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they call it "thrill hill"... and neighbors of the northside hotspot are ready for changes to make their street safer. "i want it to be closed because there's a lot of speeding" "am i hoping to see changes? yes." a long standing system to keep you aware of dangerous weather... could be getting an upgrade. and, sioux city's newest spot for kids... is ready to entertiain... and teach... the youngest siouxlanders. "it's going to be a tremendous asset for kids and parents and grandparents." jenna:
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jenna rehnstrom. tim has the night off. a quiet sioux city neighborhood is known as a place to go for a cheap thrill. the problem is... the steep hill at 25th and dupont is not only a nusiance for people who live nearby... it can be downright dangerous. that's why neighbors met for a meeting with city leaders tonight. abc 9's bria bell tells us what they had to say. jenna, "thrill hill", known for the adrennaline ru drivers get as they speed down it. those who live on they're tired of want the city to them and anyone who is travelling down that road. " all i hear is the 'oooh-weee' if you know what i'm saying," said juron. kevin juron is refferring to the sound he hears cars make as they speed past his home on 25th street. it's garnered the nickname "thrill hill"... and you can probably guess why. but what could be a
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it has... back in november.. 2 people died in a car crash after speeding over the steep hill at 25th and dupont on the northside. "i would like for it to be closed because there's a lot of speeding," said colleen fawcett. worried neighbors got the chance to talk about their concerns with city leaders at a meeting thursday night. some hope the city will close it off for good. others think more warning signs for drivers could make the street safer. "i have an open mind what i said earlier, yellow lights...the cautions signs and everything," said juron. even with varying opinions about the best solution... people who took the time to share their ideas... just want something done. "absolutely, they came together tonight...and i'll tell you what, anybody that wants to take a course in civics or@ government ...this was an ideal meeting to have because they were pulling together, but at the same token they also want to see solutions from city council, the city officials, and city leaders," said moore. bria: there have been 17
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street... four of those are associated with high speeds on thrill hill. reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. jenna: we're hearing for the first time from the sioux city teen now charged with attempted murder for shooting a police officer. isaiah mothershed made his first appearance in court today... via video feed from the woodbury county jail. jenna: th18-year-old what read his charges, which include two counts of attempted murder and five counts of first degree robbery. each carrying a maximum 25 year prison sentence. mothershed was arrested sunday morning after a lenghty investigation into a string of robberies. authorities believe he's connected to several crimes, including a home invasion where a special needs child was tied up and beaten while others were held at gunpoint. judge todd hensley says, "i would advise you now that you
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any statement you do make can be used against you at trial. sir do you have any questions for the court at this time about your charges or your bond? mothershed says, "i do not." mothershed was ordered to be held on a 300 thousand dollar bond. he's due back in court next friday. jenna: icey conditions earlier today are believed to be the cause of a semi accident on highway 20. a pepsi truck lost control in the westbound lala and jack-knifed. the driver sustained onlymir injuries. jenna: here in siouxland, we're used to the weather making headlines... and have plenty of practice dealing with weather watches, warnings and more. but, this system... which dates back decades... could be in for an update. meteorologist elisa raffa tells us why. elisa: do you understand the difference between a weather watch and warning? if an advisory replaces a watch... is that a downgrade? these are questions causing some head scratching and its prompting the national
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changes. "tomorrow's weather will get nasty. we have a blizzard watch in abc9 weather too often, but do you truly know what they mean? the current united states weather watch warning advisory system has been in place since 1948... that's nearly 70 years.... both technology and our weather has evolved system still work? weather service has social scientists to try to answer that question. senior social scientist on the project and weather risk communication expert has been people understand determining if they're useful, and (or) if a new system would be worthwhile. of understanding of these terms across the united states. you have everything from complete the watch warning perhaps people who need a little bit of assistance on the other end" says dr. gina eosco, senior weather risk communication expert. full screen as it stands, a watch is issued in advance of the weather know to keep a heads both warnings and advisorirs are weather is occurring, suggesting you take action... with a
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more dangerous impact. but, does the public understand the difference? will a few inches of snow change their routine in any way? todd heitkamp, warning coordination meteorologist at the national weather service in sioux falls isn't too sure. "i think it's foolish of us to really sit here and think that a person is going to change their daily routine based upon an advisory that we issue when we say it's just going to be a nuisance event... 'it's a nuisance? then don't tell me" says todd heitkamp, warning coordination meteorologist, nws sioux falls. there's also what dr. eosco likes to call the "giant crayola crayon box" of national weather service hazards. the current system us 124 colors to represent weather hazards. is that too many?! "yes, that's way too many! we have too many shades of colors that are too close to each other, that people who are color blind are having many issues with it. even myself, who is not color blind, i look at that map and i can't tell if it's the same shade of red or not....but when you're talking about that many different colors, there's that many different types of hazards out there. so they we have to take a look at really, do we need to issue all those watches, warnings, and advisories for each one of those
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heitkanp, warning coordination meteorologist, nws sioux falls. some have suggested a stop light color system, similar to the weather hazard system our friends in europe use. encompassing action words and using only three or four colors to show severity of particular weather hazards. full screen "i think all users, including the public, would like to see a hierarchial tiered system. in other words, perhaps it's low, medium, high risk... or 'no action aware', 'b'bin action now', for example" says dr. gina eosco, senior weather riri pert. but will a simple system like this work in a place like siouxland where range from tornadoes to ice storms to flooding for this reason, the national weather service is rolling out experimental products across the country this year to ensure that whether you live in tornado alley, tropical florida, or the seasonal northeast... the new system works for you. "we want to make sure that we are consistent enough, such that you could travel around the country and you would understand your weather risk anywhere, but again on the other hand you want to make sure the system has enough flexibility to work for each of the unique audiences" says dr. gina eosco, senior social scientist & weather risk communication expert. it may be a challenge... but dr. eosco says it's a fun one. elisa at desk w/
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weather service see some changes be put into action. occur.. we don't the national weather service will roll out experimental year so that you at home can have input as to how you would like to be warned about weather hazards. jenna:
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student athletes is back in business after it took a hit... quite literally... in last week's snow the charger dome in south sioux city was re-inflated today, after heavy snow caused a tear. been cancelled now that it's back up... briar cliff plans to use it as early as this weekend. jenna: the long- anticipated children's museum opened offically today. " children at launchpad" this project has been in the works for 12 years. the museum is an educational and interactive experience, where children can get their creative jujues flowing. exexbits feature elements of the world around us, with themes of water, wind, and building. the executive director says he's excited to have the museum
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the community. launchpad executive director bob fitch says, "it's just a fantastic feeling to be able to open this to the greater siouxland area, uh it's just gonna be a tremendous asset for the kids and for familys and grandparents. kids are absolutely are gonna love it, they're gonna have a ton of fun and uh they're gonna learn something along the way." jenna: launchpad is rgeted for children 6 months to 10 years old. they're open tuesday through sunday. still to come... on presidential hopeful is calling in back up to help his white house run. details after the break (fred) the snow will be ending where it hasn't already, then it's going to be cold the next couple of days. and, there is another chance of snow over the weekend. i'll be back with details after the break!
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is bringing out the big guns, when it comes to campaigning ahead of the south carolina primary according to sources close to jeb,
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w bush, will appear at a campaign rally in south carolina with his younger brother. jeb hoping the appearance of bush 43 efforts in the e ate, followinin disappointing performances in iowa and new hampshire nna: the two democratic presidential candidates t the debate stage in milwaukee for the first time since the new hampshire primary. both candidates looking forward to south carolina and nevada hoping to sway voters. abc's cecilia vega has more. " tonight...a debate stage showdown?the first since bernie sanders' sweeping new hampshire win... sot bernie: the american people are tired of establishmenen politics, tirereof tablishment economics. they want a political revotion in which millions of american stand up. sot hillary: i want to tackle those barriers that stand in the way of too many americans right now. but before the fight on stage... a fight on the campaign trail. both sides today
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carolina primary. in clinton's corner: members of the congressional black caucus? congressman john lewis slamming sanders?saying he wasn't on thfront lines of the civil rights struggle... sot john lewis i never saw him, but i never met him but sanders today, winning the support of anothth civil rights i in: super star harry belafonte sot belafonte: think he represents opportunity, i think he represents a moral imperative, all signs the campaign is moving to a new battlefield the democratic vote-- more than 90 percent white in iowa and new hampshire... but in south carolina, more than half of democratic
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african americans. and in nevada, blacks and latinos could makekep a third but sanders acknowledginin clinton has head start: sot sanders: vega: she's got the infrastructure she's got the name she's got the ground game. sanders: i agree. vega: you bring? sanders: she's ahead of us but we're moving pretty quickly i think. she was ahead of us in iowa she was ahead of us in new hampshire but we caught up" (jenna) fred, are we ever going to warm up? (fred) eventually, next week! 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows that the snow is now gone. snowvision shows where the snow fell tonight, of snow fell downtown, 0.7" in dakota dunes, and 0.9" on the north side of sioux city. road conditions are partially snow covered, so drive carefully!. here's welding company
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ho chunk centre in sioux city. 20 is the e high and 17 is the low. the ground is snow covered in storm lake on the skycam hd. in sioux city, we have 20 degrees. temperatures are in the single digits, teens, and 20s. wind chills are in the single digits, teens, and 20s. winds are very light. visibility has improved as the falling snow has eneded. the jet stream shows that we will be stuckckn our cold patatrn for another couple of days, but by late saturday, we will see the jet flattening out a bit. we call this "zonal flow," and it will result in a warmup in siouxland. the stormcast hd shows a cold north wind tomorrow working against us warming up, then another chance of snow saturday and early sunday as a warm front moves in. the next round of snow will be seen saturday into sunday, when we
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across northern and eastern siouxland. tonight, look for snow ending where it hasn't already. the low will be 14 with cloudy skies. tomorrow, the high will only be 14 degrees under partly cloudy skies. the 7-day forecast shows that next round of snow over the weekend, then we will warm up to the 30s and 40s next week. (jenna) thanks, fred.
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coming up in
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rls hosted south sioux city in a matchup of ranked teams. find out who earned a statement win up ahead. tim plus iowa was looking for its second straight win at historic assembly hall. highlights from the hahaeyes and hoosiers when we
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tonight's matchup between iowa and indiana featur two teams that were a combined 38-9 heading in, but those wins certainly aren't created equal. eight of iowa's 19 wins have come against teams in the top fifty of the rpi. indiana? they only have one of those. let's ignore the fact that's against my irish and head to assembly hall for ththaction. early y , anthony clemmons gets the steal an ahead to mike gesell for his 1000th career point...congratula tions to mike on that milestone. back to the action, indiana came to play...nick zeisloft hitting the three pointer the hoosiers would lead by as many as 16 in the half. but back come the hawks...gesell to a wide open peter jok...this kid doesn't t ss this season...indiana led it 45-38 at the half. in the
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posterization...that caps off a 7-0 run and the hawkeyes tie it up. and they would take the lead...adam woodbury, 13 points@and 15 rebounds tonight...iowa up 52-50. but indiana finishes the game with a flurry...collin hartman with the flush to seal the upset....iowa got zero bench points and they fall, 85-78 up in the dakota dome...the yotes looking for some revenge against ndsu. ththyotes look to add d their lead. auauin sparks goes up strong and posterizes the bison defense with this slam. coyotes lead nine-four. usd continues to roll. casey kasperbaur with the step back jumper. you know he can shoot. all twine. seven point coyote lead. on to the second half. usd still putting in work. d.j davis joins the step back club. his is from three. it's off the rim and in. yotes now up 49- 30. the big man wants to get in on the scoring too. tyler flack works down low. he'll pull the jumper for the
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had a double doub with 18 and 10 and usd gets the w, 72-58 chris: as the high school hoops season winds down, most schools have wrapped up their conference schedules. that means we get some unique interstate matchups like we had tonight in sergeant bluff and lawton. we'll start at sbl and how bout this, the ball gets stuck but carissa powell says no problem...impressi ve hops. we pick things upi n the second quarter.r.powell more thahajust a jumper...the extra pass to marybeth raraussen puts the cardup 15. then thenside out game frees up augusta thramer for the triple...south sioux up 39-21. they weren't done either...powell, picks it off and gets it ahead to thramer for the hoop and the hack...lady cards up 43-21 at the break. but at halftime this pmposal gets the warriors going. they break the press and that leads to an easy layup for brititi olson as thehetry totohip away. then josie c cy, crashing thehe glass gets the fensive board and the put back to get within 20. but way too much powell and thramer
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sioux takes it 71- 59. number 13 lawton-bronson hosting 14-4 elk point jefferson. eagles up 3 out of the half when anna dreessen dishes it off to ali verzani...she cashes in the corner triple and make it a 6 point lead. then in the complete opposite corner of the court...josie heeren answers with a three of her own...huskies trail it 26-29, but not for long. heeren finds alexis flynn she knocks down the baseline jumper and we're all knotted up. but the very next time down the court...dreessen gets the kick out and the three to put the hosts back on top. then verzani drives and dishes last second to lexi binder for the easy lay in...lawton- bronson protects hoho court, 49-46. (fred)
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snow ending where hasn't already. the low will be 14 with cloudy skies. tomorrow, the high will only be 14 degrees under partly cloudy skies. the 7-day forecast shows that next round of snow over the weekend, then we will warm up to the 30s and 40s next week. .
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live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- tony goldwyn. from espn, tony kornheiser and michael wilbon. shaquille o'neal. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from alessss cara. wiwi cleto and the cletotos. and now, as luck would have it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]


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