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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  October 17, 2015 10:30pm-11:05pm CDT

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that's all i tried to do tonight and last week it was the red zone and this week, i got a chance to play i i the second half andnd i tookdvantage of that. >> heather: how does your mindset and philosophy change ce it goes from the red zone to what it turned into the second half? >> it woubt differentld be different if i just ran the ball, but it was jus going into our regular offense and doing, i mean, normal things. it's not anything different from going red zone to the open field. >> heather: what is the key in your mind to making this multiple quarterback situation. coach said it wouldn't work would your personality. what is the key to you? >> for us, it's just knowing that at the end of the day, doing what's best for the team. me and cardale have that mind set. and really doesn't matter who gets the glory, who gets the stats, anything like that. well worry about winning and i think that's the teaea philososhy. at's what we try to do in the system we have.. >> heather: certainly worked well tonight. j.t., congrats on a great performance. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> chris: that's what you hope your quarterback would say in that situation.% no doubt he wants to get back
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the at&t strong performance looks at the two 100-yard rushers. barrett averaged more than nine yards per carry. two touchdown passes. elliott, again, with 153, has hit the 100-yard mark, 12 games in a row. >> kirk: just a really nice job by ohio state, having a balanced running game and there was a jolt. you could feel the plan was, when ohio state got into the red zone, maybe they would see more and more j.t. barrett like last week. you saw more of him in the open field and it just does. the quarterback threat opens up so many different aspects of this offense where you can run j.t. barrett. you can run zeke elliott and you can use play action off of it, makes it very, very tough to stop. that's who they wereastear with barrett until the iury and when cardale jones stepped in. >> chris: they go to rutgers next week. bye, minnesota, here, at illinois. massive fave riflts in those three games. setting up the end of the season. michigan state and then at michigan. going to be interesting down the stretch.
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they have to stay focused week to week and not get excited about the last two games. >> chris: an ohio statement here in cocombus. 38380 is the final here.e. tonight's game pro. for kirk herbstreitit heatherer cox, our entire team here in frosty columbus, chris fowler saying good night. time for the ford wrapup show and cassidy hubbarth. thanks, chris. so many wild plays on this showdown saturday. but none crazier than the blunder at the big house. michigan state had a .2% probability to beat michigan before the final play of the game. further proof you always play to the final whistle. ten seconds to go. michigan punting up two points. blake o'neill muffs the punt. recovered by jalen watts jackson for the game-winning touchdown. sparty with their first lead of the day,oming as t t clock hitstsero. unfortunately, the hero, jalen watts jackson hurt his hip during the celebration and had
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to be taken to the hospital after the game. stay tuned to for the latest on his status. but michigan state with the improbable win. little brother once again taking home the paul bunyan trophy. they've won seven of their last eight over the wolverines. here's mark dantonio on the twild wild, wild win. >> we just came in here, something that we felt like we had to prove. and, i don't know, you know, i guess we won on a crazy play, but we played hard and with conviction. >> what's this win mean f f your program? >> we're 7-0, we advance.that's what it means. that's --- in the big picture, our dreams are still alive. >> thanks, coach. congratulations. >> thank you. another crazy play, florida/lsu. tigers lined up to kick a field goal. trick play. 16 yards. the mad hatter magic at it again. tigers hand the gators their first loss of the season. leonard fournette, 31 carries and two touchdowns. alabama and texas a&m.
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fitzpatrick was huge in this game. a 55-yard interception return. his second pick six of the day. alabama wins. derek henry, 236 yards rushing andwo tds in the 41-23 win. hughghreeze and number 13 ole miss visiting undefeated memphis. third quarter. paxton lynch. play action. throws deep and finds frazier for t 31-yard touchdown. memphis, 6-0 gr the first time since 1961. ole miss, 2-2 since beating bama. usc in their first game after firing steve sarkisian. close game. go ahead td. notre dame scored the final 17 points of the me. they win it 41-31. arizona statete and utah over on espn rightht now. utah leading arizonana state, 7-0, midway through the first, kicking off to the sun devils
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tim white, gone. 100 yards for the touchdown. arizona state would tie it up at seven. right now, utah up 14-10 in the second, again, this game on espn. number 20 northwestern taking on number 17 iowa. second quarter. wadley. this kid had a game. 35-yard touchdown run here. part of a 204-yard rushing day. four tds. iowa wins 40-10. they are 7-0 for the first time since 2009. elsewhere, baylor tyiyi the fbs record f f consecutive 60-pointnt games with its fifth in a row. trevone boykin, he's having quite a season. 436 yards passing, four touchdowns and adding a rushing score for his sixth straight four-touchdown game. boykin, man, oh, man. dalvin cook paced florida state with 163 yards on the ground also they beat louisville by 20. desean watson, he had his second career 400-yard passing game in clemson's win over boston college.
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have a great week. (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer.
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* company sky cam hd. temperatures are already chilly, mid
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clear skies and chilly, although warmer than the last two nights, getting down to 40 degrees. warmer temperatures coming tomorrow and monday, i'll let you know how warm next but first here's allison with your local news! "sound of race car clear skies on the port neal welding company sky cam hd. temperatures are already chilly, mid to upper 40s. tonight, mostly clear skies and chilly, although warmer than the last two nights, need for speed...takes him to the top. "we do not want our iowa tax payer dollars being taken out of our pockets and giveto planned parenthood" protestors take the fight against planned parenthood right to governor branstad's door. " " two of thebiggest stars in the reality t-v game came to sioux city to meet
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their siouxland fans. allison good evening and thanks for joining us... i'm allison warren for the first time in 22 years... an iowa dirt track racer is the reigning national champ of the modified division. and he's from right here in sioux city. abc9 news reporter deborah souverain met with the new champ today... and brings us his story. inside the dirt track... you can hear the engines roar... the fans cheering... rt flying into the air... and cars going over 150 mph... this is where chris abelson feels the most at home. "i'm pretty calm and confident, the biggest thing is trying to anticipate ere the other ivers are going to go and where you havevehe possibility of makino a pass," said abelson. chris abelson went from a dirt track
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racing getting behind the wheel himself. natpop -- abelson getting into car in his 13 years behind the wheel...he's racked up...dozens of awards... and after one failed attempt... he now hold's the top the 20-15 national modified division champion....of the international motor contest association.. which is the largest dirt race track organization i ithe country. "went t r it a little bit last year and ended up fourth in the points and just got lucky this year and got some lucky breaks," said abelson. this video from a 2011 a taste of what abelson can deliver on the track. race car enginin running for the full t te is just a hobby. and while he enjoys the rush of winning. abelson says he returns to the track for other reasons. "i've met a lot of friends through out doing this that's what kind of keeps you going. you look
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forward to seeing different that you see at the tracks," said abelson. he's the first iowa driver to win the i- m-c-a natioal modified title in over two decades.... and abelson says he doesn't plan on stopping any time soon. chris will receive his championship trophy at the national i-m-c-a awards banquet... next month in lincoln, nebraska. allison: dozens of protestors gathered right outside of governor branstad's mansion today. branstad has been under pressure from iowa republicans to elminate all government funding for planned renthood... but the govenor says he doesn't have legal authority to strip planned parenthood of taxpayer funding... an effort to do so could lead to alawsuit... this group doesn't agree. " we do not want our iowa tax payer dollars being taken out of our pockets and given to planned parenthood to support the slaughter of the next generation of iowa " allison: the governor says that according to the iowa attorney general's office... planned parenthood hasn't violated their responsiblities under the grants they've recieved from the state.. he feels if the case went to
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court... the state would lose. allison: the eppley auditorium was rocking today... when some of the best drummers in the e ea competing ininhis years drum fest. it was the fourth annual drum fest in sioux city... and this year... 25 area drummers took part in 18 different competitions... including fastest on a foot petal.... fastest freestyle... and fastest snare. matt van meter... the ceo of drumfest... says the best part of the event is bringing drummers of all styles together " wanted to do somthing like this where we can bring people and dummers of all differnet genre's and they all get along and they all have a great time and they have a common goaland that to just go in there and have fun" allison: this yeaeas special guest was youtube sensation mey-tel cohen. who famous for her brum covers of famous songs. allison: and if drumming isn't your thing... there was another fun event that let siouxlanders express their
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locacabusinesses took to the stage for this year's lip sync championship! while people beltedut some tunes for fun... it was all in an effort to raise funds for camp high hopes. but guests didn't have to sing to enjoy themselves. the party also included a costume contest, psychic, magician, photo booth and a silent auction of ceramic pumpkins painted by local artists. "the haunted lodge partrtis just a great venue for a fundraiser. it's the fun part of fundraiser really comes out here, everyone's in costume really kinda takes the inhabitions down a bit. " allison: this is the camp's 4th annual haunted lodge party fundraiser. proceeds from the event will help to provide sponsorships for kids and adults with physical anan intellectual disabilities to attend sessions at the special needs camp in sioux city allison: storage wars fans had the chance of a lifetime... when two of its biggest stars were right here insioux city rene and casey nezhoda held a meet and greet at the hard rock
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today... spending some quality time with fans from siouxland. the rereity show stararsay they greatly enjoyed their time here in our city. "people of iowa and sioux city, i mean they are so friendly and made us feel so welcome, it's almost like our second home, we love it here, we love the whole life style and the atittude you guys have. " allison: the duo also hosted a raffle tonight... with the winner receiving 15- - thousand dollarsrs allison: are you a fan of vintage books and antique's? well the pierce mansion was the place to be today. while people were able to tour the historic mansion... a number of collectibles and books were sold at this year's peirce mansion antique and book sale. the sale is to raise money for general upkeep of the mansion... as well as a few planned remodel projects. kathy flinginger... a board member for the mansion... ys the book sale has been a great suess for them. " we're very excited. we've sold lots of nice things, and we've given people some bargains, and i think people have been real happy with it, so we'll probably do it again."
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allison: the mansion is listed on the national register of historic places. allison: nearly a thomsand kids in the quad cities will stay warm this winter... and its all thanks to the generous people in bettendorf. the bettendorf, davenport, and iowa-quad cities rotary clubs raised enough money to buy 996 winter jackets to donate to coats for kids. the jackets will go to children in falies with limited means.... helping kids out in many ways, once temperatures start to drop. " you can't go out and play with your peers, it's a confidence booster for those kids who come to school without a coat and receive a coat. so they feel like they're included. " allison: the coats will be delivered to kids at local schools, who sisied up for the coats for kids program. allison: about one thousand central iowans will be sleeping under the stars tonight at drake stadium. it's all part of the tenth annual reggie's annual sleepout. the event raises money to help
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fight homelessness in des moines. people who participate tonight are askeke to b bld shelters ououof cardboard in order to get the feel of living under the stars. each entry has a theme designed t@ bring to light some element of homelessness. organizers say it's just one night... but it can teach a valuable lesson. emma christianson, development coordinator for iowa homeless youth centers: "just the stress of not knowing where your next meal is coming from is incredible and we're doing what wewean here at iowa homeless y yth centers to h hp those youth." " allison: and it's going to be a chilly one... the temperature tonight is expected to dip into the thirties. participants say the rougher the weather, the more genuine the experience. allison: and speaking of a frigid experience... i'll tell you about this year's polar plunge... and why dozens of iowans jumpmp into ice cold waters. stay tuned for that story. elisa chilly tonight, temperatures are warming up and the week ahead, is fairly quiet. your forecast is next. " "
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quiet. your forecast is next. " " allison:
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the iowa departnt of natural resources released 2- thousand rainbow trout into the lake today. 200 of those were tagged, giving the folks there fishing a chance to win prizes if they caught one. d-n-r officials say the goal is to bring more people out to enjoy the lake. vance polton/fisheries nagement technician:" what we're trying to do i i isiset more people even realize thatthere's trout fishing in iowa... and a lot o people from the quad cities or south east iowa don't realize that so basically we're just trying to get them hooked on it " allison: d-n-r officials say the trout released are a neutral fish... meaning they have released are a neutral fish... meaning they have no positive or negative effect on the natural ecosystem. alalson: earlier today... several people dove in for davenport's annual polar plunge. crews from local schools, state and local police departments, and even a few familiar faces
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took the plunge. all the money raised goes to special olympics of iowa, helping tousands of special olympians train and compete competitions all over the hawkeyeystate. althoughghhe weather wasn't too bad for a dip today... the water was a little chilly... but that's wasn't about to stop the brave plungers from jumping in, for a good cause. "organizing it and getting the team together is harder but when you get out here, it's fun to watch all the other people jumping in, and then you find out how much money you raised to help 12 thousand special olympians in iowa, and it makes it all worth it, and actually every year you dodot, it's easier. " allison:n: sosolisa... would you take the plunge? allison/elisa it was cool out today! elisa 2 line cg: davenport's annual polar plunge. crews from local
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departments, and even a few familiar faces out here, it's fun to watch all the other people jumping in, 2 line cg: elisa raffa m clear skies on the kings pointe storm lake and the port neal weldi company sky caca hd. cold 35 this morning g t we made it into the 60s today! we didn't get that far yesterday. temperatures are chilly already, mid to upper 40s. breezy south wind from earlier has calmed, but it will get windy tomorrow which will help temperatures get above normal. tonight, mostly clear skies and chilly, although warmer than lala night, low 40. a fewew clouds, clear skies as high pressure is in control. high pressure on our stormcast hd pushes east, but it will still keep our southerly flow in place. windy tomorrow, gusts up to 30mph, and
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warmer, temperatures to break 70. winds stick around through t t overnight and pick up again on monday. at will push temperatures closer to 80! we'll stay dry through tuesday, just some more clouds. tuesday night we can see some scattered shers. tonight, 40 degrees, chilly and mostly clear. tomorrow, sunny and windy! temperatures are gettttg warmer, high 71. again, gusts up to 30mph. 7-day has windy days tomorrow and monday, but warm and dry. increase clouds on tuesday with late overnight rain chance. quiet for the most of the week, slight rain chance on friday. allison/elisa looking forward to warmer weather! thanks, elisa! clear skies on the kings pointe storm lake and the port
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neal welding company sky cams hd. cold 35 this morning but we made it into the 60s today! we didn't get that far yesterday. temperatures are chilly already, mid to upper 40s. breezy south wind from earlier has calmed, but it will get windy tomorrow which will help temperatures get above normal. tonight, mostly clear skies and chilly, although warmer than last night, low 40. a few clouds, clear skies as high pressure is in control. high pressure on our stormcast hd pushes east, but it will still keep our southerly flow in place. windy tomorrow, gusts up to 30mph, and warmer, temperatures to break 70. winds stick around through the overnight and pick up again on monday. that will push temperatures closer to 80! we'll stay dry through tuesday, just some
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more clouds. tuesday night we can see some scattered showers. tonight, 40 degrees, c clly and mostly clear. tomorrow, sunny and windy! temperatures are getting warmer, high 71. again, gusts up to 30mph. 7-day has windy days tomorrow and allison: when we come back...usdsd traveled to north dakota state ....and spoiler....the bison were on upset alert.... alex has the highlights next in sports. alex:
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valley opponents 2013. yotes visitete state....thehe haven't won in fargo since 1978. four-time
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defending fcs champs....ranked second in the latest polls... first quarter....carson wentz back to throw and he delivers a laser to darrius sheppard....37 yards...14-0 ndsu... but the yotes would respond...ryan saeger with a pretty touch pass to brandt van roekel...8 yard strike...usd within seven.... next coyote drive....saeger connects with gehlen catholic alum trevor bomma all the way down to the six.....and usd would punch it in to tie this game at 14-.... this game went down to the wire and as time expired....miles bergner hit a 33- yard field goal to win it...usd wins at ndsu for the first time since 1978....24-21 the final. wayne state on the road at augustana....the wildcats won this matchup last season 52-... first drive of the game for the vikings and they cash it in....c.j. ham hits the edge and that dude is gone....25 yards to the house...7-0 augustana.... five minutes
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later....trey heid calls his own name and the qb keeper works to perfection...he rumbles 25 yards to paydirt....vikings up it makes life easier when you have a mobile quarteteack.... second quarter now...ryan ludlow caps an n play, 10 minute drive...with the score...cats within seven but augustana would score 22 unanswered in the last quarter and a half to win it 50- 19. alex the last time iowa state hosted a top-three opponent, the cyclones upset oklahoma state in 2012. tonight, third- ranked tcu visited ames....could isu re-kindle that upset magic at jack trice stadium... electrtr atmosphere for this one......tcu won last season;s matchup 55-3. opening quarter....the cylones strike first...joshua thomas barrels his way into the endzone..isu takes the 7-0 lead... a few minutes now tied at seven...heisman hopeful trevone boykin strikes to kolby listenbee...horned frogs go up 14-7... but back come the cyclones...joel lanning to allen lazard...he somehow sheds a defender and
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goes 74 yards to the tied at 14...... then its mike warren putting isu on top 21-14 from four yards out....u.uet alert...but tcu scores 31 unanswered to silent the crowd...45-21 the final. iowa on the road at e hawks have won three of the last four in this series... opening quarter....jordan canzeri out with an ankle comes akrum wadley and he makes it happen...35 yards...9-0 iowa.. four mintues later...wadley agagn...four yard ore...hawks on top 16-0... second half now....wildcats within six until wadley scores his third touchdown of the game...iowa in front 23-0... and why not tie iowa's single game rushing touchdown mark while you are at it mr. wadley...204 yards...four scors... iowa wins at ryan field for the first time since 2007. 40- the final. nebraska 2-4 for the firsrstime
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picking things up third quarter...24-14 nebraska....tommy armstrong to cethan carter and he stretches for the pylon...touchdow n....31-14 nebraska... to the fourth we go....armstrong airing it out and look at demornay pierson-el...back from an injury...making an impact...14 yards....38-14... minnesota would make it close...but the blackshirts close it out on defense....joshua kalu.....with the pick...he e g-zags his way for the pick six.... nebraska wins first conference game...48-25. alex stop me if you have heard this one before, but morningside is leading the nation in multiple offensive caterogies. the mustangs top the charts, averaging 56 points and 575 yards of offense per game. third ranked morningside on the road this afternoon, taking on number 17 dakota wesleyan.... 1st quarter, dillon turner drops back and connects with hayden adams in the corner of the end zone for the 12 yard touchdown - still a 12-7 morningside
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