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tv   ABC9 News at 5pm  ABC  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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routes today-- with about 163 people receiving hot and cold meals. christina coming up at six-- see what resident saying about the surprise visit from the national guard. reporting live in studio-- christina grijalva-- abc 9 news jenna: nebraska is now dealing with the zika virus. the nebrka department of health and human services says they've convfirmed two cases, one in douglas county and one in sarpy county. both are women in their 20's who have recently travled to zika - affected countries. neither has hospitalized due to the virus. women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant are being not to travel to countries affected by the virus. tim on cam the post caucus fallout concerning messages from the ted cruz campaign that dr ben carson was dropping out of the gop race continues. today several news organizations released
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messages reportedly sent by the cruz campaign to precinct captains asking them to encourage voters to switch thier alegence from carson to cruz because carson was taking a leave of absence. iowa congressman steve ki serves as cruz's national co-chair. on monday he re- tweeted a cnn message concerning carson..... and later tweeted "carson looks like he is out." the carson campaign calls it dirty politics. i asked king about the situation and he said the miscommunication started with a carson campaign worker. "i happen to talk directly to that person, who i won't name unless ben carson wants to name, so we understadn each other and so i had an obligation to either sit on this information or deliver what i knew, i delivered what i knew and i told ben carson that if i had it to do again, knowing what i knew then not when i know now i would do the same thing," said rep steve king. " to hear more from congressman king join me sunday morning at 9 for this week in siouxland. jenna: in new hampshire -- and bernie sanders came out first one on one
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abc's marci gonzalez in in manchester, new hampshire with the latest.. " " package script: today - back on the trail- after - a fiery night on the debate stage- sot: clinton: "let's talk about the issues that divide us." sanders: "lets talk about the issues!" the democratic presidential candidates facing off for the last time before the new hampshire primary- hillary clinton - trying to overcome bernie sanders' 15 point lead in the latest poll.. with another poll also showing - sanders closing in on clinton- nationally. sot sanders: secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represent, i hope, ordinary americans clinton : senator sanders is the only person who would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment on the republican side- marco rubio on the rise- -in 2nd place behind donald trump karl sot: jk: "do you think donald trump is ready to be president?" rubio: " i don't think being president is the same as being a real estate developer. and on national securi he hasn't shown to date a deep level of depth on those issues." but trump - still holds a commanding lead? nats trump in exeter: "this is really crunch time." ready to take his place at center stage - in tomorrow night's debate here on abc. tag- but trump is also looking ahead to the next big vote after new hampshire. canceling his only event here today because of this snow? holding a rally tonight in south carolina? mg abc news manchester, nh tim: president obama is calling for a new
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it would be paid by oil companies and would be used for clean transportation investments. the fee would only be applied to imported oil. crude pumped in the u-s would not be taxed. even so, the proposal is unlikely to get through a republican- controlled congress. the u-s imported seven-point-four million barrels of oil per-day in november... down from ten million barrels-per-day at the end of 2005. jenna: mercy medical center was seeing red today as they bring awareness
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affecting women. along with the american heart association, mercy medical center is asking women to wear red as a reminder to be alert for the symptoms and risk factors for heart disease. many doctors, nurses and medical personnal wore red today to raise awareness in sioux city. mayor pro tem, dan moore was at the event to declare february fifth a special day in sioux city. (mayor pro tem, dan moore, sioux city) " now therefore i, dan moore, mayor pro tem of the city of sioux city iowa, and on behalf of the mayor and the city council, do hearby proclaim, february 5, 2016 as wear red for women day in sioux city, iowa, in recognition of the importance of the ongoing fight against heart disease and stroke and urge all citizens to show their support for women by commemerating this day by wearing the color of red." heart specialists say that the disease can be
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eating healthy, getting regular exercise and regular check ups by your doctor. heart disease is one of the deadliest concerns for women around the world. tim: missouri river historical development (mrhd) handed out over two hundred thousand dollars in grants today to non-profit organizations and government entities at the betty strong encounter center. the city of sioux center. the city of sioux city and sioux gateway airport recieved awards... as did 4 woodbury county colleges who plan to use the money to offer additional student scholarships. mrhd says choosing award winners is a tough decision. "it's very tough, it's very difficult. there are alot of deserving organizations. we do know that in terms of economic development what we did today is very important." says mrhd president mark monson. todays presentation now brings mrhd's total contributions to more than $24 brings mrhd's total contributions to more than $24 million since 1994. jenna: at least one person is dead and several others are injured after a giant crane collapsed in lower manhattan.
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trying to figure out what brought down the crane on a very busy friday morning. andrew spencer has the details. " " york are trying to figure out why a lower manhattan friday morning. stretched more than a block. (witness) "i heard a huge noise, and it just like went sideways, we didn't actually see feel it?] yes of feel." says the crane was being lowered into a because of high winds when it fell. part of that process includes diverting area. york) "the fact is this is a very very sad life, but if you go street as i did, and see what happened here, thank god it was not worse." more than 130- emergency workers rushed to the scene at worth street and west broadway friday morning. (bill de blasio/new york) "this is an area that normally would have had a lot of people around it, rush hour in the morning, lower manhattan." there's no oicial cause for the collapse yet, but it happened while new york city was under a winter weatheradvisory. now utility crews are going building to building looking for gas leaks. the mayor says don't expect the area to be back up and running for a few days. (bill de blasio/new york) "this area is going to be cut off, largely cut off for several days we'll make every effort to accommodate people" in the meantime, all cranes have been ordered to be put in a secured position.
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still trying to figure out how damaging its diesel emissions scandal will be for investors. the german automaker said today (friday) it's pushing back its annual earnings report, which had been expected march 10th. it said a new reporting date will be announced as soon as possible. the company is also pushing back its annual shareholder meeting, which was scheduled for april 21st. volkswagen has admitted to installing software in some of its diesel- powered cars that alters the
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emissions. being sued by u-s authorities over if the maximum fines are applied, they could total 18 billion dollars. jenna: mixed news coming out of the latest u-s unemployment report-- the country's unemployment rate dropped to 2008 levels... and hiring is also slowing down. the u-s economy added 151- thousand jobs in january. economists surveyed by cnn projected that the economy would create closer to 200- thousand. that number is down from jobs added in december. the unemployment rate fell to 4- point-9 percent... the lowest since february 2008. tim: a deep-sea creature that resembles a purple sock has been identified as resembling an early form of life. the xenoturbella has no brain, gills or even eyes for decades, scientists thought the xenoturbella had evolved from more complex organisms. but four new species of the creature were found at the
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years ago. that allowed scientists to do extensive genetic testing. this helped them learn the species did not start out as a complex creature -- but had always been simple. the findings were reported in the most recent issue of the journal "nature." biologists say the discovery helps them understand how animals have evolved over time. jenna: still to come... the big game is right around the corner, but these footballs won't be making the field anytime soon we'll have more stay with us fred: slow clearing tonight, fabuluous saturday... windy sunday and monday. details next.
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tim: authorities in spirit lake are trying to find the owner of a large bag of marijuana that was found along a roadway in their community. on friday the spirit lake police department posted a photo on their facebook page of the bag with the following caption: "lost and found: an approximately 1 pound bag of marijuana was found along side the road in the spirit lake area. if you are missing your stash you may claim your lost property at
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department." when asked about the post, the department confirmed the post was real, but declined to give department confirmed the post was real, but declined to give any further comment. so far the post has been shared more than 300 times. fred: jenna: tim: not too cold today.. snow moving out? fred: blizzard watch is in effect for sunday for concerns of blowing snow. light accumulations but gusty 45 mph winds. a high wind watch is in effect for south dakota.. out of our area but i'm watching to see if that will be extended. for now.. light passing snow. after this round should be over tonight. the bigger system is pushing east. tonight
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getting down to the chilly teens. snow is gone by 7pm tonight. south wind kicks i i tomorrow... a great day. temps in upper saturday night we'll and increase clouds as a front passes. dry passage, but we'll get light snow and a gusty nw wind most of the light snow more of a threat later, but winds stay through monday. so for the big game on sunday,,,, gusty winds. be careful traveling to parties... blowing wonderland on sky right now. winds out shifting to nw tonight. wind chills coldest in northern iowa. tonight, chilly night at 15 degrees. tomorrow... a fabulous february day with sunshine and melting snow. high 38. 7-day... blowing snow concerns on sunday and even monday with very gusty monday, fred: tim:
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looking forward to that gorgeous day tomorrow! that gorgeous day
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the big game is this weekend and coming up we'll show you what it takes to make that kickoff football tim:
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these "fashion soon! these "fashion footballs" were dreamed up by the council of fashion designers of america. it's all part of the big game's 50th anniversary. designers produced their own bizarre, glitzy, and glamourous takes on the brown leather ball. gold leaf, tassels, metal spikes and other extravagant embellishments can be seen throughout the series. each piece is being auctioned online from now until february 14th. proceeds will go to the n-f-l foundation, a charity serving various caus. tim:
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you cant play football with out the ball, wilson has been the official creator and supplier of n-f-l footballs since 1941 andrew marden shows us what it takes to make the footballs. " " bg2016 fri marden making footballs pkg trt: 1:08 oc: made in ada, ohio cg at 0: dan riegle/plant manager, wilson football factory " they're made the same way as we're making them here. everything is identical. even though this ball won't be in the game, it's identical to the one that will be." dan riegle is the plant manger of the wilson football factory. he oversees about 140 employees that make footballs every single day. and since each n-f-l team uses between 800 and one-thousand footballs a year, he and his team are quite busy... "we sew the ball together inside out because the seams have to be on the inside. so after we get the ball sewn together we turn it rightside out where the laces are gonna be, then we put a bladder in the ball which holds the air in it, lace it shut. the fourth thing we do is mold the ball, which puts 100 psi in the ball, straightens the seams out, checks the bladder. before the mo opens it's back down to 13 psi which is game play. and the ball is ready to be inspected and shipped." from start to finish the process of making one football only takes about five-to-ten minutes. but it's the end result that makes these guys take pride in their work... "when they kick off, that's our ball they're kicking off. it's made in ada, ohio." jenna: after the break...
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favorite treat, when we come back well have more about girlscout cookie sales
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us what's new this year... is christina julius with girl scouts of greater iowa. christina julius, girl scouts of greater iowa - cookies sales begin when you sell girl scout cookies, you're doing more than just helping your customers stock up on delicious treats (and having lots of fun). you're doing it with a goal in mind. whether that goal is a pizza party, a community
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first overnight trip with your troop, you know how many boxes you need to sell to make it hpen. but did you know that you're also part of a huge business, one that's run by girls just like you all over the country? even cooler: being a girl scout cookie professional gives you skills essential for
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jenna: elisa's back next with a final check of our forecast. stay with us.
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clou tonight, the deadly crane accident. crashing down in new york city. a construction crane plunging onto a busy street, killing a man. the race to save victims trapped in crushed cars. breaking news in new hampshire.
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