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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  October 29, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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young. a representative from iowa's alcholic beverages division says sioux city has the right to make the change... as long as it doesn't conflict with the state's ordanince. similar rules have been put in place in other cities. "they use zoning to limit sales or to restrict alcohol sales in some neighborhoods. they'll put extra rules in place that they have to sell so many...a certain percentage of their stock will have to be groceries and such," said bailey. frank lamere knows alcoholism is a problem in his community. about half of the people arrested for public intox in sioux city... are native americans. they're followed by caucasions who make up just over 32-percent of arrests. lamere says those people who need help aren't being connected with the right services. "and i'll be the first to say that as a native people, we need help. we know we have a problem. we want to get well, we want to get our families back together, but that takes help," said lamere. but area restrictions on alcohol sales the best first step? that will be up to the city council who would have to weigh the pros and cons down the road. in sioux city, bria bell abc 9 news bria:
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department's efforts gets the ball rolling for others in the community to get engaged and become aware of the alcohol issues that the city faces as they look to get a handle on it. live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news tim on cam a semi rig hauling hogs ended up on it's side just north of merrill tonight (thursday). plymouth county officials say the semi was headed south on highway 75 when it tipped at about eight oclock. officers are still investigating a cause for the mishap, but the truck tipped in the middle of a curve entering town. the driver was not injured and there's no word on the condition of the pigs on board. southbound traffic was slowed to one lane while crews worked to get the rig back upright. tim on cam governor branstad has a
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plan for out-of- state companies to take over iowa's medicaid program. but it's not going smoothly. the latest hiccup is this hearing.. that involves a former state lawmaker. renee schultee is on the one on trial. she's defending herself against accusations that she may have used inside, confidenditial information to help get one of those out-of- state companies selected to take over iowa's medicaid. the iowa hospital been opposed to plan from the this trial is only one of many concerns. ""greg 24:39 i think there's a lot of concern about the process that's been pursued and timelines tha thave been pursued, and ultimately whether it's in the bst interest of iowans across the state. " it's important to note that branstad's plan to privatize medicaid is not a done deal. the federal government still has to approve it, but this trial could totally sidetrack everything. we'll keep you posted... as this affects 560- thousand iowans.
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jenna: wisconsin congressman, paul ryan was elected as the new house speaker with the overwhelming support of republican members receiving 236 votes. addressing the chamber after receiving the speaker's gavel, ryan called the house "broken" and said he intends to push for more inclusion. ryan is replacing john boehner who served as speaker for 4 years. tim: many are saying wednesday night's republican debate was a breakout night for marco rubio. but there are still questions as to whether rubio can translate his debate victory into more money and a higher ranking in the polls. sunlen serfaty has more: " " momentum for marco rubio: (sen. marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate) " we can't afford to have another four years like the last." his strong debate performance: could be a breakout moment for his campaign:: (sen. marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate) "the democrats have the ultimate superpac and it's called the media -- they're called the
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mainstream media." but rubio today..trying to temper the hype. (sen. marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate) "we felt good about it, as we did with the other two debates. the election wasn't decided last night. we'll have another debate in 14 days. that will replace this one. it's part of the process." some damage control today from the bush campaign. ...after rubio had the debate their candidate needed. (tim miller/jeb bush's communications director) " marco obviously is a very talented debater. marco has good zingers. the other struggling candndates did what they could to break rough: (gov. john k kich /(r) presidential candidate) " i want to tell you my great concern is we're on the verge of perhaps picking someone who cannot do this job!." (gov. chris christie/(r) presidential candidate) " we have $19 trillion in debt, people e t of work, isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football? can we stop?" and despite being centerstage..the spotlight mostly avoided the front t runners. donald trump and bebecarson seemed to play it safe. ats) both fadinininto the background at times... providing an opoping for another insurgent candndate.ted cruz... to stand out by taking on the moderators. (sen. ted cruz/(r) presidential candidatat "how about talking about the isises people care e out?" ben carson today also taking aim at cnbc: : (dr. ben carson/(r) presidentialal candidate) " what it's turned into is a gotota. that's silly." ananis trying to organize the other republican candidates to push
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for changes to their next big encounter ... in less than two weeks. jenna: a brand new sioux city organization is getting local men involved in community. tonight was the new group called 100+ men who care. the group will just meet once a quarter to nominate worthy non-profit groups to be their beneficiary. after b charity is chosen, all the participants write a check for $100 to that group. the result is a sizable donation without a huge time committment. "we're really excited to get this first meeting going. we started off with this project hoping to make a big difference i siouxland and judging by the crowd here tonight and the folks that we have involved
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with this. we got no doubt, we're gonna make a difference for non-profits in the area." says chris liberto. the oup chosen this round was the warming short-term housing option for people going times. the next 100+ men who care meeting january. tim martin kleinschmit... known as a small town nebraska farmer, leader, recieved an incredible honor... an award from the white house. he was one of twelve farmers named a "champion of change" an award honoring men and women for occupational service. martin... for his dedication as an educator of sustainable farming in hartington, nebraska. "there's other people like us out there too, they want things to happen... to make things better for the future and i felt very priviledged to be one of those people. what a great time!" says martin kleinschmit, nebraska farmer honored in washington d.c. for his efforts as an educator of sustainable farming. elisa: martin has been farming organically for thirty years, but that's not why he recieved his award. in 1996 he started a group with local farmers so that together they can learn about
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the techniques of sustainable farming. he says it just made sense... no one made the same mistake twice. jenna: some siouxland kids are ready for competition. sports equiptment collected during a new "united way" project was handed out today. thanks to the first annual young leaders society sports equipment drive, hundreds of pieces of equipment is now available to 7 area non-profit organizations. each sent a wish list to the young leaders group asking for helping filling a need at thier agency. today (thursday) everything from balls to sticks and bags was available for pickup, providing kids with activity they might not otherwise get. ""it means alot to us because some of this stuff we don't even have at the club, it's i haven't even played with some of this stuff. i don't think i evered play golf and i want to learn." says 13 year old ernesto hernandez. "it is amazing what our community does do and the support it has for the non- profits in town. it really is a great community to be a part of." says jeff florke, chairman of the executive committee of the young leaders society at united way. florke says the idea for the "equipment drive"
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young leaders group who's own outgrown the equipment. " happy halloween" tim: around one thousand children and family members showed up tonight at elementary for -treat event. consisted of some parents decorating their vehicles and to kids all decked costumes. the event is to help kids have a safe and fun halloween experience. ""we thought we would just try something for the kids and families because we really wanna get family involvement and we thought this would be a good idea. and pto was nice enough to help us sponsor this and the teachers, all the teachers joined in and obviously it was a big success." says mimi moore, principal of spalding park elementary. mimi says that they plan to continue this event in the future. (fred) we have a cool night this event in the future. (fred) we have a cool night
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ead, and rain is still on schedule for late tomorroro your winter weather forecast is after the break. stay with us! " " (jenna) fred, you said it't' going to be coco tongiht! red) that's right, below freezing for most of us. 2 line super: fred hexomom fhexom@kcautv.c c om (fred) the port neal welding company
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today was 52 after a low of 36. peaceful weather is visible on the king's pointe skycam hd in storm lake. local temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. checking the satellite and radar, we can see the big low pressure system moving away from us, and taking the clouds with it. but you can see tomorrow's clouds already entering western nebraska and south dakota. this is the system that will bring us rain tomorrow evening. the stormcast hd shows high pressure to our south, and this will help to promote mostly clear skies tonight. that will result in freezing temperatures by sunrise. but clouds will quickly return tomorrow ahead of our next weather system, which will bring siouxland widespread light rain from late afternoon to early saturday morning. but the daytime on saturday will be dry, and we are
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forecasting a few ghosts saturday y evening! we'll start e rain forecast clock tomorrow afternooooat 4 pm. by ththtime we reach saturday morning, a tenth to a q qrter ofofn inch will be irly widespread around siouxland. your fororast tonight is for a low of 30 and mostst clear skies as the winds lighten. tomorrow, exexct a high of 53, mostly cloudy skies, and d rain likely in the late afternoon and evening. the 7-day recast shows 63 and mostly sunny for halloween! remember to set your clocks back on hour saturday night before you go to bed, since dayayght saving time ends at 2 sunday. sunday looks warm, with a high of 70 and plenty sunshine. mostly sunny and warmconditions continue nday and tuesday, with highs in the 70s. winds wiwi pick up wednesday as we cool down, andnde have a slight chance a shower thursday. it's time for the abc9 winter weather outlook! befo we talk about what's going to happen this winter, we need to talk about what happens in a normal winter. the polar jet stream gives us alternating shots of warm and cold air, and alternating patterns of quiet and stormy weather, while the pacific jet stream provides similarly varaible weather across the south. we are going to be in an el nino pattern this winter. that means that the
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somewhat and does not provide the active weather to siouxland and the northern us. the pacific jet stream, on the other hand, strengthens. that strong pacific jet robs all of the moisture and brings wet weather to the southern us. parts of the central us can be dry in this pattern, since they are so far removed from the jet stream. because the southeast is so stormy, it also is somewhat cool in an el nino. but because that polar jet stream stays tucked away to the north, it traps the cold air well north of us. that means the north central and northwestern us tend to be warmer than normal. what does that mean for our temperatures i'm forecasting average highs about 2 degrees above normal, on average, for november through february. march and april will likely be abou1 degree above normal. but remember, and this is important: cold snaps are still possible during a warmer winter! warmer only refers to average temperatures. how about snowfall? normal snow is 34.8". remember, we will be somewhat removed from that jet stream that brings us active weather, so i expect slightly lower than
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normal snow. i'm forecasting 30" through april. but, here's one final prediction: one large (8-10") storm. why am i forecasting a big storm in a winter with less snow than normal? head over to m for a look at how i
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(tim) very interesting! (jenna) thanks, fred! (fred) you bet! you bet! coming up in sports... class d football teams in nebraska kicked off the postseason tonight. we'll have action from west point, wynot, and randolph up ahead. tim plus we'll check out iowa regional semifinal action in sioux city, le mars, and sioux center. stay tuned to find out who's no
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between iowa's high school volleyball teams d the state tournament. tonight, class 3a, 4a and 5a teams took the court in regional semifinals. and we'll kick off the action here in town...fourteenth ranked east hosting north. early on...breonia farris smashes it through three blocks and down...north cuts the lead down to one. but back comes east...lexi underrated hitter in the area...that finds the floor and the lead is 3. then gabby roe...from the return for that...east out to an 8-2 lead. north would battle back...veronica boogerd gets it to fall off the block to cut it to two. but too much east tonight...kennedy franko with the heads up play, finding the hole in the defense...and the raiders will play ankeny centennial for a spot at state on tuesday. up in le mars...the bulldogs hosting heelan in a great
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sydney rand...too hot to handle from the line...dogs go up 6-5. and then check out this effort from krista zenk...big swing, and then sticks with it after the great dig...le mars clinging to a lead. but then taylor ferguson...serves up an ace of her own...we have a brand new set, all tied at 10. then heelan's net play comes up big...sam mccabe...just a sophomore for the crusaders...they take a one point lead. crusaders closing in on set point and grace hanno helps them get there...le mars takes the first, but heelan wins the next three to advance to a regional final. down in class 3a, a great ranked matchup between sergeant bluff luton and sioux center. third set...match ed at one....kylee christensen smacks one over....the warriors cut the sioux center lead to two.... next point...i.i sydney scholz...greatat
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angle! sb-l cuts the lele to 18-17..... but sioux center was in contrololf the third set.....alexis toering off the block.....they take the 23-19 lead.... and on set point...its toering again....smashing the kill right down the middle....sioux center takes set three 25-20.... but in set four....scholz puts sb-l out in front early....and the warriors go on to win a five- set thriller....3-2. other volleyball scores from tonight...spirit lake swept pocahontas area...they'll play sb-l next tuesday in sheldon for a trip to state. and in class 4a...heelan will take on carroll in schaller tuesday night...the tigers took down deniso schleswig in four. chris: after iowa got the ball rolling last night...high school football teams in nebraska got their chance tonight, beginning with class d. and we'll start with unbeaten gacc hosting mead...matt
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our sportszone partners at necc shot this game for us. first quarter. pass from bluejays nolan plagge to tanner ortmeier for 65 yard touchdown, 6-0 after a failed two point conversion. first quarter. tanner hass for 60 yards for a touchdown, 14-0 after a successful two point conversion second quarter. tanner hass for 15 yard touchdown, leaving the score at 36-0. in d-2, wynot hosting palmer earlier this in d-2, wynot hosting palmer earlier this evening. second quarter....wynot already up 30- 0....kaden reimers misplays the snap....and jerrett bruening stops him in his tracks...big loss ananon the next blue devil drive.e...jalen wiwieler hits a streaking dawson sudbeck ananhe gone! 66-yarar touchdown....36-0 wynot... but baba comes palmer....eimers with some
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redemption...he hits the edge and leaps over the pylon.....tigers on the board... then right before the half....cody stratman hits a seam and moves the chains....wynot wins big 66-20. elsewhere in d- 2...randolph welcoming johnson brock to town for some afternoon football. opening quarter....cardina ls up 8-0.....mason stubbs connects with drew loberg on the screen and he makes the eagles pay....16-0 early... next randolph drive...its that loberg kid once again....doesnt get much easier than that....10 yard score...24-0 cards.... johnson-brock would score 14 straight to cut the lead to ten....but loberg breaks it wide open in the second.....50-yard house call....randolph wins big 76-33. some other scores from the area tonight...pender's season comes to an end with a 75-23 loss at neligh oakdale and bloomfield moves on, the bees hang 80 on lourdes central catholic. creighton stays
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unbeaten with a 66-0 rout over fullerton and shifting into d- 2...lyons decatur northeast sees its season come to an end, 38-22 against lawrence nelson. also in d- 2...osmond falls on the road, 72-42 to osceola and emerson hubbard drops their playoff opener to falls city sacred heart, 52-18.
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live". tonight -- harrison ford. from "scandal", katie lowes. ouou10th annual half-and-half halloween pageant. and "this week in unnecessary censorship." with cletotond the cletones. and now, do not be afraid, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very nice, thank you
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for watching. thank you for coming. may the force be with all of you. you know, we decided that for our halloween show this year, obviously we'd all dress up like "star wars" characters. somehow i wound up princess leia. which made more sense before i had the beard. but makes very little. i could have been princess leia in the slave bikini so count your blessings. should i not be pointing this gun at people? don't worry, it's fake. let's go around and we'll go through everybody's costumes. first of all, to my right, my trumsed security guard guillermo. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you look fantastic. dodoou know who you are dressed up as? >> joda. jimmy: that's s ght. say that one more time. >uillermo: joda. >> jimmy: we dressededim as yodod to hear h say it. dicky is hans solo froze anyone carbonite, which is great.
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