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to choose all the different ways t ts is such biwa b b several that i think that i'm a director that so i would buy several bags eye two minute walk of that fourteen ninety nine that some amazing pieces sta. i see here are almost looks lights some ruby so that it's not that kind cut agate yes years that i watermelon agate right we've got that that beautiful green and red is a rubies osi thorite yeah that's ussgain on this but look at that again that rolled through already see ready got the drill through on some of the chs find some other rose faster den see got some rose fastening to bedgate ammonite is so so here's a really cool p the whole show dolomitic that the agate right that i'd agate to the howlite i lovov that pietersite is put on a chain ago faded thorite ditty that you'll be good to go and de
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percent of all these beads have holes and eye fe about ten percent are just the straight stoves like this that are not de navajo yet so that supports him as if you're not a j jelry talk to the right turquoise checking out mookite african fancy guide to the actual nuggets of turquoise adhere to howlite and turquoise but here are some pieces right back anchor of actual turquoise with the incredible fourteen dollars and ninety nine and we're down eye last fifteen sixty seven again top the hour special that
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so popular and so on trend top three hour special is going to be twenty years and older man anchor said cut the top of the hour so we're gonna take a break a levy's bezel from behind the scenes and of course boyaca will be enemies lovers and i burned my hand on my bed the other day mookite faculty member of the hand alright look at that beautiful bead congratulations on this triple zeroes on the clock
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the lc today under thirty de everything on vegetative psychiatry on this tuesday to get this kind of shopping this hour with these beautiful beautiful manicure sets about black he got this quartz is de blue and you've colors would be great for anybody in the family you've got the gorgeous clear pearls she got the scissors at the nail file tweezers even got a cuticle far all of these pieces together cummins beautiful case if you thought about the game an estimated retail value remember talking about that you know again be in this beautiful selves case time almost like a velvet type of kaysen carat case as i close this apatite clothes that you've also got a nice finish on the outside a map finishes well to this post have a scientific cat's
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ninety nine cents as are star price of thirty nine niassa stock price we have the black manicure set the blue manicure set and the pink manicure set. we started thirty nine nineteen eye would take it down to nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents okay that makes sense aback by omega massa nice to kindest or best part about the price point ucsf like best about seven nineteen i'd be just eye tiger's tweezers for seventy nine right. i just about spent twelve dollars on tweezers is the other day so here you lights seven dollars and ninety nine cents for the entire set and the carat case your budget there right now is two dollars and sixty seven cents these are fantastic show off what inside with the speaker you can see that the best taking a look here you've got the nail file again it comes to that great com a piece there on the nail file. she got that your tweezers and
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this eye rack here fissure cuticle our second fissure cuticles back into john eye semantic are there here you have the um the total purse which are these kind of eye blind and there you get your nail scissors which is what i used to trim my nails all of the nail scissors and this is actually a ad's of fingernail clippers so it's going to be a little bit more pointed and more direct precise on this type of person again chain cut a getting all six pieces in this great karat case and book about that beautiful piece finished and it snaps closed with a great way to travel with all these pieces this is great mount you get the pink as russian three blue which option two and the black azurite option one seven dollars and ninety nine cents for six pieces like this with this karat case have shown you the black sea resort nishapur blue sable is beautiful as you can see that it's almost a cut about less tree blue isn't that kind of a pro light blue here and again i love that they continue on with that
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here on that's now and then as you open as this my favor i love this blue and look at that eye opener that it's a nice deep dark place for guys or for girls to be a beautiful color to pull out these precision clippers because again. interestingly enough after every use of oil going to take that up and a turnover but look at what happens you've got a point right here so these are papers that you're not used to seeing a retail setting these are very detailed and very precise at sleeping again. one thing another ingrown nails radiant that you've got this really pointy alexite weasel like eclipse and a cut said these are really a fantastic piece that you don't find in your typical manicure sat so really enjoy this pri six seven dollars and ninety nine cents ruby slippers alone worth the price and remember i told you i didn't know we did tweezers if healthy but just bought a pair tweezers at a local convenience store about dicaprio and i spent twelve dollars for tweezers i cannot believe i did ammonite the dissuaded that these are eye so well under thirty
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people that ride and the more people management will see it so we can only cross our fingers will see it more often lot of people enjoying this under clear igi to the crystal that plastic container did not come with a bag of bead houses for us to be able to show it off here on the air hopefully does that and i bead just amazing i would dot the last eight seconds on each manicure sets a shout out to joan from long beach batty from capital high five guys autonomic anchor said about multiples this is a really great gift idea which had seen these before christmas is having great stocking stuffers i did study for my parents and my teenage girl said everybody in the family will of the congratulations triple the rose hour we got a necklace and earring sets that's coming up at five thirty so we're just about twenty two minutes away from those memories can register anytime and of course agate that welcome cat without fived octagon again twenty
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necklace and earring set alright so when's the last time you saw mojave blue turquoise faceted look at this town look how gorgeous is this beautiful because he gets into hexagon he got his twelve millimeter hexagon of mojave turquoise said in artisan crafted silver cannot tell you this is quartz its twenty seven ninety nine are getting eight point three two karat of mojave turquoise look at the way a facile a couple eye catchers that window at the top and of course all the sides nicely polished alabaster lease opal of those swirls of the rope but it really is if the octagon is so mesmerizing i love that ok into getting a great price because you dailies by japan as a nine dollars and thirty three cents or one time price twenty seven ninety nine ninety five cents stamp clearly that theheacklash anchor tonight even chain doesn't a purchase even all
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course back to the ad main piece and pushing see that mojave turquoise of the brass copper this matrix through that beautiful sound really see it shine and you can see channel the side amazing beautiful color and justin siena hexagon shape that so interesting to me and again that basil is gorgeous with a sterling silver the rope and i love the way that oxidation is hitting this world syg it that antique look. this really does look a disliking to state ranked santo destroy before add that my parents for the new mexico we go to taos and santa fe and those types of places to shop mojave turquoise always and the premier since cases of the boutique jewelry stores and when you see mojave turquoise will always be in the hundreds of dollars but one time i went and it was a little shop i think in r r river new mexico and she had an entire case of a state turquoise said he had a lot of like the old school kind of turquoise if anything the banded go through entities with channel few of these mojave turquoise pieces which really believe in
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few decades from the kingman mine but she saiai they were the most popular of all the turquoise in her state collection again it was abt a person who red had recently passed and they collected turquoise since the nineteen forties may just after thinking about round two thousand ten era so they have the mojave turquoise that the old school to have all these amazing turquoise in rains and a different kind of relates the mojave turquoise about beautiful bronze copper matrixxhrough and through that really catches people's eye. remember it's built in the kingman mine in arizona and i really is a gorgeous gemsmsne c cgratulations on that price triple zeroes on the clock file com tsavorite super s ser teal super saver time apatite a map on wednesday at four pm here at the lc but it is time for some creature couture these are beautiful elephant
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anahi got black and white so we will do. all of these hair pieces so coral of the way that wraps around cut a bypass design on the front and is an entire being i don't know agate march according to chain our gratitude to say and walk around it that we really want to see the color that you get the beautiful chrome and austrian crystals and all that actually enanal it's not from its enamel on that makes metal and look at that tnty nine ninety n ne that would be great as always you get the thirty meter rule that the show i ever have to be under thirty everything a budget fe we're going to go down even further fourteen hiding time on these bracelets and take a look at that i think maybe that speech at the peak will show off the de saul bass take a look here at the headgear on this elephant. this is what i think about when i think of bollywood and all that kind
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india got a beautiful elephant at trunk here comes round cut the beautiful gold tone here on the years lots of detail lots of movement beautiful headdress on the elf and of course all those austrian crystals carried down the fact that black cannot and am on that eye and it carries through and througug on thihi piece a a this is actually a spring class fee cut the hands and got the spring classes i put on my rest there's a lot away to that and it really doesn't feel so bad. attorney eye candy about as of boulder based easy to do and of course the snapshot and a designer i heardhere are eye do with one hand i sat at my stomach and plants welo says that hearing now this is what it looks like you got that beautiful profile of alf and that beautiful chain crystal and all that beautiful enamel another pink is option for the auction
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on this beautiful gorgeous bangle yes so many people collect elephant to read this would definitely be a great piece to get because again you got that spring class got that nice finish on the inside you see that as i opened that apple do eon and maybe i'll do on that black metal really show off the color spring classic opens up like that open up look at that beaututul olive s the finish on t t inside of the spring class fissure again just putting in the right holes cut when doing there any de that of course they got that beautiful elephant and that beautiful crystal yep no kidding it is beautiful gorgeous gorgeous yet the trunk is actually signifies locks if you're an elephant jewelry collector you know are talking about you that right comes up and that's a symbol of good luck he got that beautiful nice big eye chain crystal that the crown of course all
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super saver so guess what to go about lore there's even a modicum from the forty nine we agate take the fight as super saver prizes forty nine dollars and ninety nine cents under ten and on budget pay three dollars and thirty three cents or anyone of these races de gama budget pay nine dollars and ninety nine cents is your super savings this morning and that is our five fifteen special here so that budget chain michellehree dollars and thirty three cents on budget pay everything today is under thirty here at the lc and nine dollars and ninety nine cents well that is a super savings no question about austrian crystal white enamel option one black has option to graze option three and interesting de grey is actually the elephants lions and take a close look at that you can see that elephant gray enamel really shows off a decal on the track and of course you can see the expression and the eye of cancer and all that beautiful
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done alexite swirls across the street crystal these are incredible. again this is one of those pieces where you wear it and you have a beautiful look beautiful color go traffic from a distance people to think of what a beautiful sparkly bangle chance on that then you get close are you sitting down at the table but if an elephant on your hessonite yes it does anahi explain austrian crystals the trunk is up that's a symbol of what this is an elephant bracelet so if you don't even collect elephants thorite it's a fine conversation piece to wear nothing related to me belle's dress to impress their friends and of course that genoa find that the two nines asking about different kind of shows are still experimenting with our show lineup as you've probably seen hereen january here at the lc with ads that the budget fe which meant a lot of fine incorporating a lot ofhows that the budget and attend shows at the bottom pan or twenty years of budget and are thirty and this last the entire day until midnight
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day today then tomorrow after thatatednesday said a spepeal show i can't remember encores treasure chest of kickoff at midnight tonight. yeah the color change fluorite with cut that tomorrow from around forty six and sante fe tomorrow morning as well from six to nine saul you early birds and i doubt that scale lineup for tomorrow and saturday an entire day of sonora and blue turquoise so this reachablbl beers on the clock on his elephant either on the line the bottom of our special just thirty minutes away and as it is beautiful gorgeous crocheted necklaces and matching earrings but first i see some blazing red quartz or something beautifully in ratnapura fine and this is beautiful eye reminds me immediately of my mom's signature rang everybody has a signature rinin but she has a garnet is perfect step cut work and it really is soo gorgeous but always thought it was a little a little dark because the garnet is a
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in believing red quartz look at that mookite the steps and the colors that you get as the storm moves in that gorgeous record is crystal clear there are no inclusion whatsoever all of it's done in sterling silver with radical free as it's over ith the platinum overlay and guess what that is on the shoulders for diamond diamond them waving a quartz for nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents to pay that sixty seven but you're talking about a very nice sizecorching fancy there it is going to be a ten by eight octagon and that's for carat science also three point five two karat officially with the beautiful diamond which are a part i'd say add about ten points pear on this for diamond set was walking around we'll see what it looks like you got the strolling so very cut course the beautiful filigree underneath as you can see it's a nice shank nice and even style this is a classic for a new talk about valentine's day. haha u wanna
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awhile. buy this ring i give that to see our valentines is just a couple weeks away in fact if you buy new jewelry right now today's january twenty six hap tuesy about feo seven days to get something com so you got another week or so de shop here in the all seeing it as valentines guess the question of expedited shihiing available to all us last minute shoppers as well but if you wanna shop in there in the comfort of your com with no pressure to be a beautiful valentine's guess somebody grab the six thousand sixty seven cents to get this com sterling silver to undo and of course that crystal clear quartz really shows off that red in that beautiful channel of red jewelry so muchh the solitaire of course the commitment to love and of course at that beautiful smooth chain agate balances the ring of course for the two diamond for diamond in the spring remember these are all one millimeter we have a one millimeter diamond is faceted to get that fire nice and that is real diamond for actual one millimeter faceted diamonds i think every diamond it spinel their housese
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there's quite a bit color play in that radiant quite a bit of sparkle in dispersion of light in just a diamond themselves but if the red quartz that is definitely the show stopper their blazing red is a color that of course we've coined here at the lcc not gonna find this amazing red color in any kind other quartz is a triplet quartz which are fine and the outlook schori jewelry store so we take advantage of our color core chips always second to none alright opal beers on the clock final call this fe congratulations fs are right now we talk about love and we talk about beauty we've got a bypass ring here. beautiful beautiful marcie stones and it's tanzanite now remember everything hasta me under thirty today at cbo budget but this is a tanzanite ring with precious metal and their marquee tanzanite pieces beautifully faceted all
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can see battle of the dispersion of why on tanzanite look at the start to two thirty nine ninety nine in a retail setting no doubt seventy nine nine nine probably one of our tanzanite shows that's a possibility we just say that one pretty obvious gotten our show to squeeze apatite their three payments of ten dollars tanzanite is gorgeous he got over carat with these forced out saul six by three millimeter marcie and just look at the color that beautiful corn flower blue and i love the shape because look at it's basically an infinity shoulder this side goes up and around the other and this eye goes up and around the others really is a symbol of love when you talk about the setting also you've got the agate diamond sears well to get a couple of diamond accents and that diamond cutting agate even really sparkle next to that tanzanite but it really is the tanzanite that is the rare and exotic gemstone in this case four pieces of them all together we can all about the metal work and i
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really showcases my keys and a beautiful way to overlap of course is very cut that beautiful profile of those marquee tanzanite he says and beautiful finnish center gallery just gorgeous twenty nine eye niger one time payment ten dollars monthly gotten so bad mom to tanzanite your tlc because we eye them once i held our pear companies the biggio and they are literally get first pick of anything comes out of tanzania but tanzanite mind so we start using it as accents were chatting a lot of tanzanite tanzanite is a tuff stone to find a retail site when you do find it you'll see it for hundreds and hundreds dot estimated retail star price on this train two hundred and thirty nine dollars and ninety nine cents after we started the price right that the estimated retail price if you wanna go out shopping and trying to get this range you it's been over two hundred dollars in fact this is the perfect ring to take to your local jeweler to have a systemic grandmother's ring answering whatever you want
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ring is sterling silver through the platinum overlay diamond cutting either for gorgeous mark eves of tanzanite and i want this ring replicate what you make how much would you charge. i guarantee you it's going to be more than two and thirty nine dollars and it certainly is going to be nowhere near twenty nine ninety nine just to get one of those six eye three marquee tanzanite stance would cost an arm in a way howlite has jumped on the line keshi confirm their beds right on that item number two three two five five nine to run anything about missing apparently congratulations on the prize sky final com. now if you love your tanzanite guests while yet but an hour to seven minutes away from our family are going to go into the tanzanite cross have four beautiful marcie just like the ring before markey are
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sound. gotta stay mohs till chain which is great about going anything. the ad is in sterling silver with a platinum overlay and look at that time the movie chain alleges he can really get a close look there at that andalusite the tanzanite where forty nine ninety nine best low price guarantee territory to be able to find this anywhere for that price twenty nine eye no question that follows we go there but look at this look at those four pieces are all sixty three millimeter just exactly matching the size of the tanzanite on that beautiful ring and he got that nice pair of silver right there in the middle and then again that beautiful beautiful nice big bale all of that done in sterling silver so beautiful and really lets the light shine through in that tanzanite and also you if you collect crosses grab this one tanzanite over karat one point one five karat on this tanzanite cost twenty nine nineteen eye with budget pay ten dollars we talk about tanzania i love it because
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last year jesse went to the tanzanite mine was actually able to go down into the mind with our buyers really see whether mining this town for spring and she's talking to my neck she talked about you know we often tell people it's a thousand times more than a diamond has thousandeight kidney agate five thousand or more times red diamond to the diamond been anywhere on this earth if the tanzanite they can only be found right there in that area tanzania right the foothills of mount kilimanjaro where they find tanzanite in a two mile square area is what i'm told and the mines are being depleted as we go on again tanzanite is just one of those modern day stones discovered the last century and we just mind the heck out of thinking that some expeditions can find it somewhere else and you know in the world but it just hasn't happened and alot of the people that live in that community around the tanzanite mines say was actually the mythology of it was that lightning struck that that mount kilimanjaro area and when the lightning
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blue kind of color the sea the sky with lightning strikes one thing at the round of the zones or form so where else can happen right there convinced that nowhere in the world are we ever to find tanzanite again so the values deftly an investment piece congratulations on that price twenty nine dollars and ninety nine cents on a gorgeous tanzanite crossed in sterling silver congratulations what to say we are getting it starts a series of as monte our specialists say at first which is about five minutes away from a bout of the hour special necklace and earrings and of course in that beautiful crumb of quiet minus the part right on par with that said style and what's in fashion but somebody's test earlier in the de hey can you get find some tanzanite size i said nicely tanzanite and a lot of
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ever seen just a faceted tanzanite side from the lc i know we have to say in my time of posting i haven't had much tanzanite sounds you make your glass and we will find it we'll put it mint shown here you go look at these beautiful pear shaped studs in tanzanite they are five by four millimeter by one these burying your head about sixty one points caraway totally fine with me o tanzanite satisfied style last cut tanzanite stats i've had those and i bought them after my show ended with de rest cut tanzanite necklace never rained. i have wanted tanzanite faceted studs for very long time he go sixty one karat st sixty one points in the carat waits sterling silver there and they look at that we just went under twenty dollars today nineteen ninety nine s six dollars and sixty seven cents on budget
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these they're perfect they're just so pretty iffy that somebody with a december birthday this is their first down cable to get twenty dollars pair of tanzanite said. you can not do that the retail sale of the stock price again over two hundred dollars two hundred and fifty nine dollars to be exact for estimated retail value you're getting these beautiful pear she tanzanite stats for nineteen ninety nine s one time payment budget pay six dollars and sixty seven sante fe started because his right right that we do have a limited quantity so watch out there um i need an earring that matter don't mind at all sure about what these look like couple years is that perfect little spot of corn flower blue in the tanzanite and eye to us again. these come with either the river back to the butterfly back semester going to see the stats are perfect you get the sixty one points in your carat way then again i think that's what's so special of these is because there payers i think they look like that
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of water and again you know there tanzanite anybody who sees them welo that there tanzanite and again it's one of those pieces that really makes you joy collection complete because once you have that tanzanite of staff that what we've seen the value it as i go out to the last two years every time i think what the percentages on the value tanzanite that sky cut sleeping beauty turquoise model that we often show but i mean you just see it skyrocket as the mind is depleted but this is a strada high and lecturing peace under twenty horse nineteen and again the way we do that vertical integration with an once eye older the tanzanite mind we get first pick of everything and then of course as you know we sell tanzanite to other retailers another shopping channel by from our company at big box stores bars from a company and oftentimes in that mom and pop toy stores they can even afford to carry tanzanite still have to order it for
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that has to come to our parent company the gia which is enough once i hold of tanzanite. that's why were the only ones to offer you these gorgeous earrings for this price the lowest price guarantee very easy to do a cost comparison i heard my name. yes i don't think this
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again. eye. alright sava shot is next to men. i've got to have to sort and ideological water there but idk cut being because of what he told me is true we won't see tanzanite said on budget fe anytime in theheear future of this is interesting and i love this and i requested to get byzyztine or thirty show that was a brilliant idea i'm so excited and i hope i still get to buy these after the show is over right after at the thirty minute ride we all have thirty more minutes and watches but of course are under thirty show continues throughout the day on the lc colby up next on three hours of fantastic under thirty to pay but the strives to b b on budget fe w tanzanite said town for six dollars and sixty seven cents remember there's no credit check all you need is a credit card or a debit card ego any doubt a seven seven eight nine nine zero zero nine ninety press
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quantity of these earrings a purse identification number and it was his method of payment wait for the pot to tell you budget a a click that and also a disaster for credit card six dollars and sixty seven cents to get tanzanite hearing some amazing zero as second class final column is congratulated by you t tt dot john confirmed a bit sickly argue we can actually levy's opal
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back. i eye. eye. alright everyone has the software there good morning everybody we'll see everything today under thirty dollars to get your surprise this one sante hour to bring out the wheel
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in our ghetto to do our part of the hour special fantastic ont red chrome eye necklace with earrings and we're going to do this and for saving so it's sitting in front of me bead got the green and that beautiful snake france we got the beautiful leopard cheetah prehnite he will give the gold town or this over town and then again i thorite oregon mesmerized this week with a lot of fun with under thirty so many people e mailing in complementing the shows of course the amazing value because others tanzanite said that i think saul outright wood during break so i got for those of you get in on some of these deals. pat yourself on the back center savings what we do on the flight of the hour specials when you talk about what the fashion bloggers are wearing and i know some of us i'm forty eight year zultanite like fashion blogger blahblahblah but you can ignore it when you talk about updating your outfit putting it on with something simple like a maxi dress or t shirt to get com mount a piece of jewelry like
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about it you know that michelle has something in our show she had that super savings mindset right now i can hear her clicking her calculator back there thinking what can we do on these beautiful sets and they are set ruby earring and necklace together so we hit the under thirty mark four twenty nine ninety nine that's where we could stop but we're going to keep on going down get ready for our final price on the sets are nine dollars and ninety nine cents but stamper savings music shall we play yet and were upset that will ri with mohs taking off at least twenty percent off nineteen eye goethite for fifty percent off so get ready for that but see where this quilt will play and were taken off to the forty percent hessonite ninety nine that is for the entire set to take it to five dollars and ninety nine cents and guess what we still get a new budget a seed of five nineteen ninety get
5:35 am
then you get to take that budget fe divided by three you paid two dollars to cat's with beautiful necklace and earring up some more how close can you get up get on this at chromosome really wanna show at the snake run that's okay we do that i'll do the same friend again probably on the desk shows of the past but now mookite gorgeous ok so it's over town is best decision green snake prehnite now my biggest nightmare snake but when i see a beautiful snake trap i love that i think it's so exotic so rich looking to get this beautiful textured silverton at the top which is so on trend. these are her earrings that that same crew was carat the line every piece on the necklace showed a closeup of the crew must find the gold and a gold tone of course is this beautiful cheetah prehnite i love the cheap rent because look at the colors look it up for arranging the black and that gorgeous amber yellow in the back and that's what this is reminiscent of that
5:36 am
highlighted by that gorgeous oregon black five dollars and ninety nine cents and you're getting that same agate metal that same beautiful crown but in every single piece set is get this up but economists say that igi and this is my kind a uniform i wear this everywhere black shirtless dance but when i put this necklace i change the entire look of my calsilica test so here i go and i put this necklace i mookite that is not gorgeous marquise reminiscent of the bed necklaces that are so on trend right now but with that mattered meddle with each one of those pieces just a little bit different than the other again either in size or wear the crown displays all that mattered metal you put the sign in you look like a million botswana chain silica mouth that can welo hide you in touch with this line and you just made a statement and that's the whole idea where the where with the earrings or necklace together or separately. you're gonna look like a million bucks and you're only paying five
5:37 am
forty percent priceline to get to go to the gold john as beautiful as well and probably again i love the snake and that's over town but look at the richness of this whole town mookite that look at the weights mad at each individual piece fits the crime lab again in your animal prehnite that just takes over the top completely changes pear looking after them a shout out at all times i'm really excited fluorite fantastic said that goldstone has just sold out but i already told you the snake that really is my favorite santo he wanted to see that viral video that went around the internet yesterday it was um snake estuary and a foreign country of somee sort and the man was holding and de other snake hatching it's one of the longest most venomous snakes and a little snake eon and took his first breath and people are going crazy over the internet over
5:38 am
it to me and said t tt he had banded baby animals are cute even a snake askew year i was worried for the guy holding those boyaca twenty second clip of eye they put that down really quickly i black star baby infant snake sky the most poisonous of the most lethal poison is the most potent right now snake lore are for garnet is watches what are you talking about you try to talk about jewelry diamond the diamond snake so little artistry as baby aiman sewing and made an internet yesterday and that's jade crackededpen and this baby snake eon into its first breath it's about going viral de but crazy but that that's not that's what's left in the silverton is your snake press lis take a close look again at this beautiful kroger because i think that's what so rich looking to get those beautiful dark greens the black the kind of a golden yellow in thihi over town and just take a look now there is laying down all the different shapes all the different pieces here and
5:39 am
nugget of rwanda's measures somebody asked earlier what that is a little over two inches on the longest he's just on the earrings themselves are two inches with that shepherd's hook for the f fnch fires were saying said again michelle about that than i donow its truth rattlesnakes don't tell you why my daughter i was about four years old we were hiking and how i can remember the name but rather bald eagle's nest here and the central texas a aa and we were hiking and she was first and she is going down the trail and she just stepped over the big ol' stick on the path of this went on the next charoite behind the screen it was a giant rattlesnake sunning itself on the path and guess what was the side at all opal babies so when we finished we went to that range earley told him hey this is going on when people that snake sunning themselves on the chassis setup say what stepping over the big one was the best thing she did that because the most venomous
5:40 am
younger snake so that was from a park ranger the stein is that on the rattlesnake anyway abound about other snake but this is your beautiful snake prominence over town too much story telling for me this morning i get the thorite i do wanna tell somebody about tanzanite his comes from area code eight four five and her story is about this tanzanite said that we haven't sold out earlier she said that she went to a name brand outlets with a big giant k you know the jewelry store with the initial k now as an mp in the same course and she's back for bed the tanzanite a grade they charge star quoted her sixteen hundred dollars for two carat of tanzanite now that belgian idea tanzanite a retail setting and that was an outlet store so those of you got this kit tanzanite said despite herself on the back button amazing amazing price especially took advantage of budget pay fluorite seven a a six zero says good morning please tell me what the coma as they do have a great day
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calalornia socorro but is a resident of plastic resin that is clear and of course is orthoclastic of sorts but it's very very durable so you got omega necklace as a lot of fashion jury have in fact if you look at some of the bib necklaces some of the ad pieces that have a bright vibrant colors that are not gemstones are usually common and that way that's what the sesame hold these earrings that i sayaygain what the com apiece as taking a look here this is also over town. this is all just red textured silver town to get the basil of sphalerite own rnd theiece of crumb and it's just a piece of plastic but they added that great detail that beautiful prehnite to and of course given that mirror back of this over town to really show that snake prehnite through and through on this beautiful com again remember why we're such a low price we got to spin the wheel on days we hit forty percent and apatite that price down triple zeros
5:42 am
the set yet a great job all right talk about costume jewelry and statement he says we've got another statement piece for you ahead banking three one nine. i appreciate that she says i dolomite them forty eight years old that's way to help us the skinny then i'd be all wrinkly from thorite cheerio a big statement wriggle of this reminds me of an easter bonnet it's gorgeous it's peanut gets cut that beautiful rose tone to it and this is actually to say the truth ion plated rose gold into your stainless steel so that rose both going nowhere that is vapor technology and sense into that beautiful stainless steel the center style that's a beautifufu brazilian rose quartz and then all of those dot beside a beautiful keep its economy pink diamonds pink sapphire is right simulating diamond nineteen ninety nine for taking it down to nine dollars and ninety nine said that because of the stainless steel you're
5:43 am
look of rose bowl that that beautiful pa copper ep to me this again simulated pink diaiand cubicuccumb to that ten karat said that this is genuine brazilian rose quartz for fifty died agate mcafee and fifteen karat about rose quartz eighty nine a you even have a tense what's fun about this and again it's one of those rings that you can wear on your index finger when your little fingers under same company lights it again. alright so here we go there's your top hockey dot this curvature here to the top igi got this opal mehta here and again this is the round part of the ring that's always gonna stay that she has a stainless steel and what you dot their is that a rose bowl that is ion plated everywhere on the rain the proms are rose called ion plated this season with whites easy simulate the white diamond geezer pixies to simulate that pink
5:44 am
on theize that a lot of blame that's incredible eye measure the ring yet so he could do that with my ruler from sante and when you measure this as at peace looking at if our attention a half not finish a quarter plus then again that's a big size that we didn't millimeter on the rose quartz because the rose court itself s almost fifteen millimeter had big beautiful cabin shine o o rose quartz and w w saw thaha bag rubies earlier this year that type of pea face eye at that beautiful paint gorgeous less tree that grows quartz and again it's just a beautiful feminine rang a big bold look at shoulder welo doll and that was eye fe they're much older dolomite have daredevil by sellers of us don't let people as they go that's beautiful. i love the femininity at anything in rose gold of course that rose gold eye inflating it never
5:45 am
always me true to the metal because it literally is matrix tn that vapor technology something that's really only been developed at the last couple of decades and i think we got down to science at the lc cable the rose on the final call on that price nine dollars and ninety nine cents hartline uh yes thank you so much like you says chris ivory. i actually green back when my kids talk about getting in shape i say wha i would be carted wood and these are useful nao i write so de keshi says he loves everybody dlc thank you so much chris we appreciate that. alright so here it is chrysocolla one of my favorites towns show eye director love the stone is why we love it because again you can get that feeling that you're looking from outer space r rht. did you see the pictures that the astronauts took the big blizzard crazy ammonite crazy but your business outlook as if your outer space looking down at the earth chrysocolla
5:46 am
from australia were taking the price down the estimated star was one thirty nine eye nine we get down to nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents that's seven and a half karat a critical and that it saul sent precious metals sterling silver and look at those double pronged doesn't look like the majors. we kept their fingers are kind of just bought pesto down into the setting this kind of like a claw. it's beautifully dyed beautiful filigree work underneath almost like butterfly like a machete that as well and it sits high but look at this beautiful lady trilliant except hillary can make that little butterfly underneath it's just gorgeous and getting that same kind of butterfly they're there in the filigree there there's a blue in the green swirling doing even get a little bit of sediment there which is almost com free kind of work again this comes from australia the other galleries aaron sterling silver but it really is gorgeous with its core just as well not only that nineteen ninety nine price but also the budget fe ability to get this home for six dollars and sixty seven
5:47 am
of those towns if you can find in a retail setting it's going to be upwards in the hundred dollar range especially this charoite seven as carat set in sterling silver through and through god off course the platinum overlay on a sterling silver and that's important is not oxidized it's likely that that opened cut a bad shoulder there a a of course those double proms really hold that chris a collececr and its setting i i gorgeouou nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents beautiful beautiful ring fun because i think also it's kind of organic let doesn't it look like something that that nature lover would wear something that as somebody with its very environmentally minded w wd where i d d believe it's a natural occurrence don't think there's a lot of enhancement across ako a degree. michelle is cut it is polished is set and it is yours today for nineteen ninety nine when some like a salesperson high forty five seconds geragos thank you thank you ask
5:48 am
thankyou seven six to appreciate all you byzantine eye again attacks eon please keep those coming michelle michelle at nicole's going to be at about twelve minutes and we want those emails attacks cummings again under thirty shows fine and we laugh conversing back and for some kicks in as any requests the after the under thirty show this is the sho the last out the day here on the lc so it's important that you of course make those requests were trying to do before midnight tonight eye six seven eight nine exit to get your last few seconds on the clock abalone come at night stay tune here we know whaha i fleur are so remember to register anytime without budget fe all day long everything's under thirty here's some abalone shell off is is so interesting because on a beautiful leather core he's got great silver tone here around the piece diamond say this is kind of a foe whether contend that avril at his earlier kind of feel this kind of
5:49 am
braided so it's very durable very sick. it is attached to this kind of why bailiff you will and this abalone shell this is genuine abalone shell garnet mosaic to the piece five carat said meza of osaic abalone anahi but the white austrian cryststs in a beautiful swirl down this kind of murano is cut about modern art type look to the piececehere nine dollars and ninety nine we started the retell estimated retail value thirty nine dollars ninety nine cents and that makes a lot of sense that a local designer here in austin that uses a lot of ab leash on a lot of her pieces are forty fifty sixty dollars and look at that with all that's overtaken see that abalone shell underneath as well nice big kind of asymmetrical it to this pale and take a look at the bell cut that with the beautiful crystals the garnet little circle as it comes at the link chain you got the beryl syrup pecans and that goes into this beautiful leather cord and altogether
5:50 am
the court but you've also got an e eended chain to the extent of change an extra two inches it can be anywhere between twenty and twenty tgo inches with atlanta quartz over me i can wear down to this twenty two s michael had to sit just right there on the wii of my blouse right can really see that abalone against the black olive that but you also the ability to shorten and bring it to twenty inches which of course keshi awful bad braided cord issell it's a beautiful piece very design howlite very modern are very eye cali think of the ad the momo n m in new york reminds me of that is amazing apatite museum of modern art as we're talking about nine dollars ninety nine cents the price of diamond budget pays three dollars and thirtyyhree cenen you do that today three dollars and thirty three cents papaya shipping and handling today and eon think about it again for a month against the door a three dollars and thirty three cents interest free in march
5:51 am
your abalone shell peas. it is beautiful very high quality austrian crystals of course he's all that sparkle and shine and of course the colors in abalone that's what you really gotta pay close attenenon to oliver abalone has all of this beautiful color tone to it loosen the grains r rht but if the pinks and golds and yellows that come through as well that you really get to see the mohs mosaic like that it's natural athlete mother earth makes an abalone shell look at the peaks look at the purples that come out that lotot of langley b c the gold as well as all that beautiful color abalone mookite does crystals playy they really really shine alright so we are approaching our last twelve seconds to confirm their beds we can't know the item number this is something unity thinking about today georgina trudy and i don't know how to know either your name boyertown arabia is raya s spping from linda mabe is a pathway that for now barbara
5:52 am
on the clock final com nicole first item on her show if so beautiful that tanzanite and is that trilliant and fluorite atthe color change fluorite that the show are going out tomorrow a two day n and lore applicator so excited whenever favorite sounds to color changing stance will see that tomorrow night two am but that's that is nichols' first item that can at about seven minutes alright so here we go opal lights entering love this stainless steel of course ryan played yellow gold is a a beaututul lifted as i had um that only those on the show we had bestp heed where this the second guys or girls can wear this ring he got the sizes to choose from look at that price nine dollars and ninety nine cents reno's is not under ten show itself this is under thirty everything in the d dert and wood events tribe under thirty the deal today and again three dollars and thirty three cents for budget
5:53 am
finee we ve giving these prices nine dollars and ninety nine cents stainless steel or yellow ion plating comes every other on the pattern on these beautiful swirls it is our beautiful state was still natural to crystal to do but look at that opal eye that looks like a crystal ball. oh yeah look at eon that it's burning a hole in my figaro at the light and not the school to school but that the agate translucent of the opal eye as well that's what gives you that deaths in outlook so really doesn't k le wt is in your e uin thel that's what you think of when you see this beautiful sound and it's fine it's a fun ring it's durable it's gorgeous it's big it's bold statement still kind of that class ring kind of look but it's perfectly rouou this is going to be twenty five carat of opal white dc eye dp goes mystic as you can see through that in that great asset translucent so you get in the opal lights out if beautiful gorgeous lot of oung align right now artisan inspired work again because
5:54 am
work of this is a s sampede is a machine stampede but they've done is they've added that oxidation to the stainless steel cut eye n plating it's goioi nowhere it's always going to let justice cut it's not going to tarnish its not going to ross's not return. it's very durable. this is going to be the shape of the ring forevermore because again spheneas still not malleable at all to heat so you have to decide where to be true to size as well because the taper sante back so i really enjoyed a string for the price nine dollars and ninety nine cents an incredible twenty seven sececds leftt. yet we can do as i can wear my opal ring de way somebody's interesting three one nine. i mean opal the great stone to a center carat riley talked about it with opal eye with opal so the thing is kind cut that more porous a kind of desolate that kind of bad water based and mineral makeup you just don't want to
5:55 am
wash the dishes and that kind of a new one cut the soaps inn the residues other things away from a farmer durable star i feel like opal job i love opal ringnghat i wear quite often and i don't think i've ever had a problem so you know it's up to you everybody's each their own but as you get up in the most hardened scale as you know you'd have more durable stones and some other jewelry but the eye web opal and rubellite both part of the hot foucault lights i think is in the last auction of the hour. know ye this is amazing. this is where all is right we've got this beautiful filigree work all the way around how large that a a i didn't expect to be that large. he got the bali princess collection enough because this is actually believe it or not carved oxbow just like those bali princess faces that we often have you on the lc has a floral opalescent design and often came at an artisan carving each and every one of
5:56 am
are roses or flowers or leaves beautiful mohs lily like flowers under three are you kidding me. th is hand carved oxbow it's also handy artisan crafted silver tvguide two minute clock cut all the time we have got a beautiful blue topaz cc that that gorges blue topaz eight by six millimeter that m mch larger than solitaire size amounts on the bail eye nothing i've ever seen t ts at the lc spicy miso more notes from your item is the first time people are saying eye or the oc omega you're not a fetus to pink and certainly under thirty is incredible nine dollars and sixty seven cents or whatever onetime payment on the tnty eigigh nineteen eye clilic at the real or outright now measure this. this is a conversation piece mookite that's so anytime you want to get our home. this is created by artisans in bali bu first let's cut let's measure
5:57 am
an inch and half and then of course across the financial quarters that kind of a rose bowl if you welo and then with the abbe all with that scotch that big score just topaz up three inches three inches from top to bottom that's incredible and then equated that to my neck lines you can see in trying to decide you guys to put it behind the black because i wood with islam i would let this swing output isn't a big long silver chain. yeye that's all we need we need some long silver chain to go with this and it is coarsely cut topaz is like or just at the top and that is hand carved australiaia work as i chain just behind das howlaci that as in eye hand carving that incredible thirty seconds left that all the time we have left i wanted so bad monte was that matthew has done a fantastic job in the studio with me got mark of course and michelle in the booth lis which chain got nicole coming up next withh everythihi under thirty today everything to pay. enjoy
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