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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  November 15, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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table. commuters have been ready. how soon the fourth bore of caldecott tunnel could open. freeing up space on the roa. and... he saved the city... stole everyone's hearts. the adventures of batkid getting attention from the bay area. all the way to the white ho good evening i'm elizabeth . and i'm ken bastida. tonight gotham city by the y is safe... thanks to one spl little superhero. he fought off villains... saved the giants' mascot... and rescua damsel in distress... all in a day's work... for batkid. thousands of people came out to support the caped crusad. packing the streets... and following the spectacle as batkid proved his bravery throughout the city. andria borba is in the hear gotham city with how batkid stole hearts across the nation...
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from comic book page to childhood dream to make a wh "batkid" got a hero's welco. juliette goodrich has that
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part of the story.
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including here in "gotham c itself. a special edition of the chronicle reads: "batkid sas the city." and due to high demand -- the chronicle will print this updated cover -- complete with pictures of today's adventures... in tomorrow's newspapers. and how cool is this: the m who drew batman for d-c coms through the 90's... tweeteds custom drawing of batkid. it came with a special message miles... and is signed by gm nolan himself. we've posted raw video of b- kid's adventures today onli. you can also find informatin how to donate to the make-ah foundation. just go to kpix dot com and click on the st new at ten -- the bart board is telling the general manager to head back to the bargaining table... over a glitch in t new contract. the unions ratified it. but when it is was reviewed before the board's scheduled
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vote -- there was a problemh the clause over paid family leave. bart insists it was mistake... and should not he been in the final contract. the union says both sides signed off... and bart should pass it. bryant "it's very disappoing the district would take this stance when they know they a signed agreement" murray "going to be very costly to keep the clause in and i d't see how we can." the bart board says costs a part of problem with the provision. it is also going to appoint new chief negotiator. in just a matter of hours, e fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel is set to open. it will add two more lanes. giving the caldecott four l in each direction. and commuters can't wait. kiet do is on the orinda sif the tunnel. kiet.
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. >> crews will repaint if you lines. caltrans said it will open overnight so crews are under pressure to get it done. >> this is a big year for us. i don't know that it's not the biggest year we've had since 1936, 1937. that's when the golden gate bridge opened the bay bridge opened and the first tunnel opened. >> drivers going in reverse commute directions will see the biggest time savings. going eastbound in the morning
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they will save five minutes off the drive. westbound drivers in the afternoon will save 8 to 10 minutes. >> certainly the biggest advantage is going to be in the counter commute hours but we're having congestion in both directions of the day so we're always a little behind. >> reporter: caltrans says the fourth bore will open sometime after midnight in the early morning hours. they don't want to give an exact time they don't want a bunch of look he looks here. it will happen in just a few hours. we're live at the fourth bore president. >> it's not something you come across very often on the internet. a google street view of a body laying on the ground. >> the murder mystery still unsolved. >> reporter: the images found on google street view are disturbing. an aerial shot of sanford avenue in richmond and a grim geographical marker. zoom in and you can clearly see a crime scene cop cars and
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officers and look closely, a body. until now it's been a mystery but rich horde police confirm the aerial shot was taken in august 2009. the same day the body of this 14-year-old boy was found in the area. >> police say that boy was kevin beerier a. the fact that google happened to be shooting images in the area that day pure coincidence. >> it's painful to see those pictures on the internet. >> reporter: jose bar era kevin's father saw the images of the crime scene for the first time tonight. >> it brings me back, you know memories. >> the family knows he was walking in the neighborhood and called his friend on the cell phone to tell him someone was following him. jose wants google to remove the
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images. but he sees the silver lining. four years after his son's murder chance to appeal to police and the public for answers. in richmond kristin airs kpix 5. >> we reaped out to google and they have not gotten back to us. take a loot this guy san rafael police suspect him of robbing a citibank on northgate drive around 11:00 this morning. if you know anything about this man, give san raphael police a call. on stand by to help the thousands of people devastated by the super typhoon. how the u.s. navy is gearing up to help off the california coast. a plan to bring the toll up to $8. how soon it could happen on the golden gate bridge. and improving your shot with a special sleeve. the high tech basketball tool developed right here in the bay area. could have played a little basketball outside this evening. it would have been chilly.
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it is temperatures in the 40s. live look outside shows you main lie clear skies, but we've got some changes coming. the timing of our rain chance has moved. details next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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raul ramirez died at his berkeley t ncer . >> juan to pay our respects to bay area journalist. raul ramirez died of cancer of the esophagus. >> he was at kqed radio. he worked at the oakland tribune and san francisco examiner. he taught at fs state and cal and was a vocal advocate for diversity in journalism. he was 67. we're getting a better idea how badly and deadly super typhoon h really was high yan really was in the phillipines. dead stands at 6 million. 1100 people are listed as missing. 600,000 are still homeless. a massive navy hospital ship off the southern california coast is gearing up to deploy to the phillipines to help out.
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be gat s is in san diego where crews are loading up tons of supplies. >> reporter: stretching nearly 900 feet. the u.s. naval ship mercy is one of the largest hospitals in the country. its crew is on stand by. they could set sail for the phillipines as early as sunday with more than a thousand palests of food and mit meth sin. >> how many people does it take to get this ship ready? >> literally shuns of people are work together right now to prepare the ship to get underway in five days, costa helped stock the mercy last year for buy annual humanitarian mission to southeast asia it can treat nearly 300 patients a day and could help some of the 12,000 injured in the phillipines. >> the ship can hold a medical staff of 1200 people from dentists to surgeons. the military must first determine what the greatest needs are in the phillipines before they decide who to send.
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5,000 sailors and marines aboard the usss gorge washington are already assisting with relief efforts. 600 u.s. troops are on the ground providing aid at least 1,000 more are on the way. >> the biggest obstacle is time. >> this is nothing short of an olympic sprint. >> reporter: if deployed mercy could dock off the cold front of the phillipines as early as mid december. hospital ship mercy is expected to join other u.s. navy and marine ships already in the phillipines. the u.s. military has delivered 622,000 pounds of supplies to that disaster zone since monday. kpix 5 and radio partners held a tell ton 0 to raise money for the typhoon victims and thanks to you we've been able to bring in $410,000. if you missed the phone lines you can still give. there's still time at
10:16 pm a flare-up at the refinery in concord triggered a hilt advisory the faculty had -- the facility had a power outage this morning that led to its doing a burn off. it lasted for about 30 minutes and created a black plume. a warning was issued to people in the area because of the smoke. the golden gate bridge district considered plans today to raise the toll to as much as $8 by 2018. it's to make up for a projected budget deficit. no decision was made. public outreach meetings are planned for early next year to discuss proposals. basketball players are hoping to step up their game now have some high tech help. a sunnyvale start up has created a sleeve that helps you improve your shot. >> reporter: some people are born to play basketball. others are less skilled. but advances in wearable
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technology may offer hope for the hopeless like me. this sleeve is embedded with sensors take can boost your basketball game. >> we can actually model how the ball is going to trajectory of the ball as it leaves your hand. >> reporter: the device was developed by what virginia do technologies. the goal is for you to shoot more consistently and have good form. to do that the sleeve uses three sensor modules one on the bicep the second on the forearm the third on the back of the hand. >> small sensor nodes it has a three axis compass it can very accurately detect where it is in space. >> reporter: using that data a speaker built into the sleep provides immediate feedback. a buzz signals poor form. but after a good shot there's a victory tone. a companion app drills into the data further telling you the exact angle of your wrist, the height of your arm and more. >> we want to give you the one
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concrete thing that will make you a better performer. >> reporter: all athletes whether kids or pros stand to benefit. it's already tapped youth basketball coach derek thompson to test the technology. his take, the sleeve is a slam dunk. >> the experience is off the chart. i have muscle memory now. >> reporter: bravado's future plans include a leg sleeve as well as a full body suit that would work to other sports. the sleeve is expected to cost around $200 and start selling in late 2014. in san francisco cbs news. full bionic like jonny for cast. >> full bionic. head to toe. >> you couldn't handle the bionic forecast. >> no. >> blow your mind. >> just jump. all right, it's the weekend. you want to get outside you can. you might need a light jacket. it's not going to be as warm outside but yeah you guessed it it's going to be dry.
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for the 9th consecutive weekend. live look outside san jose good evening to you. everybody is cooling off pretty rapidly that cloud cover has not thickened up so we're going to be in the 40s. 49 for the city. 43 fremont. livermore dropping down to 43. check out napa santa ross a. you'll be down near 39 degrees. this dry streak has run 55 days. tomorrow guaranteed to be 56. within that time span that 8 week stretch we slough received more than 2 and-a-half inches of rain. we received one big goose egg. as we look toward the weekend your forecast will help up to napa. the city of calistoga cloudy start tomorrow little bit of sunshine in the afternoon high 63. the sunny choice will be sunday. the west coast actually is getting a lot of activity. heavy mountain snow east of portland, east of seattle that's sliding down. we've will thunderstorms and blowing dust in arizona. lots of activity but none for us that big ridge of high pressure is still protecting us and will over the weekend. there will be a front that
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passes by cloudy cooler no rainfall. next week that channels and the date hassled changed. latest computer models say it will be on tuesday that the ridge slides down to the south allowing low pressure area to move through. the front to get here we will see some showers out there coming up on tuesday. what to expect. we're looking at staying cool for a while temperatures staying mere or below normal. weekend front will be a near police. the next one will give us some rain next tuesday. highs tomorrow 63 for livermore 63 san jose. sunnyvale which hit a high of 62. afternoon shops pleasant villain pittsburgh. 61 in the city nevada 62. lower 60s for clover kale. your extended forecast sunny he err on sunday chilly sunny on monday showers move in on tuesday after that he dry out wednesday through friday that's your kpix 5 forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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. could get easier to switch cell phone service providers once your contract is up. the federal communications commission chairman says that he'll push the wireless industry to unlock customers phones at no extra charge when contracts are done. that way customers can switch providers if they want to. it is illegal to unlock a phone yourself. ford's f150 pick up is at the top of the best selling vehicle in 2013. according to a new forbes list ford sold more than 623,000 ever series pick ups so far this year. that's up nearly 20% from a year ago. ford hopes to hold on to the
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top shot in 2014 with its new design for the f150. and the chevy silverado is if second so far this year followed by the toyota camry honda accord and dodge ram. ahead shark sightings north of the border. who are the new york yankees of gotham city high school volleyball. we got the answer and you'll only seat here. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thats logan cout . this next minute just hang on to something. logan couture story of the shark trip to edmonton. they pounded the gold as joe pavelski putting it between the
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pipes late in the first. thomas hurdle makes it 2-0. patrick marleau capped with a nice pass sharks beat the oilers 3-1. terrelle pryor doesn't look like he'll do but matt mcdiminish is next you at houston for his first nfl starts. let's go back to indiana. the pacers pulling a perfect to they made it 9-0 tonight with a win over the pill mill. lincoln mustangs gotham city championship rematch of last year all lincoln. justin chong 19 yards 2nd quarter run to make it 21-0. they win 34-0. am really april plain for the final touch lowell pulled off 29th gotham city volleyball title. 3 straight 25-18 scores over balboa. >> nobody else has that but us right. >> only.
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only on this station. >> see you at 11:00. ,,,, [son] all right,she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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