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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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over...both a-b-c and a-p is calling clinton the winner with her percentage at 52.1 percent while bernie sanders has 47.8 percent. jess we will continue to update you throughout the newscast on results. the last of the polling numers are set to be released at 6. we will give you the south caroline primary results later in the newscast. but... both the democratic candidates and the republican candidates are gearing up for a tough race. cnn's victor blackwell has more. "(nats) donald trump trying to turn a lead in the south carolina polls into a win... and he tells supporters he expects he can run the table if he can start with a win here. and, this morning, he has a message for black voters across the state... (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate): "i will do more for the african-american people in one year than barack obama has done in seven years, soon to be eight years, and then, by the way, he's out, and thank goodness." south carolina may be the site of jeb bush's last stand... as he's not pulling any punches. (jeb bush, (r) presidential candidate): "donald trump has never shown any interest
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two candidates that are gifted speakers, marco rubio and ted cruz, have shown nothing in their past that suggests they could make a tough decision." with the state's governor, nikki haley, by his side... senator marco rubio is confident he can recover from that disappointing showing in new hampshire.... and win the gop nomination. (marco rubio, (r) presidential candidate): "i can't wait to be the nominee of this party because we're going to take conservatism to people who have not voted for us in a long time." ted cruz says he can relate to the people of the palmetto state better than anyone else in the race. (ted cruz, (r) presidential candidate): "south carolina and texas... we got a whole lot in common." meanwhile, across the country... (nats): "there's a caucus here in nevada!" the curtain rises on the democratic hillary clinton endorsements from congressman jim clyburn... and the voice of morgan (nats): "she understands our country can't reach its potential... unless we all do." but bernie sanders says it's not about the endorsements... it's about voter turnout: (bernie sanders, (d) presidential candidate): "show the world that
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and well here in nevada." jess many people are watching today's contests closely. the results are expected to tell us more about the future of the race... and the strength of the contenders. jess(on cam) actor will ferrell was spotted encouraging people to caucus in nevada today-- alongside candidate hillary clinton. ferrell was previously listed as a celebrity supporter of clinton's democratic opponent-- bernie sanders-- on his campaign website. clinton tweeted out video of ferrell urging people to vote saturday. (will ferrell, actor) "caucus for hillary, ok? 11:00 am guys, right? yeah? 11:00 am 11:00am! can i just get a quick cup of chocolate custard? mmmmmmmm. oh yeah, perfect, thank you so much. uh 11:00 am, it's really important that everyone show up to caucus. amzing turnout, uh, amazing chocalate custard yogurt here."
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donated to her campaign-- and is co-hosting a fundraiser for her in los angeles on monday. jess we urge viewers to be on the amber alert has been issued in fairbury nebraska. a 2- month old, male child, jaxon smetter, was last seen at 9-16 6th street in in or near fairbury and is believed to be in danger. he has very little blond hair and was last seen wearing a grey shirt with the quote "i wake up awesome" and black striped pants. smetter may be in the company of 35 year-old bald male, earnest howard. the two may be traveling in a brown kia rondo with the license plate..t-e-f-5-9-0. if you have any information on the whereabouts of jaxon smetter, please call 9-1-1 or contact fairbury police department at 402-729-3355 immediately. jess sioux city hosted its second annual steins and vines festival at the convention
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the event serves as one of the many attractions siouxlanders look forward to during this time of year. abc 9's bria bell has more. bria the event which is the area's largest beer and wine festival brought in a large crowd, while food and coffee was also served. there was live entertainment and people there seemed to have had a really great time. brew-er-rees and wineries from across the area debuted over 100 of their adult beverages for the public to sample. the festival had dozens of people enter the convention center for the event and garnered great feedback from both vendors and attendees. "i'd say most of our sales and leads come through events like this. so far there's been tons of people through and sampling and buying some," says sickelka. "i like it. this is our second year here. my husband won vip's this year. i like those better than the general admission. lot og good wines and good beers, lot of diffrent varitetiesand i 'm pretty good at drinking beer," says ryan. the event was 3 hours long there were over 100 beers bria and wines from across the area
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studio, bria bell abc 9 news. jess the warm weather was certainly welcomed after weeks of freezing temperatures and many in sioux city were taking in the sunshine. whether on two legs or four, friends and family of all kinds came out of winter wallowing to walk, hike, and play at bacon creek park. the dog park was especially packed with pups and owners soaking up the vitamin d. " i hope it stays like this, i hope it starts getting warmer. no more snow. can't wait untill it's dried up and green and beautiful out again." wishes for warmth are being echoed around people continue to clean up the melting snow and mud and washing the winter grime off their cars. jess thousands washington today-- to say supreme court scalia. funeral services began at 11 a-m the basilica of the the immaculate conception. scalia's longtime friend-- justice clarence thomas-- also spoke at the service. son, paul scalia, delivered mass
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"god bless dad with a love for his family. we have been thrilled to read and hear the many words of praise and admiration for him, for his intellect, his writings, his speeches, his influence and so on. but more important to us and to him, is he was dad." scalia died in his sleep last saturday during a visit to texas. he was 79 years old. jess world welcomed legged cutie at a boston zoo. we'll have that adorable update, next. elisa cloudy with a mix possible tonight, flurries to start your sunday and then a gradual cooldown. details next.
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super cute dude this week. the franklin park zoo said a baby nigerian dwarf goat named chewbacca was born to leia and lucky. she weighed just four pounds and was standing up within hours of her birth. the zoo says chewbacca is bright, alert and active. according to the zoo's website, nigerian dwarf goats are noted for their wide
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easy-going nature. all over the world, in both warm and cold climates. jess/elisa so gorgeous out day!!!!! elisa 2 line cg: elisa raffa m lows this morning were what our highs
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was even warmer, a record warm low in norkfolk nebraska. all these warm temperatures have melting a lot of our ow, look at the difference. but snowmelt is causing flooding concerns. ocheyedan river near spencer at 7.9 feet, minor flooding expected once it gets to 8 feet. snow is gone in storm lake, same on the streets of downtown sioux city. got to 48 today!! temperatures still in the mid to upper 40s in some spots. that is 10 to 15 cooler than yesterday, even though we are still
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continuing cool trend, a few degrees cooler.. in the lower 40s sunday, same for monday.winds to be out of the north tonight. more clouds and a wintry mix possible, but i think we coul d see more morning flurries than an overnight mix. we do have some low level dry air, best chances for mix or snow are northeast where there is more moisture in the air. theres more of our clouds moving in on the satellite. after midnight is when we could potential see a mix, stormcast hd holds it off until morning inhe form
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clouds by the morning and afternoon for sunday. still above normal. clouds monday as well as we hover 40. then tuesday we bring another chance for light snow. tonight, 30 a late mix possible, otherwise more clouds and still mild. tomorrow, morning flurry possible, then mostly cloudy.. cooler but still above normal at 42. 7-day has a downhill trend. another mix possible tuesday morning and then temperatures get back into the 30s, still a few above normal for the most
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jess/elisa i can live with 30s, thanks elisa! jess still to come after e break... the daytona 500 celebrates 58 years-- but one of its legendary racers is normal for the most part. jess/elisa i can live with 30s, thanks elisa! jess still to come after the break... the daytona 500 celebrates 58
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celebrating his own victorious anniversary-- more on that coming up. dad: i know. spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. mom: hey. dad: the culligan man.
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culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities.
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dad: spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. for 58 years-- and is regarded as the most important and prestigious race on the nascar calendar. one of the winners-- nascar legend-- ernie irvan-- celebrates winning 25 years ago this week. abc's john kucko has more. "in 1991, this car made it to victory lane here at the daytona 500. and today, it's legendary driver, ernie irvan, was reunited with his old chevy. (ernie irvan) "it was a great race team, great car. tony glover was a great crew chief. kodak waa great sponsor. it wasind of a dream come true to
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kodak." irvan was a fan favorite at the time. representing an iconic american (ernie irvan) "it was product, but right team morale. team morale was worked at kodak and they could see their kodak car on the race track and obviously that would help promote sales. i mean it's team morale, i really feel like that most of the sponsors can't really track, 100%, what their sponsorship does." (john kucko) "ernie driving the kodak colors. no win was bigger than the one here at the daytona 500 25 years ago. so there was one last thing to do as ernie saw the car for the first time since then and that was to sign the car." describe what this is like for you, ernie, as you do this. "well. it's like my career, in a lot of ways, puts an end on a career. dale earnhardt and myself talked about what we should be able to get paid and that stuff. and dale said he would do it for free and i said yeah, i would, and he said don't tell our car owners." at daytona international speedway, i'm john kucko."
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the daytona 500 returns this year in spectacular form-- the race will be showcased in the world's first motorsports stadium. this year is also the most momentous to date-- as the future of auto racing prepares to be inaugurated by -- "the great american race." jess coming up in sports...briar cliff hosted concordia in a g- pack doubleheader. stay tuned for the action. plus...south dakota hosted south dakota state in the final game at the dakota-dome. alex has the highlights from vermillion after
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alex today marks the
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era.....for a building and a player.... the dakotadome has been the home of south dakota hoops for 30-plus seasons...but its time has come to a close.... the same can be said about senior nicole seekamp..the senior playing in her final home ga....a curtain call for her and the dome. seekamp and the yotes with hopes of closing this chapter with a sweep of south dakota state.... the jacks start us off. gabrielle boever goes coast-to-coast draws the foul. rabbits trail by three early. the coyotes build on their lead. kelly stewart thinks about it and then fires away. nothing but net. yotes up six... then its abigail fogg with a spark off the bench. she'll shoot the three. splash. u- s-d leads 25-18. not to be outdone. here are the jacks. madison guebert wants three from the corner. rabbits trail by five. nicole seekamp with a big game on her big day....reverse layup for two. she finished with 21 points and 10 asssits. south dakota wins 80-75 to take over
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summit....the yotes win thr final game at the dakotadome. alex the defending national champs are set for yet another title run.... morningside is the top seed in the gpac- tournament....with today being the final tune-up for the lady 'stangs. morningside 18-2 in conference play....closing out the regular season against midland.... the warriors led by three at the break....but jessica tietz cuts the lead to one..she had a game high 24 points and 11 boards.... then lexi ackerman retakes the glass she goes...18 points for her.....40-39 morningside... and they began the 3rd quarter on an 8-0 run.....madison braun the third mustang in double figures.....and one...she had 14.... morningside goes on to win it 85- 75...the stangs will host saint mary in wednesday's conference tournament opener... alex morningside is the top seed in next week's conference tournament. briar cliff is the four seed. their matchup in wednesday's opening round is fifth-seeded' s opponent. the lady chargers lost their first meeting with concordia.....a two
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briar cliff up by 25....but becky mueller cuts into that deficit with a wing triple....bulldogs down by 22.... and they keep chipping away...laurel krohn to the rack.....up and under....lead down to 20..... but the chargers were in control....kaylee black.......with the power move on the low block...b-c shot 53 percent in the second half..... mckenzie shipley working in the paint as well....the scoop shot falls and the chargers win big 75-75.... same matchup on the mens side....briar cliff has already locked up the top seed in the tournament. mid-way through the first half...eli ziegler feeds justin damme and the big fella forces a charger timeout...'dogs down seven... then austin homan takes over....pretty footwork leads to the deuce....chargers up nine..... and the senior from le mars can shoot as well....he had 18 points.....briar cliff starting to pull away..... the guards so impressive for b- c....shane graves slices through....hangs and hits....the charger men complete the
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elsewhere in the gpac.... northwestern women beat doane 89-80.....the raiders visit mount marty in wednesday's gpac opener.... on the men's side....northweste rn handles its business 96-83. they will face top-seeded briar cliff in the conference tourney. the dordt ladies wrap up their season with a 70-56 loss to saint mary.... but the defender men bounce back in the late game with an 86-60 win over grace......dordt visits nebraska wesleyan in the gpac tourney. championship saturday at both the iowa and nebraska state wrestling tournaments.... in nebraska....startin g in class 152...norfolk's caleb licking wins a 4-3 decision to clinch his second consecutive state title. down to class c....106.....cayden mccracken....the freshman from battle creek.....falls just a 6-2 decision.... at 285....madison's aaron reynaga caps off his season with a state championshp.... in class d's 113 title match.....plainview' s dominique rickard.....wins a 3-2 decision in triple ot....congrats!
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yet to wrestle for eighton.... an all-siouxland title tilt at 126.....garrett zimmerer versus christian miller..check back at 10 for results. finishing with the class d 152 title.....randolph's drew loberg takes down neligh-oakdales' garrett alemang in a 5-4 decision congrats to out champs. we will have much more from both state tournaments at 10....... allison/alex
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over...both a-b-c and a-p is calling clinton the winner with her percentage at 52.1 percent while bernie sanders has 47.8 percent. now on to the g- o-p primary in south carolina... donala trump in the lead with 36% ted cruz at 21% marco rubio at 18% jeb bush at 16% ben carson at 5% john kasik at 4% deborah/elisa/alex
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the worse neighbors in america. speeding cars, wild causes. gunshots d and night. then natalie cole's grieving mily.
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grammy's tribute. >> it's really insulting. and what could possibly go wrong? do-it-yourself disasters. then he was kidnapped right outside his pet store. just because of his name. >> i'm telling them you have e wrong guy. he desperate dash to dom caught on tapepe. just released video at ththis sports illustrated swim suit issue. plus behind the scenes of the rtain of distraction. now inside edition weekend. >> gunshots screeching cars, ththese neighbors are the worse people america. hello i'm diane macedo. thing could make these people pleasant to live near. how bad did it get? the family who live next door, they live in fear.


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