepernick was sacked season high six times and hd to 91-yards passing... caro wins 10-9 to snap san winning colin kaepernick with the season high six times. that was a 91-yard passing as they were 10-9 to snap that five-game losing streak. the raiders, they were not much better. up 24 -- up 20-14. and the big interception, setting them up for the go ahead score. they failed to throw that touchdown for them on the third straight game. brown, they ran for 150 yards and a touchdown for the season debut as they had 24-20 and they fall to 3-6. well they picked up their first win since last november, going into tennessee to beat them 29-47. and they scored three goals in the second to tie it up, another late in the third to force that overtime and then to pick their only lead in the night for the shootout. they beat them winless. and it is their last five games. >> all right, that's it for us. we'll see you at 11:00.
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