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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  February 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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2 line cg: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) good evening! a cold front is moving in. along that front, we're starting to see snow, and there may be enough snow to affect travel across the north and east, where a winter weather advisory is in effect until 6 am tomorrow morning. the planner shows a chance of snow right through the night, with a temperature of 23 at 2 am, 18 at 6 am, and 21 at 10 am under cloudy skies, i'll be back in a few minutes with a look at how much snow to expect. it's time for local news that matters! "i struck my mother, more times than i wanted to" " a plea deal in a siouxland murder case could send an akron man to prison for 60
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the leap year birthday." an unexpected delivery makes this special day... even more memorable. "nats from game ending " surviving state.... siouxland tes advance at the girls basketball tournament. tim: good evening and thank you for joining us tonight im tim seaman jenna: and im jenna rehnstrom it's been nearly two years since esther and donald neunaber were found dead in their rural akron home. tim: today her son johnathan agreed to plead guilty to the murder of his 80 year old mother. and for the first time is speaking publicly about what happen on that july day in 2014. jenna: abc9's elisa raffa was at the
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courthouse plea hearing was being held "i struck my mother, more times than i wanted to" says jonathan neunaber, pleaded guilty to murder. shocking testimony guilty to one count murder and one injury in connection of his mother, 80 according to court records, esther neunaber suffered blows to the head. in july of 2014, both of neunaber's parents were found dead in rural it was later father, donald, died but his mothers deliberate. specifically intended injury to esther neunaber when he pipe" says judge steven andreasen, plymouth county district court. neunaber originally faced first degree murder charges. as part of the plea agreement to lesser charges.... neunaber admitted guilt and detailed his crime in open court. "when dad died, i did not know what to do next. i was not prepared to be the man of the house" says jonathan neunaber, pleaded guilty to murder. "i took some pills, with the idea that we could all be buried together. obviously that did not work, i'm still here" says jonathan neunaber, pleaded guilty to
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spend up to sixty years in prison. he's required to serve at least seventy percent or 35 years of his sentence before being elligible for parol. tim: a train vs semi accident in sioux city this afternoon left the semitrucks trailer torn in half and it's load of dry urea all over the ground. around 4:30 an 18 wheeler turning off lewis boulevard and into the kent feed location was literally cut in half after being hit by a northbound union pacific train. the driver of the semi escaped injury. traffic had to be rerouted for a short period of time.... and crews were still on the scene late tonight working
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the accident is still being investigated and charges are pending tim mercy medical center's child advcacy center got a big hand from the sioux city police association today. members of the p-d presented a check for 5 thousand dollars that will be used to help build a new facility for mercy child advocacy. they're looking to expand to better serve victims of child abuse. so far, 15 thousand children have been aided by the child advocacy center sinc 19-89, the year it was created. jenna: at the iowa capitol today, legislators and advocates against human trafficking spoke to state represenatives about the issue, on mother of a trafficked victim said the issue is not just a big city problem "kids come from all over iowa. it's not a city issue. it's not a rural issue. it's a statewide issue. anytime you have desperation or vulnerability, you can have trafficking. " across iowa, 125 cases have been reported since 2007, 36 of those
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last year tim: on siouxland senator is speaking out against the frontrunners of the presidential race. nebraska senator ben sasse saying he's very unhappy with the candidates the race has to offer..... referring to the gop and democratic frontrunners as quote "dishonest new york liberals" (sen. ben sasse) i am not voting for hillary clinton. given what we know about donald trump, i can't vote for him either. i took an oath to protect, defend the constitution. if those are the two major party nominees, and i hope they're not, i have to look for a third party option. sasse says there is plenty of time within the nine months until elections for a better candidate to emerge in the race. jenn a large portion of delegates are up for grabs tomorrow on what's known on the campaign trail as super tuesday. primary and caucus goers from 11 states will voice their opinion for the next president. on the republican side of the race, half of the delegates needed for the nomination are on
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jenna: and according to poll today of tuesday participants, both frontrunners donald trump and hillary clinton hold a commanding lead. trump getting 49 percent of the poll. and clinton getting over half percent. tomorrow the orange city fire find out if it will improvements to their faciliities. folks in orange city are voting on tomorrow for million dollar project. fire department officials say they're in need of upgrades to equipment as well as expansion projects at their five stations. if the vote passes, upgrades are expected to be done by november 20-17. jenna: if you're looking for some recreational activity tomorrow, paddle fish season officially opens. march first marks just the second time paddle fish will be allowed to be caught on the missouri and big sioux river. the season only runs until april 15th. only one paddlefish per person is allowed per season. fishing for paddlefish had been banned in the state in 1986 to
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population, and was reintroduced last year. tim: after 79 years, the boys club of sioux city is set to welcome girls to the club..... and they're not stopping there. jenna: they're inviting anyone age 7 to 18 in the siouxland area to apply if interested. abc9's, jess plue, has more on the evolution of the boys' club. jess: the boys club in sioux city have been hosting after-school programs and shaping youth for over fifty come june... they're expanding horizons and adding females into their programming, but absolutely everyone is what they're striving for. we've ladies over the we come here, why place and you know actually have that opportunity," says professional officer at the boys as of june, the boys club of sioux city will be known as the boys and girls club of siouxland, joining clubs across the the need for after noticing the students having no-where to go after school, so the with a solution: let "we want
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we are doing the best as possible to serve all the kids of siouxland," says eldon bensen, chief professional officer at the boys club of sioux city. when speaking of all the kids, chief professional officer bensen really does mean all, including those identifying in the lgbtq community. "we have a unisex bathroom that we have here that's a single stall that we use in those cases so the bathroom issues isn't an issue...staff here have gone through training to accomodate people that have different needs and different life styles so that we can make sure that the youth are more accepting and tolerent of those kids," says eldon bensen, chief professional officer at the boys club of sioux city. bensen says the programs that they've offered for years are 95% gender neutral so integrating girls won't be a sweat. there will however be a program offered for only girls called "smart girls" which focuses on female development and another for only guys called "passport to manhood". both are nationally offered programs from the boys and girls club of america. as for what the boys think of their sisters being able to join them? "i think it'll be fair since some people don't have a place to go, " says ernesto hernandez, a boys club member. they're actually being very mature about it... "so are you going to pretend to know your sister or no?...sometimes... sometimes you'll pretend to know
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well... mostly mature. jess: for 10 dollars, parents can sign their kids up for after--school programs, field trips, educational classes along with other perks. reporting live in studio, ...jess plue...abc9 news. tim: imagine having to celebrate your only birthday once every four years? jenna: several siouxland parents gave birth to leap day babies today. nats baby crying including trisha boltjes and andrew knight who welcomed baby zoey this afternoon at unity point health st. luke's. zoey is seven pounds, eight ounces and arrived two days early. trisha didn't exactly want to deliver on leap day, but zoey... and dad... had other ideas. "he wanted it to happen today and i was hoping.... it's just unique.... it is unique, i'm liking it now that it actually happened. but it's really cool, it does make it special for her." says trisha boltjes.
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plan to celebrate zoey's birthday on the 28th every year and might plan something special on her leap year birthday. five babies total were born today at unity point health - st. luke's. jenna: still to come... unity christian, western christian and okoboji battled it out in the 2a quarterfinals. alex has the highlights next in sports. (fred) light snow will be seen tonight, and it will be slightly cooler tomorrow. but, another big warmup is coming by sunday. see you after the break for the forecast!
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fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows snow in parts of siouxland, but the heaviest snow is (and will remain) along interstate 90 in south dakota and minnesota. a winter weather advisory will be in effect from 9 pm tonight to 6 am tomorrow
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eastern parts of siouxland shaded in bluish green. that's where most of the snow will fall. we have some snow along iowa 9 and us 18 in northern siouxland. here's the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre in downtown sioux city, which shows that the snow has yet to arrive in the metro. 46 was the high today and 28 the low. the storm lake skycam hd shows the scene in eastern siouxland. 28 is our temperature in sioux city. local temperatures do a good job of showing the cold front. we have teens north, 20s central, and 30s south. winds are northeast at 10 to 20 miles per hour. there's a lot more cold air behind the front. look at aberdeen--only 13
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winds will push that colder air our way tonight. the satellite and radar shows the heaviest snow to our north, along interstate 90 in south dakota and minnesota. light snow is seen scattered through other parts of siouxland. the stormcast hd shows the front moving south and east tonight. snow will be finished before sunrise tomorrow. quiet weather will be seen tuesday and early wednesday, but another system will bring a chance of a light rain/snow mix wednesday evening. the snow forecast shows that
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has already fallen, less than an inch of tonight. for tonight, look for light snow, with the highest totals north and east. the low will be 18. tomorrow, expect mostly cloudy skies and a cooler high of 33. the 7-day forecast shows a chance of a light mix late wednesday, then a warmup to 63 on sunday and monday. (tim) thanks, fred.
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alex last season was nothing short of magical for unity christian.... the lady knights ran the table in class 2a....winning their first-ever state championshop. tonight, unity began their quest for a repeat. the defending champs opening tournament play in the 2a quarters against west branch. in the second...trystin luneckas...wide open on the backdoor...the bears would lead by as many as five in the quarter. but back come the knights...shan-da zomermaand...gets the steal and takes it coast to coast for the lay in...they led it 17-15 at the half. in the third...anna kiel, working the high-low game with josie
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y opens up a five point lead. and the knights clamp down in the second half...kiel with the steal to deidra noteboom...they take it 52-33. unity will meet either iowa city regina or manson northwest webster in thursday's semifinals. on the top half of the 2a bracket...okoboji playing at state for the first time ever....taking on pekin... all lady panthers in the first half...cassidy tolle...connects on the three pointer...23-10 pekin at the break, but coach adams got them going in the second half. pioneers work it inside to molly mitchell...3 of her 19 points and nine rebounds tonight to spark the rally. then the outside game...shaelyn adams...stops and pops...the three pointer gets okoboji within three..they outscore pekin 19-6 in the third. and they complete the the steal...emily wintz lays it home...okoboji erases a 14-point deficit in the second half to advance to the semis, 48-44. "in the second half, we got our talk in the halftime. we got
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we did what we could." "he got on us a lot saying its our last 16 minutes, if we dont play together and of course having 11 seniors, we were all like, we didn't want it to be our last." congrats to the pioneers on their first-ever win at the state tournament..... boji will face the winner of this one in thursday's western christian battling central decatur. tied up at 3 early but then the wolfpack go on a run...erika feenstra...knocks down the three for the lead. then some great ball movement...payton harmsen...adds three more on the kickout, the wolfpack led it 17-4 after one. then time winding down inthe half...harmsen gets the offensive board and kaira moss beats the buzzer...32-15 wolfpack at the half. the cardinals made it interesting in the 4th, getting the lead to six, but ashtyn veerbeek went for 21 and 11..western advances to the semis....61-50 the final. payton harmsen--"it's
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coming back. thankfully we built that lead in the first half to carry on to the second half because we let it slip a little bit as we got a litte bit tired. but being in the position that we were last year after losing in the semis, we know how much it hurts and we're pretty motivated to come back." thursday's 2a semifinal between western christian and okoboji is set for a 1:30 tipoff at the well. still to come after the break - moc-floyd valley battled carroll at the tyson for the right to go to state....stay tuned for the highlights. plus....we take a look at newell- fonda and kingsley-pierson as they opened tournament play in the 1a a
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pierson made the trip to state for the first time in a long time. chris palmquist has more from the girls state tournament in des moines. chris palmquist--"alex, it's been nearly 50 years, 1967 to be exact, since kingsley- pierson has made it to des moines for the state tournament. the panthers have been one of the top teams in 1a all year and opened up their
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springville. the panthers, suffered some early jitters, they shot just 8 percent from the floor in the first quarter, but then they found a rhythm in the form of rachel mercer. she gets going from beyond the triple...heating up...she's on fire...she had 12 points in the first half to keep the panthers in it. then the inside game..on hirshman...with the pretty trailed it 25-19 at the break. ahead to the second half...allison bailey...left wide open on the ten footer...panthers cut the lead to 51-47 in the fourth. and they would get within two...mercer, knocks down the midrange jumper late...but springville hit just enough free throws down the stretch, they knock kp out of the tournament, 60-53. nicole goodwin--"my girls have a lot of het and i think they finally got those first tournament jitters out and as much as we talk about turning them into positive energy, it still affected their shot. so we just finally started kicking it in a little bit, just a little too late. we had a hole dug, but we battled back. so i'm just proud of the girls and the heart that they showed." chris palmquist--"congrats to the panthers on a great year. the champs from newell-fonda opening up their title defense. in the first--mallory sievers... rips it away and the put back...11-8 mustangs...
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offense...erin gerke knocks down the three from the top of the key...21-20 newell-fonda at the break. ahead to the fourth...jordan wilken knocks it down and the mustangs are into the semifinals, 53-42. at the end, we realized we needed to get this game going...and make plays like coach unger always says...when it comes down to it, its a game of runs and that's what we had to do at the end in des moines, chris palmquist, abc9 sports. alex from 2011 to 2014.....moc-floyd valley made four consecutive trips to the boys state tournament. last year, the dutch missed out, but the guys could return to des moines with a win in tonight's substate final. the tyson events center the venue for this evening's showdown between moc-
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carroll. that's brady schutt to the rack...dutch in control up 56-23.... tough night for carroll....but dayton ross hits the fade-away "j" as he's falling over.....nice bucket for the tigers... back to the dutch....justin te the top of the key....bang! one of 15 3's for moc tonight....lead at 59-25. they keep rolling....dillon carlson from the corner....he beats the buzzer...christian korver goes for 16 and levi jansen has 15...they win by 52.... the dutch are heading back to des moines...81-29 the final. "it means a lot. we had a bitter taste in our mouth after we lost last year...but this year we put a lot of work in in the fseason and hard work pays off." "really excited to be back, but we want to go do something, so we will celebrate this one tonight. but we want to go and make some noise this year." congrats to the dutchman....they will take on wahlert catholic in next week's 3a quarterfinals. wahlert catholic in next week's 3a quarterfinals. in class 3a's substate 2 final
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spirit lake takes down webster city 60-50 to advance to state for the first time since 1942.....ryan kreener had 31 for the indians. they face cedar rapids xavier in nexteek's opening round. district finals out in nebraska...pierce squaring off with o'neill for the right to go to state... adam christen and our sports zone partners at northeast community college shot this for us...that's alexander thramer...eagles up early.... and then its taggart bailey who takes it around the arch...he makes the layup for the deuce....good one here.... later in the quarter...brady starkel takes it just inside the three point line and makes the jump shot for two....pierce getting hot.... but it was o'neill's night to shine...tyson hostert for the wide open three pointer...pierce falls in the district final 54-52. ree tickets punched to state in class c2 as well.....out in wayne, the defending c-1 champs from winnebago beat hartington cedar catholic 60-44. the indians will have a chance to win another title in lincoln. ninth-ranked battle creek is heading to the state capitol as well... the braves
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five.......west holt handles creighton 56-49 to advance to state for the first time since 1992. to the college ranks...jameel mckay, abdel nader and georges niang playing their final home game on senior night against oklahoma state. how about the missed free throw....he slams it home to tie it at 18....he head 17 points... ok state hanging tough...chris oliver to joe burton....the pretty behind the back dish and the cowboys go up two.... on the other end...niang to mckay for the alley-oop jam.....the seniors playing well in their finale... that includes abdel nader......he goes right down broadway for the big-time stuff.....he had 19 points...worth a secod look...cyclones in control.... and isu wins back-to-back games for the first time since january 25th....58- 50 the final.
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w will be 29 under mostly clear skies with breezy winds. tomorrow, expect mostly cloudy skies and breezy winds with snow moving in during the evening. the 7-day forecast shows a cooldown to 32 behind the front tuesday, but next weekend already looks super! sunshine will be seen saturday and sunday with highs
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight andy samberg. from "zootopia," ginnifer goodwin. and music from the strumbellas. with cleto and the cletones. and reserve and now, glory be


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