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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  October 27, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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eric: also this half hour, have you picked out your halloween costume yet? we're live at the theatrical shop with darth vader and valley junction. we are going to have a look at some of the most popular costumes this year, to help inspire your last-minute costume decisions. good morning everybody. elizabeth: it is now 5:00. we want to head over to metinka for a look at the day ahead. read the umbrella. metinka: that is some good advice because we have showers in the forecast. it now, just some clouds. this today we had 30's and 40's. this morning, just 40's. we have clouds act like a blanket. we have been watching two areas of developing rainfall. and band of showers across nebraska and the dakotas. they both are going to combine
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best chance of seeing widespread rainfall. keep the umbrellas handy. keep the jackets handy. it is going to be a chilly rain today. temps will not be changing much at all. highs near 55. elizabeth: new this morning, a single car crash shut down i-35 for several hours overnight. the crash happened just after 11:00 south of mills civic , parkway. authorities say they had to shut down the interstate to clean it up. no word yet on what caused the crash or how serious it was. according to the dot i-35 is back open this morning. eric: also happening this morning, the city of ames is under a boil water alert for the areas of town on the map. the city tells us 157 homes and 100 commercial and industrial properties are affected. ames residents in those areas are encouraged to use bottled water as a precaution. city officials expect the water will be safe to drink again later today. keep an eye on kcci for updates on this.
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and this morning we're waiting to hear back from the polk county health department on what caused 58 roosevelt high school teachers to get sick last thursday. officials tell us test results are expected by the middle of this week. tainted food from a catered meal is being looked at as the possible cause. elizabeth: an investigation is underway in columbia, south carolina, right now, after a disturbing video surfaces of an officer's classroom confrontation with a student. shaina humphries has more on what led up to the incident. shaina: elizabeth, cell phone video captured the moment when a south carolina school resource officer grabs a female student from her chair and throws her across the room. officials say the officer was called into the classroom to escort the girl out because she was being disruptive. classmates say it all started when the girl refused to put away her cell phone. sheriff's deputies there are now investigating the incident. meantime, the girl in the video was arrested and the officer involved is on administrative leave. new images overnight of a deadly 7.5 earthquake that hit pakistan and afghanistan monday.
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those two counties is now over 300. several people are still searching for their loved ones in the rubble. power and phone lines are down in many areas making rescue efforts even more challenging. tensions are high between the u.s. and china right now all -- right now, all over a claim of control in the south china sea. china claims virtually all of that sea as its territory which includes a 12-mile radius around an artificial island and reef. a u.s. missile destroyer sailed within those 12 miles claiming , they are international waters. china's foreign minister says that move is a threat to chinese security. and this morning there could be a budget deal between congress and the white house. outgoing speaker of the house john boehner is pushing house republicans to vote on the deal before paul ryan takes over the position thursday. if passed the deal would prevent , a looming government shutdown. we'll have more on the specific details, live from washington,
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-- from washington, d c, before 5:30. eric: back here in iowa governor branstad announced monday that the state will take the lead in efforts to overturn wrongful convictions. branstad unveiled the new wrongful conviction division of the state public defenders office. its first task will be to review about 100 hair-comparison analysis cases dating back to 1980. officials with the division tell us this is not a case of undermining police or prosecutors, just another set of checks and balances to make sure an innocent person was not sent to prison. there is good news this morning for food truck fans. the des moines city council voted to extend the experimental downtown food truck program through the end of the year. a vote to make it permanent should come before spring of 2016. mobile food venders will have to pay roughly $2000 a year to park their trucks in four designated ares around downtown. a fifth area could be approved by early next year. elizabeth: in commitment 2016 news now, carson is on top ahead , of this week's gop debate. a new monmouth university poll shows retired neurosurgeon ben carson leading donald trump by
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14 points here in iowa. carson and trump will take center stage this wednesday at the third republican presidential debate. the top 10 polling candidates will participate so you'll also , see jeb bush, marco marco rubio, ted cruz, mike huckabee, rand paul, carly fiorina, chris christie and john kasich there. you can watch the 2-hour debate on cnbc at 7:00 p.m. the bottom four candidates will participate in an earlier debate starting at 5:00 p.m. also on cnbc. donald trump is making one last campaign stop here in iowa before the big debate. he'll be in sioux city today holding a rally at sioux city west high school at 6:00 p.m. and looking ahead to the next democratic debate you may be , able to get your questions answered by the candidates thanks to twitter. twitter is pairing up with cbs news for the november 14 debate at drake university. the social media network will provide data viewer reactions -- will provide data, viewer reactions and give voter questions to cbs news in
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real-time. if you want to participate the official hashtag will be #demdebate. eric: today is going to be a little bit wet. metinka: at the afternoon is looking pretty soggy. this morning, we are starting off with the clouds. it is only 48 degrees here in des moines. the much where we were yesterday. temperatures today will not be as warm as they work yesterday. the clouds are streaming across the state. showers creeping in from missouri. they are tracking off to the north. more rain will be arriving from the west. your outlook for today is looking pretty soggy, mainly afternoon time. temps not changing much. yesterday highs were in the 60's. today, highs only in the mid-50's. eric: the kansas city royals are on the big stage this week and they feel right at home. elizabeth: this is the second-straight world series trip for kc and they get to host games one and two at home. the royals took the field monday for batting practice. manager ned yost says they're
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series loss to the san francisco giants. they say they are ready to take on the new york mets this time around. >> they wanted to win home field advantage. they did that. they wanted to get back to the world series, they done that. we want and we had a large contingent of royals and the all-star game. they want to get home field advantage and they have done that. they have accomplished everything they are set their minds to and we've got one big series left. elizabeth: so tonight's the big night. game one of the world series between the kansas city royals and the new york mets. first pitch is at 7:00 p.m. on fox. eric: a huge midseason announcement from paul rhoads on monday. offense coordinator mark mangino is no longer a part of the cyclones program. he did say he to have not been
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>> mark and i cannot get on the same page on a few important items. we try to talk again this morning in an effort to get us moving. in the end, mark was not interested in that. i wish that wasn't the case. i respect and understand his conviction. eric: several other changes were announced monday as well. passing game coordinator todd sturdy replaces mangino as offensive coordinator. joel lanning will start at quarterback this weekend replacing sam richardson. this will be lanning's first start as a cyclone. safety kamari cotton-moya is likely done for the year with a hamstring injury. kenneth lynn has been suspended for the year for big 12 rules violations. and kicker cole netten has been benched. walk-on chris francis will get his shot instead. elizabeth: the cyclones will have to see if any of these big changes make a difference this weekend. they're staying home to take on
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kickoff is at 6:00 p.m. saturday. that is on fox sports one. the hawkeyes are home as well this weekend coming off a bye week. they'll face the maryland terps saturday. kickoff is at 230 on -- at 2:30 on abc. eric: still ahead an e-cig crackdown. new rules on where you can store battery operated cigarettes on airplanes and why officials say this change will make flying safer. elizabeth: and a new outdoor store is coming to the metro. but we'll tell you why you won't be able to get any black friday deals there this year. alyx: if you're a last minute shoppers. some of the popular items this halloween. shaina: things are looking pretty good. hopefully anyone out there this early. you should not run into any issues out there. any accidents or so that -- no accidents or slowdowns at this point. i will wait until after the break to show you where they mobile speed units are today.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries.
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it's a sign of the season. eric you posted this photo on , your facebook page last night . hanging out at valley west mall? eric: the tracks are being set up for santos display. sign of the season is changing. metinka: that is exciting, isn't it? no snow or wintry weather in the forecast today. cloudiness will be starting the day. grab a thicker jacket and also an umbrella. rain will be moving in high noontime. increasing in intensity. it is still several hours away. we are watching showers blossom across missouri. these systems are going to combine later this afternoon to bring us a decent chance for rainfall.
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a breeze currently from the east at 10. shaina: sounds good, metinka. right now the city of galveston, texas, is cleaning up the remnants of hurricane patricia. one historic fire station there was ripped apart in the storm scattering bricks around the street. several homes were also damaged. city officials say the wind caused the worst damage despite flooding from up to 8 inches of rain. overnight the international olympic committee announced that qualified refugee athletes will be allowed to compete in the olympics for the first time starting with the 2016 summer olympics in rio de janeiro. the ioc says this is a move to encourage all countries to come to a truce during the upcoming games. refugees will march under the olympic flag and have the olympic anthem played if they win a medal. and this morning you are no longer allowed to travel with e-cigarettes. overnight we learned the federal , government is cracking down on e-cigarettes on planes because they may be linked to more than
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battery-operated e-cigarettes will no longer be allowed in checked bags. the devices are still allowed in carry-on luggage but passengers are not permitted to charge them in-flight. elizabeth: iowa pork producers say they are not thrilled with a new report on bacon and other processed meats causing cancer. on monday the world health organization announced just 1.8 ounces of processed and red meat a day can lead to an 18% higher risk of colon cancer. we spoke to the ceo of the national pork board in clive who says they think the report is based on flawed data. >> it's just an association they've found that people who eat meat get cancer. they also found that people who drink wine and eat pickles get cancer. elizabeth: the pork board suggests eating meat in moderation as part of a balanced diet. some nutritionists say you can safely have 18-ounces of red meat per week. eric: more economic headlines now. stocks ended mixed monday.
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the dow fell about 23 points. the nasdaq was up about 3. and the s&p 500 was down almost four. facebook has released an update for its mobile app that will stop it from draining your battery. the social media company says users complained the app used up a ton of battery life even when they weren't using it. they think the new update will fix that. walmart may be the next company to start testing delivery by drone. the retail giant says it eventually wants to use drones for home deliveries, but the initial focus would be just moving products between distribution centers. amazon got federal approval to start testing delivery drones earlier this year. it's looking like it'll be a very happy holiday season for fedex. the company says online shopping is expected to boost shipments between black friday through christmas eve by more than 12%. shoppers should plan ahead if they don't want to get stuck in line. fedex says avoid shipping on the monday after thanksgiving and the first two mondays in december because those will be
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outdoor equipment and apparel retailer, rei is set to open its , very first location in iowa november 6. it will be located at 5901 mills civic parkway in west des moines between jordan creek town center and target. but if you're banking on getting door-buster deals there on black friday think again. rei announced monday all of its stores will be closed for the holiday shopping day. the company's ceo says black friday has gotten out of hand and is encouraging employees and customers to go explore the outdoors instead of spending the , day shopping. but one osceola store is working to make sure they can be back open on black friday. the osceola farm home store burned down a year ago monday. owners say they're building a new store now that will be twice as big as the first one. they also say despite the devastating fire they never , considered closing doors for good. if all goes as planned they'll be back open just in time for the holidays. elizabeth: this morning we are
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just a few days away from halloween. and starbucks is serving up a new frappuccino to get you in a spooky spirit. it's called the frappula made with white chocolate sauce, milk and ice, with raspberry syrup blood drizzled over top. the special halloween drink will only be available tomorrow through saturday. eric: halloween holiday is well. elizabeth: exactly. new this morning, it's a local store that's been around for almost five decades. eric: it's a one stop shop for all of your halloween needs. kcci's alyx sacks joins us from the theatrical shop in valley junction. what are some of the popular customs this times arrest that this time around. alyx: superheroes. he can see a lot of spider-man. believe it or not, batman is the most popular item here at the the actual shop this year.
5:18 am
if you want the mask, or the full ensemble. they've even got red ensembles here. minions are a popular item for the kiddos. and of course, star wars. because the trailer for the movie has come out, so there have been a lot of folks looking for the star wars costumes. we have kathy with us. good morning. she is made marion. why is the crunch week four people shopping? >> if they want their first choice, come out early. we have lots of customs left. accessories. alyx: it is covered from the floor to the ceiling. if you want a wig, makeup, body have it. what if you want to rent? >> we have over 3000 costumes to rent. we have all of your choices available.
5:19 am
alyx: from different sizes, from babies to the plus sizes. >> a custom for everyone. alyx: if i am working on a budget, do you have affordable customs as well? >> you can rent a custom for $30 to $35. alyx: great. thank you so much. coming up next hour, we're going to get to work finding the kcci team getting it -- the kcci team a costume. elizabeth: let's check in with metinka. a rainy one out there today. metinka: the showers are going to be moving right to the area. groep an umbrella and a jacket. -- grab a number left and a jacket. once the rain moves in, we'll see the temperatures cool off by the afternoon. in des moines, we have a
5:20 am
we are watching showers develop and that rain is lifting right to the north. it is still several hours away. off to the west, we are watching a band of showers across the dakotas, back down through the brusca, kansas. these systems will be -- through nebraska, kansas. these systems will be combining. increasing in intensity by the afternoon. continuing into the overnight and into tomorrow morning. notice wednesday night and thursday morning, there could be a few snowflakes falling across northern iowa. no accumulation is expected. over a niche for eastern iowa and as much at -- over and and for eastern iowa and is much -- there's an error to the west that will be drawing up that tropical moisture.
5:21 am
you will notice the wind shifting and becoming very gusty. temperatures will be staying cool. by now, des moines has the clouds and 48 degrees. a breeze coming in at 10 miles per hour. the wind is going to stay light. it should be a showery afternoon. wednesday, a few more showers are possible especially early on , otherwise it is good be windy. temps stay cool. we have a chance for a few showers, friday night into early saturday. the member to set those clocks back to standard time. -- remember to set those clocks back to standard time. elizabeth: let's see what's going on out on the roads. shaina: nothing you need to worry about when you head out. you have two mobile speed units from the polk county sheriff's
5:22 am
elizabeth: the looming government shutdown may be averted. congressional leaders come to a major budget agreement with the white house overnight. but will it pass?
5:23 am
washington, d.c., next. eric: welcome back to kcci. new this morning, we have a deal. the white house and republican leaders have reached an agreement on a budget to prevent a government shutdown and looming debt crisis. elizabeth: nikole killion is live in washington with the details, and nikole, it's pretty rare to see the administration and gop lawmakers come together like this. so what's in the package and how is it being received? nikole: the deal was reached just after midnight. it would basically present a government shutdown and a budget fight over the next two years. it provides about in relief for $80 billion the pentagon and
5:24 am
other federal agencies that have been strapped by deep spending cuts. it also prevents the government from defaulting on its bills by raising the nation's debt limit before a deadline next month. the measure was negotiated by outgoing house speaker john boehner, senate leaders and the white house. >> it will be a compromise, at least any budget agreement that's going to succeed in passing the congress and being signed into law by the president. nikole: boehner wants lawmakers to vote on the deal tomorrow before he leaves office and a new speaker comes on board. but that could be a challenge since many conservatives are pushing back. back to you. eric: what else is in the agreement that folks should know about? nikole: a couple of things. in addition to providing some relief for defense and other federal programs, it deals with two key issues, it restructures how social security payments are issued to the disabled.
5:25 am
it deals with medicare premiums and deductibles for retirees it comes to doctors visits. back to you. elizabeth: nikole killion, live in washington for us. eric: still ahead this morning we're following two developing stories overnight. why hundreds of ames residents are under a boil order this morning. plus, why i-35 had to be shut down for a few hours overnight. elizabeth: happening right now,
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elizabeth: new this morning, interstate shutdown. why i-35 was closed for a short time overnight. eric: and boil order. why hundreds of ames residents are waking up to water restrictions. plus, the number of businesses impacted impacted. >> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth: also this morning, a big surprise for a robber in new hampshire. this is a story you'll be talking about all day. see why this crook went running from a manchester convenience store after his attempt to rob the place went all wrong. that's coming up in the morning buzz. welcome back everybody i'm , elizabeth klinge.
5:28 am
with shaina and metinka. . metinka: it will be chilly, grabbed jackets and umbrellas. no rain to slow you down for the commute that later today we are expecting rain to pick up and intensity through the evening. a high of 55 degrees, showers could linger. that will be followed by wind and temperatures stay cool. eric: a cafe in pella goes up in flames. video comes in from the radio stations, all the fire crews were called in to fight this overnight. no word on what started the fire or if anyone was injured.
5:29 am
elizabeth: also, hundreds of people in ames are waking up to a boil order. eric: the city of ames issued the the order to boil water late last night in a portion of the west side of the city. take a look at this map. it affects more than 250 residents and businesses. this includes eagle's loft day care, childserve, barilla, national center for animal health, davita dialysis, iowa heart center, and hach company. city officials say residents should use bottled water as a precaution or boil the water for at least one minute. the water should be safe to drink by later tonight. the reason for the boil order? a contractor working on the new water treatment plant hit a large water main. the main is one of three that serve the city of ames. eric: also new this morning, a single car crash shut down i-35 for a while overnight. this happened just after 11 last night south of mills civic parkway. authorities shut down the interstate to clean up the crash. no word yet on what caused the accident.
5:30 am
the des moines chemical company that was the scene of a massive explosion and fire back in 2007 agreed to pay more than $1 million in fines. you may remember these images from 8 years ago. explosions rocked barton solvents in des moines. there was also an explosion at the company's kansas plant that same year. the company will pay $1.1 million to the epa. the epa says it found widespread safety violations at the chemical plants. elizabeth: this week we could learn what caused the widespread illness at des moines roosevelt high school. last thursday 58 teachers got sick, forcing the school to cancel classes. the polk county health department says test results are expected by the middle of the week. no students were affected. tainted food in a catered meal for the teachers and staff is being looked at as the possible cause. new video this morning that's getting a lot of attention across the country. it shows a school resource officer in columbia, south carolina dragging a female
5:31 am
student from the desk and slamming her to the ground. the sheriff's office there says the school resource officer was acting in response to a student who was refusing to leave class. but it's is still unclear what started the incident. the district says the deputy will not return to the school. shaina: today, president obama is addressing the largest gathering of law enforcement in the world. the president will speak to the international association of chiefs of police today in his home city of chicago. this comes as the white house continues its push to reform the criminal justice system. that's a topic the conference is already touching on. it's calling for universal background checks for anyone trying to buy a firearm. also right now, early this morning, the u.s. sailed a navy ship near an artificial island built by china in the south china sea. this is a direct challenge to china's claims that it has control over those waters. a u.s. defense official says the patrol was completed without incident, but china's foreign ministry is calling the move illegal. john kirby: the whole point of
5:32 am
freedom of navigation in international waters is that it's international waters, and you don't need to consult with anybody to do that. that's the idea. shaina: china claims virtually all of the south china sea as in its territory, including a 12-mile radius surrounding that subi reef. china's foreign minister says the u.s. sail-by was without chinese permission and threatened china's security interests. eric: it sounds like we will need a number like today -- an umbrella. metinka: you come home to something nice and warm but it is chilly this afternoon. rain is expected to move in by noon. your morning commute will be dry but the evening commute will be soggy and slower. showers lifting to the north from missouri and a band of
5:33 am
they will combine later this afternoon to bring us a decent chance for widespread rain. elizabeth: we're learning more about a shooting near an armed forces recruiting center in davenport. police say the suspected shooter died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. this all started just after 2:00 p.m. monday. witnesses say the gunman started to fire shots inside a law office, in the same complex as the recruiting center. no one was injured, and no word yet on a possible motive. it's a scene that is repeated nearly every fall here in iowa. eric: farmers spent the day in harcourt helping harvest another man's crops. about 80 guys spent the day on chuck gustafson's cornfields. farmers were in tractors, combines, and semi truckshelping to bring in the corn harvest. gustafson says he's fighting esophageal cancer. he's gone through radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, and now the cancer's come back. chuck gustafson: i can't thank
5:34 am
just no way, but it's one of them things i've been very blessed. eric: it took the farmers about five hours to harvest 500 acres of corn. that's fast and a huge burden lifted for a family who's going through a lot. a great community. elizabeth: still ahead, he was disqualified for being a good sport. hear how a davis county runner is doing after getting national attention. eric: and this story will have you talking. why a crook went running from a new hampshire convenience store. the surprise one clerk had behind the counter. alyx: are you looking for inspiration this halloween?
5:35 am
>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning, cloudy skies and mild temperatures. holding either side of 50 degrees, the rain will move in by noon causing temperatures to
5:36 am
we are tracking rain on fiber with shower activity developing across northern missouri spreading to the north. also a broken band of showers to the west moving in here and bringing us a chance for widespread rainfall. des moines has clouds, 48 degrees. he will need a jacket. wind will not be a factor but wind will be increasing toward wednesday. elizabeth: this morning, we're counting down to halloween. eric: some people are freaking out about their costumes. elizabeth: i don't have anything figured out. shaina: kcci's alyx sacks is live this morning with a few ideas from the theatrical shop. alyx, if we all wanted to go as a group, what's a popular group costume theme this year? alyx: that is what i went here to ask about.
5:37 am
>> groups are very big, we have large groups coming in with a variety of request. we have found the perfect group. alyx: she says wizard of oz has become very popular. eric, let's do you first. you can do the scarecrow, you are tall and grew up on a farm. she has this luscious main site so she can be the lion. and shaina, that's -- guys, i am taking one for the team. i will go ahead and be the wicked witch. >> we have lots of choices for the groups we had here. alyx: makeup artists. >> they can help you from a zombie to a ghost to a zebra.
5:38 am
salyx: you walk in and it's almost overwhelming what jumps out at you. it's not hard fighting a costume, it's picking one you want. -- >> just come on in. alyx: a great selection from little tykes all the way to adults. when i you guys open? >> we are 10:00 to 9:00 all week and saturday 10:00 to 6:00. alyx: thank you for outfitting our news team. coming up, another popular set of items. the presidential election, i will show you in 30 minutes. elizabeth: i think i see some
5:39 am
this next story represents what iowa nice is all about is now going viral. shaina: last week we introduced you to zach hougland, a davis county cross country runner disqualified for an act of sportsmanship. because a national rule says a runner cannot give or receive help, hougland was disqualified.
5:40 am
eric: since then, his story has been featured by major news networks and espn. monday, hougland even got a call from producers of the "ellen" show. zach houghland: ellen, you are 100% awesome. i hope to be on your show someday soon, and i am willing to dance with you any day. eric: the davis county cross country team will head to state on saturday. despite hougland's disqualification, the team was able to barely qualify. elizabeth: eric: we wish him luck. also this morning, a california woman is reunited with her gucci handbag 20 years after it was stolen. the handbag was taken on halloween more than two decades ago. mike cassidy says he found lynne button's bag in a california citrus grove. cassidy says inside the bag he found credit cards from stores that no longer exist, expired library cards, lipstick and mascara. the riverside county sheriff's department was able to track down lynne because there was also an expired california driver's license inside her bag. eric: i had one of those blue cards, too./ elizabeth: police in manchester, new hampshire are looking for a man who tired to rob a convenience store with a knife. shaina: this is good video. the crook got away empty handed all because of the woman working. she pulled a much bigger weapon. eric: dawn khawaja was working saturday at the manchester store when a man confronted her with a knife. dawn says she wasn't scared, she
5:41 am
was angry. when the man pulled out a three inch blade, she reached under the counter and retrieved something of her own. dawn khawaja: the guy came in running in, and he put his hand on the counter and screamed "give me the money, give me the money", and i looked at him and i thought it was funny because he had the knife here. so i reached for mine and i showed him mine. he thought for a second and ran out the door. eric: she doesn't mess around. dawn got the knife as a birthday present this year. she says she's kept the weapon behind the counter for this very reason. manchester police don't recommend anyone confront an armed person, but they're glad the situation turned out ok. it reminds me of the scene in crocodile dundee. shaina: glad that it didn't turn into hand-to-hand combat. elizabeth: cool temperatures, 48
5:42 am
coming up, metinka will have a
5:43 am
there is rain coming >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning.
5:44 am
metinka: good morning, it will be a sake tuesday by midafternoon. -- a sake tuesday afternoon. /highs won't be much different , mid-50's due to cloud cover and showers the role in here. we are showers developing across northern missouri lifting to the north. we are watching a broken band of showers to the west. these two areas of moisture combine to give widespread rain chances by this afternoon. futurecast showing by noontime we have showers lifting and across the southern half of the state and those will increase into the afternoon and evening. overnight, showers continue and into early on wednesday morning. the rain begins to shift off to
5:45 am
the east. snowflakes possible around mason city into thursday, this will be followed by a lot of wind. it should fall in a few locations to a half inch to three quarters of an inch widespread across the area and the reason for the rainfall have blood pressure to the west drying up -- low pressure to the west drying up. this cold front will move through the state on wednesday, shifting wind to the northwest dragging in cool conditions. no fog or ring to worry about just 48 degrees in des moines. we are expecting rain by noontime. a high of 55. showers left over for wednesday morning followed by wind in the afternoon. highs falling back in the 40's and 50's on thursday and friday.
5:46 am
showers, saturday night or sunday morning. beautiful weather for the end of the weekend, a warm-up is coming. eric: let's see what's going on traffic wise. shaina: everything is looking fine, good news if you are leaving soon. you should be able to get there without an issue. here are your speed units from the pole county sheriff's office at 4200 94th avenue. elizabeth: the front runner that will appear on tonight's late show. plus, the "royal" premiere of
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elizabeth: a health alert this morning. women in labor have long been warned not to eat or drink anything, but that may be changing. eric: the concern has been the complications that could happen if a woman needs to undergo general anesthesia for a cesarean delivery. but according to a new study from the american society of anesthesiologists, that almost never happens thanks to improvements in anesthesia. and researchers say eating a light meal may even be beneficial. >> the woman will have more energy and the baby will have more energy when it comes out. eric: researchers warned a patient with a history of complications will have to abstain from eating during labor due to risk fasters -- factors.
5:50 am
elizabeth: "007" daniel craig signed authographs and took selfies with fans in london at the world premiere of "spectre." it's the latest installment in the "james bond" franchise. the duke and duchess of cambridge and prince harry also turned out for the premiere. "spectre" opens in the us next friday. eric: stephen colbert continues to get the presidential candidates on his show. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton goes toe to toe with stephen colbert tonight on "the late show." bernie sanders, jeb bush, and donald trump have already been on colberts show. tune in tonight on kcci at 10:35. still to come, kcci is life with news. >> i am in a halloween costume store. by the way, you're fired. elizabeth: eric: great job. we will show you shocking video from a south carolina high
5:51 am
metinka: we will you know what is coming up in your forecast.
5:52 am
overnight, a if you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, think again. america's most innovative companies are already moving to clean energy using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america
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to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? eric: an interstate shutdown, why part of i-35 was closed overnight and what you need to know. >> have never seen something so nasty looking, so sick. elizabeth: a south carolina school officer is in hot water after cell phone video showed a student getting dragged out of it her seat. eric: a preview of game one with the mets and the kansas city royals. also, have you picked out your halloween costume yet?
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