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"there's a potential for a criminal citation under the sioux city municipal coco for leaving a vehicle unattended while e 's running. it's not something that we typically do, but it is a potential criminal citation to be issued," said detective harstad. insurance companies are known not to cover the costs for thefts, if keys are inside the car at the time it is stolen. bria: scpd also warns car owners not to leave valuables or important documents with personal information on them as you could end up with car and identifity theft. i'm going to toss it back to you guys in the studio. reporting live in sioux city, bria bell abc 9 news. thank you for that report bria tim: a fire investigating, including the discovery of human remains is underway in sac county. according to a underway in sac
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sac county press release, the auburn fire department this morning responded to a home fire near breda iowa. on arrival crews found the home already burned to the ground. an investigation determined the occupants failed to report towork and family vehicles were still at the home e leading to the discovery of human remains inside the debre. the state medical examiner and state fire marshall are still investigating the fire. tim: this weekend's drawing for the powerball will be the largest lottery jackpot in u-s history. the jackpot up for grabs is estimated to be 800-million dollars when it's drawn on saturday. that beats the previous record for lottery payout-- set in 2012 by mega millions... which was 656- million dollars. just imagine for a second... if you won the powerball--- you would have made more with one ticket than some of the world's highest paid celebrities. like floyd yweather...tayl or switft...garth brooks and singer katy perry... combined! even if you took the cash payout-- which is more
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could still top the list. jenna: lottery pools are common when the jackpot get this big... but if you're going in with friends or co- workers.s. will yoururgreement hold up? one good idea is to have who ever is in charge of the pool... send out a picture of the actual tickets. we got more advice today from a local attorney. "well having an office lottery pool is very much like having any sort of business relationship. you need to have a clear understanding going in of what the rules are, so you need to know how much money each person is putting in, what their respective shares are. you probably want to have somebody who's actually in charge of buying the ticket, keeping track of the ticket." say attorney angie schneiderman. a few more things that angie recomended that people do is to chchk the back of the lottery ticket to see if a signature is required, so that way its easy to keep track of it. jenna: this past september folks in sioux city had the opportunity
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it allows folks to add money to your parking meter to help avoid ticketing. so far there are over 300 users taking advantage of the app. the area that sees the most use of the app is the 400 block of nebraska. . and sosoar the app has s ought in more thaha3 thousand dollars. "we're happy with it because of the convenience it's made for customers. like i said you don't have to come out of a meeting, if you're have a lunch that's going a little extra longer. people love it, it was time for us to get into this century so we're happy with the results." say parking & skywalk supervisor monette harbeck. there is a 35 cent convenience fee app to add more meter tim on cam an idea thatstarted as a way vacant office e space in sioux city continues to grow. the sioux city growth organization is again looking for new business ideas for it's 6th annual innovation market competition. the contest is designed to grow local ideas into viable business
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include sprout stream food truck and jackson street brewing company. the event promotes entrepreneurship in the community and organizer says the project is important for young people looking to get their business off the ground. " it brings together people who have an idea that they necessarily can't get off the ground. so our big slogan for this year is "kickstart your r ideas". it's for us s help you find a way to bring your business idea, your entrepreneurial spirit out and help you get your business off the ground." says scgo board member chris jackson. the event is scheduled for february 23rd for more info you website at siouxlandmatters dot com. schools across ways to help students excel in science, technology, engineering and math courses, commonly known as stem. math courses, commonly known as stem. in the noror cedar school district, students as young as middle-school age are learning through 3-d virtual reality. students have what they call "z" spaces to work along with a teacher during the lesson.
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make items pop out of the screen. the district says it wanted to invest tens of thousands of dollars into the equipment to stay competitive with bigger districts and to prepare students for the future. " a lot of the jobs are going stem related. like - rockwell collins or hanger prosthetics. they really delve deep into engineering and math. a lot of those jobs are out there and it's just finding a niche for our students and what they can do ."> " the program is part of an expanded stem curriculum being pushed across the state of iowa. tim: a new place to work on those new year's resolutions has opened in sioux new year's resolutions has opened in sioux city planet fitness is now open in the old bomgaars buildingngn east gordon drive. the 25-thousand square foot facility is one of the largest in the franchise. planet fitness says what they offer is something a bit different than a typical gym. " i think what we bring to the table here is providing people an environment to
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a judgement free zone. they can come in, work out in a non-intimidating environment." say mike alberts; coo of planet fitness, omaha. the facility, which has been open now for about 8 days, already has over 1,000 members signed up. this is the sixth store to open in the region. others include 4 in omaha and one in council bluffs. jenna: people both for -- and against -- momo gun regulation gathered in virginia last night for a town hall with president obama. both sides got a chance to talk to president obama in an intimate setting with most people wanting to know...what would these additional steps actually do to prevent gun violence? dianne gallagher has this report from washington, dc. "president obama came face to face thursday with americans passionate about gun control -- answering tough questions from both sides -- and trying again to dispel what he called a conspiracy (president barack obama) we put out a proposal that is common sense, modest, does not claim to solve every problem, is respectful o othe second amemement, and the way it is described is that we're trying to o ke away everybody's guns. he heard from: taya kyle, the wife of murdered american sniper chris kyle, (taya kyle, wife of chris kyle) the thing is that the laws that we create
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happening. gabby giffords, the congresswoman shot five years ago and her husband, astronaut mark kelly, (mark kelly, astronaut -- or -- husband of gabby giffords) gabby and i are both gun owners. we take gun ownership very seriously. conspicuously missing from the crowd at george mason university however, the n-r-a leadership, which declined c-n-n's invitation. (president barack obama) i'm happy to meet with them, i'm happy to talk to them but the conversation has to be based on fact and truth and what we're actually proposing. the president's executive actions would expand background checks and narrow the so- called gun show loophole, which exempts many small and private sellers from keeping records. an arizona sheriff wanted to know how that would keep guns from the hands of criminals or the mentally ill.. (president barack obama) look crime is always going to be with us, so i think it's important to us not to suggest that, if we can't solve every crime, we shouldn't solve any crimes. and perhaps what is most being taken away from this, from critics and those who watched alike, is the tone of the event. it was very respectful but that doesn't really take away from just how thorny this issue is. a new cnn/orc poll found that the majority of americans support the measures in the president's executive action but less than half anything to cut violence. i'm dianne gallagher in washington. " nna: coming up after
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bed time for young children could end up helping them have a healthier future. setting up a set bed time for young children could end up helping them have a healthier future. flurries ending and arctic air rushing in for a sioux-berian weekend... blustery and frigid forecast next.
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tim/jenna/fred flurries ending. fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om 3.6" for sioux city. snow tapering off, some heavier bands
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have already seen most part, east.. evening. flurries ending east, arctic air moves in with blustery wind chills below 0. nnw wind in place behind our front, frigid air from canada pushes south and it gets blustery tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow, clouds will clear but temperatures will stay around 10 degrees for a high quickly falling to single digits. saturday night, with clear skies and this arctic air mass in place, temperatures below 0, wind chills could go colder than 20 below.
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temperatures in the single digits all day, a brief warm up monday before temperatures fall again on tuesday. just some safety reminders... limit time outdoors this weekend... wear layers, that's how your body stays warm... and bundle with hats, scarves, mittens. white and snowy on sky cams. 34 our high today. there is our cold arctic like air. now, still holding in upper 20s. winds are breezy, which can al blow around that fresh snow too. wind chills in teens. tonight, 10 degrees, flurries ending and cold... wind chills 15 below 0 with gusts to 30. tomorrow, gradual clearing and blustery again. wind chills 20 below, gusts to 30. 7-day is frigid. 10 below as an air temperature, not wind chill saturday night. a brief warm up monday to 20, then shot of cold air tuesday, cold week ahead! tim:
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struggling to get your toddler on a regular bedtime routine? there is help! the details coming up jenna: establishing a good bedtime routine for a
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important precedent for future health. that's usually easier said that done. however, there are ways to help your little one to consistently get to sleep. holly firfer has today's health minute. " " (dr. terri mcfadden/children's healthcare of atlanta) "so toddlers learning to sleep well is really important because it's a platform for their overall health. we all need to have our bodies and our minds rest at night
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rejuvenate so that we can be ready for the next day of activities." between talking, playing, and learning -- toddlers are very active. getting them to slow down at bedtime can be a real challenge. pediatricians advise parents to remember the 4 b's when it comes to a bedtime routine. (dr. terri mcfadden/children's healthcare of atlanta) "so routines are really important so starting with bathing and having that bath time that allow them to settle down. and then, brushing their teeth and then they start to think ok bath then brushing. and then, bedtime and story time, it's really important to have a nice calming activity ke reading a book together and then there's bedtime." singing a lullaby or playing soft music can help. if it's too dark, add a night light or leave the door cracked. and for children older than2- months, a special blanket or toy can help. (dr. terri mcfadden/children's healthcare of atlanta) "these are all behavioral modification techniques that we're talking about and none work overnight. and so, a parent really has to decide that this is a course that they're ready for, and they have to be consistent and make
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for today's health minute, i'm holly firfer tim: coming up in sports...iowa state is set to host baylor tomorrow afternoon at hilton coliseum. alex joins us next to preview the big 12 showdown. jenna: plus...we have highlights from three afternoon games at the cnos classic. stay
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christian is a perennial powewe in siouxland. the defending state champs are off to a 9-0 start with no signs of slowing down. today, the knights made the trip to sioux city for the cnos classic. this game rrently underway at the tyson events center. unity facing off with fourteenth- ranked west. first quarter....anna kiel finds some open space under the hoop and makes the wolverines
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knights..... and its kiel again in the second quarter....slashin g to the rack and finishing....unity up by 11....... but west would settle in......carly knutson- kobald.........gets the off balance runner to fall.......west still hanging around.... and they wouyld get physical on the low blocl....darrien ford.....power basketball for the deuce....... then its josie blankespoor on the other end...crashing the glass and making it count........unity led 27-13 at halftime.....we will have a final score for you tonight at 10. the sixth-ranked south sioux girls off to a 9-1 start.....taking on east at the cnos classic. opening minutes....augusta tramer.........collec ts the steal and cashes it in for the east strike first on the scoreboard... tramer getting it done with her vision as well.....the assist to carissa powell......precisio n passing......4-0 south sioux..... and why not keep that connection alive.....tramer to powell...this time off glass.........the cardinals rolling over at the tyson..... all scorers getting involved in this one....kori fischer....the jumper hits the mark.....south sioux started this game on a 17-0 run..... before east finally scored.....rylie zyzda........slicing
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and finishing......... but this one was all cardinals......tram er making it look too easy....south sioux wins big 62- 26. over to the boys action.....fourth ranked pierce looking for its ninth win of the season against woodbury central. fourth quarter....jays up nine....but here come the 'cats.....tyler walker coast to coast and he lays it in....woodbury central within seven... a few minutes later...walker attacks the rack yet again....great last name......even better game......but the cats still down nine..... tyler walker down the stretch kept wc in this game......another pretty basket......but pierce was too strong from the line to allow a comebacl./... mason buckendahl smooth from the stripe....pierce wins it 58-48. alex wednesday night, iowa state beat texas tech for its first conference win of the season. tomorrow, the cyclones turn to face baylor looking for big 12 win number two. the bears roll into ames with plenty of confidence at hilton coliseum. in fact, baylor handed iowa state its last loss at home....a79-70 setback last february. on the glass, the cyclones will have their hands full. the bears are the second- best rebounding
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12....iowa state is seventh... it starts in the paint as isu guns for a little payback. " it's not going to be easy baylor is very good. they've played here they've won here before so they'll be c cfident but we're confident so you know we gotta do a great job of attacking the zone and we gotta do a great job of obviously defending the rebound." " but i've never beat baylor and that's something i think about. i played pretty fairly well against them when we have played them. but we've never beat them so that's a lot of motivation for me personally and then protect the home court is a big thing too. saturday's tip between iowa state and baylor is set for 2:00 at hilton coliseum. alex troy davis is the only player in college football history totoush for 2,000 yards in nsecutive seasons. the former iowa state cyclone is one of college football's best and today he added a big honor to his resume. it was announced this afternoon by the national football foundation that daviis heading to the college foootball hall of fame. during his time in ames, he amassed
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holds school records in all- purpose yards, 100 yard rushing games, 200 yard rushing games and career rushing touchdowns. congrats to troy davis, one of the best running backs in college football history. " " it's time for our
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today's picture comes from... clint merithew from jackson, ne. had 6" ths am. if you're like to submit a facebook fan photo, just if you're like to submit a facebook fan photo, just post it on our abc-9 facebook page. jenna/tim/chris/fred: tonight, 10 degrees,
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04z >> the plot to kidnap the
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bo and sunny obama. what the suspect's wife is
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